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 5  Anxiety None I get anxiety as soon as I wake up. I take 1 tiagabine and a lorazepam when I get up and in about 30 to 40 min I feel better and can go to work F 46 22 days
4 mg
 1  Anxiety Horrible!! Cannot focus, feel like I am dizzy, so hard to even put into words how awful this made me feel. Sleepy yet cannot sleep, feel like i will have a heart attack or seizure at any moment. I would rather have my normal anxiety than what this causes. Been 4 hrs and not getting better 2nd time I have taken this. I will never take again and flushed the pills! F 32 2 days
 1  scripted for nerve pain gabitril lowest dose seemed to intitially help sleep by reducin pain at night however it had a majore cognitive impact shadow where i couldnt recall normal things. the journal cell did a study on the mechanism of this class of drug and found that it stops neuronal growth and tepair and stops you from building new neural networks. i was taking post graduate studies at harvard where i was an A student. on this medicine i could not assimilate new information. i studies as usualy and when i teied to recall data- there was a dead end. this drug class is totally inappropriate use off label. i had to drop classs hat semester. i continued takin the medicine until he dpctor wanted to have me try it in the daytime because my neuralgia in my trigeminal was outrageous. the impact was horrifying. i got lost in my house. i didnt lnow who my husband was and then i went blind for two days. the hospital thought it was some kind of siezure in my optic nerve caused by the gabitril. when i went off it cold turkey i experienced terrible brain xaps for a week and siezures. since going off the medicine i have residual vision problems. i believe that my vision is irreparwbly damaged by gabitril. i contacted the FDA and urge all people to do the same. they need to up the warnings and prosecute doctors using off label F 40 13 months
 1  Anxiety I was given a new dose of 8 mg in the morning within a half hour I had stroke like symptoms I feel down the steps stuttered for hours was shaking like a leaf could not read or think and felt like I was having a stroke and or a heart attack or both this is the worst drug I ever have taken please do not take this it is poison I promise you or your loved ones value your live do not take !!! this is a very very dangerous drug and not approved for anxiety !!! Don't take M 59 10 days
8 mg
 4  waking out of stage 3 and 4 sleep If I stay up too late or go a night without sleeping my sense of reality and mental stability becomes unsteady. My pms is worst as too much GABA is seen to be a factor in premenstrual symptoms. My limbs are more restless in sleep and I feel like I could honestly just sleep for days if I wanted to when I'm sleeping. Since going on this medication its completely solved the physical and mental pain due to years of sleep deprevation. I feel like myself finally. This medication is incredible for me as it makes me able to have restorative sleep every night. F 29 3 years
 5  increase stage 3-4 sleep dizziness, vertigo if I'm awakened during the night, e.g. to use the bathroom, or let my pet in or outside. very helpful for initiating and maintaining sleep, with improved functioning and less pain during the daytime; used with Lunesta sometimes F 62 2 years
4mg 1X D
 4  Anxiety F 23 10 years
 4  Anxiety I just wanted to counter some of the reviews here. Gabitril is believed to be a GABA reuptake inhibitor, which ultimately means that it leaves more GABA in the synapses for neurotransmission. This is significant because GABA is the brain's central inhibitory neurotransmitter. So put most simply, Gabitril tells your brain: shut up! At the doses I am taking, I get none of the crazy side-effects mentioned in many of the posts. So far (which admittedly is not a long time) Gabitril has been fantastic for my anxiety, allowing me to take fewer benzos, which is my aim. So the moral is: everyone's body is different; a medicine that puts someone through hell could be someone else's panacea. M 36 3 days
12-24 mg 2X D
 1  Anxiety Staggering, falling, difficulty speaking--forming and thinking of words, complete disorientation, bizarre behaviors, forgetting how to speak/stand, confusion, temporary amnesia (forgetting names of parents, getting lost and ending up in unfamiliar places & a loss of awareness of time. M 40 10 days
 1  Chronic Headache I got this drug because I have a f**ked up tension headache which has ruined my life and I have tried everything. The only thing that works is Desipramine in small doses. Anyway, this drug made me stupid and disoriented for about a week, but it did seem to cut the sensation of pain in my head. I upped 8mgs a week for 3 weeks and my headache waned, BUT one day I took an extra 8mg accidentally AND I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE so I went to the ER. I can't explain it ... I thought I was going to lose consciousness and cease to exist. Needless to say this scared the crap out of me. I would rather be addicted to vicodin than have any more bad experiences like that. I think I am cursed with a chronic headache and I hope one day they make a medication which gets rid of it, but Gabitril isn't it. Its a very very powerful drug that causes severe mental retardation and is very difficult to dose up. I will say that it did cut the pain in my head and maybe if I could afford to stay in a hospital while dosing up I would try to make it work. But who wants to feel like they are going to go out of their mind and die? Not me. M 46 4 weeks
