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 5  Depression, Anxiety None August of 2021 talked to supervisor at Teva and nefazodone will be back before the end of 2021. M 44 22 years
 5  Major Depression Mild first 2 weeks Look, we are all frustrated, many of had stinking thinking that put us on this wonderful Med... So naturally, with the UNKNOWN for the last 1 resorted to stinking thinking, what if's... I do not see how anyone that has benefited from Nefazodone could not ??? I cannot speak for all, but to me Nefazodone is as critical to my well being as Air and Water are.... The reps have always been courteous too me, they may never tell e exactly what I wanted or want to hear, but that is not their call. They can only say or not say so much... I just hope the decision makers at the Top of Teva, understand to us Nefazodone users, this medication was and is as essential to our well being as Oyxygen and Water... Lets keep our fingers crossed, and hope that Teva can resume allowing us access to this medically necessary Medication.... Been a long year for us, and the reps who take our calls, but are powerless to make it or tell us what we want to hear, an exact date it hopefully will return... M 50 25 years
100mg 2X D
 5  Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD Mild first 2 weeks Well at this point, I am just as you all are, EXHAUSTED Mentally after the last year.... Teva should expect no less from it's customers... To have your world turned upside down form a Pandemic, then have this Nefazodone shortage the last year is a Double Whammy for us... The Teva Reps have ALWAYS been courteous to me, but no answers as to when it will end, as I realize they do not make that ultimate decision... I truly hope this will indeed comeback, it is unique and life saving for hundreds of us, if not over a thousand..... Either way, it is not easily replaced, so if it isn't broke don't fix it, well this last year SO MANY of us were not broke, and are forced to try something else that might break us, this all just so agonizing, PLEASE TEVA help us and make this asap, please....... M 50
100mg 2X D
 5  Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD Mild first 2 weeks, you got to giver it a couple weeks to kick in and allow your body to get used to it.. Last September, I cried, when I saw Nefazodone was no longer even in the Catalog for Teva... It just felt differen't, and I knew this was not going to comeback, or IF it did a very long time from then.... Every pharmacy was telling me they could not orider it, it just FELT DIFFERENT - Almost a year later.Teva says not being discontinued, I saw News article that said no Pandemic Related as cause, so why almost a year? I wanna believe it is NOT going to be discontinued, I know the Reps hands are tied, thet don't make the decisions, or know the TRUE intentions of those at the Top.. But how can I not think Teva has had ENOUGH of Serzone/Nefazodone ? I see NO URGENCY at relieveing this HORRIBLE MENTAL Suffering of just allowing us to not worry about getting access to our Medically Necesscary Life Saving Medication many of us have been on for decades. I just do NOT feel any urgency, that Teva is really wanting to make this Medicine again, sorry... I hope I am wrong... I mean many of us know Nefazodone is NOT the Big Money Maker any Company wants, but should we suffer this long ? I posted before 2019 Backorder, I had to go far away to get refill, that Pharmacist said he saw this before, first Backorder, The LONGTERM BACKORDER, then DISCONTIUNED. Then last Summer, another Pharmacist I asked if he could compound it said, no and in all his YEARS as Pharmacist everything he can tell was Nefazodone was going the way of the Dinosaurs. So far those 2 Pharmacists are spot on ! M 50 24 years
100mg 2X D
 5  Major Depression Tolerable first 2 weeks of start of Nefazodone Therapy Well as if we did not suffer long enough waiting for any change in status since Last August September of 2020, don't expect any in the forseeable future either, as what is going on in Gaza, the news said today May 15th 2021 Hamas rained down rockets on Tel Aviv..... That is where Nefazodone is made, Tel Aviv at Teva.. Just wonderful.. NOT ! Teva really needs to let someone in the USA make Nefazodone, this is way past urgent, and now this, rockets raining down on Tel Aviv.. Someone somewhere, PLEASE make Nefazodone ! PLEASE ! M 50 25 years
100mg 2X D
