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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  depression, anxiety No lift of depression whatsoever; more like a placebo. Long-term damage to my vision (was 20/20 prior to taking, now significantly near-sighted). I always thought there was a connection b/w my vision loss and taking the med. Now after browsing other peoples' experience, I know it was the Serzone. Somebody needs to sue. F 27 120 days
 5  anxiety and depression Dizziness at first I was on this for two years until my dr took me off due to warnings. Worked great for my anxiety and insomnia. Have tried different meds since then. none really made a difference with my anxiety and sleep. I finally switched doctors and the new one put me back on serzone(generic which I got filled at Walmart)..I will keep you posted. If anxiety is your primary and depression is the secondary, then try this medication M 42 2 years
 1  manic depression 500 mg 2x a day: heart-attack symptoms, confusion, bloating, walking/thinking/standing difficult, walking slow and crooked, hard to breathe, everything was heavier, glassy eyes This medication almost gave me (still might give me) a heart-attack. I took 3 doses. My mental state improved until I realized I was about to die from heart failure and that in order to keep from dying I couldn't do anything that might raise my heart-rate ( I stopped taking it but not all the symptoms are gone. The most important one persisting is my heart-rate. F 23 2 days
 5  PTSD Serzone was wonderful! No side effects. Regular liver tests came back normal. Would love to go back on Serzone! Would like to hear from the last two people who posted: Did you recently get Serzone (nefazodone)? I thought it was off the market. Also, to the folks who had great results w/ Serzone 'til it was pulled: What is working for you now? Serzone was wonderful! I was cheerful and productive, energized and focused. It removed both the depression and the anxiety. Everything I've tried since has either had terrible side effects or has not helped the anxiety. F 48 2 years
 5  PTSD w/ severe depression headache for the first 3-4 day; after that none. After taking 8 other anti-depressants that did nothing, this was the drug that gave me back my chance at life. No sexual side effects, no insomnia, and no weight gain. NIghtnmares stopped cold when I began taking this drug. Sometime when anxiety is extreme, have to "tweak" teh Serzone dosage (300 mg/day) with 25 mg of Zoloft. May be a threat to liver health-but my odds are considerably better than the ones for death by suicide without it. I would recommend this drug to anyone with moderate to severe depression, particularly if the routine SSRI's haven't worked. F 52 9 days
 5  depression/anxiety Some problems phasing on, mostly with balance. Changing dosage affects my vision. This drug does a better job of handling my combination of depression and anxiety than any of the many others I've tried. I've been taking it since it was first approved. F 56
 3  anxiety Weird vision(light trails), some nausea, upset stomach, all side effects passed after a few weeks, ezcept the vision thing. Worked ok for anxiety, reduced anxious feelings, but nothing great.
 1  Depression and Obsessional thinking Felt worse, more depressed, not myself, sleep was off. This drug made me feel worse... I tapered off after two weeks and switched to Zoloft. Within three weeks the Zoloft straightened out my depression which had been going on for 3 months. F 16 2 weeks
 4  Depression No side effects noticed but it helped my depression M 6 months
 2  Depression None that I recall Felt more depressed...didn't do anything to lift my mood. Made me feel hopeless since I was hoping it would help. I took it over 10 years ago F 27 2 weeks
 2  treatment-resistant depression Odd visual trails when I was very tired and took this medication, or if I took it with any sort of sleep aid (prescription or OTC). I took this with two other medications to treat depression and anxiety, and when I stopped taking this one, I did not notice a significant change in mood or behavior. I think this is a good alternative for people who do not respond to SSRIs. However! GET YOUR LIVER FUNCTIONS TESTED OFTEN. My doctor did this thank GOD, because this drug has been connected to serious liver problems. Because of the potential liver problems, I decided to stop taking this medication. I was taking 400 mg, with 450mg of Wellbutrin and 2.5 mg of Zyprexa. I did not notice a change in mood when I stopped taking Serzone. The risk of liver damage was too scary for me when I wasn't 100% sure it was helping me. The tests they do for liver enzyme functions do seem to be very accurate and would surely indicate oddities before any very serious liver problem developed. Lots of lawsuits about this med, though, and I think it is not prescribed in most countries other than the U.S. F 29 2 years
 1  depression I took at bedtime because I was told it would make me drowsy. About 45 minutes after falling asleep, I woke up with hot flashes, chills, dizzynes, vomiting and a severe panic attack. I had to call the pharmacy to ask if I could take phenergan because I kept vomitting bile and at one point became hysterical. I was laughing and crying at the same time. Never been so terrified by reaction to a drug in my life. I've been on Wellbutrin for years and my doctor added this to help with mood swings. I will never take this drug again, ever! F 46 1 days
 5  recurrent psychotic depression Visual tracks at maximum dose.Somewhat slowed physical response time, for example I felt shaky driving when I first used it.This passed. Thirst and headache first few days.Mid night wakening, vivid dreams.Nausea first week of therapy. I use a sleeping pill to deal with sleep disturbances. This drug has proved to be excellent at abating my depressive feelings and though it takes some forbearance adjusting to side effects at first, it is worth the improved mood, lack of anxiety and lack of sexual side effects.Have also been on celexa, wellbutrin, effexor and felt best wtih serzone. F 50 4 years
 3  depression/ anxiety swollen legs and reduced iron in blood so that I couldn't donate blood. better sexual function than SSRIs, no major side effects. I would still be on it if it weren't for the edema (which made me feel more blue!) and the inability to donate blood. F 36 2 years
 1  severe anxiety with agraphobia headache dizzy high unreal i hope it gets better F 23 3 weeks
 1  depression messed up my vision messed up my vision for life.. side effect never went away after only one month one this garbage.. i'm suing the company M 27 1 months
 2   M 49 5 years
 5  Seasonal Affective Disorder Occasional finger tremors F 42 3 years
 1  depression dizzy, light-headed, muscle weakness, blurred vision, hallucinations, slurred speech Within minutes of my first dose, I was dizzy and light-headed (sort of like low blood sugar) and felt faint. I then had blurred vision and hallucinations (It looked like my feet were twice as far away as they are) My muscles were so weak I couldn't move - as if I was paralyzed. I was completely unable to move my legs. My speech was slurred. I was terrified! It wore off in about an hour. M 41 0.5 days
 5  Depression None noticeable. I had gone through most of the tricyclics and SSRIs and while they improved my depression, the side effects (dry mouth, sexual dysfunction) were troublesome. I've been taking serzone for six years now and have had no problems. I get liver tests annually and they've been stable. Unfortunately, the only way to find the M 50 6 years