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 4  Petit Mall Seizures Just recently I've experienced blurred vision. I have always had perfect eye sight so this scares me. I also feel dizzy and faint when outside in the heat. I usually can't take the heat but it has never been this extreme. I also had my first Grand Mal seizure a few weeks after I started taking it. I used to take Zarontin when I was in the 4th grade until I was a senior in high school. I stopped having seizures and did not have to take medication. It wasn't until I turned 21 and started drinking a lot and not getting sleep that they came back. The doctor put me on Lamictal and it has been hard for me to keep up with taking it. I had a grand mal seizure.... it scared the crap out of me so now I take it religiously. I have been taking it for a month now so we will see how it goes.... F 21 1 months
 4  Epilepsy? Diagnosed while pregnant Hard to say since I was 5 months pregnant at the time of Epilepsy diagnosis and starting lamictal. Restlessness, loss of common words, leg cramping ( all could be pregnancy related) after birth developed a rash on the back of my arms and feel dizzy and unstable at times(like the floor is shaking) I trust this drug because my daughter was born healthy and full term ( now two months old)I have also been breastfeeding son entire time and now daughter with no side effects.It is hard for me to say whether or not this drug has helped me because I am not sure I would ever seize again. I had never had auras or seizures until this pregnancy (my second).When on a lower dose I did have another aura but no seizures. Side effects did change after birth but hormones still raging! F 28 7 months
 4  Treatment resistant depression When I first started on Lamictal, I had diarrhea, which would go away then return when we would increase the dosage. This was bothersome, but not really a big problem. Then I developed the dreaded Steven-Johnson's Syndrome rash. Fortunately, we caught it quickly, but there was temporary damage to the nerves in my arms. I had horrible burning pain in my arms for about a month and had to wrap my arms in bandages to keep the pain tolerable. My doctor said if I had continued on the medication, I would have developed third degree burns from the inside out and would have wound up in hospital, if not dead. Figures that when there is a 1/10000 risk of a serious side effect, it's the one I get. It was the only medication in over a decade that worked at all for me; I had relief for the first time since 1993 from my depression. It just about killed me to have to come off the medication, but I couldn't risk letting the Steven-Johnson's Syndrome progress any further. F 31 2.5 months

 4  Bipolar 2 and Anxiety HORRIBLE DREAMS caused me waking up hysterically crying and in a panic attack, itchiness, but not severe. Dizziness if I miss a dose, increased breast size (not so bad)the good isn't so good anymore, but the bad isn't so bad. Occasional sucidial thoughts or the urge to cut which I have NEVER had before. I will continue to take the medication, but I'm thinking about asking my doctor for welbutrin because I'm feeling down lately. F 22 2 months
 4  bipolar 2 - hypomania REALLY runny nose, sinus headache, a little spacey Only day 3 on 25 mgs, but feeling much more "even" and calm. Very optomistic that this drug will be of long term help and encourage folks to ask their doctor about it. This is my first and only medication besides 10 mgs Ambien every night, and I even feel confident that maybe I can quit that soon :) F 30 3 days

 4  bipolar depression nothing too disruptive, possibly more frequent night urination and feeling a little "flat" and my PMS may be worse. 4/14/06 - I was taking this med last year but increased the dosage to 100mg too fast and got a questionable rash so I quit taking it. I started getting depressed again this year but I can't seem to take any other antidepressants because they make me too manic and the Lamictal has helped bring me up from my depressive tendencies without causing mania. In fact I think it also has a calming effect. I am highly sensitive to meds so my doctor has been increasing the dosage VERY slowly and after two months I'm just now up to 50mg. My current cocktail is Depakote/Geodon/Lamictal which seems to be working better than anything else I've tried in the past year and a half. My doctor plans to wean me off the Geodon once I'm stable on the Lamictal. F 33 2 months

 4  Bipolar 2 Significant hair loss, vivid dreams at times, night sweats. It works. Best med I've taken, but I am stopping it due to the consistent (and now dramatic) hair loss. F 44 8 months

 4  Bi-Polar II NOS I immediately developed bumps on the backs of my arms and my thighs. And I was itchy itchy itchy, especially on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. This was combined with dry mouth and decreased appetite, racing heart, morning diarhea. At 62.5mg, I have some minor joint pain in my hands. Despite these nuisances, so far, I'm feeling much more calm, less moody and less irritable. I'm shocked by all the vivid dreams and night sweats . . . but maybe that's because I take Klonopin which (thankfully) knocks me right out. F 38 5 weeks

