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 3  To give up smoking. Enamel erosion, to the most severe level before more serious work needed. My dentist has been telling me for the past 3 or 4 years that I must be grinding my teeth at night. Except I don't grind my teeth; I'm an open mouth-breather all night, and my wife has never heard me grinding my teeth. I've worn though, as requested, a dental guard all night religiously for the last year but the dentist reckons I have not be wearing it as no signs of grinding it. Also, I get severe indigestion at times, that limits my diet and what I can eat. On the rare occasion I stop chewing (forgotten to take some with me away for the weekend, or run out on holiday) this indigestion seems to clear up within a day. Nicorette meant that I didn't smoke cigarettes any more. But it just replaced the method of nicotine delivery to one which was always there, and accessible whenever and wherever I desired. Therefore usage went up and continued as I could always secretly be chewing on a piece. M 41 12 years
4mg 10X D
 1  To stop smoking Bloated stomach. Gas. Sore stomach. Stomach pains. Aching limbs. Sore feet. Sensitive teeth. Dry skin. Went to doctors a year ago with severely distended stomach and pains. Had blood tests, ultrasound scan and CT scan. All normal apart from gas seen on ultrasound. No further explanations. Only on doing lots of research did I come across these reviews which have now made me think these symptoms which started when I gave up smoking and started nicorette lozenges could be a result of these lozenges.It will be hard as I think I am now addicted but I will stop these and hope the health issues I have will go. I was always a very active person but I feel a lot older than my age and find it difficult to exercise anymore. It's even difficult to walk sometimes. I do not recommend these lozenges. F 49 2 years
2 10X D
 1  Replaced ADHD meds Addiction, jaw pain, can't open mouth properly, irregular heartbeat, swollen throath and pharynx, difficulty swallowing and breathing, heartburn, ringing of ears.. Prob. high blood pressure too, but I'm too afraid to check that out. My real freaquency was 15-20 pcs per day. Never again! F 41 7 years
2 mg 10X D
 3  Quit smoking did get heart palpations if I had too much, I used the 4Mg, chronic indigestion that will not go away even after stopping the gum, it has been going on nearly 2 weeks, feeling of lump in throat, and can not get air out, this all started after a stressful day of chewing, I might not of been using it properly that day, I can understand if it is not used correctly there will be side effects, but if these are the effects that are coming out of something can easily be misused, it needs to have massive warnings on the packet. Been back to the doctors twice, regarding the indigestion, causing massive anxiety, I know it's linked to the gum because I have never had issues with any type of reflux or indigestion before until I had a few too many on the day theses symptoms started, if you have a similar story of symptoms please email me, I would like to know more or how you got over it. M 33 1 years
10X D
 3  To stop smoking I don't know if this was wrong with me or not. I have just been going through a lot with dermatologist and doctors trying to figure out why I have a rash on my leg that will never go away. My ears have been ringing. My hair is falling out tremendously. They have done cat scans of my brain to see what's going on with my ears and all types of test. They have done skin biopsies of the rash to figure out what is causing it. They have been testing me for systemic lupus and skin lupus. They want to say that it is lupus but the blood test are not agreeing with them. I started reading about hair thinning and that's why I was led here. I hope you all are able to respond to me. I would appreciate any emails are answers here. I am getting very afraid now Continue from the top. So I was sent to a rheumatologists because of the skin rash and their hair falling out and the primary doctor saying that I have Lupus. The rheumatologists did a lot of extra blood work and was for certain that that is not what is wrong with me or any other autoimmune disease. She sent me back to another dermatologist and so I'm just going around in circles. They can't seem to figure out what is causing the ringing ears, ongoing rash on leg, and sudden severe hair thinning. I would like to hear from all of you and know what you think about this, please email me. Since I've had every blood work and kind of test from A to Z, this is the only thing I can think of because this is the only thing that I do every day and I have been doing this for 13 years. M 39 13 years
4 mg 10X D
 1  Addicted Abdominal and bowel problems, diarrhea, very anxious and irritable at times, insomnia In addition to nicotine, am addicted to the oral and psychological fix/routine. It is soooo hard to stop. I think harder than smoking b/c people don't know that you're using lozenges (you can hide/mask it much mire easily than smoking). It's sooo expensive and I feel guilty/worthless about using the lozenge. In the past year, after trying to stop, I didn't last more than a day and now I consume way too much (24 in one day). F 44 6 years
2 mg 2X H
 3  To stop occasional social smoking I have been chewing nicorette gum on and off for a decade. I used to be a smoker 20 years ago and sometimes I relapse for a few days (usually when I travel to Europe, where I am from ) A side effect that I attribute to this gum is... major hair thinning! About a month or two after chewing the gum, clumps of hair will deposit in the shower- and that reminds me that I need to stop this habit (addiction 🤔) Then when I start the gum again, same thing! Also: under eye circles because of the vasoconstriction that nicotine causes, and I think that for some reason Nicorette is worse that cigarettes in that respect. I don't want to ever slip back into being addicted to cigarettes - but the rush I get from the occasional cigarette is very satisfying, I smoke for a few days (mostly when I am traveling or working on projects with fellow artists and nihilists) and then go back to Nicolette... Ah, it's complicated. F 55 10 years
8 6X D
 2  To quit smoking Severe toothache and mouth issues If you have a bad toothache, avoid this gum! They boast that the gum doesn't contain sugar, but severely worsens toothaches. Had a massive toothache for 2 days constantly, ever since I stopped the gum, the pain has gone down by at least 80% M 34 2 weeks
