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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 5  major depression, anxiety Absolutely none I am taking the generic, nefazadone. I suffered from severe major depression ever since I was a child. I've been on every medicine I can think of, but with side effects that I didn't want to deal with. I would spend hours and hours on the Internet researching meds and I stumbled upon nefazadone.I asked my psy if she would let me try it, and she did.I paired it with my 450 mg of wellbutrin that wasn't working as well as it used to. Nefazadone has been the answer to my prayers. It had controlled my depression, my anxiety and even my social anxiety. I am 100% better than Ive ever been my entire life. We just upped it to 300 mg because I started experiencing tiredness and lack of energy throughout the day.this medicine has saved my life, my relationship with the love of my life and the relationship with my children. I am so much happier, much more at piece with myself and much more sociable than I've ever been in my life. Plus, I have no side effects whatsoever, especially weight gain. I gained 15 lbs while experimenting with other meds and lost all of it after being put on nefazadone, all without dieting or exercising. F 49 7 months
200 mg
 4  Depression, anxiety Terrible heart palpitations, racing heart, high blood pressure, insomnia, cloudy & confused feeling, headache I wish that I had never been put on it 16 years ago. It is so unfair to be used to a drug like this and then they discontinue making it. F 60 10 years
50 mg
 5  MDD C-PTSD Light traces at first, minor dry mouth Was taking 600mg at bedtime for 6-years. Works great for major depression and severe post-traumatic stress. Unfortunately it stopped working as well and now only on 200mg. All SSRI, SNRI, TCA and others stopped working. ECT, rTMS, Ketamine, Neurofeedback and hospital admissions have not relieved my "Terminal" depression. Who cares if there's a one-in-a- million chance you might get liver damage if you want to die every single day your existing? If something helps the severe depression...take it... I'd cut off a limb if any drug worked even a little bit for me now. F 56 7 years
200-600 1X D
 4  Insomnia, Fybromyalgia Anxiety I want to turn to you for help on Nefazodone. Many ask one of the participants here, especially from Israel, let share how you can buy Nefazodone and be delivered in Greece, Turkey or Bulgaria? Of course, we will implement a prescription. There is huge interest in this drug in these countries, I am personally of Bulgaria and my doctor advised me to seek nefazodone because previous drug that takes Remeron although very good, stopped working after four years. Interest in Nefazodone in eastern europe is great, many people want to buy it. I beg you, tell me how and where we could buy one??? THANK YOU M 36 1 days
250 1X D
 4  anxiety depression Tired in the morning It makes it tuff to standup in the mornings and get exercise like I should have and would really like.I used to take 500 mg then found out taking some Effexor and dropped dosage of serzone to 100 mg works much better as I would sleep til 11:00 in the mornings. M 44 7 years
100 mg
 5  Dysthymia, worsening depression Initially: daytime sleepiness, dry mouth, visual trails, sleep related hallucinations, restless leg, vomiting unless taken with food, forgetfulness. 2+ missed doses: quick temper, feeling "poisoned", intense vomiting, despair, visual trails, nausea for days. Long-term: dry mouth, striking loss of short-term memory, unable to recall many conversations and meetings, restless leg, (sleepiness solved by taking dose before bed). Choice between depression and short-term memory loss; I choose memory loss. Nefazodone gave me back my life. For 7 years have taken 250 to 500 mgs per day along with max dose of Welbutrin. Welbutrin broke my despair, but not the depression. Nefazodone lifted me from depression. Worked up to 500 mgs per day over several months, continued for 2 years, then felt so unreliable and humiliated by loss of short-term memory, slowly backed down to 250 mg per day. My family noticed an improvement in my reliability and some memory. Short- term memory is still quite weak. Within one year of starting Nefazodone felt OK, centered. After settling into 250 mg dose with max dose of Welbutrin, regained interest in activities, regained ability to laugh, feel moments of joy. F 54 7 years
250MG 1X D
 5  anxiety Felt horrible the first week taking it. Not sure if this was because of the severe anxiety or getting used to the drug (or both). After that, though, I felt amazing.. Like I had my life back! Nefazodone has completely changed my life. Up until the time I was taking it 9 years ago, I dealt with anxiety disorder and light depression. This drug TOTALLY changed all that. I've been able to thrive and function and not worry at all about having attacks.. It is hard to get at times so I've had to shop online a few times but now Teva labs in ISRAEL is making it and selling it. M 45 9 years
300 mg 1X D
 5  Depression and anxiety None. It has had the least side effects of any anti depressant I ever tried and I've tried a lot. Missed doses aren't fun but nothing like other meds. F 34 5 years
 5  depression and anxiety sedation, nausea if taken without food. Please bring this back on the market in Australia. It is a wonder drug. It changed my life. There is no other equivalent available in Australia. It was removed from the market over 10 yrs ago. F 38 2.5 years
2X D
 4  Anxiety /depression After 2 days I was able to break the cycle of months and months of morning anxiety. The only issue I have is insomnia and itching. Little bumps will appear under my skin and the itch like crazy and then go away. F 47 3 days
 2  depression/ anxity The original dose of 50 mg was to strong so my Dr. dropped it down to 25 mg. Even on this dose I had negative side effects. I felt like someone poured rubbing alcohol on me and then put me next to a fan. NO motivation to do anything, Mind really dulled, and even my teeth felt weird. Sticking it out for a week to see if side effects lessen. F 34 2 days
250MG 1X D
 5  panic, OCD,anixety With out it ,tence stomach, have had some headache, muscle aches, rash, don't miss your dose same time everyday! F 52 10 years
150mg p.m.
