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 1  Endometriosis This injection I had as one single to help shrink my womb, to prepare myself for a full hysterectomy. Immediately the site of the injection rose into a large lump on my arm. Was told not worry about it. About 2 weeks later things started creeping on me. Weakness in legs, severe lumbar back pain, painful soles of the feet, fatigue. Five years on I've ended up in a wheelchair, pain and weakness and depression has destroyed my life. I worked as a care assistant for years. I miss my job and this has turned not just my life upside down, but my families also. Really think and get every last bit of information before having this injection. F 45 1 days
1 shot 1X D
 1  Endometriosis Insomnia, headaches, depression and anxiety so bad I had to be put on antidepressants. Muscle pain, memory loss, body name it! I just finished a three month round and still feel bad three weeks after stopping. If I could to back I'd never have taken it. F 29 3 months
 1  Precocious puberty I had mood swings, massive weight gain, migraines, hot flashes, and I broke multiple bones. I had swelling and rash at injection site. This medication ruined my life. I would never recommend this to anyone. F 21 5 years
 1  Endometriosis and ovarian cysts 1 Bone pain in arms legs back hands etc arthralgia 2 Osteporosis 3 Muscle wasting 4 Collapsing 5 Bad dizzy spells 6 Memory problems (short term) 7 Bowel problems like colon inertia. I have ballooned in size because my bowels are not working even with the use if strong laxatives picolax sulphate syrup 8 Visual disturbances 9 Confusion whilst doing things example I was making tea for my husband and was feeding my cat at the same time. I put sugar in the cat bowl and Cat food in my husbunnd tea. It's like my brains not quite working right 10 shaking visually 11 narcolepsy type symptoms I fall asleep out of the blue while drinking,eating and in the middle of conversation. I do know from research I've done that it attacks your pituitary gland so messes with your hypothalamus and endocrine system I'm disabled now my legs buckle and collapse. F 39 7 months
30 mg
 1  Misdiagnosed to treat Endometriosis Vomitting, severe aches and pain-including bone pain, hot flashes, worsening of my reason for the injection-pelvic pain due to adhesions, migraines and aura in vision, night sweats, irritable, fatigue, painful tongue-burnt sensation, insomnia. Note: these are all normal side effects according to the clinical trials. Fortunately my side effects slowly faded months after the 3 month injection was given. Except my migraines-they are horrible, and everyday I have dark specks in my vision (had it checked, its normal for people with migraines). A brilliant neutologist with a PhD explained that Lupron goes to the nucleus of the cell, changing it forever. After MRI of my brain and eyes, etc. My permanent effect from Lupron is migraines. Something I never had prior to that day... If I could take any day back I would take the day I said yes to Lupron injection and read the clinical trials. Also I don't have Endometriosis, it was a misdiagnosis. I have Adhesive Disease.. F 30 3 months
 1  Endometriosis, fertility Hot flashes, heavy periods (when I shouldn't have them), migraines, bad cramping, IBS, stomach bloating, weight gain, insomnia, lack of energy, dizzy, nauseous, shaky, off vaginal smell, lack of sex drive I was put on this after my laproscopy surgery to help my chances of future fertility and also help keep it from growing back as quickly. My gut told me not to get it aND I did anyway in fear of what would happen if I didnt. I am supposed to get a second 3 month dose this month and I cancelled it. Horrible thing to go thru after expecting to be pain free for a while. F 23 3 months
 1  Endometriosis Hot flashes and night sweats so bad, I showered 3 + times per day. Terrible Mood swings, horrible agitation, anxiety, crying spells, nightmares, insomnia. so busy dealing with the misery of the side effects, I have no clue if he helped F 44 1 times
 4  Fibroid tumours edmeotsios Last year of this month start getting orgasm I don't know its working haven't get an ultra sound in two years F 43 3 months
11.25 mg
 1  CPP Fibromyalgia, TMJ, degenerative disc disease, bone weakness, muscle weakness, sciatica, hot flashes, teeth chipping, depression, migraines We should have been told this was a chemo drug. This needs to be taken off the market and we victims should receive compensation for all past and future medical bills that relate to Lupron. F 15 2.5 years
22.5 1X M