 4  bipolar II Vivid nightmares, severe joint pain especially on the knees, increased irritability. At 225mg it cured the manic episodes and it worked wonders on the lows. Some trouble focussing and difficulty spelling. I had to bring the dose down to 150mg because of the joint pain. At this dose the pain is manageable. The mania is more noticeable at 150mg. Tried to add lithium, bad idea. M 38 3 months


 4  Epilepsy-temporal-partial When first starting or increasing dose: irritability, naseous, upset stomach, decreased appetite, weight loss, confusion, tiredness daytime, insomnia at night, unsteady on the feet. After adjusting: memory loss, acne and some sexual side effects. F 34 1 years

 4  Bipolar II Disorder headache in the beginning- but has gone away now- at 100 mg i had a hypnogogic episode and very horrible dreams- i decreased my dosage and am fine. lamictal has been extrememly helpful so far. i have been on many SSRI's... and one other mood stabilizer- lithium, and lamictal has worked the best so far! F 20 2 months

 4  Temporal lobe partial seizures Mental slowness/fogginess, decreased coordination, headaches, neck pain, and EXCESSIVE night sweats I haven't found a good dosage that relieves all of my symptoms, I have headaches/neck pain, and then increase my dosage, which causes mental slowness/fogginess, decreased coordination, and even more severe night sweats. M 30 8 months
 4  refractory depression Serious confusion, serious short term memory loss, serious incoordination at 200mg/day. Had to go back to 100mg/day. At both dosages it keeps me from sleeping well if I take it at night (even with 600mg Trazodone), and makes me groggy if I take it in the morning (even with 150mg Wellbutrin and 10mg Ritalin). I didn't complain, even with serious side effects, because this med WORKS. My current depressive episode is 10 years old and nothing has resolved it. So when something helps me to rise a little more out of the muck, I'm grateful. M 44 6 weeks

 4  Bipolar Disorder Mania Double Vision In order to drive, I would have to close one eye. Problem went away after several weeks. M 56 6 years

 4  BiPolar Memory loss, difficulty articulating thoughts, extremely bad body odor and possible hair loss. No sleeping problems possibly due to the combination of Lamictal, Trazadone and Lexapro. Stabilized mood swings to a degree. Realize I need to do more than rely on the medications to improve my mental state, but the medications at least give me a good base in which to take care of myself better. F 56 1.5 years
 4  Bipolar TERRIBLE INSOMNIA!!! I have been taking 200MG. It helps me control mania, but I have TERRIBLE INSOMNIA. I have gone 48 hours with 20 minutes of sleep. I can't function like this. I almost had a driving accident because of this. Now waiting for a return call from the doctor. There HAS to be something better than this. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar over 20 years ago and have been on numerous medications. This helps me with mania better than anything else, BUT I can't function without sleep! M 64 45 days

 4  Bi-Polar II Major night sweats. Problems with articulating thoughts... While this drug has definitely helped even out my moods... I have finally realized that others are having the same problem with thought process. I was always a very articulate person - and for the past year or so I have turned into a bit of a babbling fool... I came to this site to see if there were others feeling the same way and see that is the case. Even though it has really helped with the mood swings... I think I may ask to be taken off of it so I can form sentences again. F 35 1 years

 4  Bipolar Type 1 mild rash on back of arms, dizziness, neck pain every night, headaches. Throat feels swollen, difficulty swollowing at times Prior to taking Lamictal, I was in a deep depression. This medicine has been a life saver. M 34 3 months

 4  bipolar spectrum disorder hair loss, mental fuzziness I wasn't sure I was bipolar until I stopped taking Lamictal and all the symptoms came back - anger, irritability, anxiety, mild OCD, hopelessness, insomnia. I wanted to blame Lamictal for these symptoms, but then my therapist asked me if I could explain why they came on full force when I stopped the Lamictal - good question. I'm back up to 300mg per day and all of the above symptoms are greatly diminished. F 37 9 months

