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 5  Thyroid disease None This medicine is a first-rate quality product. Its consistency factor (important to those who really do have thyroid disease) is far superior to anything else. Thatís why it trumps products made before its time and gets prescribed more than any other. Plus its lack of side-effects and return of stable lab numbers show why itís the most recommended thyroid medication out there. If youíre newly diagnosed and your doctor has prescribed it Ė take it (as directed). If youíre already on it Ė stay on it. (And donít be fooled by the disturbing internet marketing of second-rate so-called natural products - that involves the bashing of all synthetic medications and that is conducted by those who really should be seeking other types of help...) Stay safe and be well. F

 5   None. Unless you consider that it took care of hair loss and gave me energy again. I finally stopped feeling fatigued when I woke up in the mornings - the very first dosage I noticed the difference. I've found that you really do need to take it on an empty stomach - it makes a difference. I almost always wake up about 75 minutes before I really want to get up, so I take it then. I recently upped my dosage from 50 mcg to 75 mcg. I had noticed that my hair was again coming out more, and I had my yearly physical and blood test. Sure enough, my TSH was over the high end of 4.5 at 4.92. They recently changed the range and now anything over 4.5 means you need more. F 48 4 years

 5  hypothyroidism None Synthroid is a godsend. It cured me. It takes a few weeks to rebalance your biochemistry, so be patient. And it's very affordable. F 45 9 years

 5  I was born without a thryroid gland I am overweight and have difficulty losing weight. Most of the side effects are from not taking it like I should. If I get behind on taking my pills I get severe headaches and want to sleep all of the time. I have been on synthroid since several days after I was born when they realized that I did not have a thyroid gland. I always appreciated was the taste, because it tastes like candy. I also appreciate that with my insurance it is not extremely pricey since I have been warned by several doctors that the generics can be unstable. F 27 27 years
 5  hypothyroid - hashimotos Jittery feeling. The key to this drug is to slowly introduce it into your system. It has taken me a year to work up to 75mcg a day. I felt too jittery so started with 13.5mcg! After a month or so, worked up to 25mcg and then every other day 50mcg....By noon that feeling usually wears off but it made me short tempered. Also, this is one of those drugs where generic makes a huge difference, is not at all the same. I started with generic levothyroxine and felt as if I was in a fog most of the time. Switched to brand synthroid and that completely disappeared. This drug is absolutely necessary if your thyroid has quit functioning properly. I am no longer tired all the time, some minor hair loss stopped, skin feels better, less dry. I don't feel like I'm dragging around anymore even when I don't get enough sleep. The key is to give it time, do the dosage slowly. F 47 1 years

 5  Hashimotos Emotional swings, increased libido, mostly it has helped. I have been on synthroid for 13 years. It has helped me a lot! I stops my hair loss and fatique. I do however have trouble losing weight, high cholesterol even when diet is perfect, and recently they upped my level and now I am very irritable and you will all laugh, but my sex drive is off the charts! Husband does not complain about that! I will have to report it I guess. F 43 13 years

 5  hypothyroidism None at all I feel like a new person after starting the medication. 50mg daily--dose has been increased over the years. F 29 4 years
 5  Hashimoto's Disease/ Chronic Hives None Synthroid made me feel human again and once my thryoid was supressed my hives went into remission! F 31 5 years

 5  Hypothyroidism None, although recently have experienced joint pain that has not subsided I have been taking Synthroid or Levothyroxin (depending on which GP prescribed and what insurance I was on) for 30 years. I feel it has done its job well. I have suffered throughout the years with other issues that have similar symptoms as others described in this post such as severe fatigue which was diagnosed as hyperparathyroidism (parathyroid is different than your thyroid). Once I had the offending parathyroid removed I felt much better. I have never been heavy but I also do not lose weight when exercising regularly and watching what I eat. I am also hypoglycemic so I eat very well. F 47 30 years
 5  Hashimotos/Hypothyroid Regulates my hormone levels just fine. Have had to have the dosage increased as my thyroid dysfunction increases, but no side effects from the drug itself. If your endocrinologist prescribes Synthroid, do not let your pharmacy give you a generic or other brand. There are major differences between the various natural and synthetic thyroid brands, and generics do NOT have the same formulations as the proprietary brands. If one brand doesn't seem to be working, talk to your doctor about switching to another. But stick to a single source. F 45 4 years

