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 4  Type 2 diabetes How long with it be before I am not nauseous? F 74 7 days
5mg 2X D
 3  Tummy Headache,nausea, acid reflex, heartburn. Different hair texture and nails. Tried to up dosage but 10mg was to much. F 67 4 weeks
 5  To lower my a1c level and 180 sugar Burping ,stomachache after eating n drinking water.very tierd 1st week only My sugar level 180 to 107 in 1 month my body doesnt agree with eating out meat only chicken eating healthy and lost 8pds i feel great just found out my insurance will only pay 2 more months.Really appreciate byetta after dealing with this nightmare disease.I recommend keeping a diary.Foods i thought were ok in small amounts spiked my sugar F 59 1 months
5mg 2x a d
 3  To lower my a1c level and sugar reaction Been taking it for 2days now have a slight stomach ache and lower back pain not bad but i was feeling this way before i started taking it. My sugar in the mornings was high 160 and up the 1st day 93.I dislike needles but find this painless and feel like its just the thought that makes me kinda weak in the knees.So i sit down and iam fine.I noticed a taste in my mouth and a kind of euphoria(buzz)Kinda feels nice.Eating less feeling full.Hoping i dont loss weight or hair loss.Cant give it a rating for i just started.Hope everything goes well. F 58 2 days
5mg 2x a d
 4  Type 2 Diabetes Metformin worked great for my #'s but made me extremely sick so they put me on glyburide. Gained weight, did 6 week vegan diet and didn't lose a single pound. I would be so bloated to. I asked to try Byetta since it worked like Metformin but better. Was taking 10 twice a day. Mornings no sickness. Dinner time, I would get sick and be so nauseated that I couldn't do anything. Would sometime vomit too. As soon as I would puke, I would feel fine. Tried for a month and my #'s were awesome but wasn't eating much dinner so I definitely lost some weight. Changed from 10 at night to 5 at night and nausea got sooo much better. I only occasionally get nauseous now. I have lost 25lbs which is a plus. The only problem I have is, if I eat something in the mornings then my sugars drop to the 80's so I feel kind of yucky. If I don't eat, it stays in the low 100's. Does help with appetite also. I will definitely continue it. F 41
1X D
 3  Diabetes Loss of appetite, throwing up, nauseous and food stopped tasting good. I stopped 2 yrs ago and I still dont have an appetite, lost 55 lbs and food doesnt taste like it used to. Cannot eat sweets because I cant stomach it anymore. F 64 3 years
15 mg 1X D
 1  Type 2 diabetes very blurred vision, night vision terrible. Burping, tiredness, lack of energy,confusion, irritability. Worst is the vision since I have alway had good vision! Ophthalmologist said there is a definite change in my eyesight. Will check again in 3 weeks. Went back to victoza a week ago. My husband says I am back to my old self. Praying my vision comes back. F 70 21 days
10 mg 2X D
 4  Diabetes Was/is going well. Lost 10lbs so far, I eat less in one sitting. Sugars are a lot better as well. Dunno if this is due to Byetta or not, but sometimes food dosen't taste right, or I get the feeling I want to puke after eating cuz it didn't feel right/nasty. Only thing is if I wait more than an hour after taking it to eat I throw up/get nauseos. Also going to bring up to doctor, get red itchy red spots at injecton site. Can live with if need be, just want to make sure that it's not doing any harm to my body. F 32 20 days
5mg 2X D
 1  type 2 diabetic Very nauseated, weak feeling, chest pain, sick, extreme heartburn sugars are not going down at all!!!! Have an appointment Friday to see if Dr. Will try something else. F 39 2 weeks
5 mg 2x
 4  diabetes Nausea,gas,reflux.For couple hours after taking morning,nothing evening. M 65 3 months
10 url X 2
 3  Help control bsl Mostly mild constipation. Some undesired weight loss. Have posted before on this site and rated higher. Worked well for afternoon and night. Didn't do so well overnight and across morning. So, Dr has stopped and resumed insulin therapy :( I guess it comes down to the individual's needs. If you are suitable for it then I can't see any reason to not try. M 49 2 months
10 2X D
 4  Diabetic 2 A little constipation. Feeling full earlier than normal when eating. Dropped insulin to start Byetta. Appears to have really stabilised BSLs - rarely above 10 and fasting about 8. Looking forward to 10 units when Endo gives green light. Hope to stay off insulin. Downside was going from 1 injection to 2 per day. No other real issues + no weight loss or gain. Positive experience so far. M 49 8 days
5 2X D
