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 3  bilateral pulmonary embolism, dvt, Acne, dizziness, fainting while sitting, blood in urine, heavy period, fatigue by about 2 pm I need to lay down, restlessness when trying to sleep, forgetfulness, knee pain, and lack of appetite I'm glad its keeping me alive but the side effects have been debilitating F 23 30 days
10 mg 1X D

 3  Mechanical Mitral Valve I've experienced fatigue, forgetfulness(short term), depression, loss of motivation to do "anything"; I just don't feel and act like I used to. After my first mitral valve repair, I felt good and had energy. Then after the second surgery and the valve being replaced with a mechanical valve (and the coumadin) I feel like I've been sliding away as each year passes. The first two years post surgery, my INR was across the board 1.2-9.2 and we couldn't get on top of it. I experienced several TIAs which led to neurological tests, a home INR monitor and several years of coumadin futzing. Now that I am not in a stressful(management)at work and I have a regulated schedule (sleep/food) my INR stays within range (3-3.5), the side effects seem to have increased in intensity. It is helpful to read that others have similar experiences with Coumadin. And I agree with those here who've been looked at in disbelief by doctors when they describe side effects not listed on the Rx, I just know that I have to take this for the rest of my life and that is disconcerning for my quality of life. M 40 7.5 years
12.5/15 1X D
 3  PE Hard to say exactly, but I haven't felt "good" since going on it. Tired, back aches, muscle aches...but don't know that that is directly related to the warfarin. Was only suppose to be on it for a year, had the blood test and the gene for increased likely hood of blood clots. Now my doctor wants me on it for life and that is a scary thought. I don't like all I've read about side effects, but not thrilled about the thought of another blood clot or PE either. Wish there was a place to go to get factual basic information about effects of long term use and about alternatives. Hard to find that info F 51 1 years
10 1X D

 3  PE Right Upper Lobe & DVT Rt Calf Fatigue/low energy, Sensitivity to heat, increased joint pain, do not feel like normal self Many doctors have told me that comundin does not have side effects other than issues related to bleeding. I was placed on coumadin 2x and when I came off the coumadin the first time my energy levels turned to normal, my joint pain decreased, and I felt like my normal self. Unfortunately, I am coumdin again and I am due to come off the coumadin in September. M 47
20-22 mg 1X D

 3  dvt in leg & pe Fatigue, hair loss, memory problems, speech issues Supposedly there are no side effects from coumadin so when I was having extreme fatigue, hair loss, memory issues, and tripping over my words like I had a few too many, I decided to Google the drug. I'm so glad I found this sight! In March I was hospitalized with a dvt in my left calf and a pe in my right lung. I've been on warfarin 4 months and just had my leg checked. My clot is gone which is great but I have to continue the drug until September and then the Dr is going to do extensive blood work to make sure there's no issue with my blood. He's assuming birth control is the cause. Biggest frustration is medical field says there are no side effects. I know it's the drug since everytime they increase the dosage my symptoms increase! It obviously treats clots and is necessary but it'd be nice if doctors would recognize what we all are experiencing. F 40 4 months
7.5+ 1X D

 3  DVT in calf/Factor V FATIGUE, some hair loss (not extreme...no bald spots or anything, just more coming out in the shower), mild memory issues (I agree with the, "Did I take my medicine?" comment below!), weight gain, dizziness, some episodes of heart pounding hard when lying down. While I am thankful for this medicine for getting rid of my clot (from Factor V + Nuvaring + long road trip), the side effects are bad, and yes, my doc (who I like and respect) won't admit that they are from the coumadin. Fatigue is the main problem. I have found that the following help (which is why I'm posting, to help others on this stuff): 1. Consistently get 8 hours of sleep a night. You can't cheat yourself on sleep at all on this stuff. 2. Moderate exercise. Yes, you're tired, and the last thing you want to do is work out. But do something....bike, walk, lift weights. It helps some with energy and water retention. 3. Drink more water than usual. I found that I was not as thirsty as I usually am on this med. However, drinking more water seemed to help with the water retention (I would lose weight literally within a half hour of drinking a bunch of water!), dizziness, a bit with energy, and also with the heart pounding issue. This med seems to mess with the water balance in your body. 4. Do what they say and go easy on the alcohol, which increased the side effects for me. No more than two drinks in one sitting, and drinking a couple times a week tops. You can drink, but you have to be careful. Good luck everyone! My heart goes out to folks who are on this long-term. F 36 3 months
8 1X D