 5  Total thyroidectomy; Hashimoto's None, I feel very healthy :) I had a large goiter for years but before I had my thyroid removed, I experienced weight gain, approximatly 40 pounds, hair thinning, coarse hair, brittle nails, dry skin, irratability, depression, and severe fatigue and exhaustion. After my surgery, I was put on BRAND NAME SYNTHROID, and have felt better everyday, my weight is so much more easier to control, my hair grows, I now longer have dry brittle hair or bad skin. If your taking Synthroid, or the generic, and are having bad symtoms again, I suggest getting your TSH levels read again, and going to a couple different doctors, being thyroid patients we should all know that over the years of our problems we will have to deal with changing doses, so deal! I believe in removing problematic goiters and starting fresh with taking brand name Synthroid alone, I feel like the goiter may interact with how the medicine is absorbed/used in the body. F 20 1 years
 5  Hypothyroidism None. I am very pleased with this medication. F 19 5 years

 5  hypothyroidism none I am very pleased with Synthroid. My DR had to initially increase my dosage twice, but once the right dosage for my body was found, my hypothyroid symptoms have diminished significantly. My blood work consistenly reveals normal thyroid levels now while taking Synthroid. I have been very pleased. F 32 4 years

 5  Hashimotos's I get out of breath more easily now and my cycle was irregular for the first time in years. It didn't help my shakiness and lightheadedness, but I've only been taking it a short time so the dosage might not be quite right yet. However, I have way more energy now than I did when I was hypo, and I feel like I can participate in and enjoy life much more. I was sleeping all the time, and now I hardly ever take a nap or feel completely exhausted like I used to. F 20 2 months

 5  Hypothroidism Very sensitive to sunlight. Nothing else that I notice. I was always cold and not terribly energenic most of my adult life. My body came to a near standstill at menopause, which is when I was diagnosed as hypothyroid. I could barely move, and had frequent heart palipatations. I thought I was dying. Synthroid saved my life. My doctors have monitored it carefully over the years and make minor dosage changes when necessary. I also monitor my diet as some foods, such as broccoli, interfere with its effectiveness. F 67 17 years

 5  Hypothyroid Energy! Feel alive! Don't want to sleep every minute of the day! Daydream about fun things instead of napping. If you are hypothyroid, there is nothing to say, it works and will change your life enormously. I used to skip class to go sleep in my car. I could and would sleep anywhere. I also had chronic headaches. There are no negative side effects for me. However, no drug is perfect all the time. To maintain my weight and boost my energy I eat a low carb diet and almost no sugar. I also take vitamins. You need to have self control to feel good when you have thyroid problems. You can't just blame everything on your condition or your medication. This drug is replacing something that your body needs to function, so I don't see any point of discussion. Just take it, inspire yourself to be well, eat healthy and enjoy your new life!! F 38 19 years

 5  Hypothyroidism None My life is changed! I was initially hyperthyroid then swung to very low hypothyroidism and my endocrinologist prescribed 112 mcg of Synthyroid. Now my energy is back, sleep restful and deep, all bodily pains gone, no headaches, mental fog gone. I feel like I've gotten my life back and gotten 5-10 yrs younger! I'm a lifelong vegetarian and have no tolerance for prescription drugs. But this drug has saved my life and I am very grateful! F 59 7 days

 5  hypothyroidism None. I have been on Synthroid (75mcg) for one month. It seems to be great. I am starting to feel normal and losing weight. I am not freezing all of the time. I am not as fatigued as before. I still experience fatigue, but nothing like before Synthroid. My skin also isn't as dry as before and my hair is looking better. No more constipation. Mentally, I couldn't ask for anything more, but I began taking Zoloft at the same time, so I am sure that has something to do with it as well. F 44 31 days
 5  total thyroidectomy no side effects My thyroid was removed due to papillary thyroid cancer.By the end of my first week on Synthroid I felt great. I have continued to experience no problems at all with this medication. In fact,I feel exactly the same way I did before my thyroidectomy. F 58 3 months
 5  hypothroid/hashimoto's none It seems lots of people confusing symptoms with side effects here. symptoms of thyroid disorder not disappearing because of your dose or how you are taking synthroid. take in am with water (not juice milk etc), do not take with antacid, vitamins, and take at least 1 hour before eating. It makes a world of difference in how the medication works when I follow the simple instructions that the pharmacy puts on the bottle for me. A bad part about synthroid is the odd dosages. make sure your doc is looking at TSH, T4 AND T3 bloodwork and do it every 60-90 days to get a good look at ALL THREE - a Vit. D and Vit. B-12 panel cant hurt either ESP if fatigue keeps you indoors and you feel pain when touched in legs and arms. Encourage your doc to think outside the box if you seem like you are on and endless teeter totter of dosages. I take .300mcg 1 day a week and .150mcg 6 days a week. It works well and skin, hair, sleep and other symptoms aren't an issue anymore. Weight is also coming off now with about 1-3 pounds a month with minimal exercise and 5-6 pounds a month with 1 hour cardio a day. Remember it's not just up to a pill to magically cure you. You have to help yourself with this disorder; you have to be just as proactive watching your diet and excercise (no one is going to do it for you), and be proactive with your doctor and don't be afraid or feel inconveninced if you have to find a new one. It's YOUR health and YOU are in charge! F 37 15 years
 5  Hashimoto's None. Feel great! I didn't even realize the mental sluggishness I was experiencing until I started taking synthroid and got my "edge" back. F 59 5 years

