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 1  Migraines Worst drug I have had. Sent my heart rate through the roof, almost passed out in the shower multiple times, no appetite, very agitated, anxious and not effective. And started having involuntary movements in my hands, shaking. Continue to have very severe migraines It did not effect my depression but I am already medicated for that F 26 14 days
50mg 1X D
 1  Severe migraines Severe mood swings deeply depressed Barry manic anxiety through the roof panic attacks loss of interest all I wanna do is stay in my bed very negative thoughts wanting to commit suicide .everything tastes weird Very shaky don't want to get out of my bed lethargic My migraines have stopped for the most part and I'm thankful for that but my mental status but I have to go through it's not worth it risking my life is not worth it it was probably one of my darkest parts of my life very very sad F 24 2 months
200mg 2X D
 3  epilepsy memory is just trash now this used to work great for me but after 3 years of working it just stopped and i had 3 seizures on it F 20 3 years
500 1X D
 4  Daily tension headaches I feel stupid, mental processing slowed way down and Memory loss. M 15 86 days
200mg 1X D
 1  Migraine Prevention Major weight loss, no appetite ,irritability, agitation, extreme sleepiness and tiredness, can't concentrate. Uti with kidney stones. M 15 2 months
 4  Migraines/seizures Blurry vision, depression, brain fog But no migraines and has controlled seizures and my hair stopped falling out like it was on Topomax, it was falling out in clumps!! So Iím grateful for that Why is it I canít ever have the good side effects like weight loss! Lol F 41 45 days
 4  Seizures My memory is not what it should be. Mild depression It controls my seizures so the benefits outweigh the side effects. M 48 2 years
 3  epilepsy since ive been on this med ive had loads of side effects like confusion, memory crap, processes info not as quickly/accurately, agitation, loss of consentration, cognitive slowness- mind seems to be elsewhere, forgets what im going to say when its in my head for a minute then its gone, less engaged in activities, feel like im in my own little world, someones speaking to me goes in one ear and out the other, weird thoughts and suisidal thoughts also im getting loads of abnormal/vivid dreams and they're really weird,sorry nothing to do with zonegran, im also on loads of other meds too, these have been working since ive been on them as i have grandmal sz and complex partial sz and the last grandmal i had was 14th august last year and last cp was on 9th february this year they come in clusters M 25
150mg 1X D
 1  Seizures Just don t stop seizures. Take 500 mg. Don t work F 60 3 years
 2  Temperal lobe epilepsy Sucidal thoughts, sore heart, brain fog, depression, severe anxiety, weight loss, migranes, irritabillity, hostillity, lack of sex drive,paranoia, hearing things like co workers talking about me or my name being called. This drug is a double eged sword its controlled my seizures for 10 months now however it has completely ruined my life. I have suicidal thoughts on a daily basis zonegran is 43% suicidal approved by the fda. Im extremely depressed and anxious all the time my relationships and friendships have broken down because im a constant mess and its put a huge strain on my relations with my family too. I feel that i have completely lost the person i was while on this stuff i doubt myself all the time and think the worst of every situation before it even occours. I cant hold a conversation without stummbling and forgetting what im talking about, in the past month i even forgot my own first name twice. Im describe myself as half a person these days to my mum and i no longer know how to dance for the anxiety and fear just take over and my mind races with crippling self destructive thoughts. If you can handle this and just want to control your eplilepsy then be my guest however if you wish for something more and want to remain feeling just a little bit humane please avoid it at all costs. F 25 2 years
 3  pain from nerve compression lost 6 lbs, loss of appetite, constant feeling of mild nausea, taste of foods have changed, insomnia, word retrieval problems and forgetfulness Has minimized the numbness and pain in my legs from nerve compression in my spine. F 59 3 months
300 1X D