 3  Blood clots throughout right arm Depression, forgetfulness (especially very short term memory; like did I take my medicine or not?), lack of concentration, constantly misplacing things, mind is in a fog a lot, lower back pain. I'm sure there's more but, like I said, I forget a lot of things! I had LEFT shoulder surgery on 01/25/10 and wound up with extensive blood clotting throughout my RIGHT arm after surgery. All signs point to poor positioning of my body during surgery. I was put on Warfarin a few days later after being hospitilaized and treated with Heprin. I'm not sure how much the Warfarin has helped the clots. My arm still "pumps up" with light exercise, is shaky and I have a real hard time with my hand writing. After a few lines it's like I lose control of my fingers. Overall, my experience with this drug is the worst 6 months of my life although the depression symptoms have tapered off (thank God). I went to my doctor after a couple of months on this drug to talk about my symptoms. He said that depression was common in patients with blood clots but that it could not be from the Warfarin. He pulled out his handy pocket PC and looked at the listed side effects so he knew he was correct. To that I said BS! He prescribed me a anti-depressant that I took for about 3 days. It made me so feel so bad that I could hardly get out of bed. I'm just waiting for the end of this month to get off of this stuff. M 43 6 months
5mg 1X D
 3  DVT Left leg Light headed, can't find the right words, sound stupid in business meetings, am stupid, in a constant fog, irritable and intolerant, tired all the time. I feel like I wake up every moring with a hangover - headached, feeling horrible. It's a life saving drug. It's a good drug because it can quickly be reversed. But, I'm so sick of feeling horrible, and my work performance is suffering, and I'm miserable. I can't stand this another day! 46 160 days
7.5 mg 1X D

 3  Rt overian DVT Light Headed, dizzy, increased irratability, memory fog, slower reflexes, increased weight, extra dry skin I have been on this before and didn't like it, but when the Doctors are saying take this or die what choice dose that leave me. I want to be here for my kids, but what kind of a Mom can I be when I am so hazy. The best part(haha) is that my Coumadin Clinic is trying to blow me off and isn't listening to what I am having to deal with, as in it isn't common to have these side effects. I am about to finish this round and try and take control of my life back. F 33 3 months
4mg 1X D
 3  bi-lateral PEs Cold a lot of the time, sharp constant pain in both thumb joints, loss of grip strength, possible increased pain in knees (they are arthritic to begin with), decreased strength, depression, weight gain. Of course I am scared, my mother had a stroke at 62 and her father had a fatal one at 65 and I am 57. However, the quality of my life is gradually decreasing to the point I wonder if it is worth it to be on this medication. I am glad I found this site. I was told my thumb pain was carpal tunnel yet none of the prescribed therapies relieve it. I have 2 more months to go. Have stable !NR (2.9) Am keeping track of what I am not supposed to eat because it may increase bleeding. When I am off of this - daily Vitamin C &E, and a baby aspirin! F 57 4 months
10mg 1X D

 3  DVT, Pulmonary Embolism Slight weight gain, COLD much of the time. Time to get off of this stuff!!! F 40 6 months
10 1X D

 3  Pulmonary Emboli Fatigue, nausea, dizziness/lightheadedness, bleeding at the tiniest little scratch, depression worsening, thyroid seems to be getting inflamed(red, swollen neck) and TSH(thyroid lab) is going UP I am taking Coumadin to combat PEs resulting from Yasmin birth control pills(i was prescribed them to reduce hot flashes, for hormone replacement therapy). I was on Yasmin for less than one month. The coumadin certainly is doing it's job, but I look forward to the day, probably months from now, that I can stop taking this drug, get some energy and normalcy to my life back...oh, and I look forward to eating my salads again. F 44 16 days
10mg 1X D

 3  Bi-Lateral Pulmonary Embolism Cold limbs, headaches, bruising, and the depression is getting worse every day. I just recently got out of the hospital for bi-lateral pulmonary embolisms. I am 25 years old. I have been under an incredible amount of stress - full time job, full time college, 2 year old boy, and life threatening diagnoses. I was beginning to think that something was wrong with me cause now I have a constant feeling of being sad, struggle to find anything to be happy about, I'm irritable and mean to my boyfriend. So, out of curiosity I did a search of coumadin and depression and all this stuff popped up. Why didn't my doctor warn me about this? F 25 23 days
7.5 mg 1X D

 3  PE, stroke, aortic valve replacemen since my stroke on 2-24-2010, They have been unable to maintain my INR between 2.5 and 3.0. Was sappose to go home today from rehab hospital but INR was 2.3 so they made me stay. They give me lovenox injections plus coumadin 7.5 mg daily but so far can not maintain INR level. Dont want another stroke. Any suggestions? M 54 3 years
7.5/5mg 1X D