 5  Hypothyroid I haved tried taking other generic types of medication to help my hypothyroidism but had dealt with some irritating side effects with those medications. Synthroid is the ONLY medication that agrees with my body. I have no side effects, got my levels in the normal range, and I feel great! F 31 4 years
 4  Hypothyroid Maybe dry skin, my hair always fell out before this medication and same fir anxiety always had this too..levels are normal F 40 8 months
 4  Hypothyroidism None other then shorter menstrual cycles, and water retention. Not sure if its the med or stress. It took me almost two years to start feeling better. Before synthroid I was put on Cytomel which made me feel horrible and then Armour which did nothing for me because I was first told that my numbers were not low enough to try synthroid. I think when people are sick for so long, it can take a while for the drug to rebuild your metabolism. At the right dose, I think it works pretty well. F 27 2 years
88 mcg 1X D

 4  Thyroid removed My biggest side effect is hair loss I feel better in general, still some mild flushing and feelings of anxiety from time to time. Didn't know the strange pressure in my ears could be from this drug, learn something new everyday! My biggest problem is hair lose, it wont stop and two doctors told me it's just stress related. I had very thick and healthy hair before, now it is thin and brittle. For those that have had this experience, do you have any advise? I don't want to go bald. F 35 5 years
 4  Hypothyroidism ?? I have been on it for most of my life, I was 14 when diagnosed . I take 300 mcg a day. have 4 normal kids..I am 38 now. Take your med EVERY day and in the morning before you eat.. all it does is replace thyroid hormone... The only problems are when you either don't have enough...or too much..which can be determined by a blood test. F 38 24 years
 4  hypothyroidism very bad arrhythmia or tachycardia when it's not dosed exactly right. too much synthroid makes me feel like I am going out of my mind with anxiety, agitation, irritablity, sleeplessness, and heart palpitations. F 39 8 years

 4  Thyroidectomy Overheating at night, unable to sleep, thinning of hair, irritability, fatigue, over-emotional, night terrors When my levels are accurate, Synthroid works wonders. If I miss a few doses or if my levels are off, or if I take the generic brands, the side effects kick in. F 27 13 years
 4  Hypothyroidism I experience some hair loss and general anxiety. You know i keep asking my doctor if there could be a link between my anxiety and my thyroid meds and she is sure there isn't. I just can't imagine there being so many of us with the same problem yet no link established by the medical community. I get bloodwork done every 9 months and my numbers are normal. I distinctly remember my anxiety presenting itself shortly after i began the meds 5 years ago. It doesn't make sense to me. F 47 5 years

 4  low throid I seem to be a "happier" person with it. Never had low test results but suffered from on and off again depression. It has been healthful but am worried about long term use. F 58 1 years

 4  Hypothyroidism / Hashimoto's No side effects I have been taking synthroid for about 6 months now. I just had my bloodwork checked again and my doc tested my antibodies this time. She diagnosed me with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I have heard that soy products can aggrevate the thyroid. I am vegan and regularly consume soy products. Does anyone have any information on this??? F 34 6 months
 4  thyroid cancer/thyroidectomy Low energy, difficulty concentrating After being diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer at age 33, I had a total thyroidectomy and began taking Synthroid. My levels have been adjusted and I feel pretty good most of the time. My doctor has me take 112mcg one day and 125mcg the next because one is too little and the other too much! It is imperative that you find a doctor to listen to your symptoms instead of simply monitoring your blood levels. My endo said two important things - you must use brand over generic because generic brands are unregulated. Meaning, there could be different (slightly) levels of levothyroxine in each tablet. Those swings in dosage can really throw you off. Second, when treating cancer, it is important to keep me slightly hyperthyroid. This will keep whatever remaining thyroid cells inactive. We don't want our cancerous cells to work harder and generate more cancer cells! F 37 4 years

