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 2  Chronic Pain Dosage 4mg. 4 x per day. Extreme drowsiness 24 x 7. Yawning, hallicunations, felt drugged all the time. I started feeling the effects after the first dose but took me a few days to figure out which med was causing it. I stopped taking it and informed Dr. Will change next visit. Neurontin has some of the same nasty effects. M 52 2 weeks
 1  insomnia dizziness, depression, tremors, Zombie like state during day, Confusion and irritibility. I slept good for one week with it and then it stopped. The dosage was increased and the side effects started without inducing sleep. M 42 30 days
 2  To aid in sleep and help anxiety It took about fours hours at night for it to really kick in and allow me sleep. I woke up many times at night. I had strange dreams, and waking dreams.The effects never wore off during day. I felt lethargic and drugged all day. I could not get things done. I felt depressed and irritable. I have a high tolerance when it comes to medications. I usually need more of a med than the average person before it does anything...even so, was not on high dose of Gabitril. Perhaps it was something in my own chemistry that did not agree with the med. I felt much better after I stopped taking it. I'd rather feel anxious than feel drugged all day. F 39 4 months
 5  Anxiety Some nausea, but took with meal and symptoms disappeared. I have suffered from anxiety my whole life. My doc prescribed Gabitril b/c I did not want to get addicted to the other anxiolytics. After 3 months I feel like I finally have my life back! F 39 3 months
 5  Neuropathic pain none. After failing on Nuerontin, I was given Gabitril to alleviate my chronic pain. I can't believe the relief from the burning pain I used to experience. F 47 3 months