 3  Atrial Fibrillation Hair loss, weak nails, thin skin, cold/icy feet and hands. Intolerable periods. Irregular sleep patterns. As a nurse, I know this is a life-saver. As a woman on the move it has alot of side effects no one talks about. Coumadin prevents clots and strokes. So who can stop it. But who can explain how to deal w the hair loss, weak nails and skin. The extreme cold intolerance. The nauseau. I have other co conditions - thryoidectomy, severe periods requiring IUD placement. I am also on an antiarrythmic - so who is to say what causes what. But most MD's won't even venture a guess. We have to! F 52 6 months
7.5mg/5mg 1X D
 3  DVT Right Leg Bi-lateral PE's Bad Headaches, Short term memory loss, vision, cold The stuff is not nice but keeps you alive. I was on it for 6 months and miserable, scared but started getting back in shape. Went off for 6 months and had another DVT now I am on for life. I coach a youth cycling team and ride a couple thousand miles a year. I am a little more careful and wear the best helmet money can buy. Activity makes most of the side effects go away but overdoing it gives you the absolute worst headaches of all time. Stay positive and keep moving. M 43 1.5 years
7.5 1X D

 3  DVT muscle and joint pain, fatigue. F 49 3 months
2.0mg 1X D

 3  Factor V Cold feet, easy bruising, AWFUL periods!!! Sometimes heart palpitations. Tired(but I work 2 jobs and have 2 kids). No weight gain or hair loss. With my first pregnancy at 24 had severe swelling in my legs. during my second pregnancy at 26. I found that I had factor V so I was put on Lovenox then heparin closer to the birth and stayed on it for 6 weeks after. A couple of months after that my legs hurt all the time and were swollen. My INR was 0.1. So because of that they recommended I started coumadin. I now take 10mg and my INR stays around a 1. Which still seams like a really high dose even tho my INR still is not great. Every once in a while, maybe because of something I eat my blood will get very thin and I can feel my heart doing crazy things. I would really like to come off but I don't want the chance of a clot, just had a aunt die of a PE. F 28 2 years
10mg 1X D
 3  Factor V Leiden/ clot in Kidney Cold (chill to the bone)feet all the time some times there is nothing that can warm them,hands too but not as much, tingles in toes and fingers, Have noticed hair thinning, Dizzy upon standing almost passing out sometimes, tired, Compared to a clot I guess it's not bad. You can definitely tell when your levels need to be checked. I am considering going off coumadin for a time this year to see if symptoms come back. When I was off about 4 years prior to my clot, I would get severe double vision out of nowhere and I would have to wait for it to pass. I went to several Doctors but none thought of clots. My Doctor now said they could have been very small clots. I was also on the "pill" so that may have added to it and being off of it may help not to have these episodes with clots. It would be nice not to be cold all the time. Anyone else experience this? F 30 1.5 years
 3  DVT I took this medicine for 10 years. I thought I had all of the side effects everyone else is complaining about.... However, I have recently quit and I still have headaches, stomache aches, insomnia, blurry vision... Maybe it wasnt the coumadin.. F 44 10 years

 3  Multiple BiLateral Pulmonary Emboli Constant head aches, lower back pain, mild depression, slight loss of alertness (feeling "not all there"), bruising, bloody nose, dry skin, shorness of breath (clot related) I'm SO very happy to have found this. When I discuss my recent side effects, they tell me they are not related to coumadin. I NEVER had headaches before taking coumadin. I have had a headach EVERY DAY since leaving the hospital. The lower back pain is enough to make me cry in agony and no amount of Tylenol helps. I can't take aleve or Ibuprophen because my INR level goal is very high (4.0) and I've already had pulmonary bleeding. I REALLY REALLY hope this isn't permanent because after just one month I can't take it. I'm glad this medicine is saving my life but the side effects are getting worse. Thanks for this site, Its good to see other young people on this drug too. Look forward to hopefully setting up some kind of talk group. I do web-design so Im thinking of setting up a message forum (if there isn't already one). Please e-mail me if you are interested in the forum for discussing your life and how you have adjusted or are coping... M 23 1 months
 3  Pulmonary Embolism Extreme Fatigue, Bloating (esp. around my eyes), incoherent thinking and decision making, mild depression. I understand why I was prescribed this medication and am aware of how life threatening PE's can be...however, judging by my experience and reaction with Warfarin I would not recommend anybody should take it unless absolutely neccesary, and if so, find an alternative option if your condition is long term. I am not a person who has been exposed to a lot of medication throughout my life, but I can honestly say that even though this drug has the ability to prevent clotting, its side effects have the ability to destroy your own personal thought process and wellbeing. Take this drug with extreme caution if you have to, and make sure you warn family and friends of the possibility you may become quite a different person (see my side effects). Be aware your doctor will advise you that Warfarin is not responsible for your side-effects. Don't argue...but don't believe either. M 38 8 months
 3  Pulmonary Embolism and Endocarditis 20 pound weight gain, change in hair texture and substantial hairloss, bloating, lower back pain, super tired all the time I suppose that this medicine is helping me to get rid of the blood clots due to the PE, but the side effects have become difficult to live with. Just so super tired all the time, bloated with lower back pain, and the hairloss is hard to live with. I can't wait to get off this medicine, even if it is helping me. M 57 5 months

