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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 5  Major Depression This made has been GREAT for me ! I take Nefazodone, here in the USA - When they pulled Brand Name Serzone, I switched right over to Nefazodone made by TEVA, it is same generic equivalent as Brand Name Serzone I could not live, OR function without this Med. Folks, generic Nefazodone here in the USA by TEVA is same, and works just as good, I tried all others, and this is the ONLY Med that has worked to help me for 15 years, LIVER TEST fine so far after 15 years of 200mg daily M 41 15 years
100 2X D
 5  Severe Depression Weight loss, nausea (you need to take it with food), drowsiness, restless legs. The side effects were worth it though. This drug really changed my life in so many ways. This got discontinued from the world market and is no longer available. Unfortunately, this was the only antidepressant that has ever worked for me. I have tried over 20 types since and have not found a single one to work. I wish they would bring this back onto the market. F 29 2 years
200mg 2X D
 5  depression/anxiety/ fms I NEED this medicine. I was told today by pharmacist that they were having trouble getting my rx filled, their suppliers were not going to carry it anymore. I am frightened. One dose missed and I am back to where I was when I was first diagnosed. I have tried other drugs. I have tried to get off of this medication. It makes me functional. It provides me with quality of life. I don't know what I will do if I do not have access to this medicine. The thought of going back to what I was before I started to take it frightens me more than the possible risk of liver damage. That can be monitored. I took 300 mg for many years. I hold stable at 75 mg a night. I don't want to lose my life again. It took me so long to get it all back together. F 40 10 years
75mg a day
 5  Depression/Anxiety Serzone/Nefazadone is my Miracle Med for depression and anxiety! Unfortunately, I was just diagnosed with severe PTSD, traumatic experience. My psychiatrist and I decided it may benefit me to go to a psych hospital, in patient, for a few days for continual therapy and med tweaking. After 'in-take', Case Mgr assured me that I would continue on Serzone while there. I was admitted, only to find out the Psych Pharmacy did NOT have NOR would supply me with Serzone! I offered to drive home, (15 minutes away, pick up an unopened bottle of Serzone, return and give to Psych Pharmacy for dispensing)I was very calm in offering this suggestion and not presenting with any symptoms at all. Head Nurse said, "NO"!... and if you leave you will not have a bed to return to" I was ripping!..and I was the one who 'volunteered' myself 'in'. I LEFT! My question/s is: 1.) Why, we as lay people know, you can't just drop a has to be tapered off and 2.) has anybody else had a problem with F 58 8 years
200MG 2X D
 3  anxiety/depression Rage anger severe mood swings loss of memory feelings of being lost and scary thoughts M 36 10 years
 1  Major Depressive disorder F 34 3 days
1X D

 5  depression The immediate 12 hours after taking the drug I had a headache and needed a long nap. After that, there were ABSOLUTELY NO SIDE EFFECTS for me. Serzone has been unavailable in Canada now for a number of years. I have not been able to find a drug that even comes close the effectiveness of Serzone. I am very mad that they took it off the market because 0.0006% (4 out of 650,000) of the people experienced liver damage, that's not even close to a scientifically statistically significant amount. From what I've read the people who did experience liver damage were being prescribed double the recommended daily maximum. So because of a couple of stupid doctors they pulled the drug and the people who take it safely are punished. F 36 6 years
50mg 1X D
 5  Depression Constipation, urinary retention, memory loss, but worth it. These are much easier to deal with than wanting to kill yourself. Only thing that ever worked for me. SSRIs in general put me into an acute anxiety state. This drug pulled me out of serious, debilitating, depression. If you have a healthy liver and nothing else has worked, find a good doctor, start at a very low dose, and get liver screens once a month. M 46 4 years
600 MG 1X D
 4  depression worked well, sleepiness, blurry vision, then the FDA black labeled it and my doctor said do not use. did not work on panic M 46 4 years
300 1X D
