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 2  anxiety WEIGHT GAIN i cannot stop eating This medication is terrible 10-15 pound weight gain for someone who is already over weight F
0.5 1X D
 1  Anxiety and intrusive thoughts Stay away from benzodiazepines. I took .75mg for just four weeks. Worked amazing but when I stopped cold turkey after one month, I almost died. I ended up in 4 different Emergencies rooms where they kept giving me 2 mg and 2 mg again. The last hospital wanted to give me gain 2 mg. I refused and left shaking and went to my family doctor asking for Propanalol because my heart was pounding. My blood pressure indicated 180. Day after I ended up at CAMS in Toronto for three days. They stabilized me and I kept taking .5mg Klonopin for next week then tapper it for next month till zero. I had the worst withdrawals for one month. Depression, OCD, anxiety, numbness on my hands, tinnitus, bruises etc... I'm still suffering. Just got on Prozac 10mg starting dose. I think benzodiazepines are demonic. F 44 30 days
0.75 1X D
 1  anxiety Worsening depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Crying spells, Suicidal thoughts. Drunk feeling. Insomnia. Tolerance withdrawal. Prescribed for panic attacks/depression. It made my depression and anxiety worse and I became more suicidal. I was hospitalized. After taking this drug for a couple of months it started to make me feel drunk right after taking it - followed by intense restlessness, anxiety, feeling of doom, and suicidal thoughts. I developed a tolerance to this drug and was advised to increase the dosage. Instead, I trusted my instinct and tapered off the drug (way too fast) and learned coping skills. Research Heather Ashton Benzo manual and read Benzo Buddies website for help getting off benzodiazepines. Psychiatrists usually will not warn you about side effects and possible dependency that can develop. F 57 3 months
.5 mg 2X D
 5  Anxiety None I have been using Clonazepam for approx. 6-7 yrs. It has works wonders for me. I suffer from GAD, generalized Anxiety Disorder and feel blessed that this was the 1st medication that my doctor tried and works great. It does not make me feel tired, it just calms my nerves. People ask me all the time how it makes me feel but it's hard to explain because the stress is just gone and I feel normal. F 47 6 years
2 1X D
 1  For panic disorder Major GI issues in stomach, rage feelings, ringing ears anxiety, depression, loss of relationships, lonely, sadness, dermatitis, eye problems, twitching, sore muscles, confusion emotionally, frustration, fear, weird dreams, hallucinations, hear weird noises, destrucive thoughts and feelings of wanting to break things, alot of crying almost every day. Just currently weaned off klonopin, was taking it 9 yrs n the nurse who prescribed didnt tell me it was addictive n i asked, they will lie n tell you its not n was to late, still experiencing horrible side effects, in bathroom every 5 mins, hard to eat n all the mental anguish you suffer while taking it n getting off it. Pls dont take this pill, you will regret it! Its really for people with seizures not panic attacks, these mental docs should get educated before giving this med to someone on a daily basis. Its only short term, do the research before taking any meds, wish i did at that time, now i do. Klonopin is highly addictive n very hard to get off it, the last 9 yrs have been a nightmare 😢. I only took it as prescribed n never abused it n you still go through alot of unnecessary BS. This pill should be off the market it only damages peoples brain n body n prescriptions are written to casually without real concern for the patient. I saw this website n it surprised me how many people were suffering with this same problems i am, so sry you all had to go through this also n seek out Gods wisdom for help, God Bless you all too! F 60 9 years
2 mgs dail 3X D
 2  Irritative Focus I was satisfied with Klonopin until one day I begin to feel insomia - cant sleep even taking it. Ended in first aid room, and was prescribed a dosage increase. Follow this prescription, I talked to my GP and he gave me sulpiride + bromazepam (Sulpan). Took it for 3 days, when I can sleep, but after this my insomnia returned with full force. Ended up with a psychiatrist who prescribed me Risperidone 1 mg and take off Klonopin in 3 weeks, without giving me Gardenal and dont doing a slow tapper. Doctors, mainly psychiatrists doesn't know how to taper slowly, but fortunately the Professor C Heather Ashton DM, FRCP made the Ashton Manual. Follow it for instruction to how to taper slowly. M 43 15 years
1 1X D
 3  Nervousness, anxiety no side effects until my body wouldn't tolerate it anymore. I was satisfied with Klonopin until one day I didn't know where I was or how to get back home and completely lost my appetite. I started it when I was around 30 and now I am in my 60s. As people get older, they can't tolerate drugs the same way. I tapered off it for 1 and 1/2 months. I've been off it completely for 2 weeks and the withdrawals are HELL. I have been very dizzy for 2 months and am still not able to drive. I've had nausea, migraines, restless legs, insomnia, and a host of other problems. If you are researching this drug, please be careful and try something other than a Benzo. It is as hard to get off of as heroin according to the internet, and I would have to say I agree with that based on my experience. F 61 30 years
2 mg 1X D
 5  Anxiety Great anti anxiety meds No side effects and I can stop it anytime F 32 1 years
1mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety sleepy/no energy Depression, No intrest in doing anything Has any one gotten off klonopin safely I have bin trying for 3 years .The Drs had me on them for over 20 years I wish I had never started them in the fist place. I do know they have helped at first But I was never told they were also very additive. And they do help a lot of people Dr. tried taper to fast had to go back on them. I have tried very slow taper for 3 years can only get down to average of 0.5 MG. of 2 -21/2 per day. Some one said ask for valium to taper But DR. will not give any. Any advice please let me know. I would really like to back the land of living at my age before it is to late Any advice please Email me Thank you, M 67 10 years