 3  Atrial fibrillation Fatigue, fatigue, fatigue. Easy bruising. Now diarrhea. I was put on this stuff with no @^!^%@ instructions, except don't eat salads. That was it. I fell and my leg swelled up like a baloon. Went to the ER. They did little and sent me home. At four am the next morning my daughter-in-law had to rush me back to the ER as I has lost so much blood into my leg my blood pressure had dropped to 75/45. I had blood transfusions and spent 3 days in the hospital. A couple of weeks ago I started taking resveratrol only to discover it has the same blood thinning effect as coumadin and my INR shot up to 6.8 and I got severe diarrhea. Until I read the posts on this site I never connected my severe tiredness to the coumadin - I thought it was my heart medicine. I read there is a new drug coming out that is much better. Let's hope! M 73 2 years
 3  Mitral Valve Repair, A Fib., P.E. Intermittent dizziness, lack motivation, cold hands & feet, no perspiration, wake up at 5:00 a.m. every night, blood in tissue when I blow my nose. I spent nearly an entire month in the hospital. I originally went in for surgery to repair my Mitral Valve and at the same time have an ablation to treat my Atrial Fibrillation. A couple of weeks later I was home only a few days before I started to have complications from the surgery and the COUMADIN! I was losing consciousness and rushed back to the hospitals I.C.U. to find out that I had blood clots in my lungs, fluid (1.5 liters to be exact)in my chest and an I.N.R. near 12!(toxic) After a Greenfield Filter was placed in my Vena Cava to catch any more clots, a chest tube to rid my body of the fluid, and plenty of vitamin K, did I begin to recover from this nightmare. Upon my discharge my Dr. adjusted my coumadin from 7.5 mg to 2.5 mg. I now go for routine blood work and I have had my Dr. call and tell me to skip a day here and there because my I.N.R. levels are higher than 3. I think I'm sensative to this drug and I will definately hold the Dr. to his word that I'll be off of Coumadin in 6 months! M 43 45 days
 3  P.E feeling cold, fatigue, depression, chest pains, i have had vaginal problems since. The one i am most bothered about is my mental state. i have never even questioned or thought that warfarin would ever make me depressed but i have realised that its when i started it 8 months ago is when my head started to go funny. it hasnt really changed my life style and it dosent make me worry or paranoid so i know its not me being silly. i went home for a few days and forgot my warfarin and it was actually my boyfriend that said that i've changed as a person and i'm alot happier and then it clicked and i said that my head does feel different. i know that if i say these things to a doctor they say warfarin has nothing to do with it. but i am certain it has. and seeing what people have said on this site has made me even more certain that i'm not making this up. F 22 8 months
 3  BLOOD PRESSURE This may sound strange but has anyone else experienced "throw-backs" after taking this drug. I might be sitting on the bed after taking this medication and I will get thrown back. I have learned to hold on to the wall or to sit carefully after taking a dose. F 85 10 days
 3  Multiple Bilateral Pulmonary Emboli Gained 10lbs and belly fat and yes, I am blaming the coumadin since I haven't changed my lifestyle from before I was on it. I am so tired lately because the vivid dreams I have every single night don't allow me to get quality, restful sleep. The smallest bump or pin prick hurts much worse than it used to. I am almost always cold and am dreading the Wisconsin winter even more this year. I get numbness from time to time in my hands and feet. Had some lower back pain when I first started but it has gone away. My doctor said that I should eat whatever I want (green vegetables, etc) and can drink socially and he will adjust my coumadin around my life, NOT the other way around. I am not thrilled being on this drug but I understand the necessity of it for the time being. However, I am going to see a hematologist to talk about long term use. If I can get off of this drug in 6 months to a year, then that's what I would prefer to do - so I am going to get multiple opinions and weigh my options. It is not fun being told that you have to be on this drug in order keep from getting more blood clots but there are compromises that can be made so it does not affect your life anymore than it has to. If your doctor does not work with you on a compromise, then find another doctor who will. My doctor is very focused on making sure that I am healthy and have as 'normal' of a life as I can. And if you don't already have a medic alert bracelet, I would suggest getting one for the duration you are on this medicine. If you were in an accident and unconscious and bleeding, it would let medical personnel know that your blood is thinned and they should be extra cautious about your chances of bleeding out. Gruesome and not fun to think about, I know, but it's something to keep in mind. F 28 3 months
 3  Pulmanary Embolism I've been really cold/Sometimes my extremeties go numb...but I guess I've always been that way since I'm anemic...I have horrible gas pains and digestive issues... My I&R levels have been fluctuating...Hopefully I don't have to be on the drug forever so I can go back to my normal lifestyle...I miss Brocolli (I'm only 19) I don't want this drug to control my life =( F 19 3 months