28 2X D
 1  Taking for anxiety My experience with this drug seems to sound like a broken record from all the posts I read here.This med is absolute poison and the Bozo the Clown Dr.and his Carmel Psychological Associate Group, located in Westchester County, NY should be sued and shut down for prescribing it, amongst other things. Just like many posts, right out of the blue I became like a zombie,like a switchwas thrown in my head, confused, babled when I talked making no sense and doing weird things. Rushed to ER who thought I was having a stroke or bleeding on the brain. I was terrified I was going to die and cried like a baby in the hospital and they had no clue on how to treat this, so they just kept me until it wore off about 12 hours later and after suffering from a spinal tap with no anesthesia, which they performed. I can not insist enough how BAD! this drug, Gabitril is. I give it a 1. I wish I could give it a -5. M 42 2 weeks
6 3X D
 4  headache I have had a disabling tension headache for 20 years. I have tried everything and this is the only medication besides Pamelor that helps dramatically! Its really unpredicable and can have some major side effects (like sedation/intoxication/psychosis) but it does help with my headache noticiably and nothing else does. Very strange medication because a small dose acts so strongly and if you go up to fast you can get hospitalizing side-effects, but it does have some use for pain and headaches. M 40 60 days
24 2X D
 5  Panic Attacks Taken as needed up to 4 times a day F 43
2 mg 2X D
 3  social anxiety Definitely helped decrease anxiety. Became more sociable at work. After a few weeks started having feelings of unreality or coming unraveled. Discontinued after one month trial. Initially Gabitril was great. Thinking about trying it again at very low dose. M 48 30 days
 4  post epilepsy brain surgery After 7 years on the medication I have had seizures but this drug combined with yoga has helped me control the seizures. I do get the occasional twitches but i feel a lot stronger in the mind control. Some days i feel not in control that is where yoga has helped me control to mindset of epilepsy Gabitril is like background help when control is lost. F 42 7 years
 2  Feelings of un-reality, anxeity. I took Gabitril for about two months and nothing happened. I guess this medicene really had no effect on me at all. I was on a low dose of six miligrams a day though. No huge reaction that I am aware of. M 18 2 months
 5  Anxiety, Fibromyalgia Only in the first month, dizzyness. The studies done that came out bad are so wrong. They only tested for 10-weeks. It takes longer than that to really know it's working. Within one year all Fibro patients I know have eliminated their anxiety and got some limited pain reduction. F 45 4 years
 5  anxiety and depression I don't experience side effects. It's the first antianxiety medicine that's helped supplement an antidepressant without making me feel spacey or slow. I take 12 mg at night. My social anxiety has diminished. I sleep well and have had no appetite changes. F 43 3 years
 3  severe neuropathy tremors like I am vibrating all the time. Deep muscle twitches. Foggy head, feeling like i am higher than a kite or really drunk. when I first started to take this is was wonderful!! nerve pain in my legs went away!!! as the time went on, small twitches started. I figured if the pain was gone, I could deal with the twitches. Now 5 years later, I am experiencing severe tremors, and STRONG deep muscle twitches. I kick people accidently if they are too near. I have dropped countless things, and gotten burned by a twitch putting me in dangerous place. I want off this med. F 38 5 years
 1  control seizures I am writing this for my father, who was prescribed Gabritril as an add-on seizure medication in 2002, and as a result, experienced status epilepticus, resulting in an 11-day hospital stay. Additionally, he experienced peripheral neuropathy that impairs his mobility to this day (six years later). His current neurologist (he moved, and is now under the care of a neurologist specializing in epilepsy treatment) told us on my father's most recent visit last month that he will not prescribe Gabitril to *any* of his patients due to the side effects. M 76 2 weeks

GABITRIL  (TIAGABINE HYDROCHLORIDE):  Tiagabine is used with other medications to treat certain types of seizures (focal seizures). It works by reducing the spread of seizure activity in the brain. This medication is known as an anticonvulsant or anti-epileptic drug. When tiagabine has been used for conditions other than epilepsy, serious reactions (including seizures in people who have never had them) have occurred. Talk to your doctor for more details.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)