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 1  Bipolar II Disorder Feel weird, exausted, headache, words "swim" on the page, can not concentrate or absorbe anything, clumbsy, can't walk without triping, sore throat, thinking slowed down, sucidal thoughts and plans, hard time catching breath, anxiety. I took only three 4mg doeses 24 hours apart. The sucidal thoughts are what made me decide to discontinue this medication. F 19 3 days
 3  nerve damage/burning all over After 11 weeks of being so very happy with not feeling the burning...I got double vision which is a hard thing to live with! I just found out it was this drug that made it happen and I am still waiting for my vision to return. F 46 11 weeks
 1  Anxiety/Bipolar 1 Difficulty breathing, feeling of being drunk for two hours, increased heartbeat, impossible to work, panic attacks, I made no sense when I spoke, slurred speech, confusion How can a drug prescribed for anxiety cause so much of it? People at work thought I was drunk. I had constant trouble breathing. Just thinking about Gabitril puts me into a panic. Two weeks of this was enough. I would have lost my job if I continued on this drug. F 26 2 weeks
 4  GAD, Depression Drunkenness, inability to read or concentrate, sedation I started this drug very slowly from 1mg/day up to 16mg and it has worked wonders for my chronic anxiety and depression. I could tell a difference with the first, tiny dose. It is very important to take this drug with food and just before sleep as it is sedating and causes general loopiness, especially in the first few months. My body has completely adjusted to it and I feel better than I ever have. F 30 18 months
 5  Anxiety and depression The combo causes a bit more frequest urination and a little less enrgy but overall worth it for the mood stabilizing effect. 4 mg Gabatril with 150 mg Effexor and 200 mg Lamictal works great. Mood very stable for first time in along time after being on alot of different meds and then on none. M 58 6 weeks
 1  Agoraphobia, Depression Intense mood swings (intensified anxiety and major depression), suicidal thoughts and behaviors, self-harm, intense headaches, memory and cognitive problems, dissasociation. I started this med in feb of 2007 as augmentation for Topomax, I was experiencing depression and agoraphobia. within two weeks of starting this I made a major decision to take off from grad school and go to Thailand, while in Thailand I dropped out of school. I returned to my native state argued with my spouse and tried to kill myself. I took off back to the state I was going to grad school in, entered a hospital, and spent months fighting homelessness, Major Depression,head pain, intense anxiety, and depersonalization. I tried to kill myself several times through all of this. My family threw-up their arms, turned their backs as they no longer knew who I was, and neither did I. During all of this, i could not control my moods. The night before a major holiday my therapist informed me that she was through, I was distraught and scared. I knew I needed to stop the meds, all through that I had too been scared to stop, but I could no longer take the pain and the "tuning out" that F 39 10 months
 2  Insomnia Headaches, disorientation, memory loss, lack of attention. I tried to quit but I am back on the drug, for it is imposible for me to sleep. I tried weening going from 6 mg. to 4 mg. during a week and the 2 mg. the following week. The 2 mg. week I could not sleep. I don't kow what to do next. I also take clonopin 0.25 mg and Atarax for alergies, which also makes you drowsy but for a short period of time. F 40 2 years
 1  Mood Stabilizaton Initially fatigue; 3 weeks later severe lethargy (reduced doseage); Months later, out of the blue, SEVERE disorientation, confusion, unable to find home, slurred speech, stumbling, unable to "find" words to describe symptoms. I ended up in the ER as my PCP believed I was having a stroke or had a blood clot in my brain. I graduated suma cum laude, and I was reduced to being barely able to put together a sentence. I got lost near my home in a part of town I was familiar with. I passed out several times during the day; I "lost" time during the day. I could not pass simple sobriety tests. I would daze out and not remember where I was. F 28 5 months
 5  neuropathic pain none this works well for me and is non sedating F 49 2 days
 4  explosive behavior feel a bit heavy headed still horny M 40 68 days
 1  mood swings from bipolar Started med on July 18 2007; July 31 had hallucinations;Aug 1 had multiple seizures. Aug 2&3 weak, tremors, memory, speech,thinking, spellings, comprehsion problems. don't take it. this is day aug 3 and I'm afraid F 54 13 days
 2  penile pain At first wow pain gone. Then on the 11th day my lips got as big as a cartoon. Then my feet swelled up. Got hard to get air. Benadryl did the trick. Just had a allergic reaction. First thing in my life that I am allergic to. M 45 11 days
 1  bipolar disorders/sleep problems terrible speech problems (slurring or can't find words or nonsense statements), sleepwalking, severve hallucinations, confusion, bewilderment, loss of judgement, unsteady walking -- these continued/worsened after stopping gabitril seems extremely dangerous for some people -- he was on it only a week, still having terrible symptoms eight days later, no one seems to know what to do, can't find any information M 40 10 days
 1  lability from head injury seizure F 52 7 days
 2  very poor sleep quality, depression The first 4 month on 10mg/night helped me sleep much better. For the first time in my life I would wake up in the morning feeling awake and refresshed. However, after 4 months I started to wake up each morning with a bad headache. I am in the process of gradually reducing the dosage and still have headaches each morning. When it worked it GREAT and helped me fall asleep and stay asleep. I wish this medicine was somethinng I could use longer term. Now it causes severe headaches and I am back to square one in trying to find a way to get a decent nights sleep. F 34 5 months
 2  Nausea and Lightheadiness Have not taken it yet, just filling out form, will get back to you F 30 0 days
 5  insomnia & anxiety & depression nausea Added to my other antidepressant at 12 mg. Within a few days I felt like I had my personality back. By far the best response to any psychotropic med I tried. But even a little higher dose made the room spin like I was drunk (not in a good way). Stayed on it for about 6 months but relapsed into major depression and changed my whole regimen. Tried it again recently, but even 4 mg made me nautious. F 42 6 months
 1   painful joints dizzy..and gas and constipation ^^^^READ THIS^^^^to take care of constipation each a salad but you will still have is important...put chopped onions, and fresh garlic on your I'm not playing here, but your farts will make your house smell like fresh cooked onion rings..honestly!!! M 1 months
 5  anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia None that I am aware of. This drug combined with Lexapro keeps me very even. It stops panic attacks in their tracks. My agoraphobia symptoms are much improved. I highly recommend this drug for these symptoms and will take it forever. F 51 2 years
 1  Chronic Pain Extreme sedation (mental straight jacket effect) tiredness, hypersomnia...then after a few weeks...bouts of nervousness, shakiness, feeling that I was going to go out of my mind, slurred speech, deathly fear. IF YOU ARE ALREADY ON PSYCHE MEDS DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING THIS MEDICATION! OK...this drug might be good for some neuropathic pain, but the potential side effects can seriously F**K you up. I got off the drug, because three weeks into it I thought I was going to die, my mind has not been quite the same ever since. Very dangerous drug and should be taken off the market. If you experience any strange side effects on this med get yourself to the hospital immediately for observation. M 35 3 weeks