4mg gum 1X D
 1  Addicted to nicotine lozenges! Teeth completely destroyed. Hair loss. Severe health issues I am sure were caused by the Nicotine lozenges. And I still cannot quit and spend a tremendous amount of money on that poison. Wish I had just kept smoking instead of starting on the poisonous Nicotine lozenges. F 59 19 years
4 10X D
 1  Quit smoking Habit forming. Gastric symptoms. Stuck in throat feeling. Main symptoms occured when wanting to stop Nicolette. Heartburn, indigestion, smell changes, dizzy, neausea, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal cramps. These have been lasting longer than 1 month. Still working with doctor to work out root cause, however all symptoms started with quiting Nicolette. All NRT should only be available via script. Here in Australia NRTs are available in the supermarket. M 37 5 years
1X D
 1  Quit smoking Once you start you can't stop wanting more very addicting . I'd rather smoke or do the e cig cheaper and works better than the gum didn't smoke the e cig as much as the gum, didn't feel the need fir a e cig as much as the gum Terrible product not going to continue taking it F 67 0 weeks
4 5X D
 3  Quit smoking Not sure if this is caused by the gum because not on it long at all but got very constipated and severe stomach pains . I have copd and ibs but with my medication for ibs the stomach pain stopped not as constipated and going to the bathroom , but yesterday chewed a piece of gum and later had severe gas pains and no bowel movement yet tried taking gas x n nothing n after hearing all these bad reviews I won't chance taking another piece I have enough problems Just pissed off that I spent all this money on this gum 160 pieces for 80.00 to just read all these bad reviews F 67 0 days
40 3X D
 1  To quit smoking I quit the lozenges a month ago as the stern advice of my periodontist. I used about 12 lozenges per day min and I've had severe hair loss whilst using this product. Dr and Dentist told me it constricts the blood vessels in scalp. I have a rough, white pre-cancerous lesion on roof of mouth, gum recession, highly sensitive teeth, pre-diabetic (it effects insulin) and scaly red bite like spots on arms and legs I've had over a year plus significant weight gain. All improving slowly since I quit this poison. This should only be given by prescription. Side effects can be dangerous and people don't realise the cause until too late. All Drs need to be educated on the long term effects of this drug. F 46 7 years
1.5mg 10X D
 1  To stop smoking When I start chewing, they make me cough. My nose started to bleed while I was sleeping. I lost so much blood. I was weak, nausea,blood pressure dropped very low. Never use them, my dad went to hosp several times for nosebleeds. Almost 13 years. Blood pressure problems. His so addicted,spending thousands per month on them.He almost never eats. 42 1 days
20 mg 1X AN
 1  Quit smoking Hair loss. Doctors can't figure out what's causing my hair to thin and I think it may be from abusing this damn gum. It's incredibly addictive, incredibly hard to stop and makes anxiety worse. If anyone knows if this causes hair loss please, please email me. F 27 3 years
2mg 10X D
 4  To quit smoking The only side effects I have are sore teeth but i brush twice a day i also have pretty bad earache but dont last long sometimes it wakes me up in my sleep. I'd rather wake up with an earache than smoke a cigarette Been using nicorette for last month and half went from smoking a pack a day to 5 cigs then I only had 2 with coffee then only 1 one day I had no cigs with coffee and I haven't smoked in 16 days. Thanks nicorette but your reviews are scary been using 4 mg white mint only chew 7 to 8 a day next time I'll buy 2 mg and try to wean myself off but so far so good this stuff has really worked but hopefully I'll quit it too good luck out there M 31 50 days
4mg 10X D
 3  To stop smoking.... again I put 10 times daily but its more like 20. Im not sure what side effects are really connected to the nicorette. The worst is depression and that leads to lack of motivation which leads to lack of energy. Yes my teeth are horrid as well. I wonder what is the best way to kick the nicorette habit? F 64 6 days
2 mg 10X D
 2  To Quit Dipping pouches Side effects were minimal for the first couple of months. About 4 months in I was using about 10 pieces per day and started to get horrible bowel problems, weird pains in the abdomen and back, and really bad TMJ. I was going to quit using the gum realizing that at some point I needed to face the nicotine addiction and stop all delivery methods. Decided to keep using the gum after I had seen studies that Nicotine could help reduce the risk of contracting a bad case of Covid 19. The TMJ started about a month into chewing the gum but I knew where that side effect was coming from and decided to keep using the gum and not go back to dipping snus. The back and abdomen pain started getting really bad in May,(It's July now), had the doctor draw blood to check liver and pancreas function, fearing I was in some real trouble based on the unknown symptoms. I didn't think a piece of gum could cause those problems, but holy cow it scared the literal crap out of me. Day 2 of stopping and my back and stomach problems are greatly reduced. I am using some regular gum for the oral fix and flooding my body with water. Those side effects were not healthy and I would encourage all people to use this product to stop tobacco and get the nicotine out of your system as soon as you can. Good luck. M 43 7 months
2 mg 10X D
 3  To stop smoking Teeth sensitivity, tooth decay, white rough skin on roof of mouth, hair thinning and loss, weight gain, dry skin, follicilitis, chronic gas and bloating, aching joints and feet. No energy. I used nicotine minis to give up smoking, they worked but this addiction is just as bad as smoking with even more side effects. Do not use to give up, go cold turkey. Research has shown they cause insulin resistance and I am now a borderline diabetic (No family history) Even though I smoked I felt fit and healthy before, I know feel like a wreck. I would never recommend them and they should be prescription only. Trying hard to give up but finding it very difficult. F 46 7 days
 1  To quit smoking Really bad hair loss, sickness and hiccups I have been racking my brains as to why I'm losing so much hair and then I found this site! 2 days in without a lozenge I'm feeling really cranky but I'm hoping my hair loss will calm down. F 40 4 years