 4  total thyroidectomy, thyroid cancer fatigue, heart palpitations Synthroid seems to be doing its job. After my surgery, I was put on Cytomel temporarily while my endocrinologist determined if I would need RAI. On the cytomel I was shaking with heart palpitations. Also, please keep in mind, anyone is going to feel worn down right after surgery. Approx 2-4 months later, I did the switch to Synthroid, and the switch itself was exhausting (I'd be tired in the middle of the day). After a few weeks to a month of taking Synthroid, I no longer had the intense shaking, and I felt much more "level". It's been about 8 months now, and I haven't gained any weight or had noticeable visual changes. I only notice slight heart palpitations now and then (possibly due to caffene intake - no way to know). I trust my body's adjusting to the meds and will be fine in time, but I'm not at 100% yet. F 29 8 months

 4  Grave's disease occasional hot flashes This medication works great for both forms of thyroid disease. Side effects are usually moderate for the first few doses and mild thereafter. The generic levothyroxine works just as well as this drug and is much cheaper. F 17 2 years

 4  Hypothyroidism Dizziness, Heart Palpitations, some confusion, At beginning of therapy, these were more severe, now less F 49 60 days

 4  Hypothyroidism With synthroid, I have none. I took the generic for a while, and after a while, I ended up constipated and miserable. I had to go back to the name brand. My only complaint is the cost. It is much cheaper to use the generic, however, it isn't worth it. I have more energy and don't feel so constipated and bloated! F 27 5 years

 4  Hypothyroid the synthroid made my side effects go away for a few months then they would come back. Insomnia was my side effect i always got when i went up a dose. Synthroid makes me feel great when it is working! i felt like a new person when i first started taking it. i started on .025 and am up to .200. The longest I had my thyroid regulated was 1 year. recently my TSH was 13 so thats when my dose went up again. right now i am having insomnia but im less angry and irritated all the time and can tell the new dose is starting to help me. F 24 5 years
 4  Thyroid Cancer / Thyroidectomy At onset, I experienced weight gain, hot flashes, brain fog, moments of fatigue, and headaches. Symptoms only lasted about 2 weeks then tapered. During the past 4 years, on two separate occassions, I stopped taking synthroid on my own, only to throw my body out of synch. My cholesterol levels went up, and so did my blood pressure. When I am taking my 137 mcg daily, these symptoms subside, and my cholesterol and blood pressure levels normalize. F 51 4 years
 4  Hypothyroidism When TSH gets too low: fatigue, thirst, anxiety, brain fog. (I've learned these symptoms are indicators to do bloodwork.) Otherwise, I feel great! I decided to post because toward the bottom of the page someone alleged that Synthroid was not approved by the FDA. That remark is actually a fallacy; Synthroid was approved by the FDA on July 24, 2002. You can view the approval history and other information about Synthroid. Here is the direct link to http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/ F 27

 4  hashimotos I had increasing trouble with insomnia, heart palps, sweating after first taking the drug. I thought it was the Synthroid but it turns out that Estrogen levels are affected by increased thyroid hormone. So if you have low estradiol when you start the drug, it will just make your estradiol level even lower and give you all sorts of symptoms of peri-menopause or menopause. Once I started on sufficient estradiol supplement the insomnia, sweating, heart palps, muscle pain went away. I don't think many doctors realize the link between estradiol levels and thyroid levels... that caused me a great deal of trouble. So any ladies who have trouble when they take thyroid hormones should check and make sure they have adequate levels of estradiol before giving up on them. (like E2 of 90-100). F 45

 4  hypothyroid reduced appetite? it's only been 3 days so that might be just a coincidence After at least 6 years of my doctor writing off my fatigue as a one of the symptoms of depression, I finally got a doctor who did the thyroid testing I asked for. Of course, I had to twist his arm tooÖwhat is it with doctors not wanting to go beyond the basic testing? Iím only on day 3 with Synthroid, still have fatigue, but decreased appetite. Anyway, Iím looking forward to being able to get through a whole week of work without leaving early to go home and sleep. F 32 3 days
 4  hypothyroidism The only side effects I've experienced had to do with dosage adjustments: when the dose is too high, the symptoms of hypothroidism return (hair loss, dry skin, fatigue, moodiness, cold). When the dose is too low, I get hyper, like a chihuahua. The real side effect of synthroid, as I understand it, is bone loss: something to keep in mind, surely, and try to compensate for with calcium, exercise, avoidance of carbonated drinks and other things that interfere with calcium absorption (see symptoms and tips for avoiding osteoporosis). Synthroid is a miracle drug: within a week of being on it, I was a changed person. The toughest thing was getting the diagnosis, for it seems every doctor these days wants to be a therapist and try to find psychological reasons for your illness. The way I got a diagnosis was by figuring out what was wrong myself, and heading straight for a doctor who specialized in hypothroidism. After three years of medical "pseudo/psychotherapy, the specialist diagnosed hypothroidism in a ten minute conversation, exam, and blood test. F 52 25 years