 2  One seizure Lost 35 pounds in less than two months on 100 mg due to no appetite neurologist dropped dose to 50. Gained back all the weight and more. Numbness/tingling in throat, tongue, feet, hands. Double vision (terrible). Other problems not sure related but after reading comments I think so Just in recent days started with weird "sores" or rash on leg and arm doctor can't identify. Sore muscles in chest/arm. Itching all over. I'm afraid I've become allergic to the Zonisamide but I refuse to take any other seizure medication since I only had one three years ago and neurologist has no idea what caused it. I believe it was from my doctor lowering my Synthroid (thyroid med) for no reason from .150 to .112. I'd like to stop taking seizure med altogether but I'm scared TO take it and scared NOT TO for fear I'll have another one. F 63 3 years
 3  epilepsy Agitation, irritation, hostility, impulsiveness, suicidal thoughts, raised Dilatin Zonegran seemed to be good until it built up in my system and I increased it to 5500mg per day. FDA nor the maker provided a warning stating it has negative side effects on patients who have had trauma and/or surgery. Because this information was lacking on the container I had impulsiveness, hostile feelings, agitation, and suicidal thoughts to name a few things. It also resulted in me retiring early from a position I've held over 17 years. Another warning that was missed is that this med can increase Dilantin and I became toxic on Dilantin. Carefully and thoroughly research the med yourself and I would say that it's not best to trust someone totally because he or she has a piece of paper stating that an md was received. "FDA Approved" is another thing that doesn't guarantee this med is safe and all possible impacts are listed/known and that a neurologist is aware of hem. M 50 6 months
400 1X D
 4  Migraine I get extremely tired, and very low. I lack motivation to do very much. I can be moody when Im tired and I was never like this before this drug. However it has stopped migraines....except during my monthly periods. The migraines are not as severe in this time but I still have one for a few days. I assume Zonegran doesnt help hormones! I am relieved to have this drug. I was on Topamaz before Zonegran and I find this much better. My migraines are less frequent and I have a much better quality of life. I would like to reduce the dose to test if I can reduce it. F 47 4 months
100 1X D
 1  Chronic back pain Severe Anxiety, Depression(not normally depressed) Suicidal, Panic Attacks(never had before). Muscle tightness I'd be really careful starting this medication. It made me into someone I wasn't normally and almost committed suicide. Anxiety/Panic went away almost immediately when I stopped taking zonegran. My whole body relaxed when I stopped taking the medication. I tried this medication for chronic back pain from lumbar back fusion and cervical neck degenerative disk disease. F 42 3 months
 1  seizures Can't taste food it all tastes the same will it come back after time??? ;( feeling emotional but still early days may not be the Zonegran for emotions don't know! F 45 2 months
 4  migraine insomina and very hyper at first abdominal pain F 40 30 days
100 1X D
 1  seizures Memory loss Stuttering incapable of speech dizziness angry depressed crying stomach aches diarrhea unable to eat no ambition to do anything this is a medication from hell I felt this way 24 hours a day for over2 years and was still having seizures all the doctors did was increase it milligram by milligram now I'm going through the side effects of coming off of it the same thing all over again if they offer you this run like hell find a new doctor they probably own a stock to all of you coming off of it I wish you well God bless The horrible medication they should take off the market it is almost like an illegal drug that drag you into it put you through hell to go on it and off of it this is the horriblest thing I've ever been on to everyone on it good luck I wish you well god bless you all F 1 days
 5  Epilepsy increased thirst, chapped lips, peeling skin, drowsiness, short term memory loss, stuttering, jerking of the limbs. Helped a great deal!!! No more seizures since I started taking it!! F 16 2 years
100 MG
 5  Migraines Tinglingly and numness in hands and face causes an itchy feeling, Periodic loss of appetite or weird cravings, hot flashes/fevers , insomnia/weird dream,and somedays my brain doesn't think quite as well as it did I feel like a dingbat I was having 4-5 migraines a week I have had two since starting this med finally some relief the migraines I did Have were caused by very stressful days the day prior F 21 3 months

ZONEGRAN  (ZONISAMIDE):  Zonisamide is used with other medications to prevent and control seizures (epilepsy). Zonisamide is a sulfonamide anticonvulsant and a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. It is unknown how zonisamide works to prevent seizures.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)