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 5  Hypothyroidism Zero side effects, except feeling great and feeling full after eating. Have lost weight without trying, especially the trouble zone (tummy) which I gained in the 2 years I've complained about symptoms. Told my doc for 2 years I've had problems, treating everything but Thyroid because it never showed in blood work until 2 years later. Hair had been falling out in clumps. Finally, test showed positive. Been on Synthroid for 2 weeks and I feel great! Guess it works for some and not others. I'm on a low dose of .75. F 43 14 days

 5  hypothyroidism none I felt amazingly better in just two weeks of starting synthroid. I had put off starting thyroid replacement therapy for 6 months to see if my TSH would improve after an illness I had last summer. It went up considerably instead and I knew I had to start synthroid. I am only sorry I didn't start sooner. I feel so much better now that I've been taking it about 2 months. No side effects whatsoever. I am grateful to have such a good medication to use. What a difference it has made. F 57 2 months

 5  Hashimoto's Disease None Be careful of the (generic). I lost my hair, experienced flu like symptons, and had severe lethargic episodes. Back on name brand, no side effects and my hair is comming back! F 44 16 years

 5  hypothyroid none I was constantly cold, constipated, tired, had dry skin and brittle hair until diagnosed as hypothyroid and put on Synthroid. I hate drugs, but this natural occurring hormone we all need to have a healthy metabolism. It works! I am healthy and active; all negative symptoms are gone. Been very happy with Synthroid since 1991. F 48 13 years
 5  thyroid problem insomia and some weight gain F 51 4 years

 5  hypothyroidism none Really helpful for years; I can tell in a few hours when I miss a dose. Several people have warned others away from Synthroid. Clearly people's body chemistry differs - whether it works well or poorly for one person doesn't really say much about how it will affect someone else. You'd have to do a large clinical trial to get any useful results. F 54 10 years

 5  hypothyroidism none, of course, I've been on this medication since I was 3 days old works like a wonder, when I don't forget to take it. When I do, my thyroid gland enlarges, and hurts like hell. But when I do take it, my body feels normal and I don't feel sick. F 23 23 years

 5  1* hypothyroidism 2* to I131 tx none F 20 4 years
 5  hypothyroid none wonderful drug i tied generic and my thyroid level shot up the chart.i returned to it and everything has been smooth sailing every since. F 30 6 years

 5  Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's About 7 years ago I felt sick all the time - sore throat, muscle aches, headaches, joint pain - so my doctor kept giving me antibiotics but I never felt better. I also felt extremely tired, irritable, depressed and my hair was falling out - even my eye brows and eye lashes. My skin was so dry - I would put lotion on every day and still it would crack and bleed. Finally one day my doctor felt my thyroid and noticed that it was quite enlarged. He sent me for the blood test and when the results came in he called me at home and told me to start taking the medication right away because my TSH was 91.37!!! He said he didn't know how I was getting out of bed in the morning - I said I don't know either! As soon as I started taking it I felt more energy but it only lasted a few days then every time they increased it I would feel more energy until now I'm at the total replacement dose. My hair grew back, I have some more energy - still not a lot but at least I can get out of bed in the mor I also used to be cold all the time - any time you would touch my hands they would be freezing. Now I am hot and sweaty all the time. Not sure if it's from the thyroid meds or from my diabetes but that's another issue. I take the generic, Levoxyl because my nutritionist didn't want me taking Synthroid due to the dyes in it. Now my TSH is .25. Some endocrinologists say that's too low but I've talked to many who focus on holistic medication and they say that you can't always go by the "normal ranges". What's normal for me may not be what's normal for someone else. All I know is that 200 mcg works for me. If I go down to 175 mcg, I feel the differece. F 32 7 years
 5  GRAVES/ HYPOTHYROIDISM none I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was given radioactive iodine. The purpose of this Radioactive iodine is to take you to hypothyroidism. After waiting several months, i began noticing that my hair was falling out so much that it was scary and i felt so tired. These symptoms were nothing compared to those i had while i was hyperthyroid. I had blood tests and was now diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My doctor gave me synthroid.It took a while to get the right dose. I am so satisfied with the results that i can tell you i feel MYSELF again. Goodbye depression. F 28 3 years

