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 1  pulmonary embolism extreme tiredness; stomach bloat/discomfort; dizziness; red spots on body/face; peeling fingernails; major hair loss; dark areas on lower legs; bleeding gums frequently; aching joints/muscles; small red blood vessels showing on cheeks; frequent nausea; osteoporosis; bruising; to name some symptoms. This is a horrible and potentially deadly drug. I intend to look into natural alternatives to this 'drug' with so many horrible side effects. There has to be a better way to live than this! F 50 11 years
varies 1X D

 1  DVT from trauma, Protein S Occasional PT/INR checks lower than normal. Unable to control bleeding from "everyday injuries". As a firefighter, this is incompatible with my career. M 46 2.5 years
10 1X D

 1  dvt tingling in head heavy head pains in head and neck hot burning sensations all over especially in legs and arms and face deppression dizziness chills loss of appetite doctor keeps telling me its not the medicine but i dissagree didnt have this before medicine i just keep praying it will all heal well and i can get off it in 6 mos like they say and actually i am on warfarin 42 1 months
5 mg 1X D
 1  DVT (right leg) While taking coumadin I experienced mood changes, my body is always very sore, my feet and hands are always ice cold, I also have trouble sleeping, but when I do get to sleep it is hard for me to wake me up. F 21 2 years
 1  dvt nausea-fatique-dizzy M 61 61 days
1 1X D

 1  PE Dizziness, rashes on hands (skin so thin), no appetite, lethargic. Doctor says it has nothing to do with it! Yeah right! All side effects started a month after taking the medication. I'm on quite a high dose for my age and I will be seeking help of a Naturopath and Chinese Medicine Doctor for alternatives! F 19 6 months
9mg 1X D
 1  Dvt/PE X2 Awful! FREEZING FREEZING FREEZING all the time! Numb painful arms. I finally convinced my Dr. to switch me to XARELTO I am hopeful I feel better on this! BAD stuff moved to XARELTO!!!! M 41 1.5 years
10 1X D
 1  PE Headaches face breaking out up and down INR. I am talking with doctors due to my PE being associated with hysterectomy I am negative for all tests. My daughters are all testing positive so we are trying g to figure out what to do. My conclusion is coming off the rat poison and gettin on with a normal life again. I worry more about the effects of Coumadin than the PE I had symptoms of DVT that my doctor ignores that is why I ended up with it. I know te symptoms and I have Lovenox on hand. Quality I'd life at his point for me is my objective. F 41 2 months
 1  Blood clots after c-section Major weight gain! Depression and tiredness, weak immune system.. I have hated being on this drug. Talk about trouble loosing the baby weight! My doctor insists that Coumadin has nothing to do with my wieght gain- absolutely NOT true. I went on this medicine a week after giving birth and can't loose any weight. I eat right and exercise. Does not matter because my dosage is so high it does not impact anything I do. I am on 15 MG a day. I went to the beach and forgot to take my medicine for four days and lost 5 pounds. Prepare to gain a lot of weight on this medicine. I have two months left and I am counting down the days till I get off! F 33 4 months
15MG 1X D
 1  heart weakness fatigue stomach ache bone pain alot of side effects all because of coumadin.I never knew how bad coumadin was until I took it myself.I would never recommend to anyone.I wish they would take it off the market. M 49 6 days
50 mg
 1  Atrial Fabrilation Weight gain, lightheaded I am healed so i am off from coumadin 3 days ago. I wanted to share these. I change my diet, like Bill clinton did. Went unto vegetarian. Most of all, i pray and believe for God healing. I was healed without the medication. You could check with your doctor how changing your diet could reverse your sickness. Do not change your diet without first consult with your doctor. My doctor was impress that my body headed itself. F 7 weeks
3mg 1X D