 4  Biopolar II worst acne I've had in my life (covering most of my back, upper arms, chest, and face) hair loss (already had that, but has gotten much worse), vivid dreams (already had that too, due to Effexor but has definitly increased), excessive night sweats (wake up covered in sweat), frequent hot flashes, sweating through-out day, increased body odor, dry mouth (also due to Effexor), increase of migraines, tremors, have increase difficulty in speech pronunciation, reading, and spelling, easily bruised, bad scarring, also possible wieght gain, but not sure if it is from my other meds (I have gain over 40 pounds) which I think it is mainly due to lethargy It has definitley helped with my mood swings, and taken with my other meds (Effexor and Trazodone) proves to be a good cocktail - however I am seriously considering going off due to the acne & the scarring which is making me depressed F 27 2 years

 4  mood disorder Significant stuttering with increased doses. We have had to balance the the benefits and the stuttering side effect by adjusting to a lower dose. M 16 8 months
 4  rapid-cycling bipolar I disorder The only side effects that I've had due to Lamictal alone are fatigue and also nausea. Interestingly enough, I took this for years for epilepsy, and it didn't work well at all. After coming off it though (post-surgery) I discovered to my dismay previously controlled bipolar I disorder. I'm back taking 400 mg a day, and though I still get the slightest depressive and manic symptoms, it's very well controlled. I mean I didn't even know that I had bipolar for years until I quit taking it, and now it's obvious to me when I'm manic and when I'm depressed and when it's mxied, but I can live with those slight symptoms where I couldn't before. F 25 8 years

 4  Mood Stablizer/Bi-Polar Dry mouth, itchy skin, dehydration, body temperature changes, dizziness, forgetfullness (short-term memory mostly), nausea, headaches/migranes. All side effects seem to fade after the first week of raising the dose. It has really stablized my moods enough that I, and my boyfriend have noticed a significant difference. I don't get manic anymore, and my anger has lessened. I don't cry daily, I actually feel like doing things again (less depression). In all, I really recommend this medication if you can stand the side effects (not too bad). F 26 7 weeks
 4  Bi-polar Itching in legs first two weeks at 25 mg per day, excessive salivation, yet dry-mouth at times, zero sex drive (this is becoming aggravating), and now after two weeks at 50 mg per day (4 weeks total so far), I started 100 mg per day last night and had a terrifyingly vivid dream. As mentioned as side effects, the vivid dream thing has me greatly concerned. My psychiatrist started me out with the orange starter kit and things seem to be working wonderfully so far, but last night my dosage in the starter pack went to 100 mg and I had a terrifying and terrifyingly vivid dream. It was so disturbing that when I woke, after 2 hours of sleep, I was afraid to sleep again (in my dream I murdered someone in an horrific way, brutally, and I am a very peaceful person!). If this continues, I'm going to ask what to do next. My doc also has prescribed Xanax (1 mg) on an as-needed basis to calm me down, but it makes me sleepy. He also prescribed Seroquel, which I absolutely refuse to take now. His initial Rx was 100 mg Seroquel and I woke up on the floor a half a day later not knowing where I was or how I got there. He then lowered the Seroquel to 25 mg, continuing the lamictal, and then there's the Xanax, which, other than sleepiness (which is sort of good because I ca M 34 4 weeks
 4  Bipolar II Very few early on. Lately, they have become more troublesome: poor memory recall & difficulty spelling, fatigue, weakness - muscles burn like I've had a major workout after only minor exertion, irritability & confusion if I miss one dose. Lamictal worked like a miracle drug for the first two years. However, I've noticed its effect on my depression has diminished in the last year. M 34 3 years

 4  Bipolar Very bad tremor,vivid dreams, increase libido, breast size I think this drug has helped me to stop rapid cycling. Much calmer and smoother days. F 44 3 days

 4  Seizure Most prevalent side effect has been vivid dreams that seem to occur every night. I was diagnosed 2 years ago as having had a seizure, which I had never experienced before. I have been taking 200mg per day since that time with no recurrence of seizure symptoms until about a month ago. This occured immediately after a week-long vacation during which I missed about 3-4 doses. The missed doses were only my evening dose. Since I take Lamictal twice/day, I always took my morning dose. Around that time I had been experiencing very vivid dreams that occur nghtly. They started before the last seizure; however, their prevalence and intensity has increased over the last month or so. Since I have had only one additional seizure since being diagnosed over 2 years ago, I am assuming the drug is working. But the dreams are driving me nuts. M 61 2 years
 4  bipolar restlessness at night...not sure it was the lamictal, wild dreams, taken in the morning, seems to have me crash around 5 to 6pm...gonna start takin it at night. slow start to get on. I must say, I was highly suicidal and recently started having anxiety attacks. I almost killed myself cause I was on nothing, and finally my girlfiend dragged me to the doctor. Lamictal was the choice, and I living to tell this story. The suicidal thoughts have receeded and I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. My ups and downs from being bipolar are less dramatic and I feel like this is working...just got up to 100mg a day....so we shall see, but for anyone who is struggling to hang in there, be patient...try it out. It saved my life. M 25 60 days

