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 5  convulsive disorder/partial seizure This drug has been well tolerated for me. It has eliminated all of the symptoms I had suffered for the last three years of my life. It is wonderful to have my life back!! F 32 60 days
 4  GAD None Now up to 8mg. and I do feel more calm, yet not tired. Mood is more consistent as well. Sleep is still fairly erratic. 10 mg. is the goal, and I'll make that increase this week and report again. M 47 3 weeks
 4  Neuropathic pain, I.C. I had some drowsiness for the first few weeks. It has all but disappeared. I also take pain medication for the pain. I do notice a decreased ability to concentrate but hey, it is difficult to concentrate in pain as well! I noticed if I take it consistently for at least two weeks it can decrease my pain significantly. Combined with my pain meds, I can actually spend a day without focusing on my pain. it has also helped with my depression and anxiety. Things seem brighter. I had no benefit from Neurontin and a lot of side effects. F 30 4 months
 5  fibromyalgia pain and sleep problem This has been an amazing medicine for me. I was VERY reluctant to take it but I had NO side effects and the burning in my arms and neck has vanished. I used to hurt so much I would wince if someone poked me on the arm and had trouble opening the double doors at work. That's gone! I have my life back! I had no side effects from it. F 38 6 months
 3  GAD None 2mg. in the morning. 2mg. at night for 1st week. Then 4mg. at night week 2. So far, I really don't feel anything. Subtle at best. M 47 6 days
 1  anxiety dizziness confusion nausea and irratibilty it did not help with the anxiety M 18 30 months
 1  anxiety dizziness confusion nausea and irratibilty it did not help with the anxiety M 18 1 months
 4  Bipolar/depression Gabitril 4-8mg/day + Wellbutrin 300mg/day stabilized my mood swings and depression. My male libido was slightly enhanced. This combination, oddly, also lead to an ability to regularly have multiple orgasms; typically one ejaculation followed by several orgasms 1-2 min apart continuing for 10 or 20 min with minimal stimulation. Also I've found somewhat less ability to stay focused on work tasks, less motivation, lethargic, apathetic. on and off gabitril for about 12 months... M 45 12 months
 1  GHB no longer legal for sleep Speech impared, sleepy all day, slept at night, but obviously not a good kind of sleep. Could not function or get things done and almost killed myself driving in daytime and afraid to drive at night. All energy left me. Doctor was shocked that I wanted GHB (Zyrem) to see if it would help my sleep problems and said that Gabitril would work beter. Still have not tried Zyrem and even considered trying to get it M 65 15 days
 3  . . . M 55 1 days
 1  nerve pain in leg tremers, inability to speak for short periods, couldn't swallow, sleeplessness, confusion, dizzyness, weakness I was hospitalized because the Drs. (not the one perscribing the drug) thought I was having little strokes. My daughter finally confirmed with a pharmacist that my symptoms were side efects of Gabitril. Didn't effect pain at all. F 87 3 weeks
 1  Pain At night This drug is horrible ! Brought me into the worst Fibromyalgia flair I've had in a year ! I was a mush brain, gave me pain in joints I never had problems with. I was lethargic, nasty and depressed all in a weeks time. F 40 8 days
 4  Anxiety Works immediately. Short half life. The lower the dose, the better my concentration levels. Higher does seem to cause nervousness and either apathy or anger. Works well as an augment in lower doses. 4-8mg per day. Does not work nearly as well as seroquel for mood stabilization. Good combination with seroquel. Does improve mood. Not a panacea though. M 32 2 years
 3  Pain and depression Seem in a daze. Hard to concentrate. If not taken at night, even though I take Elavil(150mg.), I wake up in horrible pain. I am folowing my doctors orders. I only been on it two weeks so I'll give it a months try. F 62 22 days
 1  panic disorder inflamed eyes, memory loss, confusion, cognitive problems, blurred vision, difficulty swallowing, If you have panic disorder, I would not recommend this medication to anyone, anywhere. It's the nastiest thing I've ever taken. Investigate other meds for panic disorder, like Prozac. The side effects I've experienced with Gabitril are intolerable. I'm barely functional. F 51 5 months
 1  speech problems, insomnia dizziness, elevated heart rate, restlessness, drowsiness do not take this medication, i had a severe reaction to it last night and i felt like i was about to die. M 18 1 weeks
 1  sleep aid Confusion, Please do not take this drug!!! Especially do not take this drug if you are going to be moving around and awake....this is a dangerous drug..I took it for a couple of days and the last time I took it had a severe reaction to the is not a consistant drug..stay away from this drug...i beg all of you not to give it a chance to do this to you!!!! F 39 3 days
 2  Anxiety Caused extreme mood swings, irritability and mania M 36 100 days
 3  sleep disorder, post head injury lowest dose avail -- 20 mg?-- once a day/night grogginess when waking, dullness during day, some unexplained 'jerking motions', hair loss helped sleep a great deal, also helped anxiety very very much. helped 'space out' feeling, but ironically made me feel lethargic. unsure how i feel about this med bc of the clashing symptoms. also fear long term effect on liver. also, the hair loss concerned me. F 39 2 months