 2  Diabetes 2 It somewhat controls appetite however the pain in my legs is not worth the appetite control. I didn't realize it was from the byetta and I went to multiple docs trying to figure out the problem. Then my dad said maybe its that medicine ur on so I stopped it and the pain started to go away. I can't believe it. I couldn't walk without severe pain for the last 18 months and now it is getting better that I'm off byetta! F 48 2 years
2x day
 2  Type2 Diabetes Nausea, Diarrhea, wind. Started with 5mg x 2. Nausea, Diahrrhea, Wind. General feeling of being "not with it". After 2 months was put on 10mg x 2 then the real problems showed. Suffered severe Nausea, and constipation because product slowed down my digestive tract even though I was taking fresh and dried fruit and Lactulose. Got to the point after 7 days was admitted to A&E with a blocked lower colon. Feeling generally unwell 24/7. After 2 months stopped Byetta and after 3 days felt much better amd have continued to improve. Now REALLY trying to obtain control by diet. M 58 4 months
5Mg 2X D
 4  diabetes type 2 Nausea for the first couple of months as we ramped up my dosage. Not as bad as morning sickness from pregnancies. It went away. I have other symptoms, but really, I'm going through menopause and some family trauma. I don't feel as though I can blame Byetta for my body that is struggling. I noticed a big difference in how full I felt from the beginning. It helped tremendously with my blood sugar. Now my A1C is in the 5.4 range, before about 6.2 I have dropped 20 lbs. There are times it feels less effective, so I go off of it for 3/4 days, then start again. I always notice a big difference a couple of days after I've gone off of it, I want to eat everything in the house. F 56 29 months
10 mcg 2X D
 5  Diabetes So far a lot more energy, less sleep needed and sugars went down. A little more vivid dreams, but no nightmares. If it stays like this I highly recommend byetta! F 50 1 months
2x 5 mg
 5  to lose weight Been lucky - no side effects whatsoever so far. No nausea even at the start. In tandem with a couple of major changes to how I worked my diet which has given me much more control in splitting up calories per day and a much more varied diet, Byetta has led to me losing 6 stone over 7 months after 30 years of failure. I feel great! My support nurse says she's never seen such a positive response to Byetta. F 51 7 months
10 mcg 2X D
 1  Type II Diabetes My husband started taking Byetta and was in heaven because he lost 40 lbs that insulin put on him. He plateaud and went crazy trying to lose more weight. He eats all junk food and high fat , high carb meals and then starves himself and eats Adkins Bars and shakes. He has lost all his friends, he is acting abnormal, has an obcession with weight loss. He is almost 49 and I am afraid he will kill himself on Byetta! He litterally has lost his mind! All he thinks about is weight loss, shaving all the hair off his body and buying new clothes, from 38, to 36 to 34 inch waist and says he is going to keep losing weight. His hair is thinning on his head. he is out of control with spending money and running us into debt. I called his doctor and told the office nurse he was eating all junk food and playing a dangerous game with this drug and the dim wit told him he could lose 16 more pounds! He is killing himself and ruining our lives, marriage and hurting our children. It makes people lose their minds!!! M 49 1.5 years
2X D
 1  Type 2 diabetes MASSIVE angina,pain in the abdomen, dizziness and nausea I have heart failure and this created very severe side effects. This was a very severe reaction and yet I take Januvia without trouble. M 60 1 days
5mg 2X D
 4  Type 11 diabetes Nausea and headaches for first week which has now subsided appetite supressed eating much smallar quantities of food lost 7lbs I am going to stick with it as I really want my weight to come down and I feel better in myself now less tired more energy F 56 3 weeks
5mg 2X D

BYETTA  (EXENATIDE SYNTHETIC):  Exenatide is used with a proper diet and exercise program to control high blood sugar. It is used by people with type 2 diabetes. Controlling high blood sugar helps prevent kidney damage, blindness, nerve problems, loss of limbs, and sexual function problems. Proper control of diabetes may also lessen your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Exenatide is a diabetes drug that is similar to a natural hormone in your body (incretin). It works by increasing insulin release (especially after a meal) and decreasing the amount of sugar your liver makes. It also slows down food digestion in your stomach, decreases the amount of sugar absorbed from food, and may help decrease your appetite.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)