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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  Joint pain High blood pressure, numbness, tingling and almost passed out M 41 0 days
1X D
 1  Shoulder injury Made me very sleep the first day, only time it helped today (the third day) I woke up shaking uncontrollably not being able to move, I've had thoughts of suicide, depression, nausea Do not take this medicine F 22 3 days
5mg 1X D
 1  Neck pain Took it befors bedtime, feeling like a zombie, for the next day, completely constipated for 4 days, dry mouth. Did nothing for my neck. F 56 1 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  Muscle Spasm Extreme and unusual depression and thoughts that ceased when I stopped the drug. Tinnitus. Nightmares/bad dreams/vivid dreams. Lethargic for days and days after stopping it. Did not do that much if anything for spasms. Terrible drug with side effects. F 7 days
5 mg 1X D
 1  Back injury I took one pill Friday night and Saturday night. I slept great Friday night and had no pain from my back injury. Woke up Saturday and was perfectly fine just felt a little spacey a few times, then took it again Saturday night. The pain free sleep was great. However, Sunday was the day I noticed negative side effects including: a depression that made me cry half the day for NO reason AT ALL! Confusion that had me questioning my sanity, I went back and forth five times because I forgot what I was doing, and drowsiness that I took 5 power naps throughout the day. I recognized that “this wasn't me,- so I didn't take anymore flexeril. Sunday night I slept fine without taking this med. Monday came the paranoia and I was paranoid about everything. How I felt, whether I should make sure I did something so insects wouldn't get into the house. Everything paranoid me. Fast forward to day 4 of being OFF of this horrible little pill and I still feel out of it and not normal. I can function but my concentration and ability to listen and work at the same time is completely out of the window. I PRAY FOR THE DAY THESE SIDE EFFECTS WEAR OFF. P.s. I will admit this medication made me have the most hilarious dreams. I was having tea with Alice, in wonderland and we were gossiping about who the queen should decapitate and that the caterpillar was smuggling illegal substances in from another dimension and hiding them in his mushrooms. F 29 2 days
5mg 1X D
 1  Muscle spasm Did not work on pain for me. Maybe dose was too small F 49 3 days
5 mg 2X D
 1  Back pain Instantly felt weird, Confused, scared. Couldn't think or even try to process what was happening. Gave me a panic attack to the point I thought I was gonna die. It's been nearly 6 months since I took flexeril one time, and I have this fear and anxiety of any medication given to me my children even my pets. F 29 1 days
10 1X D
5 MG 3X D
 4  After lumbar surgery nerve pain Dry mouth.very sleepy. Couldn't concentrate F 77 10 days
5mg 3X D
 1  Went to the hospital for chest pain Definitely would not recommend to anyone! I went to the ER for chest pains. Doctor gave me a dose of Flexeril in the hospital that was 4 days ago. I haven't taken any since. But I haven't been able to function or think straight. I feel dizzy and light headed like I can have a panick attack at anytime!!!! Wouldn't recommend to ANYONE!!! F 27 1 days
10 Mg 1X D
 4  Lumbar spasm Dry mouth it takes away the burning, stabbing pain F 42 7 days
10 mg 3x d 3X D
 3  Severe muscle spasms in left leg After one full day I had numbness and tingling on only left side of body. Severe lethargy. Did nothing but sleep while taking. By day 4 the tingling was very minimal but the lethargy remains. However, it DID help my leg muscle spasms. My leg is feeling better and I am torn on whether to stop them or not. F 59 4 days
10mg 3X D
 1  Back pain Itching M 52 2 days
5mg 3X D
 1   F 50 3 days
10mg 1X D
 5  Cervical muscle spasms I had a dry mouth....somewhat drowsy when I first wake up. It works really well for muscle spasms & neck pain considering I cant take pain medicine without nausea & vomiting. I only take flexeril at night tho. 10mg. On & off for months. I have NOT had a bad experience with this Med, but maybe because I only take it at night. F 52 12 weeks
 1  Neck Injury I took it on and off for around 2 years. This medication caused many of the side effects mentioned here and others, dry mouth, drowsiness, excessive dreaming, sinus problems, digestive problems (GERD), twitching of the muscles and extreme sensitivity to everything cold, heat, pain. The worst was what it did to my mental health, it caused severe anxiety, anger, and major depression. The worst, however, has been the protracted withdrawal. 