 4  bipolar restlessness at night...not sure it was the lamictal, wild dreams, taken in the morning, seems to have me crash around 5 to 6pm...gonna start takin it at night. slow start to get on. I must say, I was highly suicidal and recently started having anxiety attacks. I almost killed myself cause I was on nothing, and finally my girlfiend dragged me to the doctor. Lamictal was the choice, and I living to tell this story. The suicidal thoughts have receeded and I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. My ups and downs from being bipolar are less dramatic and I feel like this is working...just got up to 100mg a day....so we shall see, but for anyone who is struggling to hang in there, be patient...try it out. It saved my life. M 25 60 days

 4  Epilepsy Grand mal The side effects of the first 4-even 6 months were tough: Insomnia, sleepiness only during the day, headaches, weakness, moodiness Was worth waiting out. Side effects have disappeared. But I was told that it is an Add-on med. so I am STRUGGLING with Depakote and they definitely interact. I recommend Lamictal F 37 8 years
 4  bipolar II mixed mild nausea, some confusion just upped dose to 50 mg and have experienced fairly rapid results with calming negative racing thoughts...am taking with 90mg cymbalta (doc's idea)... was taking cymbalta alone but descended into an anxious depressive state with much agitation...so far minimal side effects with grateful improvement...also use 100mg seroquel for sleep...will continue to update in two weeks M 50 10 days

 4  BiPolar 2 Nauseous, exhaustion, strange dreams Taking 200mg. Did not experience any side effects until 200mg, and now they have subsuded somewhat. I take it at night and read until I get kind of nauseous, lay my head down and sleep. I sleep through the whole night, which is great, but remember vivid dreams in the morning. Difficulty waking up, but when i do I am ok....until about 5pm, then I feel like I need a nap. I take it with wellbutrin xl, 300mg, and i think it is a good combo for the most part. i am very satisfied, but eager to talk to my doctor about minor changes to get it all just right. F 22 3 months

 4  seizures nothing that we haven't dealt with from other seizure meds. probably fewer side effects than before Our son was diagnose with epilepsy in August of this year. He has had 12 "big" seizures, of which 6 were grand mals (tonic clonic's and the other 6 have been complex partials). He has had absent seizures for years and is still having a couple per day, but nothing like before. He also experiences myoclonic jerks a few times per day. His first med. was depakote and that was a nightmare. He was like a "mean drunk". He couldn't function at all and was still having seizues. We added topamax and that doesn't have the best side effects. It causes trouble with school and some aggressive and impulsive behavior. He is going down on the depakote and will be totally off it next week. He is maxed out on the topamax. We started lamictal a month ago and are going up on it very, very slowly. He did have a seizure on it, but we are not at max. dose yet, so I wasn't surprised. If I had to say whether or not to give lamictal a try, I would say to do so. M 11 1 months
 4  Epilepsy Peyton has experienced eye twitching, horrible mood swings-violent even, head aches, bruising easily, periods of abnormal sleep patterns-especially transient insomnia, I think she is having short term memory lapses and difficulty in staying focused at times. This child has never had severe mood swings until after having the first seizure and placed on antiepileptic meds. Peyton gets so irrate that there is no calming her down, she just needs to exhaust herself. She screams and cries over the littlest thing. She is so violent that she uppercuts the 2 year old and throws her to the ground. She doesn't hesitate to hit whoever...but more often than not, she just destroys things. She rips wall paper off of the walls, breaks toys, pours stuff on the carpets, digs holes into the leather furniture....just for starters. She is even starting to wear out her welcome at the grandparent's house. The last visit she broke their bedroom door while having one of her 'episodes'. We were switched from Tegretol about a year and a half ago because of violent mood swings continued seizures, and a horrible weight gain. I have recently noticed that she is slimming down. I think that the Lamictal is effective for her seizures. We have never had rashes...knock on wood. She has had a tough time getting to a therapeutic level though, as she was just increased to 200mg twice daily. From what I have read, that is a pretty high dose. I am very concerned that my continued complaint about the mood swings is just poo-pooed by the neurologist. F 5 1 years
 4  bipolar 1 I rated it a 4 because im hopeful of the dosage adjustment changing this. Depakote didnt seem to do anything but im experiencing horrible night terrors (nightmares), lack of concentration, mood swings that change 4/5 times per day. Unable to seperate spiritual/family/feelings from one another. I have been on a higher dose before and did fine, im only on 50 this time. Tomorrow i will consult the doctor, something needs to be done. I do know that NIGHTMARES are a factor of this med. Itching is a mild complication also. The swinging of moods and irritability are my more major concerns. I also take xanax and i have ambien (in case of insomnia and try not to take it too often). Make sure that you discuss with your family members all changes of meds and your condition because they need to know whether "your really mad" or if its a "mood thing". F 43 3 months

