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 2  Shingles outbreak Horrible headache , agitation, unable to sleep even though exhausted , severe eye pain I'll deal with the shingles before I take anymore of this stuff . F 66 7 days
800 5X D
 3  Shingles Took the first 2 doses of the day,was just fine. Felt better even. Took another dose before bed thinking I'd be fine like the other two. Wrong. Laying here in bed exhausted with a racing heart and shaking,the worst head and neck aches. Insomnia. My anxiety is through the roof. Not sure if I can even handle day 2 of this,considering I've only taken 3 doses today. F 27 7 days
800mg 5X D
 2  Herpes 1 outbreak Exhausted, can't stay awake to function, diarrhea morning after first day, weak, fuzzy, spacey, a little short of breath. I took Zovirax a very long time ago for shingles and had none if these symptoms. Perhaps the generics? Or aging? Or both? Haven't had this kind of bad outbreak in a very long time. Stopping this med after 4 doses (1 day + pill this AM) and going to get usual Chinese herbal medicine that works so well with no negative effects. F 54 1 days
400mg 3X D
 4  Herpes of the cornea of my eye I took acyclovir 400 mg 4times a day for herpes in cornea of my eye . I had anxiety, loss of appetite , unrealistic fear of death and thoughts of being struck with all kinds of horrible diseases, until my dose was reduced to one time a day , but then I started having horrible neck pain that radiated down my back and shoulders. 49 6 weeks
400 mg 1X D
 1  Hsv2 Exhaustion, horrendous anxiety, headache, lack of appetite, muscle pain, vomiting, nausea. Spaced out feeling Nasty stuff. I took the last tablet on Thursday and uts now Sunday amd still not great. F 52 2 days
400mg 3X D
 1  mild shingles on back INTENSE headache especially back of neck and temples;nausea; poor balance; confusion; too painful to even lie down. After ONE pill these symptoms began. Now, 24 hours later, worse than ever. I wouldn't give this drug to my worst enemy!!!! I said I took for one day...whar I really mean is I took ONE pill. F 70 1 days
800 mg 5X D
 1  hsv-2 brain fog,migraine, sore behind neck,out of breath, super tired, sore glands on inner thighs,and lifeless. I take this pill once every month before my period at the first sign of a hsv2 outbreak and I only take one pill but I can't handle it anymore. I have done this for years. Don't take this pill its bad news. I don't take any meds for anything ever except I would take one of these at the first sign of an outbreak. The perscription says take 3 a day for 2 days at first sign but I just take one for one day. It does the job and stops an outbreak but it tortures me that day all day. Not worth the torture and if you google it long term use ruins your kidneys !!!! Not worth that. F 33 1 days
800mg 1X D
 1  HSV2 I have been suffering the last 2 month and coming on here and reading these reviews, I finally know why. Started suppression therapy about 2 months ago for herpes. Since then, I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety with no prior issues with either. Spaced out feeling like many have mentioned, heart palpitations, tiredness, irritated and extremely emotional. Also, have shortness of breath occasionally and elevated heart rate. One night, I had a full blown panic attack and woken out of a dead sleep! I was told that this medication doesnt cause any of this but I don't buy the sudden onset of all these symptoms when I was perfectly fine before! My dr tried to prescribe me antidepressants and anxiety meds but I said no. I stopped taking this medication 5 days ago and already feel better. Stay far away from this medication! F 31 2 months
400mg 2X D
 5  Shingles Body aches are greatly reduced. Joints or muscles unclear what it was but i feel so much better after just 1 day. My rash is going away and i hope it continues. What a relief.can shingles really make you feel so bad? now i wonder if the sores i had on my head about 4 months ago were shingles too. Paid cash at fred myer with a store discount it was only 20 dollars. No insurance. F 48 2 days
400 4X D
 5  HERPES TREATMENT it has no side effect F 54
1X D
 2  Chemo/ stem cell transplant About 20 minutes after taking I started feeling bad, having nausea and muscle aches. It happens every time I take it. Also have to lie down for a while. Supposed to take it until a year after transplant. Seriously considering to quit taking. I can't go on with it making me feel this way. F 50 4 days
400 2X D
 5  Herp Slight headache and bloating I've been taking this product for probably 20 years and reading all your side effects is pretty amazing. I normally take 800 mg, sometimes two at a time but I've never had any side effects and this has saved my life. I mean really think about it all you need to do is lessen your dose a day and you might do a little better! F 52 3 days
400mg 2X D
 4  Shingles Joint pain like no other! In lower back & hips, even worse in bed at night. Stuck with it, as worked for shingles, and thought maybe I'd twisted funny, however pain stopped immediately as soon as acyclovir finished. x4 mild nosebleeds. It worked so I'd recommend. 800mg Tablets are huge & hard to swallow. F 47 7 days
800mg 5X D
 5  Chicken pox I had a terrible headache for the 3-4 days during my illness but I cannot 100% be sure is it because of this medication or because of the high fever and not getting out of bed for 3 days! My 8 year old son got sick with chicken pox and got prescribed Acyclovir for 5 days!He was taking a dose of 800 mg 4 times a day and had no side effects.2 weeks later I came down with chicken pox as well!I started taking this medication as soon as I got fever and it helped me to get a very mild case.My pox rash was like tiny pimples and there were less than 50 on entire body,I got no complications which are more common for adults my age. F 42 5 days
800 5X D
 2  Genital herpes recurrent Really bad vertigo, then vomiting for 2 hours. Normally I only took 2 per day, but this time I took 5 in one day, after reading about doing that on the first day of outbreak. The next morning I was so sick with a spinning room and severe vomiting, that my hubby took me to A & E. I can't think what else would have caused that. F 58 1 days
5X D
 1  EBV SYNDROME After a week and a half.. servere stomach pain.. Loose stools. Felt like I'm dying.. 3 days and still not better. I will never take this poison again. I took it 2 weeks. Big mistake..I hope this is not permanent. BAD MED M 72 12 days
400mg 2X D
 3  genital herpes nausea on the 2nd day, now 3rd morning and being sick. Also had stomach cramps. I wont be taking anymore F 37 5 days
400 5X D
 5  Cold sores No side effects. I have been on this medication for almost 2 years and side effects have never crossed my mind! I have had no issues what so ever. Maybe the cause of headaches time to time but no evidence. F 19 1 years
400 MG 2X D
 1   Nausea, joint pain, general discomfort, weakness, terrible anxiety, mood swings and fatigue. My nurse told me this has no side effects expect mild nausea, I thought I was going insane when I started feeling all this but now I realise I'm not alone! F 17 0 days
400 3X D
 1  Herpes genital bad anxiety extreme depression joint pain suicide thoughts Please if you feel this symptoms discontinue immediately and let doctor know 46 0 weeks
800 5X D

ACYCLOVIR  (ACYCLOVIR):  This medication is used to treat "cold sores/fever blisters" (herpes labialis). It can speed up healing of the sores and decrease symptoms (such as tingling, pain, burning, itching). Acyclovir belongs to a class of medications known as antivirals. It works by stopping the growth of the virus. This medication does not cure herpes, and it does not prevent passing the infection to someone else. It does not prevent a future occurrence.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)