 5  hypothyroidism none I have always taken 50mcg even though I was told I would need to increase it and my TSH is still going down. Does anyone know if maybe my thyroid was injured during heart bypass surgery and perhaps has now healed? My doc does not think so. got my TSH from 6.8 to 3.2 in 6 months and from 3.2 to 1.6 at 18 months. My doctor felt I would have more problems later unless I started the synthroid now. I did not have any symptoms so I still wonder about it but the blood test show a big difference in the TSH so guess I did need it. F 64 3 years
 5  hypothyroidism None Have taken this for over 21 years. It's been so long that I can't recall the fatigue I used to feel, I dropped about 25 pounds after starting on the Synthroid all those years ago and it has helped me maintain my weight within the same 5 or so pounds all these years, when prior to that I tried and tried to loose weight but couldn't get it to budge. It must have revved up my metabolism. F 49 21 years

 5  hypothyroidism No side effects. Constipation was prior to synthroid & is normal now...however, I recommend more fiber in a diet....or fiber supplement. My life has changed since I have been perscribed sythroid .075 mg is a small dose, however, has made huge health changes for me. I am no longer bloated, shortness of breath, tired, feeling like having the flu, body temp was low & normal now. 10 yrs telling doctors I wasn't feeling well...their response; "what I can see all is fine". Never a blood work-up taken or suggested. Having joint pains & seeing a Dr. for ho joint pains. This fabulous, caring physcian spent 2 hr extensive meeting & took blood work and found the problem that I had hypothrodism. I thank him & the lord a finding the problem. I feel wonderful and healthy now. I have fabulous doctors now & feel 15 + yrs younger. Taking sythroid for 6.5 yrs and still improving. Very important take sythroid the same time each day... by minute on the clock....not taking (skipping) or taking even 1 hr late....I become constipated and notice the change. Watch that clock & take on time! Sythroid since: 7/18 /00 F 56 6 years
 5  Hypothyroidism I experienced continuous bleeding. It's not known if that is from the Synthroid or some other problem. (We'll know soon.) I've only been on the medicine for three months and have gone back to my normal, energetic life. I went three years before I was diagnosed. I had symptoms of weight-gain, chronic constipation, sensitive to cold (I'm one of those always-hot people, so this was a big one!), fatigue, hair loss, and dry skin. My life is back to normal now after only three months. It's a lot easier to diet now. (I've lost 10 pounds.) Before the medication, I would practically starve and would still NOT lose any weight. F 47 3 months

 5  hypothyroidism None that I am aware of. I have been taking the same med, synthroid, since age 11 when a goiter was discovered along with hypothyroidism. They said I will on this for the rest of my life, which must be true because I am 39 and still on it. I notice that I have a low body temp usually, get cold easily, and have trouble losing weight. Other than that, no real issues. F 39 28 years

 5  subclincal hypothyroidism energy, much easier to get out of bed, improved memory/thinking, better balance, caffeine sensitivity, racing heart, some nauseau, some hair-loss, some weight loss, increased appetite, extra motivation, trouble exercising the first few weeks. Overall, I'm very happy with the medicine, I'm currently taking .25mcg of Levothyroxine. By the third day I noticed extreme energy and the inability to sit still. The energy was great, but a little much at times. Now after 5 weeks I've calmed down a bit. It's still much easier for me to get out of bed, my memory is noticably improved. Also it took about 3 or 4 weeks before I didn't feel like my heart was beating too fast when I exercised, and my endurance is getting back to where it was. I had no idea I had hypothyroidism before taking a bloodtest 2 months ago. Even after learning I had it I was a little hesitant to take medicine for it, when I didn't think I had many symptoms. Overall I'm very happy with the effects, and so far am very glad I decided to take levothyroxine. F 27 5 weeks
 5  hypothyroidism NONE! I am one who has side effects when I take Tylenol, so it was with great trepidation I started a new medication. I have had ONLY POSITIVE SIDE EFFECTS! I think some people with these negative side effects may have too high of a dose ( or too low ) or other concurrent problems needing to be addressed. For me, I am finally BALANCED! So far I have felt better in the last few weeks than I have in the last few years! My doctor has me on a low dose which seems to be working very effectively. I will be tested again soon at the three month mark. I suffer from anxiety attacks for which I take Xanax, AND I am prone to get the worst case side effects from almost anything I take. I was apprehensive this medicine would rev me up and make me jittery! I do have energy to spare, but it is a good energy- an optimistic and "full of lfe" feeling. My anxiety has DROPPED! I sleep better, my mood is better, I am only sorry I did not get on this sooner! F 43 1 months