 4  BiPolar II It's hard to distinguish what side effect comes from what drug therapies I'm on. Dizziness, weight loss, erratic sleeping patterns. Best addition to my pharmaceutical war chest yet. It helped me begin to get an idea of what normal people are like. It doesn't erase may disorder difficulties but I had made my life, and those of my family, easier. I've been on Lamictal for about 5 years. The first few years at a lower dosage and upped it to max 2 years ago when I realized I was suffering from an ongoing low level depression for a lengthy time. Much better now. I take it in conjunction with a heavy dose of Lithium, which I've been on over 10 years. I started on Welbutrin for way too many years and a dabble with Depakote. Depakote was the first drug that made me feel truly 'drugged'. Lamictal and Lithium has been ideal and the side effects worth the benefits. BETTER LIVING THROUGH CHEMISTRY. M 45 5 years
 4  MOOD DISORDER (Bi-Polar 2) Absolutely crazy and vivid, often disturbing dreams. GI problems (mostly flatulence). I just started taking Lamictal recently and noticed an improvement in my mood in 3 days. Also after the 3rd day is when my disturbing and vivid dreams started. The jury is still out on this med for me but I am willing to continue. I have run the gamut on mind altering substances from Prescribed to illegal drugs (which I know didnt help and made me worse, especially ecstacy/MDMA). Ecstacy was fun but I now know how much that stuff messes with your brain chemistry and potentially causing brain damage. I wonder how many people young and old who participate in illegal drugs are causing their own demise into depression, anxiety, bi-polar mood disorders and the like. So far so good with Lamictal though (fingers crossed). M 38 10 days
 4  Hypomania Itchy on my arms but no rash; maybe my drowsiness while driving is related, not sure. I also have been experiencing more frequent hot flashes. I didn't realize that hot flashes could be a side effect of this drug. I really noticed a huge difference in my moods and thought patterns. I can think clearer and stay focussed longer; less distractable. I really am glad I "found" this medicine. My son, who has Bi Polar II, has just started taking it and is noticing positive effects. F 53 1 months

 4  Mood Disorder NOS Feel slow & tired in the morining an hour after taking it; short term memory loss (I have a hard time recalling words, names, even what I ate for dinner the night before!)hair loss, but was told this is not a side effect. I feel a lot calmer, happier, not irritable as much. I recently began taking 400mg. I couldn't sleep at night due to racing thoughts and the symptoms came back from the lack of sleep. Going to bed earlier and minimizing my computer use in the evenings helped me to get more sleep. M 25 6 months

 4  Depression and Anxiety Loss of appetite during first month or so. Increased acne during first 2 months. Itchy skin and flu symptoms (but no fever) for 3 days during first month, which I keep down with facial soap and skin conditioner. I am currently suffering from mild memory loss and spelling problems. This isn't dyslexia; I'm not transposing letters, but leaving letters out, or having trouble spelling. I'm currently on 300 mg once daily. My moods are usually very stable. I was suffering from SEVERE chronic anxiety, agitation, insomnia, and depression for two months prior to starting Lamictal. Gradual improvement as I upped the dosage (started at 50 mg, then moved up by 50 mg every week). Was stable at 250 for a couple of weeks, then had to move up to 300. Been there for about a month and I'm doing well. Did have one weird experience: took 275 one day and suffered from anxiety for 3 to 4 days thereafter. This may or may not have been caused by the one-day lower dosage. Although I'm concerned about longterm memory and spelling problems, this drug is still a life-saver. New users, please note: You MUST give it time to work. The initial side-effects can be a big problem. They do start to decrease after a month or so. This is basically how all psycho-therapeutic drugs work. Just stick with it. M 41 3 months

