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 5  Insomnia I love lunesta. It slowly puts you to sleep like your normal sleep cycle would. Who cares if it tastes bad. If you are a true chronic insomnia you will take anything to help you sleep. Wonderful sage drug. Non addictive. M 55 100 days
3mg 1X D
 5  Rls It has been the only medication that has helped my legs for our RLS and for leg cramps that I get severely... I think it's the best thing on the market for restless leg syndrome and leg pain, I get a full night's rest when I take it M 40 1 years
3mg x2 1X D
 3  Insomnia Horrible taste in month does not go away. It does allow me to get a good night's sleep, but I sometimes feel really groggy and tired the next day. Some other bad side effects I have experienced are constripation, jaw pain and constant need to burp. These are documented side effects. Started on Lunesta due to insomnia linked to depression. I can't wait to get off of it because of the nasty side effects it has on me. F 69 3 weeks
3 mg 1X D
 3  Insomnia It doesn't help me fall asleep that I have noticed. It takes about 2 hours to actually feel sleepy. Also I still get up at night sometimes twice. The next day I'm okay but feel blah. It is the only thing that works somewhat for me. Melatonin was the worst and Ambien was the second worst in that I felt awake while I was sleeping. But I wish I felt refreshed after sleep which I don't for the most part. F 54 2 years
3 mg 1X D
 1  Insomnia I feel very tearful snd anxious in the morning after being awake for about 2 hours. Then I start to feel rage and anger. F 46 30 days
3mg 1X D
 4  Insomnia Dang!! The only side effect I got was that water and milk started tasting nasty! I love water, so...bye bye Lunesta!! Cant handle that bad taste! Lunesta did work well for sleep, id recommend it. F 54 30 days
3MG 1X D
 5  Insomnia Tastes super gross but sleeping well makes it worth it! Can't they coat that thing so it's not so barf-worthy?! F 36 1 years
3mg 1X D
 5  Imsomnia Just an unpleasant taste Best sleep. I've ever had. Can't imagine life without it. F 51 10 months
3 mg 1X D
 1  Insomnia After taking this medication for a while I became extremely depressed - thought and visualized ways to commit suicide- depression was so deep caused physical pain. Dangerous drug M 48 1 years
3 1X D
 4  Insomnia Lunesta definitely helps me fall asleep. But that horrific taste...I'm not sure I can deal with it. F 49 1 weeks
3mg 1X D
 5  Insomnia The only side effect I got was a bitter, metallic taste that changed the taste of EVERYTHING I ate! Water didn't taste right! I can't handle the taste so I quit taking it! Good riddance đź‘Ź F 51 4 days
30 mgs 1X D
 4  Insomnia The taste is horrible! I have to sleep sitting up in a recliner. The stomach acid from the pill comes back up and I inhale it because I'm sleeping so well. It works great to keep me asleep, but I had to stop taking it. CHANGE THE TASTE! F 57 30 days
2mg 1X D
 5  Insomnia Never split in half or bitter taste won't leave. Helps me sleep most of the time. I usually bleu needed it right before my period but recently need it more because I stopped taking Prozac. Ambien stopped working for me after a year or so but Lunesta’s efficacy has lasted over a decade. F 51 60 days
 4  Insomia It works. There's a prolonged bitter taste, which can be managed quite easily for me by taking the pill with a large glass of orange juice. It does not matter if the pill never touched your tongue, it gets in your bloodstream and affects your taste buds. Also, the effects can persist into the next morning to noon. Cheese, butter, and bread or non-chocolate ice cream are my breakfasts now, which replaced cereal or oats which can be way too bitter. I do feel a littler sleepier the afternoon the next day, which didn't happen on ambien. Also, the bitter taste for me was barely noticeable at 1.5mg or 2 mg rather than 3mg. It's effective and very similar to ambien, except for lunesta lets me go back to sleep if I wake up early (sometimes). I recommend it. M 28 14 days
3mg 1X D
 4  Yes Metal. Taste horrible can't get it out I love the medicine F 52 100 days
5mg 1X D
 5  Cant stay asleep at night Helps me stay asleep at night. However like everyone else you wake up with a horrible metallic taste in your mouth. Salty crackers seem to help in the morning. I dont have the memory loss I had with ambien and I'm not as drowsy in the morning. F 53 6 months
3mg 1X D
 4  Insomnia Nasty after taste.. even after swallowing the pill with a glass of water. Taste like metal. Even if the pill doesn’t start to dissolve in your mouth it still gives you a nasty taste Other than the after taste for me it is a good medicine. M 34 30 days
 2  Insomnia Awful taste and severe dry mouth this medicine really helped me go and stay asleep but the severity after taste and dry cotton mouth was to much for me. F 38 30 days
30 1X D
 3  Insomnia The metal taste is TERRIBLE F 26 11 days
3 mg 1X D
 4  Insomnia/anxiety Puts me to sleep if I take it and go right to bed. It's like it has a 45 minute window, if you miss that window, you're not sleeping lol. And WOW the aftertaste that lasts for days, literally had my water tasting like poison. But I figured out a way that has completely eliminated the aftertaste 100%... I take a whole orange and shove one of those tiny blue pills in the orange slice and not chew it, just swallow while then finish your orange and drink some type of flavored tea. Arizona half and half works best for me. Now I can take this medication and actually sleep and eat again. Trust me if you stay on this medication without masking it's aftertaste, you'll lose weight quickly lol. Once I figured out how to Completely Get rid of the long lasting aftertaste, it's now a life saving drug. But it is a pain in the a$$ to make sure I'm always stocked up on oranges or tea or I'm not sleeping that night lol. Also take it and go right to bed don't wait. It actually keeps me up if I don't go right to bed on it. M 32 3 months
3MG 1X O

LUNESTA  (ESZOPICLONE):  This medication is used to treat a certain sleep problem (insomnia). It may help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and lessen how often you wake up during the night, so you can get a better night's rest. Eszopiclone belongs to a class of drugs called sedative-hypnotics. It acts on your brain to produce a calming effect. Use of this medication is usually limited to short treatment periods of 1 to 2 weeks or less. If your insomnia continues for a longer time, talk to your doctor to see if you need other treatment.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)