 5  hypothryroidism No side effects that I'm aware of. Levothyroxin the generic version is what I'm on. It put my thyroid in balance. By time I got to the doctor to get checked out my tsh was 11.93. Within a month on this drug it is at 3.5. F 60 6 months

 5  THS level was 161.00 and is now .04 Also taking Vytorin for high cholesterol and am experiencing joint and muscle pain in elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles. Dont' know if either drug is causing this. F 63 6 months

 5  hypothyroidism The thyroid gland affects every part of your body, skin(oily, or dry, acne or exema) hair, bones, nails, cotton mouth, mood (low sex drive, lethargy, suicial tendencies, anger issues) heart rate, weight gain or loss, metabolism, energy, brain function, sleeping all the time or insomnia,feeling too cold or feeling too hot, uncontrollable sweating, muscle atrophe, soarness, retaining water, excessive fat tissue. The list goes on, but the one thing that is not to blame is synthroid. This drug is only helpful to people with this defect. One thing that is not fully understood is that everyone has a different level they need to be on, and the manufacturer doesn't always make that perfect dose for your particular case, and doctors really don't fully understand that a couple of mcgs can make alot of difference. If things aren't working for you than you have to experiment with taking maybe a 135mcg, along with a 50mcg, or a 100mcg along with an 88mcg. Your doctor will work with you, but you hav F 47 39 years
 5  hypothyroidism None at all I take 200mcg. I have taken it for 6 years. If there have been side effects, they have only been positive: I am able to lose weight if I try, I am not freezing to death all the time, and I am not ready to hibernate for a long winter's nap by noon each day. Synthroid is great. It has completely changed my life for the better. F 39 6 years

 5  hypothryoidism Slight fluttery feeling in my chest the first and second day on 25 mg dose. From all I'd read and heard, even from my doc, I expected to wait at least a few weeks to see any improvement. Instead, I noticed significant improvement on Day 1 and it has only gotten better in the 3 days since. I don't have that crippling brain fog (that was serious impacting my job performance), have energy to spare. The joint aches are gone, I sweat again, my recovery time from a gym workout is back to normal. I am astounded and very grateful. I go up to 50mg in a few days and will update this then. My thanks to all who posted before--your comments (-and +) helped me a great deal! F 44 4 days

 5  Hypothyroidism Ive never noticed side effects from this drug -- negative or positive. I felt great in my early 50's -- assumed I was in perfect health -- when my GYN routinely discovered a goiter. I was sent to an internist who put me through numerous tests and subsequently prescribed Synthroid (and told me never to take the generic brand). I've never felt any different than the day I began taking the drug, however, I see the annual test results so I'm sure I need it. My dosage has increased several times; I presently take 150mcg. I've developed aches and pains in the last 10 years, but at my age who hasn't -- and Synthroid probably has nothing to do with it. F 63 10 years
 5  Thyroidectomy at 13 None It's great. F 22 9 years
 5  Thyroid surgery to remove goiter None Works great. It is the one medication that all of my doctors have told me to get ONLY Synthroid and not a generic and there is a difference. All other drugs I take generic when it is available. I had also read about synthroid vs generic brands so there must be something to it. At least it isn't expensive! F 58 4 years