 4  Bipolar II mild acne, headache, nausea, tremor, muscle aches. All subside gradually for the most part. Excessive washing worsens the acne. The acne simply resolved when I let my skin oils naturally balance. Strange but true. When you wash your skin too much (hair included!) it stimulates the glands to produce more oil. Pain relievers have no effect on the muscle and headaches. M 51 4 months
 4  Bipolar I Very intense dreams. Trouble breathing sometimes. Stomach pain right after every increase, went away. Insomnia. Im feeling great as far as my mood, but the dreams are really freaking me out. I am almost nervous to go back to sleep. They last all night dream after dream. F 19 2 months

 4  Epilepsy I started on it in the winter and had night sweats frequently. Sometimes they were so bad that my shirt would be soaked when I woke up. As soon as the warm weather started, I have had excessive sweating all the time. I would be sweating profusely even when i didn't feel that hot. I have also had fatigue, weakness, and difficulty sleeping. My overall mood has also been very negetive. I have been depressed and more paranoid than usual. I work night shift and have been showing signs of sunlight deprivation. Some of these symptoms may be due to sunlight deprivation rather than Lamictal side effects. I am going to be changing shifts soon to see if that makes a difference. I was concerned about the severe sweating considering the list of side effects said nothing about it; but since I now see that others on Lamictal are having the same problem, I am not as worried about it. The side effects can be a bit annoying, but I still like the drug. When I first started on it at the lower doses, I would feel the F 23 6 months

 4  Epilepsy night sweats, problems with birth control, swollen tonsils, problems with concentration and long/short term memory Lamictal has done a pretty good job controlling seizures with a few exceptions. I am on the birth control pill, and the Dr. put me on Lamictal b/c he said it didn't interfere with the pill. WRONG!!! I was on my period for almost 7 months straight, while the Dr's experimented with different levels of hormones (The Depo-shot was the winner!). During this experimentation time I started having seizures as they increased the estrogen. So my neuro. increased the lamictal to 300mg/day. At this point I started getting annoying night sweats about 3 times/week, and my tonsils have been swollen for about 3 months now. I am so glad that I found this website b/c I started doing research on the internet, searching for F 26 16 months

 4  lamictal sore throat, pain in ears, crazy dreams that even after I wake up they continue were they left off after falling back to sleep...bathroom issues and worring a little about possibility of some seriuos horrible skin rash killing me I felt better almost right away racing thoughts have slowed down ...and I feel like I don't need to use alcohol any longer to sooth my condition..THIS IS A FIRST ...and I have been on many different medications.. F 39 3 weeks
 4  depression Acne, joint pain in fingers, bruise more easily, weight gain, periods/PMS definitely worse. I take 100mg Lamictal and 75mg Effexor daily. Nothing has ever worked as well as Prozac did for 3 years -- it then stopped working regardless of dose adjustment/combinations. But this combo has been pretty good; definite mood stabilization/elevation, and my thinking feels less scattered. Effexor on its own was never quite right. Unfortunately, the side effects suck. I'd finally been clear of acne for a while -- breaking out again definitely correlated with going on Lamictal, as did weight gain and PMS. The weight gain is minor. The joint pain, which I didn't see listed anywhere as a side effect til coming here and seeing that others have experienced it, freaks me out. I'm a writer/editor and type all day, and was afraid I was getting early onset arthritis or something. I've been using arnica gel 3-4x daily, which really helps. Pretty instant relief. I hate having to be on meds at all, but am glad to have found a combo that in the scheme of things doesn't have heinous side effects. F 34 4 months

 4  Bipolar Also taking 900 lithium with 200 lamictal, occasional clonazapam. Irritated eyes, red eyes, tense neck and shoulders, unable to concentrate, feel wired up, depressed, have no idea what's true anymore, cannot trust gut instincts, feel I don't know what's helping and what's not. I sometimes want to go off all meds to see where the clean slate is. F 28 4 months
 4  Bipolar Maybe a bit more tired during the day, initially. Some very vivid, disturbing dreams and night sweats but that could be meno. Side effects diminished after a few weeks. Been on all the usual suspects...this works best for me. Clears my thinking and memory, evens mood, no deep depressions, increased energy. (Lithium turned me into a zombie.) Anti-depression meds had unreliable or zero results, Wellbutrin made me manic... Took Lamictal for 18 months, went off it & went down the hole. :( Recently resumed, already feeling MUCH better. F 47 2 years

