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 1  Birth Control Before Cryselle I was very fit and in good shape. I also had perfect skin. I never had cramps, migraines, spotting or heavy periods. I was energetic and always happy. After being on Cryselle for over a year, I have gained over 30 pounds. I anticipated weight gain since that's a major side effect of most birth controls, so I changed my eating habits shortly after starting Cryselle. I started eating healthier and being more active but that didn't help with the rapid weight gain. I now have stretch marks all over my body. I also have terrible acne all over my face, back, and chest. I have migraines 24/7 and they get worse when I'm on my period. The first period I had after starting Cryselle, I had the most excruciating cramps I've ever experienced. I thought my body was just getting used to the pills so I shook it off. I still get extremely terrible and debilitating cramps to this day. Over the counter pills, especially made for Menstrual cramps, do absolutely nothing to ease the pain. If you are taking these pills or plan on starting these pills, pay close attention to your health and behavior. If you notice any bad changes, please consult your doctor. Don't let Cryselle ruin your life like it has done for me. F 20 1.5 years
.3mg/.03 1X D
 1  Severe menstrual cramps Shooting pains down my left leg almost as soon as I started taking it & I'm only 25, non-smoker, in great shape, low blood pressure, was taking lowest dose, etc. My anxiety became intolerable almost immediately. Constantly crying. But the pains in my left leg signaled blood clot so I stopped taking hormonal drugs. Please don't do it! It's horrible for you. F 25 1 years
 1  Birth Control Nausea, anxiety, depression, low energy, tired but still couldn't sleep, spotting, cramping, never felt this bad my whole life, F 35 1 months
 1  Birth control Worst decision I ever made. This was my first birth control so I thought it was "normal" to feel how I felt. I was incredibly incredibly emotional and moody. I would cry at the drop of a hat. I would get angry at any and everything. I felt so depressed. My period was also always heavy and would come with painful cramps. I finally realized this wasn't normal and decided to try a new pill. My doctor prescribed me a new one and I felt totally different and back to myself almost immediately!!!! Thanks gosh! F 21 2 years
 1  To stop menorah before menopause Indigestion after two months of taking, back pain caused by gas, moody, extreme irritability... It did displeased cysts and thin out lining of endometrium. Dr has taken me off to test hormones. F 50 6 months
1 a day
 1  Per IVF supression Major PMS , cramping, cpotting . F 41 10 days
 5  Birth Control & Ovarian Cysts None. No side effects what-so-ever. Completely regulated my cycle to the hour. Haven't had any cysts since I started it. I plan on taking it for a long time. F 26 2 years
1X D
 1  Cycle regulation Did a good job regulating cycles - HOWEVER has been the main contributing factor in conjunction with Factor V Leiden clotting inheritance linked to the stroke I encountered in April 2011. Previously stayed away from medications in general and never had blood test prior to beginning consumption - was given the thumbs up to low side effects and was instructed that the low amount of hormone was "ok". Would NEVER have even started using if I would have known it was a possible complication. Would really suggest asking for a blood test prior to beginning course. F 39 2 years
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 1  birth control constant headaches, extremely bad moodiness, fatigue, leg numbness and pain I had a terrible headache for the entire first week of this pill. Nothing helped it go away. It also made me turn into a MONSTER. Everything made me angry. I couldn't believe how little control I had over my emotions. It also makes me extremely tired. The clincher is my leg numbness. It felt (and still feels) like I have tourniquets on my thighs. My legs throb and hurt. I still get headaches. I will not be renewing this prescription for the second cycle. F 22 2 weeks
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 1  Shrink ovarian cyst/BC I had EXTREME moodiness. I thought my husband was going to call off the wedding! Also, my libido decreased to a big fat ZERO. I have been off of it for four months now and the moodiness is gone, but the libido is still non-existent, which has never been the case for me. I'm a newlywed, so this is has been extremely frustrating. I will never take a birth control pill ever. On the positive side, my doctor put me on this particular type because we were trying to shrink an ovarian cyst. The other lower dose pills were not working, and this one finally did the trick. But if I had known I would have these side effects, I would rather have had surgery, without a doubt. F 36 5 months
0.3-30mg 1X D
 1  Heavy menstration Extreme moodiness, depression, slight headache, and night time nausea. This pill was horrible for me. I was a crazed lunatic on it. It caused uncontrollable anger. I had to stop taking it before I seriously hurt someone or myself:( Not sure what I'm going to try after this because this one has scared me pretty good! I feel sorry for my family having to deal with me. F 30 2 weeks
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 4   tired, but no moodiness, yet, but tired. F 26 2 days
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