 4  hypothyroid reduced appetite? it's only been 3 days so that might be just a coincidence After at least 6 years of my doctor writing off my fatigue as a one of the symptoms of depression, I finally got a doctor who did the thyroid testing I asked for. Of course, I had to twist his arm toowhat is it with doctors not wanting to go beyond the basic testing? Im only on day 3 with Synthroid, still have fatigue, but decreased appetite. Anyway, Im looking forward to being able to get through a whole week of work without leaving early to go home and sleep. F 32 3 days
 4  hypothyroidism The only side effects I've experienced had to do with dosage adjustments: when the dose is too high, the symptoms of hypothroidism return (hair loss, dry skin, fatigue, moodiness, cold). When the dose is too low, I get hyper, like a chihuahua. The real side effect of synthroid, as I understand it, is bone loss: something to keep in mind, surely, and try to compensate for with calcium, exercise, avoidance of carbonated drinks and other things that interfere with calcium absorption (see symptoms and tips for avoiding osteoporosis). Synthroid is a miracle drug: within a week of being on it, I was a changed person. The toughest thing was getting the diagnosis, for it seems every doctor these days wants to be a therapist and try to find psychological reasons for your illness. The way I got a diagnosis was by figuring out what was wrong myself, and heading straight for a doctor who specialized in hypothroidism. After three years of medical "pseudo/psychotherapy, the specialist diagnosed hypothroidism in a ten minute conversation, exam, and blood test. F 52 25 years

 4  Total thyroidectomy, thyroid cancer Muscle aches in back and legs. Tingling in toes, fingers, legs, arms. Stiffness. Weak ankles. I am taking 150 and it seems to work really well for me. My levels are good and I feel pretty good overall in that I have energy and little fatigue. My only complaint are the weird aches and pains I have experienced in the last few months. I don't remember feeling this way prior to taking this medication. I have been on Levothyroxine for approximately 1 year, and in the last four months I have noticed these problems. I don't know if it is a side effect from the medication, but nothing else makes sense since I am not on any other medications. I have talked to the specialist about the tingling and numbnes but he didn't have an answer for me since my levels look fine. My calcium levels were also fine, but should I take a supplement anyway? Does anyone have advise/suggestions? F 29 1 years
 4  Hypo I have only been on it a week, however I do feel better. I have already dropped a few pounds. I would say if you want to really feel better add a supplement called Alvidar, you can get it anywhere on the net, but make sure they are an authorized dealer and it is genuine. It is an all natural herbal supplement that supports thyroid function and just helps all around. I am looking forward to Synthroid helping me to get back to life because I had pretty much every symptom of hypothyroidism. I could run to Canada and back and not lose a pound! "Houston we have a problem!" looking forward to continually losing the pounds. F 38 7 days
 4  hypo Acne when dosage was increased from .50 to .75 and I flipped from hypo to hyper. Now back to .50.... I run 42 miles a week and lift weights. I do not eat anything after 7:00p.m. at night and wait an hour before eating or drinking after I take the Synthroid in the am. I take B12 supplements as well a a multi vitamin for women over 40. I feel like a need a nap each day but I can't --and I am a bit foggy but I figure it could be worse. I have 4 kids, a full time job and try to stay positive. Anybody have any better ideas or natural supplements that work? F 48 7 days
 4  graves disease, radiation,hypo now hair loss by the handful, palpitations, weight gain, listen to your body- not right, find a doctor that will LISTEN TO YOU, my doctor is great he has changed medication on my say so I finally feel close to normal after 3 years. Everybody you know should have a tsh test as part of physical before this happens to them.you can't get it right! F 40 3 days

 4  hypothyroidism, hashimoto's nausea, tension, anxiety F 17 3 years

 4  hypo I haven't lost weight, but I've stopped gaining weight. Extended stomach. Hair loss at first. I feel great on 75mgs (mentally and physically). I wish I could lose some weight and my stomach would go down, but I'm not sure those problems are due to the medication. For those people not getting good results, it may be they are taking an incorrect amount or not taking the medication properly. This medication must be taken on an empty stomach with plenty of water and one should wait 30 min.- 1 hour before eating. When I get my blood work done, results have been perfect since taking Synthroid. F 62 18 months

 4  hypothyroidism irregular periods,I have take this since I was 9 yrs old, just recently I have noticed bone and joint pain; arthritis F 29 20 days

 4  thyriod Not too sure F 38 2 years

 4  hypothyroid None F 38 6 times

 4  Hypothyroid None Once I got on the correct dosage i felt great and didn't have the hot flashes any more. I f I miss my dose I can tell within hours. F 30 1 years

 4  hashimoto's disease I have had little side effects. The key to successfully taking synthroid is taking it on an EMPTY stomach and at the same time every day. I take other meds but take them at least one hour after it. Also don't eat F 38 10 years