 5  Endometriosis and ovarian cysts After I was diagnosed with level 4 endometriosis, my pain was so bad I could barley get out of bed most days I would just lay there and cry from the pain, I had a laparoscopy to remove lesions, I was told it would help me be pain free for years, 8 weeks after my first surgery my pain was back and worse then ever, my doctor recommended hysterectomy and an oophorectomy (since I already had children and was unable to have anymore anyway) I was pain free for awhile after my surgery and when my pain came back I wasn't sure if I was imagining the pain or if I could still really have endometriosis... I had another surgery and still did that's when my doctor recommended me on this shot since it won't seem to go away. I was fairly skinny 105 lbs and in great shape, after I took this shot I started packing on the pounds, was extremely moody, I had terrible hot flashes, night sweats so bad I would have to shower in the middle of the night, and I was either starving or could go days without eating. When I started my second round of lupron after another surgery my symptoms were a 100 times worse I started getting really bad insomnia and nightmares I maybe slept between 1 & 3 hours a night. This is the last time I will take this shot I would rather live with the debilitating pain then have the side effects from this shot. F 22 9 times
3.75 mg
 5  Endo Hot Flashes Heavy Sleeping Or Sleeping A Lot No Period Appetite Increase And No Painful Sexual Intercourse F 24 6 months
 5  adenomyosis I am taking lupron for adenomyosis and i have had hot flashes 3-4 times a week at nights a mild headache a few times.with breakthrough bleeding 2 times in the second month....but overall it has been wonderful F 44 3 months
 1  Endometriosis pain Severe depression, anxiety, mood swings, short term and long term memory loss, 24 hour a day sweats, aggravation, no energy or motivation, pain came back within 2 months after my last injection. Horrible experience!!! F 34 6 months
 4  Catamenial Endometriosis - Pneumo F 37
1X M

 1  Elevated PSA after prostatectomy Hot flashes, depression, energy and muscle loss, fuzzy thinking, memory loss, forgetfulness, extreme fatigue. I work full time and never had any of the above problems until after the injection that will last another three months. Google lupron petition. It is before congress to ban this horrible drug. M 72 3 months
 1  Prostate cancer weight loss, fatigue, MDS, loss of hearing, heart attack and death. I am the wife. It is my opinion that my husband died because of the Lupron Depot injection. M 82 2 months
1X M
 5  Stage 4 Endometriosis I didn't have any major side effects, 2 mild hot flashes (one at ovulation and one the day before my period). I think since I had such severe endo and such severe symptoms the relief is that much more noticeable. I have been on the shot for 1 month. It has been awesome. I have been less bloated, had less stomach pain, and now have my period which doesn't hurt at all (where I would normally have to take 8-12 Advil each day for the first 2-3 days) and I have not bleeding nearly as much (normally 12 tampons first 1-2 days now just 2/day.) F 28 1 months
3.5 1X M
 3  Large Fibroid 10.5cm,in uterus/cerv Wake up with Headache, stiff back n ribs, flu like symptoms, feel extra tried, BUT NO mood swings or hot flushes yet. Abdomen increased in size after 1 week and was very uncomfortable, peeing every hour. By week 2, some decrease in abdomen but bleeding around normal period time. Treatment is to shrink fibroid prior to surgery, currently abdominal hysterectomy booked for July, desperately want to avoid surgery or want option for sub total not total hysterectomy. Tried Marina for six months prior but fibroid continued to grow. Hope this works as out of options. F 50 14 days
11.25mg 1X O
 5  Endometriosis and ivf Lump and redness at injection sight for 2-3 weeks after injection Joint pain in fingers toes and ankles especially Hot flushes Very anxious and depressed Palpitations Dizzy ness Headaches Well worth all side effects But I u fortunately still had very regular periods on time F 30 3 months
11.25 1X O
 3  Endometriosis Major hot flashes, weight gain (40 pounds), extreme mood swings, trouble sleeping Though i had a very hard time with the drug, and the side effects, especially going through a simulated menopause at 16, i have to say it has helped to decrease my daily pain and helped me be able to re-enroll in school. I will never take this drug again though if i can help it. F 16 5 months
? 1X M

LUPRON DEPOT-3  (LEUPROLIDE ACETATE):  Leuprolide is used to stop early puberty (precocious puberty) in children. It helps to delay sexual development (such as growth of the breasts/testicles) and the start of menstrual periods. It also helps slow down early bone growth to increase the likelihood of reaching normal adult height. Leuprolide works by decreasing the amount of sex hormones that a child's body makes (estrogen in girls, testosterone in boys).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)