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 3  ET Jak 2 Extreme fatigue more than before night sweats worse platelets hovering above 400 were up to mid 600's but I now have high MCV and MCH struggling with breathlessness. Pale skin cold hands feet F 55 5 months
500mg 1X D
 3  High platelets Back n sides hurt. Get out of breath just doing anything.legs hurt feel awful. I've been on hydrea 6 years now I'm paying for it. The pain n can't breathe is the worst. Prayers for everyone that has to take hydrea n has problems. F 72 6 years
500mg 2X D
 5  Essential Thrombocytosis None so far after 1 month F 75 3 days
500 mg 1X D
 4  High platelets Excessive sweating day n night n headache F 72 6 years
1000 mg a 2X D
 3  Sickle Cell Disease Fatigue in the afternoon, Nausea in the morning, low number of white blood cells, sometimes Diarrhea, loss of energy, brain fog Its the best drug for sickle cell disease so far, but i have a big problem with the side effects (weight loss, less energie). I wish there will be a better treatment soon. M 22 10 years
750 mg 1X D
 4  Essential thrombocythemia Fatigue and excessive sweating. When my dose is increased, my red blood count goes down. My mom had this for her last 18 years and did have to receive blood later in life. She never became discouraged and never knew that I had it. I too feel fortunate that hydrea is doing what it's supposed to do. Taking 1 in the morning and other, or others at night helps me with the fatigue problem. At this point, it's the best option for me. Without taking it my platelet count was going up 25 per month. When I went down to 1000 mg, my count went back up to 800. I went back to 1500 mg two days a week and 1000 five days per week. I'd say it's kind of a balancing act. Splitting the dosage has helped me. M 70 11 days
2 to 3 2X D
 3  Poly vera Stomach cramping constipated diarrhea itchy skin. Headaches F 71 6 years
500mg 2X D
 1  Essential thrombocytemia Been having day and night sweats severe Now developing headaches Dr. told me to take low dose aspirin and that made me bleed more when I cut my self by mistake. Been to 2 oncologists Will probably stop taking it. Cant take sweats and fatigue anymore. Afraid of leukemia and life expectancy on drug. Going to dr next week. There has to be another way. Hope this helps someone else. Was taking 2 500 mg a day. Cut to one ever other day still not gettong relief Platelets are 620 last bloid test. Do these drs know what they are doing. F 72 11 years
500 mg 1X D
 5  Pv None It's a chemo drug but it's better than having stroke or blood clots . My dad always said someone greater than us determines when you die .so enjoy every day you are living M 61 6 months
500 mg
 3  Thrombocytosis Mouth sores occasionally, hair loss, face rash with scaly patches F 76 30 years
 4  ET Tired,loss of energy in afternoon. Lower leg pain. Had to stop for 3 months got ulcers on my ankle bones, very painfull. Loss of hair , dizzy spells. Short term memory affected and foggy brain. Tried Anagrelide got huge headaches. Was offered Interferon but my brother was extremely sick from it so I refused. M 66 12 years
 3  Anemia sickle cell Skin and joint pain,lower platelets,extreme fatigue, brain fog, F 26 1 days
 4  Polycythemia Vera HAIR LOSS & low iron levels Always had beautiful, thick hair....... lots of hair loss....however, grateful that this med keeps the number of Phlebotomies minimal F 69 8 years
500mg day
 3  Essential thrombocythemia Been taking this medication for about 30 days platelet count went down but have bouts of extreme fatigue and sore bones and leg muscles both of my lower leg and top leg trying to lower my dosage from one a day to 5 a week but I have to find out when and what days I take it F 76 0 weeks
 4  For ET Sweating, fuzzy thinking, fatigue F 72 6 weeks
500 mg /d
 3  Polycoythmia rubra vera Itching,fatigue, night sweats,contipation and sometime diarrhea... 67 30 days
 4  PV Fatigue, joint pain. F 68 5 months
50 MG
 4  High platelets None I donít think maybe with working itís been ok just scared Itís been 4 years on dryers Iím scared F 71 0 days
1000one da
 4  Essential Thrombocythemia 10 years. Fatigue, extreme at times. Hard for husband to understand why I feel so tired all the time. I do exercise and try to keep up daily routines and family commitments. The tiredness is not so much a sleepy tired but a bone-weary feeling of exhaustion. Doing the smallest tasks make me feel so tired. Hydea ia the best choice I guess for my treatment. I tolerate it well except for the extreme fatigue. Not sure how much the disease itself plays into this as well as the Hydrea. F 73 9.5 years
1000mg 1X D
 4  Essential thrombocytosis Extreme fatigue, bone and joint pain, foggy brain, lightheadedness. None. M 39 20 years
3 x 500 mg 1X D

HYDREA  (HYDROXYUREA):  This medication is used by people with sickle cell anemia to reduce the number of painful crises caused by the disease and to reduce the need for blood transfusions. Some brands are also used to treat certain types of cancer (such as chronic myelogenous leukemia, squamous cell carcinomas).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)