 5  depersonalization and depression Weird visual trails (that were not too disconcerting). Some drowsiness (which helped to sleep). Significant withdrawl effects if I missed a couple of doses (weird hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia) I was in complete remission on Serzone for several years and I for one would take it again in a heartbeat if it were still available in Canada (I have not ruled out getting the generic from the US). It's biggest benefits over other antidepressants are the fact that it has Zero negative effects on sex drive and sexual functioning AND it's weight neutral. Also I drank like a fish on it so if anyone, I should have had liver problems with it and never did. I wonder if there's more to the picture than meets the eye regarding the real reason (besides a few liver problems) it was pulled from the market. By the sounds of things it was a considerable benefit to many of us. Bring it back!! M 42 3 years
300 2X D
 5  anxiety; ideation of suicide. None !!!! I feel perfectly normal - a WONDER drug. Saved my life. I hope that more people have the same relief that I got from Serzone. Prozac had no effect. M 69 10 years
600 4X D
 2  Anxiety/depression All day headache, extreme soreness in my neck, shoulder and back muscles, blank feeling, couldn't get words out, tiredness. So far have not been able to find an antidepressant I can handle and really thought Serzone would work. Felt no benefit at all after three weeks and couldn't take the constant pain so am going to have to stop. F 39 22 days
100 2X D
 5  Depression This will sound terrible, but compared to the effects I was having on SSRIs which had NO effect on my depression, this was nothing: Dry mouth, irritable bowel syndrome, blurred vision/visual trails, muscle weakness and coordination problems, extreme sleepiness 30-90 min after taking a dose (passed after about 90 min), feelings of intoxication, dilated pupils, slurred speech (v similar to being drunk - again this dissipated approx 90 min after the dose), ongoing memory and vision problems (6 years after stopping). I loved Serzone. It was the only medication which had ANY effect on my depression. On other medication (Celexa, Zoloft, Aurorix) I had horrendous shakes and nightmares and no perceptible improvement in my depression. I wish it was still available to me. I was on 600mg/day (max dose). I went to 750mg/day when I had a bad period. I took 4 doses per day - 150mg per dose - the intoxicating effects were too severe if I took 300mg at once. I'd fall asleep at my desk and be unable to speak clearly. I took my last dose a few hours before I went to bed otherwise I'd wake up with a hangover. The coordination/muscle weakness was difficult and I put on a lot of weight. If I tried to stay out late the visual disturbances would be severe and my pupils would dilate so much that any light would be painful. I've been off it 6 years now but I think I've got lasting side effects. I have dilated pupils most of the time (although this could be due to the length of time I took antidepressants in general, not just Serzone, or the fact that I had an alcohol/marijuana abuse problem), my memory is terrible, my eyesight seems to be deteriorating more rapidly than seems normal, and occasionally I get what feel like Serzone flashbacks - I get the intoxicated feeling, the muscle weakness and the visual trails every now and then. Note that I am very sensitive to all medications so my side effects are on the severe end of the scale. They always are. F 33 2 years
600mg 4X D
 5  Depression, Anxiety Dry mouth at first. None whatsoever to this day. Life saver! Have tried Paxil, Prozac, Cymbalta and Prestiq and I always come back to old faithful. I no longer have ups and downs. Best of all I have no weight gain. I have a lessened sex drive but it's not gone all together.Everyone has their own chemical needs for depression, but this is the one and only for me and I highly recommend trying it to see if it's the one for you. I do have regular liver tests, but very, very few have had it affect their liver. I honestly owe my life to this drug. F 51 13 years
300mgs 2X D
 1  Mild Depression Worst experience of my life!! Immediately had severe headache, severe nausea, my eyes were quickly dialating in and out which made me severely dizzy and gave me an "out of my head feeling' extremely scary. I thought I was going to die. I should have gone to the hospital immediatley but I was young and didnt know what to do. I think this one may be off the market ... but if it is not... DO NOT TAKE IT!!! F 37 1 days
? 1X D
