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 5  Constipation caused by other meds Works on your gut, so the hypochondriacs complaining of headaches, that is 100% psychosomatic. As long as you do not eat more than the recommended fat, there are no side effects. If you do exceed the daily fat allowance, you may have oily stools and/or discharge. Even when it happened, I had no issues getting to the toilet in time. Perhaps if you eat a massive amount of fat or have poor control of your bowels, it may be an issue. I was prescribed this drug for constipation. I was moderately overweight (5 foot 8 inches tall and 160lbs) when starting this drug and lost 15lbs. which was a nice bonus. As it is a WEIGHT LOSS drug, I find it funny that fat people are whining about the side effects when they do not follow the diet. No wonder these people cannot lose weight, they clearly blame extraneous factors for their own failures. F 40 100 days
1 pill 2X D
 1  Bmi reduction I usually experience usual side effects but with the last 2 batchs no side effects and weight gain also constipation had to take senna and still no oily stools? F 41 10 days
 2  Weight loss Really confused. No oily stuff or runny stuff. 1 time it was all water & now cramps and disgusting smelling wind. Unsure if there working I don't eat really fatty stuff but did test it with a bag of pumpkin seeds & no oil or orange. Is this working? Please email me F 26 4 days
 4  To Lose 5 stone due to Fibromyalgia At first, felt drained and nauseous with a few headaches.I have Ibs that usually comes with severe cramps and constipation but these have seemed to settle down and I was starting going to the toilet once a day by the secobd week (which is amazing for me). I felt like it wasn't working so I tested it and yes, did go to the toilet more (up to three times 3 maximum in a day) but never had a 'oops' moment, or the infamous oily discharge, no extreme urgency either. I don't tend to eat much fat on a daily basis though. I usually have a fruit/vegetable smoothie for breakfast with grapefruit, homemade vegetable soup for lunch and a dinner consisting of atleast 70% vegetables and no red meat. I've taken out Binge/ overeating CBT books from the library to help cut down evening snacking on buscuits and such. I also exercise quit a bit, but struggle because I have Fi romyalgia that causes wide spread chronic pain. I try to do things such as, cycle to work, gym once a wee, home workouts and jogging when I can but I don't think it's helped much in terms of weight loss, it does keep me motivated to not eat crap after exercising though. I started at 14st11 and have gone down and up a lot but am now at 14st6 so results are appearing slowly. Hopefully it continues as i'm aiming to get to a goal weight of 10stone. I've been worrying a lot about tge whole 'must lose 5% in 1 month', which I thought harsh, when I realised just today it's actually 3 months! I would advise not to eat not to eat more than 15grams of fat in a meal otherwise you'll eventually get loose stools in the toilet. Have seen the fat in the toilet once after a binge of 1 box of malteasers, 2 creme eggs, a small bag of miniature creme eggs and healthy jacket potato and tuna dinner. Feel free to conact me for more information/questions :) F 24 2 weeks
360mg P/D
 5  Weight loss I started these a week ago and have already lost 6ib, however xmas dsy was a nightmare due to me over eating I spent nearly the whole day on the loo. I'm sure my in laws thought I was making myself sick lol. Overall I'm doing well so spending the day on the loo was worth it. These will make you poo a lot if you over eat. I've not pooed myself always managed to make it to the loo in time. F 50 7 days
X3 a day
 2  To loss weight faster Farted and pooped with golden-orange oily substance. I cant control my farts anymore because the orange like substance just comes out of my anus without any signal. The fcking oily substance stains my underwear. I dont usually make it to the restroom it just comes out. The golden-orange substance smells so fishy it stinks. F 20 2 weeks
 1  To loss weight Diahrrea when earting fatty food F 29 9 days
 5  Obesity I started taking Xenical in November, 2014 with the goal of losing 40 pounds. I have lost 35 to date. I have had the usual effects of loose and frequent stools and elimination of oil usually about 48 hours after a high fat meal. Side effects are body doesn't efficiently absorb fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K I have had no diarrhea or other discomfort with this medication. I take extra fibre every day (eg. sprinkle some on my cereal in morning) and before bed I take a multi vitamin and extra vitamin D to give my body the vitamins it may not be absorbing during the couple of hours the drug is effective. F 70