 3  PE in left lung Been on coumadin for about a month. The side affect are horrable. Nause,light headed, can't sleep, headaches, under constant stressed, the crazy dreams... I know the stuff is a live saver, but it sucks. And from what i'm reading I'm not the only one that feels that way. Was so happy to find this site and see that there are a lot of people with the same feeling and symptoms. Also was sirprised that a lot of you had the same reaction from your doctors. Mind kinda blow me off when I told him about my side affect. If your on the stuff good luck. M 44 1 months

 3  blood clots in leg hair loss, itchy skin, weight gain, cold all the time, dizzy after taken the meds, bladder infection and lower back pain. bruising and periods so heavy that I have to be off my feet for days! well the weight gain is due to the non exercise, the bladder infection and lower back pain was new, still waiting on that info, I think the med is working due to the clots getting smaller and the veins are looking better, but it is taking a very long time, will be a lifer on this stuff. this is really a life changing thing! Always having to be so careful about getting cut, and what you can do, I am an active person so this is a huge change for me. Work in a restaurant as a cook, around a lot of knives and cutters, think I am going crazy? you would be right. not supposed to be up on the feet more than 4 hours at a wack, not very likely with my job. F 46 3 months
 3  pe itching,joint pain,being cold, have to be more careful with food choices ,careful with activities with grandchildren but thankful that i am alive and will take this medication for however how long it takes whether 6 months or the rest of my life. F 58 3 weeks

 3  Blood clots in legs & lungs Feel tired all the time, stomach pain, troubel concentrating, feeling cold, food lost it's taste. I wish there was a medication that would dislove blood clots without the severe side effects. I have to be on blood thiners the rest of my life and it is very upsetting to think every day for the rest of my life I have to feel this terrible. M 51

 3  Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism Headaches, Brain Fog, slurred words, fuzzy vision. Stomach upset, body aches, depression, cold intolerance, anxiety. I know this drug has helped me from developing more clots, but dang. Feeling like crap for a year now, no energy, extreme anxiety, depression. Stomach troubles. I hope I can get off this poison soon. M 46 1 years

 3  Portal Vein Thrombois / Factor V L Headache, fatigue, forgetfulness, depression, abdominal pain, I bruise easily, painful menstrual cycles, hair loss, always extremely cold or hot I'd gallbladder surgery in Jan. and 7 days after went back for an emergency (blood clot formed in my pv) doctors said that PVT is a rare case, I stayed in the hospital for 7 days. where I had Heparin iv, lovenex shots and went home taking cumiden (rat's poison). My Hematologist said I've Factor V and will have to take it for the rest of my life but I'm trusting in God that this will not happen. A blood test every 2wks. My life style has changed completely is hard not being able to eat my salads. I really don't want to continue with this but at the same time I thanks Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and my doctors that they gave me a second chance. If my alarm doesn't sound I'll forget that I need to take my medicine. Pray and trust in God. F 49 7 months

 3  DVT, PE, Lupus Anticoagulant weight gain. feeling blah & tired. can't deal with stress or multi task. pretty forgetful, unorganized and just plain dingy.... I am fighting the weight gain thing with Weight Watcher's. Starting to feel less tired, does help to get up off the couch & do something...ANYTHING! my attitude is better and I'm on the anti-depressents and THEY SOOOO HELP!! I'm hoping this keeps getting better since I too am a lifer. I guess I just wanted to update from my 6-16-09 comments. I agree ATTITUDE does help!! F 41 4 months

