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 1  eye infection Felt very hot and anxious. On 7th day, could not stand or walk; felt very faint. Hypertensive crisis with very high heart rate and bp (260/160) Will never take again! Ended up in ER M 65 7 days
500 mg 3X D
 1  Post op Constipation during and wicked vertigo or dizziness immediately after .... What the duck is happening to me? Husband had it after dental surgery same dose and all but he's 179lbs and I'm 114lbs.... He was fine I feel like I'm floating sideways as I type this... I'm laying down... After a nap... Fully not impressed. Who the hell approved this shite ??? F 35 7 days
500mg 4/da 1X D
 1  UTI This med has been debilitating! Migraine, major muscle and body aches, feel totally ill, feverish, hot cold spells, but worst was the major spike in anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, crying, emotional darkness. I stopped and will never touch again. This should not be prescribed! Do not take this drug! The side effects are not worth it. Ask for alternatives! F 52 4 days
750 2X D
 1  UTI Severe depression Depression, anxiety, insomnia. Muscle pain all over and general feeling of being sick. Never again!!! This is a horrible antibiotic. F 79 7 days
500 mg 1X D
 1  UTI Started feeling a tingling sensation on my upper left arm on day 3 of taking the med. Tingling sensation spread to other arm and outer legs too. Very weird. Now, 3 weeks after taking my last dose (I stopped after taking 13 of 21 pills), the tingling sensations continue off and on. They way more noticeable when I'm not active, e.g., sleeping, sitting, etc. Very concerned that it somehow did permanent damage :( I see lots of mention of similar symptoms. I haven't experienced any pain or weakness in my arms and legs, but I've definitely experienced the "pins & needles" needles feeling. I also have a very slight feeling of numbness on the tips of my right thumbs and right toe. And also my lower/outer legs feel warm from time to time. Again, very weird. M 54 5 days
500 3X D
 4  Uti I had tingling and numbness in my left arm. Plus my hand felt numb at times It did take away the utility infection F 70 5 days
500 2X D
 1  UTI I'm freaking out that I've finished the course but the joint pain and muscle pain is even worse. Glute, hip and back pain! Pain pills can't touch it. Depressive. Sense of doom. Urinating heaps at night. Can't sleep. When do you start to feel better??? Yes bacterial infection gone but I feel like I got arthritis and major fibro F 39 1 weeks
3X D
 1  Preventative measure after back surgery Had my rls under control until I took this medication, It feels like something is crawling in your muscles. Can sleep because you need to move your arms and legs for relief. I experienced anxiety/ depression, stomache pain. Extreme tiredness. Sore muscles all over and dry sore eyes.Frequent urination from being so thirsty I'm going to ask my doc for a different medication never felt this my problems from an antibiotic F 43 2 days
500 mg 4X D
 3  Kidney infection/uti I did experience an increase in anxiety, I felt fearful with a sense of doom, kept crying for almost no reason, felt very depressed. A little double vision, just the feeling of being kind of crazy. Nausea and no appetite. None of the psychiatric symptoms are listed as possible but these started when I started the drug and are out of character for me. I feel like they should be listed as a possible side effect. On a 10 day cycle and going to try to stick it out due to severe kidney infection developed from resistance to cipro F 27 3 days
500 4X D
 1  UTI Psychosis. Severe anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, unable to stop crying, severe insomnia, have not slept in 72 hours, skin crawling F 37 3 days
3X D
 5  Skin infection/ infected spider bit Mood swings, frustration, achey, stomach discomfort, the shits, almost peeing myself, frequently urinating, penis grew 9 inches M 43 5 days
500mg 4X D
 1  Throat infection Extreme anxiety, impending doom, brain zaps when falling asleep, literally can not fall asleep. Shakes, chills, nausea, vomiting, confusion, brain fog, lethargy, upset stomach, GERD, sweats. Have taken before multiple times, it has always put me on my ass, but this time It has been the worst thing ever. Never again! 39 7 days
250 1X D
 1  Uti I've taken it before but I can't sleep at all. I'm fine off one pill but when I take the second one I get chills and sweats. I can't handle this and I feel worse. Doc wants me on new meds but I don't want to keep taking other pills and get another reaction off this F 19 9 days
500 3X D
 1  Eczema Almost every single one listed!! Plus, as an added bonus, I felt completely Doomed and emotions were all over the place from Mad, Sad, Crying, Rage & everything in between! Never, Ever, Ever AGAIN!!!!!!! F 6 days
500 2X D