 5  Depression and anxiety This is the "miracle drug" I had been looking for. 12 years ago when we found out that our Father was dying, I went straight to the doctor to get on an antidepressant. 12 years prior we had lost the 4th of our children. A beatiful little girl. I had always been raised to accept what God gives you and go on. Well that does not work. I COULD NOT get out of bed. I knew I had a problem when one day I over heard my oldest child, Jason ask his daddy, when he came home from work, one evening if he could stay home. He told his father that Momma never gets out of bed. I knew then I had to see a doctor. The doctor at that time gave me Prozac. So when I went prior to my father's death I asked for the same thimg. I was told by my wonderful doctor that Prozac is used when a person is really down to "bring them up" and serzone helps to keep you even and calm. He was right. After 8 years on it I decided on my own I was cured and tapered myself off of it. (Big mis I never had any problems, but I did go on a regular basis for my liver function tests. I had no problems ever. Please listen carefully to your doctor's orders and report any and all problems to them, even if you think they are minor. They are there to help you, and they take special pride when they do. Good luck to you. F 58 8 years
 5  Depression and anxiety None what so ever. Best medication I have ever taken. I started on Zerson about 10 year ago. It was the miracle drug I was looking for. I also took it with Valium (5mg) 3 times a day. It worked so well for that for tje 8 years, I thought I was cured and eased myself off both. (Biggest mistake I made). About 6 months later the company I am working with sent me out of town. I went to see a couple of doctors there (this was about the time they were deciding to take it off the market). Long story short no one would prescribe it for me. I am back home and have just begun to get off of Effexor, which for me, has not been working. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My doctor gave in after seeing that nothing else was working for me. I will never get off this miracle drug again. No more stress, no more neck pain, no more headaches. Life is about to get great again. I will be honest and tell DO go and do my blood as needed. F 57 8 years
 5  depression /chronic daily headaches no side effects at all really. no sexual side effects at therapeutic dosage of 200 mgs. I tried going up to 300 mgs and experienced a difficult time ejaculating, so i went back down to 200 mg. this was a miracle drug for me because it cured my headaches and gave me a new outlook on life. I was on it for 8 years, then had a 2 year hiatus b/c I couldn't find a doc to prescribe it, but I am back on it again. I am willing to risk the liver issue (1 in 300,000) if I get my enzymes checked every 4 months. M 37 8 years
 5  Anxiety Headaches when first starting and when increasing dosage - subsides after two weeks. This drug has been a life saver for me. I had a panic attack four months ago and remaind in a hightend state of anxiety (couldn't sleep or eat, extreme nausea, very jittery, etc.) until I saw a psych who started me on Remeron. I went up to 45mg very quickly and it helped a bit but I wanted to eat everything in sight so he switched me to serzone - started at 200mg and went up to 300mg which is where I remain. I still have mild anxiety but it's very manageable. My mom has been on this drug for 10+ years with no side effects. I did have my liver checked when I first started taking it and will continue to have it checked every 6 months. I also continue to take 15mg of Remeron at night to help me sleep but will hopefully discontinue that soon. F 35 3 months
 5  anxiety Some dry mouth, a bit of constipation, tiredness at first I have been using this for about ten years, and it keeps me functioning. Severe stress made me up the dose from 300 to 400. Doctor said body can get good at processing it and make it less effective. I tried to change over when I heard it was going out of production, but had a horrible experience with the other drug. I am interested in hearing from other long time users. I am more forgetful, but I am also older, and have survived some truly horrible times. Stress takes its toll on memory. My eyesight is getting worse, but it often does when one ages. Meanwhile, it feels good to be myself, able to handle the incredible things that life throws at me without a breakdown. I have found that few doctors seem to know much about it. One doctor explained that if there are liver issues, they tend to happen in the early times of usage. I feel very safe. F 56 10 years