 3  DVT - double PE Weight gain, lethargy, blurry vision in the morning I had a venous thrombolysis to remove a 2 foot petrified blood clot. Was in the ICU for 5 days. Two weeks later I clotted again and they repeated the procedure and put in 18 inches of stents in the artery. I am on 12.5 mg but they have trouble keeping me theraputic. One week I am at 1.5 PT/INR and the next week in the ER getting a brain CT because the INR is so high. I put up with the drug because I kind of like living. I still fly and ride the harley and do other nonsensical stuff. M 55 2.5 years
 3  venous thrombosis in brain Constant weight gain. Inability to concentrate- foggy head at times. Joint Aches. Depression. FATIGUE! My doctor is unwavering about 1 full year on Warfarin. I am barely going to make this. I don't have nausea, but some days feel dizzy and always, always, extremely tired on this crazy stuff. I was extremely concerned when I kept hearing that there are NO side-effects to this drug. ANY time you take a foreign substance into your body there IS a side-effect. The fact nobody in the medical world wants to admit this or research these common persistant symptoms further is odd and disconcerting. I have no hair loss but I've only been on Warfarin for three months and have gainded 15 pounds. Hard to lose when they want you to keep your diet the same so as not to effect your INR. F 47 3 months
 3  Splenic infarct; multiple PE's The biggest concern is hair loss. As a 68 year old woman, I am terrified that I will soon be bald. In the 3 years on coumadin, I have lost more than half of my hair. I am truly weighing life as a bald person or taking my chsnces w/o coumiden. Does ANYONE have an alternate treatment that doesn't cause hair loss? Please help me. F 68 3 years
 3  DVT cluster in left leg & PE extreme fatigue, aches in joints, numbness in arms, swelling in left leg, lots of dreaming, feel BLAH & unsociable most of the time, weight gain. I have been diagnosed with Lupas Anticoagulant. They will retest me in about 2 months. I hope that I really dont have this crap! I hate taking this med. even though I havent slept this good in years. But I hate being so tired & worn out, cranky & unsociable. Paranoid about cutting or bruising myself-- I am a klutz so the worry is warranted. But still hate it. Do not want to take this forever. But so glad to have found this website. Cause my doctor also acted as if I was crazy & these side effects were all in my mind!!! And now I know, they are real. Thanks!!! F 41 3 months

 3  PE, DVT, Factor V, Prothrombin Severe weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, heavy periods, more susceptible to cold, joint pain, memory loss, trouble focusing. I initially started taking Coumadin when I was 24 after I had a PE and was diagnosed with Factor V, and Prothrombin abnormalities. After two years on the medication I was begging the doctor to take me off. I could not do anything except sleep. I had tremendous weight gain going from a size 8 to a size 14! I was switched to Lovenox shots when I began trying to have a family and there was an immediate difference. I began losing weight without even trying, even when I was pregnant and trying to put on more weight. Shortly after my children were weaned I was put back on Coumadin because of the side effects of Lovenox and all of the old symptoms came back, including the weight. The only difference is the fatigue either it is not as severe as before or having been sleep deprived with young children my body has adjusted. F 34 6 years