 4  Total thyroidectomy, thyroid cancer Muscle aches in back and legs. Tingling in toes, fingers, legs, arms. Stiffness. Weak ankles. I am taking 150 and it seems to work really well for me. My levels are good and I feel pretty good overall in that I have energy and little fatigue. My only complaint are the weird aches and pains I have experienced in the last few months. I don't remember feeling this way prior to taking this medication. I have been on Levothyroxine for approximately 1 year, and in the last four months I have noticed these problems. I don't know if it is a side effect from the medication, but nothing else makes sense since I am not on any other medications. I have talked to the specialist about the tingling and numbnes but he didn't have an answer for me since my levels look fine. My calcium levels were also fine, but should I take a supplement anyway? Does anyone have advise/suggestions? F 29 1 years
 4  Hypo I have only been on it a week, however I do feel better. I have already dropped a few pounds. I would say if you want to really feel better add a supplement called Alvidar, you can get it anywhere on the net, but make sure they are an authorized dealer and it is genuine. It is an all natural herbal supplement that supports thyroid function and just helps all around. I am looking forward to Synthroid helping me to get back to life because I had pretty much every symptom of hypothyroidism. I could run to Canada and back and not lose a pound! "Houston we have a problem!" looking forward to continually losing the pounds. F 38 7 days
 4  hypo Acne when dosage was increased from .50 to .75 and I flipped from hypo to hyper. Now back to .50.... I run 42 miles a week and lift weights. I do not eat anything after 7:00p.m. at night and wait an hour before eating or drinking after I take the Synthroid in the am. I take B12 supplements as well a a multi vitamin for women over 40. I feel like a need a nap each day but I can't --and I am a bit foggy but I figure it could be worse. I have 4 kids, a full time job and try to stay positive. Anybody have any better ideas or natural supplements that work? F 48 7 days
 4  graves disease, radiation,hypo now hair loss by the handful, palpitations, weight gain, listen to your body- not right, find a doctor that will LISTEN TO YOU, my doctor is great he has changed medication on my say so I finally feel close to normal after 3 years. Everybody you know should have a tsh test as part of physical before this happens to them.you can't get it right! F 40 3 days

 4  hypothyroidism, hashimoto's nausea, tension, anxiety F 17 3 years

 4  hypo I haven't lost weight, but I've stopped gaining weight. Extended stomach. Hair loss at first. I feel great on 75mgs (mentally and physically). I wish I could lose some weight and my stomach would go down, but I'm not sure those problems are due to the medication. For those people not getting good results, it may be they are taking an incorrect amount or not taking the medication properly. This medication must be taken on an empty stomach with plenty of water and one should wait 30 min.- 1 hour before eating. When I get my blood work done, results have been perfect since taking Synthroid. F 62 18 months

 4  hypothyroidism irregular periods,I have take this since I was 9 yrs old, just recently I have noticed bone and joint pain; arthritis F 29 20 days

 4  thyriod Not too sure F 38 2 years

 4  hypothyroid None F 38 6 times

 4  Hypothyroid None Once I got on the correct dosage i felt great and didn't have the hot flashes any more. I f I miss my dose I can tell within hours. F 30 1 years

 4  hashimoto's disease I have had little side effects. The key to successfully taking synthroid is taking it on an EMPTY stomach and at the same time every day. I take other meds but take them at least one hour after it. Also don't eat F 38 10 years

 4  hashimoto's disease I have had little side effects. The key to successfully taking synthroid is taking it on an EMPTY stomach and at the same time every day. I take other meds but take them at least one hour after it. Also don't eat Make sure your doctors are doing complete thyroid panals not just your TSH levels. Your T3 is very important as are your thyroid antibodies.Some people who don't do well with synthroid...do better on Armoral natural thyroid. F 38 10 years

 4  under active throid None whatsoever F 40 6 years

 4  under active thyroid bone pain, arthritis? F 65 15 years
 4  hyperthyroidism depression and constant hunger i don't like the fact that i'm always hungry but i am losing weight which is a good thing F 18 12 months

 4  hypothyroidism depression, hair loss, always hungry i don't like the fact that i'm always hungry but i am losing weight which is a good thing F 18 12 months

 4  total thyroidectomy due to cancer Any side effects are better than cancer..... F 26 1 months

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