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 1  Insomnia Nightmares. Loss of appetite. Permanent grogginess. Can't stay asleep, so I keep waking up. The entire day I stay extremely sleepy. Can't function. Nightmares at night. This med after 2 days has ruined my appetite. Can't eat. Do not recommend this. M 50 3 days
26mg 1X D
 4  Lack of sleep Tiredness Makes me not to pee slowly M 59 0 months
50mg 6X AN
 4  Insomnia Constipation, constipation, constipation...grogginess, difficulty walking up, stopped working after several months. At first 100mg knocked me out and I slept through the night. After years of insomnia this was an absolute blessing. I went up to 150mg when it stopped working so well. That worked for a while, but recently not so much and I can't go any higher. It's sedating and numbing, but for me it's worth it if I can sleep. I've been on it for over a year and have not gained any weight like some others. Unfortunately it can't just be stopped cold turkey without withdrawal and severe insomnia (like 0 hours sleep). This seems a med people love or hate. We're all different and doctors can't predict how we'll respond. I'm glad this gave me some months of regular sleep...something I spent thousands of hours praying for while lying awake all night. M 37 1 years
150 mg 1X D
 3  Anxiety and insomnia Extremely dry mouth have trouble falling asleep due to the dry mouth. Very vivid dreams. Groggy and tired all day long get extra tired after eating a meal as if I have trouble holding my head up. Still having some anxiety during the daytime I will get really really hot to the point of almost passing out it feels like. I am sleeping but takes me a good while due to the dry mouth almost seems like I feel like I have more energy once I take this pill but hours later it is easier to fall asleep. F 58 18 days
50 mg 1X D
 1  depression This drug has made me feel like I am dying. I had taken dothepin for a long time but this is different. I have gained 15 pounds in weight in the last two weeks, when dosgae was increased from 25 mg to mg. No energy. Can't eat. I feel like Giving up. So the NHS said nobody could have prothiaden anymore and I was given this drug as a substitute. At 25 mg I was OK if you consider bizarre nightmares and daytime hallucinations as OK. When I was raised to 50 mg I gained wieght extremely rapidly. I cannot eat. I think I am eating only about 1500 calories in a day. I am not hungry. I feel tired all the time, both physically and emotionally. I feel like I might be dying. I don't want to but I don't want to live like this. My doctor has agreed to let me have my old medication back and I am waiting for the prescription in the mail. I feel like I might not last long enough to be rescued. This is a very bad drug. Please don't take it. M 60 90 days
50mg 1X D
 3  Insomnia and anxiety I am feeling super high body temperature like I am buring up on fire. I take my temperature but no fever shows up. Maybe my thermometer is broken. Since i am in NY i dont know if i am sick with corona virus or experiencing bad side effects. My sleep is better and i am calmer. I am not sure why i am on an old med like Doxepin. I worry about weight gain. I am sleeping but just feel like crap. I dont know what to do F 49 3 days
 4  Severe Chronic Idiopathic Uticaria Lethargic, Dizzy, confusion, weight gain, brief suicidal ideation. After letting some time to let it gt into my system, my hives are mostly gone, my mood is great, still occasionally conf and sleepy at times but I have noticed that I sleep better and feel more refreshed. Therefore, I am able to do more around my home. The hives, and my other chronic illnesses kept me from doing most of the things I want to do. Doxepin seems to be helping my nerve pain. This isn't a miracle drug. There is no such thing. There are going to be side effects. All I can say is that the pain I was having due to the Uticaria makes it worth a few side effects. . It's also MUCH less expensive than the next step I have to try to keep this disease under control. F 43 2 months
300mg @HS
 2  Insomnia Weight Gain (quickly), Tight muscles, Joint aches, headache, Sluggishness the next day Doxepin did make me sleepy but it is a crap drug. sluggish the next day and rapid weight gain. Still felt tired. Was taking it in conjunction with 3mg Lunesta. I told my doctor I want off and just to take 4.5mg of Lunesta. M 56 3 weeks