 3  2 DVTs/PEs within 8 years no reason Tired and memory loss.Bruising.Started at age 28 stopped after 6 months but had to start again age 36 for the rest of my life. At first, I lost weight but gained it back. Had a stomach virus which caused my levels to double. Did the Heparin shots as well while trying to get pregnant but am back to coumadin-adopting now. F 38 2 years
 3  blood clot fatigue, bleeding of the gums and frequent menstrual periods, some nausea. n/a F 39 2 months
 3  DVT/PE I had a dvt/pe in May 2007 and went on coumadin for 6 months. In January 2008, when they took me off it, I felt like a veil of fatigue had been lifted. I knew I had been tired while on coumadin, but it became very evident when I was off it. Unfortunately, I've had another dvt/pe in February 2009 and I am back on coumadin (warfarin, really) It's been 2 months so far this time and I'm feeling tired, I seem to be depressed (although almost dying twice and being off work for 4 weeks could have something to do with that?), I have normal moments and then severe down moments - crying etc. I have some join pain - but I've been stepping up exercise, so that could be from the exercise. Does anyone have any thoughts as to the differences between coumadin and warfarin? F 41 2 times
 3  DVT/PE. FVL & Lupus Anticoagulant Fatigue, joint pain in hands, heel pain, lack of concentration, leg still partially swollen, increased belly fat. Initially I was very fatigued, just walking from my front door to my car was exhausting but my dr put it down to my 5 days of bed rest. Some days I have great energy, other days I go walking and have stop to sit down. Joint pain led to further blood tests resulting in a new diagnosis of Factor V Leiden and Lupus Anticoagulant Syndrome so now Warfarin may be a lifetime companion. Would love to hear of any alternative therapy and if anyone else still has swelling. Warfarin did the job of dispursing the clots but I'm wondering if my leg is damaged and what the long term effects might be. F 49 7 months
 3  Clotting disorder due to lupus. APL Hard to say what are side effects of the drug or symptoms of the lupus. They are very simular. When I first went on it after throwing small venous clots to my fingers, the first thing I noticed was it changed my T3 lab value. My T4 was normal and my T3 climbed to 11. I'm not on cytamel and I'm not hyperthyroid. Fatique has steadily gotten worse but so have my heart valves so not sure cause. The weight gain has been very difficult to take. My weight was stable for several years. After being on coumadin for 6 years now I've gone up 20lbs and it will not budge with dieting at all. My hair fell out after back surgery 18 months ago but has all grown back in. My joints always hurt but I do think they got worse on the coumadin. I'm holding on to the hope that the new drugs in trials will be out soon and we can replace coumadin.......it has too many restrictions and side effects. Something that struck me when I found this site was the number of people that developed clots after orthopedic surgery. I'm a nurse and we see that here too. I wonder how many patients have underlying clotting diorders or autoimmunity, they do not know about, before they have surgery. So many of the side effects people talk about here are what we with autoimmumity deal with everyday. Any of the Docs on here have a opinion on that? And do you no when the other drugs will be available? It will mean so much to so many to have new anticoag. meds. F 54 6 years
 3  A/ Fib Memory loss, leg cramps, feel cold even on a hot day when all others have their jackets off, I'm weating two jackets. 7.5 mg M 77 2 years
 3  DVT/Factor V Cold. Muscle cramps. Memory loss and confusion while on the generic. Take 4mg per day. I was given Warfarin and my side effects were even worse until I got off of Warfarin. Now just cold and a few cramps. I take vitamins to control the muscle cramps. I requested/insisted on the real stuff, Coumadan and the side effects are now minor. I am a bit cold and can't loose weight. Within a day or two after switching I felt like my old self once off Warfarin. I workout everyday with no fatigue problems. My Doc seems to think that I will be on this forever and that is something that will not happen. I think they are affraid of being sued. INR levels are fine currently and can be maintained with diet changes in addition to plain old aspirin. I have no problems having a few drinks on a weekend. The Americian Heart Assoc. has a great piece on factor V and do not recommend a lifetime on Coumadin. Go look at this piece and you will see the odds are very small for a recurrance. A lifetime of rat poison is not for me. Can't wait till May and goodbye Coumadin. Doc and I will battle then. M 60 9 months
 3  AVR and aortic aneurysm graft Fatigue attacks! Tiredness descends and I HAVE to go to sleep, but then I'm ok again. Always extremely cold or extremely hot. TIAs when coumadin levels have dropped and temporarily lost eyesight. Bleeding from bowels. A general fogginess/forgetfulness. Also, goes without saying, very bad bruising. I have a high tagert INR due to TIAs. INR levels fluctate badly for no apparent reason,(Alcohol, vitamin K, aspirin etc. all monitored carefully.) M 41 3 years

 3  DVT/PE after ankle surgery Hair loss, fatigue, skin rash, headaches, dry skin, problems concentrating, trouble sleeping, cold hands and feet and sometimes very hot when it is freezing inside, joint pain, heavy periods and cramps, itchy scalp with small res sores, severe depression, anxiety, excessive weight gain and unable to loss even with diet and exercise,decreased sexual drive, dry hair and changes in hair texture, feel psace out often and forgetful, too many things, not sure if put them all You have no idea how much it helped to rad the comments at the same time they scared me to death. I suppose the medicne has helped me, but I am not sure it is worth feeling like you are not you anymore. At least I am no crazy and I am not alone--there's a lot of us out there trying to go by. I wish drug companies cared and that doctors listened a bit more to their patients. So often I felt like I was loosing my mind and even wondered if I was imagining all these things I am feeling and that no one around me seems to understand or take into account based on what the doctors say. I can't wait to get of this medicine and claim my life back, have a child, be me again. I feel for all of you that are in the same boat. Yoga and meditation seem to help a bit, counseling, exercise. Don't give up. I am really considering getting off the medicine in a few weeks when I get tests that assure me that I no longer have clots. Good luck! F 32 6 months
 3  DVT right calf Freezing hands, Sleep problems: Insomnia, night sweats and wake up with numbness in arms, Lethargic, Huge mood swings with increased irritability, Joint pain, Blood shot eyes, Diarreah Just started taking coumadin 4 weeks ago, am transitioning from Lovenox. Experienced none of these problems with Lovenox over the past 6 months. I live in the mid-west and am used to cold winters, now I can't walk my dog 1 block with out my fingers feeling frozen and in agonizing pain. Have to run them under warm water coming in from the cold each time. F 38 1 months

