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 1  Vertex hair loss Bloated face. Dark circles around eyes. Fatigue. Sudden appearance of wrinkles. Erectile dysfunction. This stuff is dangerous. If you think it will make you look better, trust me - you will look WORSE by far overall, even if you gain a little hair. Get a buzzcut or shave your head. SAVE YOUR HEALTH. Avoid this like the plague. M 51 5 months
2X D
 1  Beard Heartbeat increase, racing heart especially while trying to sleep, extreme headache it left like I was dying, facial fat loss sunken in cheeks, skin aging, saggy skin and dull looking skin. People think I am sick or lost extreme amounts of weight (which is not true). My heart still isn't normal, when cycling I feel a numb feeling in the left side in my chest, it's been 6 months since I stopped using it. Possible permanent heart damage? Possible permanent skin damage. If only I could go back in time. This stuff is poison. Never use it no matter what, it is not worth it. Avoid it! M 32 7 weeks
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 1  hair loss anybody tried to sue pharmaceutical company for the lack of warnings about side effects or doctors for prescriptions? example of lawsuit for finasteride prescription M 30
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 1  Beard How can i know libido loss and heart pounding, heart palpitations after 2 days of using isnt permanent? I aplied it just 4x, 2 months ago,and still have it M 23 4 times
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 5  Beard Hi all, 2 months ago a applied minoxidil on my beard, i applied it just 4x(2days) and i stopped right away when i saw the side effects. Now 2 months since i have heart palpitations and loss of morning woods. Im wondering how is thiss possible. Im aifrad i damaged my heart and ed pernamently. Help, answer!! M 23 0 times
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 1  Hair loss I see alot of people talking about this one and how its affected them (topical minoxidil). Ive had 2 episodes now where this medication has caused me to feel like im sick as a dog for a while. Im gonna list off somethings, irritability, rapid heart rate from low exertion, different uncomfortable sensations all over the body, feeling as tho my body is exhibiting poor blood circulation, many different things. Im here to tell you that if you discontinue this medication the side effects will go away, and you will feel like yourself in just a few weeks but not over night. Especially for the young guys on here if your in your 20s, ive been to the doctors multiple times and had all types of tests, all of them came out normal and fine, you are going to be absolutely fine, just discontinue the medication and be a little extra healthy to help you get through it even quicker. Also most people with the side effects i spoke about were taking too much of it and had no clue, you basically poisoned yourself thats when the side effects are at full effect. Again stop taking the medication and detox for a few weeks Fellas get a hair transplant!! Its 2021 we have incredible results on these things. Put $20 away every day for 4 months and you can pay for it in no time, anyone need to talk about side effects or symptoms im going to put my email below M 22 4 months
1.5 ml 2X D
 1  Hair loss Topical version. So first day I used it once in the morning and once in the evening as directed. Next day used it once in the morning. That same day, my second day of use, extreme anxiety/panick attack, severe headache, neck and jaw pain. To be fair I suffer from anxiety and take citalopram for panick attacks. I've been panick attack free for about 3 years until today. I believe the rogaine pushed me a little over what my medication currently controls. No doubt it was the rogaine that triggered it though. I won't be using it again and recommend no one else does either. I had no idea this was a potential side affect. It's not listed on the medication or any general website. But after finding this site and seeing all the non biased personal reviews, sure enough, this stuff is poison and has just as bad if not worse side affects than mine. I'm at least glad my soldier still stands tall and I still feel the urge to clap cheeks I'm really hoping that only using it 3 times won't give me long term affects since I am stopping immediately. I'm VERY aware of my bodily functions and I know for sure it was rogaine that triggered this episode. I'm going to just stick to the microneedling and maybe try some natural vitamins. Or I might even embrace my baldness since I'm fairly attractive and have a decent shaped head. M 31 2 days
Liquid 2X D
 1  balding I literally can't get it up, I wake up without morning erection and completely lost all random erections at a daytime. semen is so watery. I was prescribed by dermatologist that told me the drug is safe. Now she doesn't believe me that I got those side effects I am so freaked out about this since the sides don't go away and remain without changes even 2 weeks after I stopped using this poison. I will never touch it again. It's terrible I hope I will recover soon. Please DM me if you know how to cure this condition M 22 3 weeks