 5  panic, depression, o.c.thoughts 2days of headache and brain zap a bit scary.Dr. said" don't give up. I didnt. This drug was sent from heaven. It took four weeks to fully work. Zero side effects after that rough period. Do not give up! It works. Every other one feels like drugs...serzone makes me feel NORMAL. M 35 2 years
 1  Panicky attacks and depression Very frost, can't concentrate , have a hard time speaking , I have slow slurred speech.,this is the only antidepressent that has been so strong to make me feel like this.. F 43 2 months
 2  CFS/Depression 9 PM Dosing: Paradoxical insomnia despite fatigue. Hard come down, analogous to amphetamine. After a few hours, induced hypomania and empathic qualities, in line with its metabolism to mCPP. +6 hours body temperature elevation and sweating. M 26 1 days
200 1X D
 5  Major Depression At first starting it I slept a day and had headache. Side effects soon went away. Since I only notice dry mouth and a little tired about an hour after a dose. Wonderful anti-depressant. It not only treats depression but also the anxiety. Started at a low dose and was slowly increase to current 500 mg/day. I use Nefazodone and cannot function without it. Live in the U.S. and no problems getting it. I have a wonderful career in the medical field. Watch out for drug interactions. No liver problems. I get LFT annually. F 53 14 years
250 mg 2X D
 5  for deep depression I didn't have any side effects. It saved my li i have been given everything nothing is working i was on it for over 20 yrs. please put it back on the market. F 50 1 days
 5  Anxiety/Depression None I have been on this medication for 16 years was recently taken off of it to try different meds and have come to find this is what works for me. It controls my anxiety. F 32 16 years
200mg 1X D
 1  Depression This drug was HORRIBLE for me, it ruined my life! Before this, I was highly intelligent, with a near-photographic memory. But my mind was so fuzzy on this drug that, when playing Scrabble with friends, I literally had to use a calculator when I was the scorekeeper! (Before this, I could literally multiply three 5-digit numbers in my head with ease.) I lost memory function on this med, and also lost actual memories. I've still never recovered, and find everything so much more difficult than it used to be. Plus, for the last month of taking it, I would get sudden, agonizing pain in my head that felt like an axe hitting me. Sooo glad this evil garbage is off the market! F 39 4 months
 5  Had been on ALL anti-depressants I took every morning. Serzone was the MIRACLE medication for me. It was black boxed and was put on Lexapro and gained 40 lbs. in two weeks. Finally found that Nefazodone was generic form of Serzone and have been taking since 2006. The problem now is there seems to be a shortage of Nefazodone. I can't seem to get the same answer from any pharmacies!! Have enough to last through Aug. by dividing higher dose to amt. I'm supposed to take. Knowing this med. is a class unlike the SSR. I'm afraid because tried going off with SSR's and totally messed me up. IMO, I will have to gradually taper IF the manufactor TEVA doesn't continue as they are the best imo. Started Serzone Brand in 1999 and was like a new life had been granted to me. It surpassed ALL past anti-depressants and actually felt as close to being "normal' and not in a "high" or buzzed way. Such a shame it was taken off market. my liver tests were always fine but dosage was 150 mg. whcih was considered low dosage but super for me! F 54
150 1X D