 4  hashimoto's disease I have had little side effects. The key to successfully taking synthroid is taking it on an EMPTY stomach and at the same time every day. I take other meds but take them at least one hour after it. Also don't eat Make sure your doctors are doing complete thyroid panals not just your TSH levels. Your T3 is very important as are your thyroid antibodies.Some people who don't do well with synthroid...do better on Armoral natural thyroid. F 38 10 years

 4  under active throid None whatsoever F 40 6 years

 4  under active thyroid bone pain, arthritis? F 65 15 years
 4  hyperthyroidism depression and constant hunger i don't like the fact that i'm always hungry but i am losing weight which is a good thing F 18 12 months

 4  hypothyroidism depression, hair loss, always hungry i don't like the fact that i'm always hungry but i am losing weight which is a good thing F 18 12 months

 4  total thyroidectomy due to cancer Any side effects are better than cancer..... F 26 1 months

 4  hypothyroidism I have been taking synthroid since I was 13. At the time, I was very tired, cold all the time, always in a brain fog. Even though this sounds like a typical teenager..lol...my mom decided to take me to the doctor anyway. I did some blood tests and it turned out that I had hypothyroidism. No shock really, my mom and my grandma have it as well. Well, 20 years later, still on synthroid, I have started to develop strange symptoms, joint pain, extreme fatigue, etc. I went to the doctor to have my thyroid checked again. I have been taking my medication consitently for 20 years now..what could possibly be wrong?? Well, it seems that I may have Lupus! Does anyone know if this drug has a link to Lupus?? I have never had a problem with this drug but now I am wondering if it has disturbing long term effects. F 33 20 years
 4  thyroid F 59 6 months

 4  Hypothyroid Mild constipation. Maybe a little more hungry. Only on this med a little over a week but the difference in my life is amazing. I feel more energetic, less tired. Sleeping better. Not cold. I'm told it can take six weeks or more to start feeling the full effects and I can't wait. I feel normal again after years of sluggishness and lethargy. F 41 11 days

 4  total thyroidectomy/ thyroid cancer Hair loss, night sweats, inability to sleep. Never had the energy I was supposed to have after my thyroid levels were evened out. I started out taking the generic, but then my endocrinologist gave me a few months worth of samples of the name brand, and after only a few weeks the side effects disappeared. I didn't actually notice until the samples ran out and I had to get the generic refilled. Then I started noticing my hair falling out again, and I am waking up with cold sweats at night. Am switching back to the name brand this week to try and fix it. F 26 1.5 years

 4  Hypothyroidism Beware of taking conjugated estrogens (Prempro) for HRT as they bind with the thyroxine and counteract the effects. Began getting sleepy all the time constant hunger and weight gain. Gained close to 100 lbs over a year and went to doc for testing. My tsh was 86.7 and doc put me on Synthroid 25mcg. Had to increase dosage over the next 5 years to 250mcg. Found out that the Prempro I was taking for HRT(both overies removed due to benign tumors) was interfering with my Synthroid. Had my Gyn reduce prempro dosage and am now feeling much more energetic and am losing weight. Have had to stay on brand name Synthroid as the generics do not have the same effectiveness for me. F 38 5 years
 4  hypothroidism I was shaky,jumpy, tired, and spaced out for the first week and occasionaly when levels are too high or low. Heavyness when swallowing (from thyroid being enlarged) especially when lying flat. I found out about my throid after I got a goiter. I was 22 and just had my first child. I gained about 70lbs. during the pregnancy. I went on synthroid. I lost all the weight I had gained. With my second child I only gained 28lbs. When I feel different (extremely tired, grouchy, spaced, or consitpated) I call the doctor and have them get an order for blood tests. Occasionally my throid goes hyper then back to hypo. It's my body and I know when something is off. Blood work will become second nature to you every 3 to 6 months I get tested. When my levels are correct I feel great! Don't let the doctors call the shots we pay them! F 30 7 years