20 MG 1X D
 5  depression and anxiety weight gain which I needed but my breasts hurt and are huge now not sure after reading all these comments, but I have been on every anti depressant out there and this one seems like side effects very little F 47 2 years
50 1X D
 1  Insomnia Doc suggested low dose would help me fall asleep and wouldn't cause over eating. Not true. The next day I couldn't stop putting food in my mouth! This drug somewhat helped me sleep, but the grogginess in the morning and then the nonstop eating are not worth it. I am trying other sleep meds. F 55 1 days
3mg 1X D
 2  depression feeling groggy did nothing for my depression, did help w/ insomnia though. ..don't think doctors here in uk use this medication much nowadays- guess they prefer to use ssri-type meds.. or snri. i don't rate it very high for it's stated purpose. M 48 2 years
100 1X D
 5  P.T.S.D. +Depressive anxiety Borderline scizoeffective DISORDER caused by P.T.S.D. + DEPRESSIVE ANXIETY I/E brought on by abuses as a child. Doxepin has helped . Started at 100 mg . Now only 50 mg . I have gotten the full benifits of this drug . I've learned how to control what is happening in the dreams I do have . It used to be nightmares, until Doxepin cleared the fog of war. I don't find myself hidding in closets , or under stuff any more . Today , even when I miss a dose , there is no anxiety. No fear of freak outs. The junk that use to worry me , has been dealt with. I had to do the actual work, and studying myself . No pill can take the place of learning to overcome ones own attitudes, and fears ,doubts and short comings. Humility and honest integrity are key . If a person can be driven to insanity, they can also learn to walk back to true sanity. If they are willing to do the daily work. Don't be lazy! Get off the pittyme pot. Live , and take my challenge to LOVE, and Love again . Brother David Lindon Harris MOBILE Alabama U.S.A. 36605 M 51 15 years
50 mg
 5  Insomnia Dry mouth. Morning drowsiness. Doxepin helps with maintaining my sleep without early morning awakenings. Also, its anticholinergic effect helps my irritable colon. A couple of cups of coffee cures the morning drowsiness. M 69 5 years
50 MG 1X D
 1  Insomnia Groggy all of the following day, carb cravings, blurred vision. I've taken ambien for 13 years, followed by Trazadone for 8 years, Pamelor for 6 months, and I can easily tell after 1 dose that this is a dangerous drug. I won't take it again. M 54 1 days
 5  Depression and sleeplessness Wondering if my sweet cravings are attributed to taking this medication F 53 28 years
50 mg
 1  For Sleep In 1 year I have gained 46 pounds and I still only get 4 hours sleep at night, really worried Really VERY worried M 57 1 days
150 mg at
 1  Insomnia Very fidgety shakes Extremely dry Mouth Extremely tired the next day after taking could hardly walk definitely could not drive very bad shakes very anxious!! Plus combined with my other med's I had to take a bedtime very dangerous for people with high blood pressure!! I will never take again this is a very bad drug I would not care if I never get to sleep I hate this drug it needs to be off the market!!! F 42 10 days
 1  Bipolar anxiety insomnia I took one 50mg capsule and 3 days later I'm still not awake and not alert. And I will never take it again I'd rather have bipolar episodes than to take this crap. F 43 1 days
 4  Insomnia I see everyone else had a bad experience with doxepin, but I didn't. I started taking it 4 years ago and it helped me sleep better. I notice it does give me an appetite and I did put on some weight, but the first year I was taking it, I was dieting and working out a lot so I lost weight. I have since put on 20 lbs that I want to lose. I am looking at ways to taper this drug because I don't feel I need it anymore. I tried just stopping it, but I started getting the not feeling good symptoms so I started taking it again. F 49 4 years
 5  anxiety, depression, to sleep Sleeping long hours at first and unable to concentrate on 25mg. dose. The effects became very tolerable after a month or so, years ago now. Weight gain subsided after a few months. Lilly made this as sinequan years ago and it was very potent but Mylan has been making it here in US and is reasonably priced. Great for hives. Silenor is a new version but it is expensive. M 67 30 years
150 mg 1X D