1mg 2X D
 1  beard ED, No libido, no longer able to get erection at all even manually. Minox ruined my life. It has been a month and no improvement. I am very much worried Never ever try this sh*t. M 25 11 days
0.5ml 2X D
 1  Beard I took Rogaine for 6 months to enhance my beard growth. After 3 months I noticed that my erections were weak and I could not get it up pass 50%. My erections were never weak prior to minoxidil. I had a high sex drive and would go 3 times back to back with no issues. I guess minoxidil only effect a certain number of people in this manner. I stopped minoxidil after I noticed the horrible side effects. Also my morning erections went away after 3 months on minoxidil. So to cure myself I tried many vitamins and supplements for months. At last I finally found the dou to get me back to 95%. I mixed maca with ashwaganda. I take 1500 MG of Maca daily in and 1 pill of ashwaganda created by Nature Made. You can get the maca at GNC or Walmart, 3 maca pills provides me a total of 1500MG daily. I take both vitamins together in the middle of the day after a meal. After just 1 week I noticed that my erections were stronger 95% and sex was again achievable. I've been doing this theory for two weeks and thought that it would not be fair to keep the findings to myself. And no I was not watching porn prior to minoxidil or while on minoxidil, so the erectile disfunction should not be blamed on too much porn. Porn induced erectile distinction is another story that does not apply to me. Minoxidil caused me to be impotent. Good luck. We will make it through this. M 25 90 days
5% 2X D
 1  To reduce hair loss The worst side effect was impotence. I could not achieve an erection while on minoxidil after about a month of use. Why is the medical community denying that minoxidil causes complete sexual dysfunction?! M 50 90 days
5% 1X D
 4  balding Tough to say... I gained 40 lbs after about a year of taking rogaine, but it was also the moment we went into lockdown and I stopped working out. And it was quick, too. I don't know if it was because of rogaine, but I did stop just in case and am back at a manageable weight. In order to figure out if the rogaine caused weight gain (which would have been the ONLY side effect) I am restarting for a few months and will keep working out to see if it happens again, in which case I will stop for good. I did not experience any sexual issues on this medication, don't believe everything you read on the internet M 22 2 years
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 1  hair loss Join Reddit community if you suffer from side effects M 18 1 days
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 1  hair loss Join Telegram group if you suffer from side effects M 18 100 days
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 1  Hair growth Very bad for your health. I got fast heartbeat, my libido was gone within 5 days and I could not get erections anymore. After some time I would get some erections but to weak to have sex unfortunately and my libido was nothing like it was before. After countless efforts to treat the problem during 2 years naturally without success, my doctor suggested Human chorionic gonadotropin and we added enanthate with it. I was back to my old self within 3 months. Stay away from minoxidil. M 34 14 days
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 1  Beard If you've made it here, and was able to look past all the paid promotion sites, don't take it. Ever. It will ruin your heart and cause weird heartbeat sensations all over your body, along with consistent muscle twitches at rest. M 17 1 days
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 1  Male Pattern Baldness ED, Zero sex drive, increase heartrate. i thought it was the finasteride, i stopped finasteride but my libido is not improving and found this page. U can experiment but if there is any signs M 33 13 days
 1  Hairthinning Hair thinning improved. Same story as everyone else really low libido can get erections but smaller than before by a fair bit. Stopped today see how things go. Do not use M 45 2 years
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 1  Hair growth Poison. Get away!!! M 40 20 years
5 2X D
 1  Beard Anxiety, insomnia, impotence, genital shrinkage while flaccid, ed. Looking back symptoms probably started right away, but it was very gradual. Took me around 2 months before I could not get it up for sex and started wondering what is going on, untill I found this site. All other sides vanished, except for impontence/ED after about a week since stopping. ED seems to be getting better by the day. Ill post an update once i feel it is significantly better. M 36 2 months
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ROGAINE EXTRA STRENGTH (FOR MEN)  (MINOXIDIL):  Minoxidil is used with other medications to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. Minoxidil works by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)