0.5 4X D
 2  SLEEP DUE TO NERVE PAIN prescribed for sleep for neuropathy, worked for sleep but I felt disconnected. was taken off cold turkey when I got dystonia from amitriptyline taken in tandem for nerve pain. I was slowly titrated of the Amytriptyline, but yanked off the Clozapine and placed on valium for the ticks of dystonia. It was hell, crashing from clozapine and Amitriptyline while taking valium and I lost 5 lbs because of the nausea and lost all muscle function and had to crawl. I growled because i could not enunciate as my tongue is a muscle . Was placed back on clozapine a year later after nerve surgery 2011 and on 2013 the dose was tripled to .5mg three times a day. I just slept and could not function, and functioned like a functioning drunk ...looked fine but was anything but. I slowly titrated with permission but not guidance from my GP and it open the gates of hell and could not be left alone . It is a side effect called EMOTIONAL DEPENDANCY as reported in the Ashton Manuel on benzos. My GABA is so d I am posting now to say I have been off all benzos as of 2014 and it took till 2019 to problem solve and start to even start to see my old self...by the end of 2020 was a marked improvement but still extremely anxious something which I never had, and my voice still shoots up, but I am organizing things now and laughing again . so it can get better after you come off this class of meds, but it may take years ... i have research it and seen it can take up to five plus years or more ....but it may also be much sooner for you, as it has to do with your genes and DNA make up etc . Everyone is different ..hang in there you will see improvement. Let other know what is going on and what you need CALM CALM CALM AND HUGS It now 2021 and i continue to feel better but very concerned about GABA and short term memory and not wanting to live alone... which is something as a very active person, use to be my sanctuary and now being alone is like a prison. I miss me soooo much but i am better then I was on this class of medication. God bless you all F 63 7 years
.5mg 1X D
 4  Anxiety Relaxation. Focus. M 50 100 days
6 mg 1X D
 1  To calm Abilify negative effects. Withdrawing from this HORRIFIC drug produced endless symptoms. Despite a slow taper using a valium compound liquid, I have been severely ill for 17 months so far. Benzo drugs like Klonopin were totally banned from legal use in the 70's. For a reason. Benzos become addictive in a matter of weeks. MY doctor had me on them for 8 months. I wasn't WARNED at all about the worse than hellish and often life threatening list of symptoms that WITHDRAWAL would produce. I HAVE BEEN TAPERING OFF FOR 17 months. Tremors, diaherea, vomiting, headaches, heat and chills, burning eyes and mouth, aching muscles, aching jaws and face --- all of these I suffer daily and non-stop. I don't know why or how I'm still alive. DO NOT TAKE KLONOPIN. PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT take ANY Benzodiazepine drugs. E V E R. No one was there to warn ME. I am warning YOU. It will take another 4 months before I'm off the valium. I don't know if I'll survive this. I'm hoping with all my heart, that you will heed this advice. Benzos are a DEADLY group of drugs. Your doctor will likely NOT warn you. MY doctor suggested I just remain on the Klonopin forever (even tho I didn't need it) so I wouldn't have to go through the withdrawal anymore. WHAT?! These drugs steal away your family, your job, your whole LIFE. I hope and pray I will live through this. JUST AVOID BENZO DRUGS ALTOGETHER IF YOU VALUE YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR LIFE. STAY AWAY. F 61 8 months
6 mgs/day 2X D
 5  Anxiety severe panic attacks None Saved my life F 44 1 years
.5mg 1X D
 5  Night sweats No side effects. Early menopause caused severe night sweats and insomnia. Take klonopin instead of a higher dose of estrogen. Never abuse and I can go without it F 61 15 years
.15 1X D
 1  Anxiety Took as needed . Felt terrible now have withdrawal symptoms severe . Do not take please . Makes you feel horrible after a while. I lost everything and cant function now. Please dont. M 43 0 days
Prn 1X D
 5  Anxiety Occasional brain fog It saved my life. F 51 12 months
.5 - 1 2X D
 5  to fall asleep and stay asleep Absolutely none other than getting drowsy and needing to go to sleep. In my case, it only works if I take an OTC med with it, which, in my case is Tylenol PM The key is to keep the dosage to 0.25 - .05 nightly if you need help sleeping. I have never had an issue with it but must take it because I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I've had since age 39. I would never take it during the day because I am drug sensitive and would not be able to function, drive, etc. It's a godsend in my case, and I've tried many other medications. Please understand the downside to taking this type of med is that it has cognitive effects. I deal with fatigue and brain fog in the morning; most of it passes. 73 10 years
0.25 1X D
 5  Social phobia, anxiety Some sleepiness Before I started taking klonopin, I was afraid to leave the house. Always take as directed and never had a problem with addiction F 55 7 years
.5 2X D
 1  Anxiety Depression, depersonalization, suicidal thoughts, confusion, hallucinations I was given this for postpartum anxiety. Terrible. I've been trying to come off it and it's hell. I can make it to about day 2 then the sweating, shaking and puking begins. F 41 6 months
0.5 2X D
 5  Social phobia, anxiety Brief drowsiness I wouldn't be able to leave the house without this drug. I take.5, 2 times a day. Never had any problems. F 55 6 years

KLONOPIN  (CLONAZEPAM):  Clonazepam is used to prevent and control seizures. This medication is known as an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug. It is also used to treat panic attacks. Clonazepam works by calming your brain and nerves. It belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)