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 1  HRT Weight gain. Bloating. Gas. Constipation. Cramps. Switched to Yaz. F 42 9 months
 5  Irregular periods,heavy bleeding Nothing but great. Periods are great. Mood and anxiety,depression,irritability gone,and no cramps, and no more extreme hunger. Feel like a different person. Thought i was menopausal and that my anxiety had worsened before taking. Now i wonder if i have always had a hormonal imbalance. F 36 5 months
 2  Prevent pregnancy large increase in appetite, no sex drive, bloating Cryselle made me gain weight because it has significantly increased my appetite (and when I was on the placebo at the end of the month, I felt as if I had no appetite at all). I felt that I was out-of-control eating at times because of how hungry I would often feel, which really sucked. I also have absolutely no interest in sex anymore, which was not the case before going on it. I felt that I was also very bloated from it. This is definitely not the pill for me. F 19 2 months
0.3 mg 1X D
 1  Birth control Night sweats, wake up with racing heart, upset stomach, nausea, high blood pressure, panic attacks F 34 1 months
 1  contraceptive fatigue, dizziness, cystic breakouts, extreme mood swings, heavy period, cramping, migraines I was giving this pill a three month trial. I have always been a healthy, laid back person, but on this pill I was on edge and sick. At the worst stage of taking the medicine, I was wanting to live in a cave because my migraines and mood swings had become so bad. I longed for complete silence, darkness, and no smells. I went to the doctor for vertigo then ended up in the ER with chest pains and a panic attack because I thought I had a blood clot. Thankfully the scans for blood clots came back clear. I was also fearful I had a brain tumor or something terribly wrong because my headaches were the worst of my life and daily. My MRI stated I needed to see a neurologist and will finally get my appointment in May. I was put on a hypothyroid pill because my TSH tested too high. Since stopping the Cryselle and beginning Levothyroxine, my symptoms have all gone away! It could be that I had an underlying condition of underactive thyroid, but I did NOT have any known health issues until taking this drug. And I had been on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for the past five years. I go back to have my TSH level retest this week. It will be interesting to see if it was simply the Cryselle that rocked my world or if it is a condition Cryselle helped me identify. I am keeping my neurologist appointment, but I have not had any migraines or vision issues in three weeks now that my system and hormones seem to be leveled back out. F 27 3 months
1X D
 1  Endometriosis I got on this pill right after surgery for my endo. From day one this pill has been a problem. It started off with extreme nausea, dizziness and disorientation. My doc said this was completely normal but to try to take the pill at night instead of am. Into my second pack I started at 7pm instead of 7am - the nausea was still there and I started bleeding irregularly. I would have two periods for the next three months. Absolutely HORRIFIC cramping all the time even when I'm not on my period and not to mention I feel like I belong in an insane asylum. I am so ANGRY all the time to the point where I envision hurting someone. I have zero drive to do anything. I have gained 15lbs and I have horrible cystic acne especially on my jaw line and chin and T-zone which I've never had before. I seriously feel like this pill is just not worth it. I definitely would NOT recommend. Will NOT be going back on it after this pack. F 27 4 months
 1  Birth control This birth control gave me such repulsive side effects.. i immediately experienced significant hair loss, a foul odor, dark discharge and my husband says it feels different during sex....want to hurt my gyn for giving me this pill!! I immediately experiencee significant hair loss, a foul odor, dark discharge and my husband says it feels different during sex....want to hurt my gyn for giving me this pill!! F 30 1 months
 2  irregular periods/cramps/emotions It's still all new to me. But I feel like I have super bad cramps almost immediately. But I thought maybe it was just me. I always get sick when I have cramps so i didn't necessarily blame the pill. Asked my DR and she didn't think that this pill is giving me such terrible cramps all month. My face is oily and I can't stop thinking about jamming my face with meat. I am going to see my OBGYN to see about my abnormal Pap and hopefully get off this. Or maybe the worst int over. ???idk F 31 3 weeks
 3  Regulate periods Nausea the first 2 weeks, Migraines the first week, EXTREME bloating constantly, F 15 3 weeks
1X D
 1  Cysts Depression and anxiety. I've never felt so bad in my entire life. I got off of this medicine and started to feel more myself again. F 21 3 months
 1  regulate period, fibroids It started out with nausea and bloating - didn't feel well but was told by doctor to give some time in system so I did. After only 3 weeks of taking pills I thought I have a Charley horse in leg. About 2 days later my leg swelled and I went to the emergency room and found out I had blod clots in leg and in lungs - multiple ones. The doctor said I was lucky to have made it to the hospital. I spent 5 days in hospital, now have to be put on blood thinner for 6 months(perscription - $416mth. and I have to have a hysterectomy in 6mths. after I am done with Blood thinners. WATCH OUT- my life has completely changed! I now have to ask for help for everything because I can hardly walk. I am hopeful in a couple weeks/ months things will hopefully become better. It is hard not to be able to do your daily activities and my life has been put on hold. I also will be off of work with no income until I can walk again! My only "high risk" was that I was 46 years of age. BEWARE- ASK Questions F 46 3 weeks
.3 1X D
 4  Endometriosis It's only been 1 week since on the pill. No major side effects yet. I did have nausea the first 3 days though. Time will tell if additional side effects should occur. After being diagnosed with Endometriosis in July, my doctor decided to have me take this birth control pill to help with the terrible, stabbing pains of the Endo. I must say, I noticed a huge difference in pain decrease the next day after taking my first dose! I have not been in pain for a week now! Thank you Cryselle! F 30 1 weeks
 1  Menopause Stomach bloating, breast bigger headaches, F 49 2 weeks
 1  So I wouldn't get pregnant Weight gain , nausea, stretch marks, no sex drive Do not use F 20 7 months
 1   Bad bad bad never felt so terrible in my entire life. Makes me extremely nervous ,bad mood,emotional, my mood changes very often.I did lose weight and makes me fit but I have to change can't have such a negative effect on my life,everything seems bad when I'm on this pill. F 20 1 months
 1  To regulate period Heavy bleeding, awful cramps, terrible itching, headaches that won't go away F 44 2 months
1X D
 5  PMDD Nausea or the first 2 weeks or so. nausea no longer an effect since. Some emotional instability for first month crying, anxiety type feelings. levels had evened by next months pack . my mood swings and overall pmdd symptoms have all together been non existent while taking medication. I did have hormonal withdraw during my inactive week. I have since stopped going on the inactive pills and go straight to starting next pack. that made a complete difference and I no longer have hormone level drops that effect me. I have also lost 10 pounds without diet or exercise.The only negative I can say is my libido has decreased since starting F 32 4 months
0.3 mg 1X D
 4  Endometriosis I had nausea and discomfort in my stomach for the first week or so, but after a little it worked great! (That's if you take it regularly and on a set schedule) F 18 3 days
 1  Birth control Nausea at night, and it has also made me throw up a few times. I feel tired but still can't sleep. If I take it during the day I feel worse than at night Do not take this F 16 2 days
1x daily
 1  Regulation Extreme moodiness and depression. Been on other pills before. Never has this extreme side affects. F 36 2 months