 3  DVT fatigue, excessive weight gain, hair loss I was prescribed warfarin sodium (coumadin) after developing a bloot clot in my leg, attributed to being on the pill. During the 4 months I was on it, despite going off the pill and massively cutting down on alcohol consumption, I GAINED 25 pounds. After I was off the coumadin, I had my thyroid tested, as I do every year. I was diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism and prescribed synthroid about two months ago. I haven't gained any more weight, but haven't lost any either. I note weight gain was not listed as a warfarin side effect, but synthroid (thyroid replacement) indicates that it is not absorbed as well when on coumadin. Could there be a link between regular thyroid function and coumadin as well? Seems like a lot of the coumadin side effects (weight gain, dry skin, fatigue, memory/concentration problems) are also symptoms of hypothyroidism. F 34 4 months

 3  DVT. PE. Weight gain. Dry, itchy scalp with sores. Dry, itchy skin. memory not as clear as it used to be. Loss of hair on arms, legs and eyelashes. Loss of libido. Tired (but not to the extent that I am overly bothered - I just sleep more lol). I am taking Warfarin, and whilst it is doing its job I will certainly put up with the 'not so good' bits. What I can't understand is that if everyone on here have very similar symptoms, why are the doctors saying that Warfarin doesn't have any side effects, we can't all be wrong, and as someone else said, we are the people taking the medication. F 47 10 months

 3  PE both lungs after heart procedure Tiredness, occasional inability to focus, occasional weird colored urine (once orange, once iced tea colored) Standard protocol seems to be to take Coumadin 6 months after a pulmonary embolism, but seems like overkill considering the risks (such as bleeding to death), especially when the PE was post-surgical. F 49 6 weeks

 3  blood clot in liver im 21 and on warfarin from blood clots from taking birthcontrol and having hot flashes so bad i fell i must sit or get air or il pass out. when I get a chill im freezing mostly hands and feet.stay exhausted im always tired i could lay in bed all day and not move im on warfarin is there a difference in side effects ive bn researching while on vacation ive bn having severe hot flashes im in washington state freezing one minute in so hot two seconds later i could strip down in the snow its terrible i feel like im going to pass out if i dnt sit down F 21 2 weeks
 3  i was put on coumadin for a blood c I have bad acne, some short term memory loss, headaches, and wierd dreams. As far as it working, I have no new clots. My body isn't absorbing the one I do have as quickly as I like. M 36 6 months
 3  Mitral valve replacement (twice) Depression, anxiety, weight gain, severe fatigue, disturbed sleep and a lack of concentration. I have been taking wafarin for 27 years and I have found that the longer I am on drug the worse the symptoms seem to be getting. It has been sheer determination on my part to try to lead a normal life. This drug did save my life and for that I am extremely grateful! The side effects have either not been sufficiently researched or ignored. I have been told by my Dr's on numerous occasions that there is no alternative for me. I have done what I could to alleviate or minimise the side effects, not to mention the money that I have spent trying to "heal" myself :0)The side effects can be debilitating at times. I think it is time that the manufacturer does something about it as there are more of us that suffer from the side effects than those that don't!! F 41 27 years
 3  DVT pelvis to knee 3mos post-partum Hair loss, bruising, random nosebleeds, swelling in hands and feet, increase in headaches, sores on my legs I have been diagnosed with two genetic factors which affect my clotting: Factor V leiden and Lupus Anticoagulant...when asking the hematologist when I would be done with the meds...he told me that I will probably be on them for life due to my two factors...when asking my primary care physician...he said with weight loss and active lifestyle, I could most likely go off of it and live a long, healthy life without it. I'm shooting for the latter. F 28 9 months

 3  PE after ovarian cyst removal My hands are freezing and while on warfarin my brain was mush and I felt like I was high. I, also, for the first time in my life have GI issues. 1.5 weeks after starting Warfarin I had finals and did not have enough brain cells to study. I switched to Coumadin...it seems to be different. I seem to be less spacey and more able to concentrate. Though certainly not back to my old self. What else could cause the brain fuzz? I am curious, how many people are on warfarin and how many are on Coumadin? Are there different side effects with the non brand name? F 40 2 weeks
 3  DVT led to complete Bi-lateral PE Short term memory loss, water retention, weight gain, loss of energy, often cannot recall common names and phrases, decreased sex drive and seminal output, upper body muscle stiffness, some joint pain,dry hair. It is somewhat of a comfort to know that I am not "Crazy" and that others are having the same issues. I had been on a regular workout schedule before taking coumadin. Now it is a real struggle energy wise. I also seem to gain weight by breathing. Huge water retention issue. Hands and lower legs and feet swell all the time. Diruetics don't seem to help much. Feet feel thick and wooden. I assume the coumadin has helped, but only because they have told me so. I don't have much of a problem holding a 2.2 PT with a 5 mg daily dosage. Because of family history, I am told I may be a lifer. I hope there is another answer. M 51 6 months

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