 1  a-fib fatigue, leg pain. was diagnoses with sciatica. I also take neurotin. cannot sleep well, and take something for that.Needing to get some teeth pulled but am afraid of going off coumadin for the couple of days required. do not like it and wish I had researched it more before I put the first tablet in my mouth.... do not have insurance to go ot many doctors or to the cardilogist. F 63 4 years
1 to 1 1/2 1X D
 1  P E Hair loss, light headed, bruise easily, feel sick, leg pain after sitting, confusion, vertigo, after taking meds puts me into deep sleep to were my husband can't wake me up. I don't feel like my self. The very worst part is always being cold. I can never get warm. F 27 3 weeks

 1  Aortic Valve Replacement Tiredness, dizzyness, foggyness, mood swings, hair loss, nausea, vertigo, headaches, menstrual hemoraging, diahorrea, weight gain Horrible drug. I do wish I had been given all the options at the time of my surgery, as knowing what I know now I would have demanded a bovine valve. Even though most days I am glad to still be here, considering I also had to have an emergency aortic aneurysm repair, most days are so bad that I wish I wasnt. At least I get to see my kids grow up which is a blessing and the only thing that gets me through the worst days. Any suggestions on alternative therapies would be appreciated. F 41
3 MG 1X D
 1  Factor V Leiden, DVT in right calf Horrible pain in hips and some pain in knees. With the first DVT, my doctor prescribed generic warfarin and I practically couldn't walk. Changing to Coumedin resolved the problem and I was off the drug in maybe 4 months. I did lose a lot of hair from my head at the time. Ten years later I had a second DVT (same right calf) and was told I'd be on Coumedin the rest of my life. After a couple months on Coumedin I have hip pain that comes and goes. After a couple years it has become increasingly hard to walk. I've tried acupuncture and chiropractic; nothing helps. This is a horrible drug. Canada and Europe have an alternative blood thinner which does not have these side effects. Why the FDA will not allow that drug in this country I do not understand. F 63
5mg/7.5mg 1X D
 1  Right Carotid Artery Dissection Extreme fatigue, weakness, occasional light-headedness, incredible LONG and HEAVY menstrual cycles... :( I noticed differences between generic warfarin vs. brand Coumadin, and my INRs. My cardiologist ordered for me to have only the Coumadin brand, as he said the generics had variable ingredients with varying efficacies, as they are imported from countries outside the USA that do not have the same quality control as we do here. My INRs went as high as 6.5 while on the warfarin that was made in China. I have my own INR home test machine, so I did notice this. Just an FYI !! F 45 4 months
5 1X D
 1  grandma was having strokes bleeding from rectum doctor switched her to pradaxa and she starting bleeding to death. Had to have 3 blood transfusions and almost died after prodaxa. She got taken off it and is fine now. F 82 6 months
50 1X D
 1  4 blood clots-right lung/PE/DVT Dizziness/ side tracked/ TIRED but never sleepy! Ugh!/ nauscious/ aches/ pains/ bruises/ gas/ bloating/ moody/ extreme loss of sex drive/ emotional/ always thirsty Birth control should be illegal knowing that it causes a person to go through this kind of Hell!! The IUD caused my clots and now I'm a blood thinner lifer =/ I can never even have a child. F 26 3 months

 1  blood clot in lt upper thigh The worse drug on the market it is rat poison. I was put on this drug after blood clot after having a renal transplant,never had a blood clot prior to this. My M.D stated just for 3 months but yet still on it and he won't take me off. I am seeing a new M.D to see what they think. I have had hair thinning,ha's,nausea,weight gain 10 pounds. But the worse in mental confusion i work in medical and cannot make mistakes because of warfarin. I will be taking myself off if they don't. F 53 4 months
6mg 1X D
 1  Mechanical Aortic valve replacement Stomach sickness, moodiness, sore and aching, sensitive to pressure, always cold, often spaced, occationally bloated, overall an unhealthy feeling. I cannot imagine doing this for the rest of my life. This drug is totally ruining my relationships and my usefulness at work. I felt better when I was at risk for death (seriously). Where are all the other drugs for this that are being used in Europe and Canada?! I am miserable!!!!!! M 34 2 months
average 6 1X D

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