10 days after stopping flexeril cold turkey for the last time I began to experience terrible symptoms: palpitations, panic attack, slowed digestion, tremors, blurred vision, tinnitus, severe depression, irritability, depersonalization, joint pain, twitching, burning and tingling of my skin, I did not sleep for close to two weeks after the withdrawal. Medical Professionals in my area could not explain the symptoms and despite me bringing up the medication and possible withdrawal, they did not believe it. It was not until I looked online for answers and realized that flexeril is a tricyclic antidepresant in structure and was developed as such! I was suffering from tricyclic antidepresant withdrawal! I verified this by asking some pharmacists online and at my local pharmacy. I began to look for support groups online and realized that tapering is a must when taking these meds! Central nervous system, which is the one that was affected by flexeril and the withdrawal is slowly healing but I get better day by day! Please, be careful with these medications! They are all acting on your central nervous system and affecting your brain chemistry! They are not meant for long term! Always trust your gut! I wanted to stop them after only a few weeks but my doctor told me that they were the only way for me to get better! This was a lie! Please be very cautious! F 32 2 years
 1  Suicide attempt I watched the girl i love look at me and say "you don't care about me..." then lob around 30 of the 10 mg pills down her pie eater and then look at me to figure out how to somehow "undo" this. Turns out she cannot make herself throw up and we tried many different methods. Her mood got more and more spacey and still wouldn't puke them up and I was being consumed with worry and fear of her imminent death. So I got more and more pushy and told her to expel them now. Still they never came up. Finally I had to grab her and carry her down a flight of stairs into my truck and drive her to the ER. There they asked me the standard "is she f*d up on drugs" litany of questions. I replied no and I brought her there because we got into an argument and I left and returned and she was running into walls, taking to invisible inanimate objects and not following ANY simple requests. See below for conclusion... Due to then Covid 19 pandemic issues I couldn't accompany her in the ER. the doctors asked me to go to her place and see if I can get a clue to what she's taken and I came back with "I think flexeril." She was kept over night and then I was called early next morning saying she is discharged. I pick her up and she is THOROUGHLY whacked out: can't walk, talking gibberish, hallucinating, getting PISSED in a unknown language if asked to "stay in truck while we are on highway..." you know, tough situations. I asked the nurses when I got her what the problem was and they opened up her paperwork and showed me her urine analysis where it said amphetamines and opioids and it said "presumed positive" in both areas. So I asked what this meant and they said she had a possible OD or dangerous initial exposure to these things although i never saw any evidence of this AT ALL. Now it's 5 hours later and she's the same - seemingly more retarded than Don Trump - I am worried that she will not return to herself. She was smart, witty, savvy, sexy, and very politically wise and right now just a shell. If you're going to try to off yourself and are serious about it - use a different formulation because she can't even drink a glass of F 37 1 days
 1  Muscle spasms and back pain I begin taking this medication Wednesday around 12pm at first I believe the drug was doing it's job. But, by Thursday night I literally was in the walking dead! I could not keep my eyes open and wanted to sleep all day. I have been off the drug for almost five days and I'm still having the wierd side effects. Dizzy, light headed, no appetite(loss 7lbs in a week), sunken eyes, severe dehydration, loss of balance, slurred speech, confusion. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION! Whatever you have going on please do your research before taking ANY drug. I honestly can't believe a drug like this even exists. M 33 2 days
 1  Shoulder tendonitis impinged nerve TERRIBLE. Took at 6pm. Quickly felt disoriented, confused, lightheaded. SUPER DROWSY. Like I couldnt keep my eyes open. I also could hardly think and it was difficult to speak. Stomach unease. Wicked crazy psychedelic dreams. Dry mouth. Uncomfortable feeling in chest, heart racing. Gave me EXTREME anxiety. Next day feel terrible. Sad, groggy and tired as hell and nauseaus My shoulder actually hURTS WORSE TODAY. This is the worst drug I have ever taken . How was this approved? Why cant they give out normal Pain meds anymore? Not everyone is a junkie!!! This is fu*cking ridiculous. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!! F 38 1 days
 3  Muscle Spasms Depression, Crying, Suicidal Thoughts It appears to work well for muscle spasms BUT the depression it causes if taken for more than one time are horrible. If you really only take it once it does a great job preferably 3,4 hours before sleep time. It will knock you out. Due to its high half life of 36 hours it will have carry over effects. Depression didn't set in till the second day dose. M 42 2 days