 5  Major Depressive Disorder No side effects! After trying practically every other antidepressant, I landed on Serzone (Nefazadone) and it changed my life. I call the time before Serzone the "Dark Days". Now, after 24 years, it is not available and I am being forced to try another. There are no others that closely resemble Serzone and I absolutely dread having to turn to a SSNI. No word from Teva, not a peep. 24 years of balance and now back to the drawing board. I'm scared, angry and full of dread. If the new drug sends me back to the ‚ÄėDark Days', I'd prefer to cease existing. I have to start the switch this week. No weight gain, no sleep problems, no sex problems... just gave me back my life and now they're taking it back again. F 62 24 years
300 MG 2X D
 5  Dep/anx None You may want to contact Teva USA customer support and let them know how important this medication is to you . Then , email the FDA drug shortage site and let them know. Letís hope they can help us! M 52 20 years
200 2X D
 5  Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD Very tolerable first 2 weeks of treatment 23 years ago Today is Dec. 14th 2020 - Almost 3 Months since Nefazodone has been on the FDA Drug Shortage List Pharmacies cannot get it to fill scripts, and tell people is has been discontinued, it has not, got to FDA it says Active Phramaceutical Ingredient Shortage ( API ) so Teva cannot make it, till they have the ingredients... That being said the longer this goes on, there is MANY of us that have been on this medicine, 10, 15, 20, 25+ years IF they do not make this no more or hurry up and resolve this and make it again FAR MORE PEOPLE will be harmed from having the rug pulled out from underneath them after years and decades of treatment then the Liver Damage risked ever posed to us.... It is so important someone makes this again, asap... Peoples lives literally could be ruined, as I said more damage to people lives then the miniscule live risk ever posed.... Please Teva, resolve this, or work to find someonen who can, this literally coud be a matter of life and dweath for many of us overall... We are 3 months into this crisis for us users not being able to get it, and run out of what we do have.. M 50 23 years
100mg 2X D
 5  Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD Very minimal, tolerable side effects first 2 weeks Dec. 12th 2020 Update: I suggest for all Nefazodone users go to the FDA website, type in NEF for Drug Shortage, then Nefazodone will come up, and see the latest updates, and that shows the Teva Contact number. Call them and tell them, as they may not see our feedback we leave on these web pages how long, and how important this medicine has been for us. We are 3 months almost into this shortage on the FDA site, this has been longer already than the 2012 temporary shortage. I talked to Teva, they said a few days ago, still not discontinued as of yet, but I never get an answer out of them either as in that Teva is truly working on it to get it resolved and available, which makes me seriously wonder if they may be thinking also of just not making it no more ? So I think best to tell them, the importance of having this available is, rather than telling on these posts, they may never see. Nefazodone is an AMAZING treatment for those of us who it works for, unlike anything else we tried. M 50 23 years
100mg 2X D
 5  Depression and anxiety None Saved my life. The only drug that made me feel like a normal person. Unable to get it now that it is in shortage. Petrified about not being able to get it. Please Teva resolve this. F 55 9 years
200 2X D
 5  Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD Little light headed and jittery first 2 weeks, then PERFECTION last 23+ years ! I too have been on Nefazodone religiously going on 24 years... This is a SERIOUS problem for us, and I pray Teva takes it seriously, and does whatever they can in their power to get this resolved ASAP ! For me Nefazodone saved my life, I took Trazodone first in 1997, and Trazodone made my nose so stuffy, I could only breath through my mouth, and had to stop the Trazodone..... I cannot even state enough, how SERIOUS this is, PLEASE get this resolved as quickly as you can.... This is a MEDICALLY NECESSCARY drug for some of us for decades.. I call Teva once a week, and I will keep doing it, and I just pray those of us whose lives were saved and been on it for decades can find some at places, to hold us over till we get some update.... Teva is the ONLY Manufacturer, and Nefazodone is not a popular choice by many Doctors to prescribe, but the fact is us long term users had our lives saved, and we are CHEMICALLY Dependent on it after years, and decades for some.... Please Teva, your the only one that makes this... Please do your best not to let this drag on month after month, this is very deeply stressful and upsetting for many of us M 50 23 months