 1  D&I infection prevention Sense of impending doom, panic attacks, nausea and vomiting, fear, feeling alone even with others, extreme anxiety and depression, insomnia despite increasing fatigue, crying spells, inability to complete daily tasks due to mental fog and feeling unlike myself, feeling like I cannot breathe and panicking over it even though I know it is the medicine (especially at night), irrational anger at times, feeling weird and generally unwell I have PTSD, BPD, and BP2 and have experienced suicidal depression with impending doom from it when I was younger. I had not felt it in almost a decade until now. This medication made me feel that way again and it feels like a hell I cannot escape as long as I take the medicine. I finally called the doc today (I am 6 days in of a 10 day prescription) and they said it should be enough to stop. Threw it away immediately. I was crying uncontrollably trying to explain to my fiance that I felt like I might have to go to a psychiatric hospital randomly and suddenly a few days ago, and I felt a lot of distress about not knowing why until I came to this website. It is still hell, but at least I know why and hopefully now that I am off it stops. IF YOU HAVE ANY HISTORY OF PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEMS PLEASE PLEASE AVOID THIS MEDICATION AT ALL COSTS, and even if you do not I would still avoid it. Genuinely believe it should come with a black box warning. F 25 6 days
500 4X D
 2  Prevent infection after surgery Extreme fatigue that has lasted days after finishing course. Headache on day 6-10. Extreme bloat and stomach cramps on day 9-10, and hasn't subsided several days after finishing full course. Debilitating stomach pain won't stop, even after finishing. I never have side effects from antibiotics. These ruined my gut! F 45 10 days
2X D
 1  Minor surgical procedure Severe nausea, severe dizziness, severe headaches(consistently), horrible weakness, metallic taste in my mouth, decreased appetite, chills, blurry vision, irritability, confusion, increased heart rate, slight diarrhea for the first 2days, crying spells, sadness, feeling of gloom, upset stomach, warm stomach, slight vaginal itching, feeling hopeless and alone, fear. I didn't complete the 7 days. I stopped at the end of day 6. I couldnt take it anymore. I am on the 5th day since I last took that medication and I am feeling worst with all the above symptoms. It's just not going away. I felt like taking a knife and running it through my stomach. I feel like my life is slipping away. I can't get out of bed. When I stand up, I have to lie back down. I am tired, make it go away. I am taking probiotics, prebiotics, etc etc but it's not working. I hope the bacteria in the probiotic tablets were alive and not dead. I will never ever take another antibiotic, at least not keflex or any in its class. The FDA needs to recall that drug and the smell of the tablets makes it worst. I stopped taking them and I can still smell them. My urine smells like chemicals. I HATE KEFLEX F 37 6 days
500mg 4X D
 4  Sinus infection/Sinusitis Anxiety-mild to severe, depression, edginess, irritability, anger, muscle pain (lower back, legs, neck especially), fatigue, brain fog, generally feeling just unwell, diarrhea, upset stomach, bloating, crying, panic attacks, muscle aches, headache that lingers daily, muscle tension (especially neck and lower back), low appetite, nervousness, dry mouth, high blood pressure, dizziness, confusion. Most above side effects really hit you 5-7 days in for those it doesn't nearly immediately effect. I felt fine the first 3-4 days but day 5 was terrible and horrible. I was not feeling like myself. Keflex never gave these issues to me or my family whom also takes it for sinus infections since ours are bacterial. I was feeling like I lost my mind until I began reading reviews on here. Keflex did its job but the side effects are just horrendous. Taking some probiotics with this antibiotic and especially after finishing it will help many side effects. Most are caused by the disruption of the "flora" in your gut, which is essentially where most processes happen in our bodies. I have noticed there must be a formulation change in this drug, since prior to a few months ago, I never had any bad side effects like I have. Opening the bottle, the pills just smell very chemically (they always have smelled, but more sulfur like than chemicals). A few others on here have noted they used to not be bothers by Keflex either. I've never experienced all these symptoms in one antibiotic before. If you can be prescribed a different one, I would suggest it. M 24 6 days
500MG 4X D
 3  UTI post op INSOMNIA. Severe anxiety. I cannot get comfortable, I get hot flashes then get cold super fast. I feel like I am drowning like I cannot catch my breath because of mini panic attacks. The anxiety at night is the worst. F 23 10 days
500 4X D
 1  UTI Fatigue, anxiety, depression, overall sick feeling! F 67 2 days
500 mg 3X D

KEFLEX  (CEPHALEXIN):  This medication is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. This medication is known as a cephalosporin antibiotic. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria. This medication will not work for viral infections (such as common cold, flu). Unnecessary use or misuse of any antibiotic can lead to its decreased effectiveness.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)