 4  Partial Complex Seizures Acne in upper arms and back, excess salivation. Great overall! I've been on Lamictal for over three years now. Partial complex seizures from skull fracture during the Gulf War have decreased dramatically with this medication. I am currently on three meds. Dilantin, Neurontin and lamictal. Since I was put on Lamictal and stopped smoking marijuana I have not had a seizure for six months now (if you like to get high STOP!.) I couldn't stay up late before without having several seizures back to back. My profession sometimes requires me to work long hours because of deadlines ext. (artist)I plan to continue on Lamictal and decrease the dosage of the other meds. Great medication overall. M 3 years

 4  mood issues None I have been on Lamictal for just a month. I started with 25 mg for 2 weeks, increased to 50 mg for 2 weeks and then went to 100 mg once a day about a week ago. The day after I went to 100 mg I noticed a major change in moods. I felt positive for the first time in quite a while. I will stay at 100 as long as I continue feeling this way. The dr said to increase to 100 mg twice a day if I start noticing decrease effectiveness. M 43 1 months

 4  Bipolar II with psychosis Acne, hairloss, body order (pew), sweating (embarrassing), breast size increase (seriously). decrease in depression. maybe weight gain. Been most constant drug in past year. F 35 14 months

 4  bipolar depression mood stablizer @ 1st the only side effect was ablity to sleep @ nite, the whole nite, now I can't sleep through, some acne more than when I was a teen, dry mouth sinus dry head aches, not as depressed, can't concentrate less impulsive better moods overall not so many different in one day :) alcohol does make me depressed and suicidal, i can still cry@ any minute, but less hopless. more edgy snap easy@ the stupidist things, around my monthly i get really angery want to break things.anxious memory loss, like what did I eat for dinner yesterday? concentration I can't even read a magizine w\o reading it 2x. I have been on other 'antidepressants' paxil prozac, wellbutrin, plus being on the BC pill, I was very moody, bitchy violent, now I have been off any hormonal BC and taken lamictal for a little over a year slowly upping it to 200mg daily doesn't seem to be my happy medium anymore? should I see about taking anything more with it? or get it upped again? I don't know but the anger is more my problem now the being depressed? over all I like this better then anything else I just want to sleep and be able to concentrate. F 27 18 months
 4  Bipolar & depression At 200mg-Cant breathe or sleep well (wake up 5 hours after getting to bed), heart beats crazy, acne (not too bad), grinding teeth.Beginning dose-knot in throat (glands) and aggitation-went away. Going back to 150mg again. I may have increased to 200mg too fast.1-2 days of increase dose, I get agitated but it goes away and works so great for depression and the aggitation (I dont scream and yell like a maniac or want to yell). F 31 2 months

 4  Bipolar & depression At 200mg-Cant breathe or sleep well (wake up 5 hours after getting to bed), heart beats crazy,acne (not too bad), grinding teeth.Beginning dose-knot in throat (glands) and aggitation-went away. Bad dizziness too! I fell over! Going back to 150mg again. I may have increased to 200mg too fast.1-2 days of increase dose, I get agitated but it goes away and works so great for depression and the aggitation (I dont scream and yell like a maniac or want to yell). F 31 2 months

 4  partial complex seizures M 10 2 years

 4  Bipolar None, until hitting 200 mg then, lower back, neck and joint pain. Short term memory problems, itching skin but no rash, metallic taste in mouth, irritability (could be from not feeling well), sleepiness, dizziness, occasional nausea, cough, sinus and nasal congestion. I have gone back to 150 mg for the time being, hoping to relieve some of the side effects, hopefully I will be able to go back up to 200mg. Lamictal has been a wonderful mood stabilizer for me. My anxiety, depression, social anxiety all seem to be under control. I am still skeptical because I am a rapid cycler and have been on numerous drugs with no long term relief. Despite the side effects I am hoping this will work for me. The cost is in my opinion astronomical (no prescription coverage) and I am on a fixed disability income. F 53 4 months
 4  Bipolar 1 Irritation to people around me Well so far it has worked pretty well no complaints F 15 25 weeks

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