100mg 2X D
 5  Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD First 2 weeks I adjusted i was a little shaky feeling, then it went away and been a charm for 23 and 1/2 years giving me my life back, breaking the chains of Major Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD.... Currently on the Drug Shortage List, for an API Ingredient issue.. Hope the get it resolved, this is the ONLY med to save me, when others failed ! M 50 23 years
100mg 2X D
 5  depression and nervousness No side effects major weight loss. To me that's not a side effect LOL F 33 1 days
200 1X D
 1  Situational depression My whole personality changed. It increased my anxiety and left me fearful. My confidence disappeared It made my facial skin dry, red and ugly. F 20 years
250 1X D
 5  Major depression Mild headache at the beginning Changed my life F 39 100 days
 5  Migraines - Post Partum depression Dry mouth. I was on nefazodone two different times in my life and just started to take it again for depression and anxiety. I love the stuff. Makes me feel normal. Never had liver problems. F 46 4 years
 3  Anxiety / light depression I take it at night and I sleep pretty good with it the problem is I want to stay in bed in the morning longer than normal. I have only been on this eight days. The two weeks before I was on 1150 mg. Iím also taking .5 clonopin in the morning and then as needed in day. I have a lot of hyperventilation do to either the anxiety or the drug Iím not sure. Hyperventilation has been my major panic trigger. Iím just not sure how long it will take for this truck to start working. Any help would be greatly appreciated M 47 8 days
 5  depression Difficulty falling asleep if taken at night. Tired first few weeks. Nausea and decreased appetite if taken on an empty stomach. When it "kicks in" a couple of hours after I take it, it feels like I have Icy Hot on my arms and legs. Side effects are nothing compared to the horrible feeling of major depression. I didn't think it was working but after 4 weeks, I felt better than I had in years. I'm happy, energetic, motivated, positive, mellow, and glad to be alive. Tried Lexapro and Wellbutrin in the past and neither came close to making me feel so "normal". The only other thing that has been comparable is Vyvanse which was prescribed for ADD and not depression. Before I took nefazodone, I was just waiting to die. Now I want to live life to the fullest. I wish I had tried it earlier. It has saved me. F 42 1 months
 4  Major Depression and Anxiety This drug is helping me so much! I no longer pick fights with my boyfriend or get mad over stupid things. All of the SSRI drugs helped a little but I was tired all the time and would sleep 12 hours with no relief. I then went to Cymbalta which was not for me! It's didn't help my insomnia from my anxiety at all and made it worse!! So, now I'm taking Nefodozone and I'm seeing a huge difference. I sleep better and wake up feeling rested!! I'm just worried because all of this stuff online talking about liver damage and death! Can anyone give me advice? Are you worried about this? F 32 10 days
 5  major depression, anxiety Absolutely none I am taking the generic, nefazadone. I suffered from severe major depression ever since I was a child. I've been on every medicine I can think of, but with side effects that I didn't want to deal with. I would spend hours and hours on the Internet researching meds and I stumbled upon nefazadone.I asked my psy if she would let me try it, and she did.I paired it with my 450 mg of wellbutrin that wasn't working as well as it used to. Nefazadone has been the answer to my prayers. It had controlled my depression, my anxiety and even my social anxiety. I am 100% better than Ive ever been my entire life. We just upped it to 300 mg because I started experiencing tiredness and lack of energy throughout the day.this medicine has saved my life, my relationship with the love of my life and the relationship with my children. I am so much happier, much more at piece with myself and much more sociable than I've ever been in my life. Plus, I have no side effects whatsoever, especially weight gain. I gained 15 lbs while experimenting with other meds and lost all of it after being put on nefazadone, all without dieting or exercising. F 49 7 months
200 mg