120 2X D
 3   I have hypothyroid and afther my delivery my weight is 80kg form 1month .i am taking zerofat tablet F 25 2 days
 5  Fat blocker If you cook/make your own food, very little oil in pooh. But if you eat process food - lots of oil. Thai, Indian, Chinese also lots of oil !! It is amazing how much oil is in some foods. Butter on toast - no oil ? I only take one at dinner for a fat blocker. Also when I go out to restaurants. Also on holiday I take 3 a day. basically any time I eat out. I think these are the best pills to keep your weight down. M 46 2 years
1 1X D
 5  obesity terrible gas leading to divorce, pooping myself at the mall, oil in poop, 7 bowel movements per day, running to bathroom, staining of underwear, weight loss I have to wear diapers now. My spouse filed for divorce. More laundry with pre-treatment. I shit myself in the car at a drive through. My toilet is stained too. Can't quite make it to the toilet in time. F 35 1 years
120 mg 3X D
 5  Kick start weight loss So far I've just suffered from wind. Only One episode of loose oily stools after having alcohol. Sticking to foods with around 3-8 grams of fat peer 100g of product. Weight loss in week one 5lbs. So far, so good. F 31 1 weeks
 5  Obesity skin rush, oily discharge I've been taking Xenical last year and it WORKED perfect. Now I started again 3 times per day 120 mg since 1 month I loosed 11 kg. No diet No Sport and it still WORKS . F 36 1 months
120 mg 3X D
 5  Obesity One incident of dark orange oil in my stool but that was because I had 2 slices of pizza that had 12g of fat EACH. So far this has been really good for me. I haven't actually weighed myself yet but I certainly feel smaller. A lot of people on here are saying that they're experiencing really bad side effects, but then they say they're eating about 12g of fat with every meal. It's no surprise if you're eating that much! The most I'll have in one meal is 7g. The pills work wonderfully but only if you cut down enough. F 18 6 days
120mg 3X D
 1  Weight loss Started xenical had orange oil at 1st that stopped stuck 2 the diet plan went for weight check only lost 1lb felt like crying started taking them again and felt really ill tired and depressed I'm going to lose weight hard way hate feeling like this F 36 5 weeks
 3  fat blocker Sometimes i get gas i guess it's because i don't take them 3 times a day could that be it F 45 4 days
 4  Gain 18 kls after giving birth oily orange stool but it lower my cholesterol and i dont know i dont feel any pain because of uric acid. take it 3 X a day for the best effect M 29 2 weeks
120mg 3X D
 4  To help kick start weight loss Yes oily stools but I am eating well, trial and error with some foods, I guess that's what you need to do, smaller portion sizes and I try to do a bigger lunch smaller dinner and lots of protein! I have lost weight, I can feel it, but not getting on the scales, going for a walk most days for half hour and have lost some weight! Happy with the xenical, but you do just need to eat healthy ie lots of salad vegetables & protein with an occasional treat! It does work but you can't keep eating as you have been and think the pill alone will help you get the kilos off! F 38 10 days
 4  weight loss Wind and more oil than texas Very loose and im sticking to the low fat diet,orange oil all the time lots of accidents.Im using adult nappies to be on the safe side M 41 28 days
3X D
 2   none just sometimes oily stool most of the time constipated I am still taking it is my 6th week but not lost even a single LB i am really sad plz advise me F 33 6 weeks
120 3X D

XENICAL  (ORLISTAT):  This medication is used with a doctor-approved exercise, behavior change, and reduced-calorie diet program to help you lose weight. It is used by certain overweight people, such as those who are obese or have weight-related medical problems. Taking orlistat can also help keep you from gaining back weight you have lost. Losing weight and keeping it off can lessen the many health risks that come with obesity, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a shorter life. Dietary fats need to be broken down into smaller pieces before the body can absorb them. Orlistat works by blocking the enzyme that breaks down fats in your diet. This undigested fat then passes out of your body in your bowel movement. Orlistat does not block the absorption of calories from sugar and other non-fat foods, so you still need to restrict your total intake of calories.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)