 4  goiter When I took Armour for 14 years, 180 mg, I got osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis) at 35. My heart was fluttering, I was very thin, PVC (preventricular contractions), MVP (mitral valve prolapse), leg tingling, dry skin, loss of hair, insomnia, hot and moist hands and skin in general, severe calcium leeching from bones. Armouris NOT approved by the FDA, do not take it, it is dessicated cow hormone, pounded into a pill form, uneven dosage. When I switched to Synthroid I got my energy back, my bones thickened again, no more osteopenia, no more back pain, headaches, etc. It took about a month to come down from such a high dose of cow hormone (180 mg) to 112 mcg of Synthroid and there were some unpleasant sideeffects. But they went away. I lose hair all the time but it grows back. I am 30 pounds fatter, with no change in diet or activity level, but I would rather be fat than osteoporotic and dead of a heartattack. I have been on Synthroid (various levels) for 10 years. I am now on 112 mcg and my symptoms have stabilized. Do go to an endocrynologist since regular physicians are not trained to treat thyroid problems. F 51 10 years

 4  taking synthroid for hypothyroid still extremly tired all the time no energy and i have trouble losing weight always have to work hard to lose any weight went to low carb but still strugle not sure but cant get pregnant been trying for 4 years and seen fertility specialist cant find nothing wrong but thyroid wont stay at right level F 28 5 years

 4  hashimoto's thyroiditis/hypothyroid I have the normal hypothyroid symptoms. I can't say that there are any specific side effects of the meds though... I haven't really felt "normal" for 7 years since the birth of my daughter. I know this site is to post about synthroid, but I wanted to make a comment about armour thyroid. People with autoimmune thyroiditis like hashimotos should not take armour and in fact armour will make it even harder to function as it has natural thyroid hormone in it (from pig) and when you have autoimmune thyroiditis, your body is constantly attacking the thyroid so if you are ingesting natural hormone, your body will in theory attack even harder making it difficult to aleviate the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I have heard good things about it and am sort of disapointed it didn't work for me. In my case my hormone levels completely reversed and were out of control - TSH 20+, etc. In general though I haven't ever noticed a complete reverse of my thyroid related symptoms, synthroid has helped keep my thyroid in a more regulated level (TSH 0.034) and if I have to be on it for life, so be it. F 31 7 years

 4  thyroid was removed I have had no side effects. Most of these patients should discuss how they take the medicine (empty stomach) and vitamin and food interactions will interact with the efficacy. If you are losing your hair, maybe you should have a complete hormonal panel done. There could be other reasons for this. F 51 4 days
 4  hypothyroidism When I first started taking it, I had facial flushing a couple of hours after I took it. This lasted a couple of months. I don't notice any side effects now. I've been on synthroid or its generic equivalents for 7 1/2 years. I know what they say about not swapping manufacturers, but I have not had any unstable levels taking the generic levothyroxine (whichever manufacturer Walgreens decides to use that month). I take 150 mcg per day and have my TSH/T4 levels checked every 6 months, and they have been stable for years without any dosage changes. It's a very important medication that you will need to take forever more than likely if you have hypothyroidism. Great, necessary med for those of us that have to have it. Best to take same time every day, on an empty stomach, and without taking any other meds with it. F 36 7 years

 4  Hypothyroidism None, except feeling slightly ill and losing a LOT of hair when I took the generic cheap brand I purchased in Mexico. I have lost 85 pounds (only took 3 months to drop it) and have managed to keep it off for 4 years now. My skin isn't quite so dry, though it is still flaky in spots. my hair doesn't fall out as much and it is softer. I have a bit more energy and I digest food faster. I am not back to baseline yet, but I am well on my way. Perhaps all I need is a stronger dosage? F 27 5 years
 4  hypothyroidism Really none until lately. Dr. upped my dosage from .050 mg to .088 mg.Seem to be having heart palpitations more often. Don't really know for sure if it is synthroid or my mitral valve prolapse (taking lopressor- a beta blocker - for this also). Heart palps.were rare till dosage was upped.Could the higher dosage be the problem? F 41 1 days
 4  hypothyroid Can't seem to sleep w/o taking Excedrin or Tylenol PM everynight. Terrible memory. Low sex drive. On Levothyroxine 125mcg Hair loss problems - I found drinking Brewers Yeast helps. I buy Twinlab's Super Rich Yeast Plus. No longer an issue.I've never experimented w/other Thyroid medications but know I can't survive w/o one. Feel feverishly tired without it.I'm assuming the memory and low sex drive can't be blamed on the medication but on my poor performing thryroid. If I could find a pill that fixed the insomnia,sex drive and memory loss,I'd switch. Just don't feel like going thru the search. F 51 30 years

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