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 2  Low back/leg pain No side effects until after the third dose. Started with waking during the night with indigestion. Followed the next morning with bloating, extreme belching, and occasional stomach pains. Felt like a tight band stretched across the upper back. I did note decreased pain levels. The side effects severe enough to discontinue medication. Slight anxiety noted.. Possibly because of the side effects, or was it the medication. F 45 3 days
220 bid
 1  Lower back pain Heart palpitations, constant ringing in my ears, feeling dizzy. Started with severe back pain that spread to my chest. It felt like i was being crushed, difficulty breathing. The Heart palpitations, constant ringing in my ears, feeling dizzy started about 7 days after stopping the med. After four days on Naproxen I though I was having a Heart attack. Ended up in an Ambulance taken to A&E. Two Months on and I'm still wrecked. This med should be BANNED! M 49 4 days
500 2X D
 1  Separated shoulder Terrible stomach ace, dry mouth, chills. Instructed to take 2x day. After the first day, I woke up in the middle of the night to stomach pains so bad I can't sleep: I haven't taken any more, and here I am on night 3 and it's just as bad. Makes me feel hungry in the middle of the night, but food makes it worse. Milk helps. Another in my house has similar effects. This stuff is awful, don't take it. Side effects worse than shoulder pain. M 27 1 days
 1  back pain Stomach pain dizziness that just won't go away anxieties I never felt any real pain relief side effects are ridiculous M 48 1 days
 1  Damaged discs in back Dizzy, nausea, exhaustion, excessive sleep, Dry mouth, ears ringing, lethargic. Have taken on and off long term for disc damage. Use when in pain but always regret it, going to bin the drugs now. Would rather have awful back pain. F 41 1 days
 1  Shoulder pain Horrendous Stomach Pain which radiated to my back. Vomiting. Diarrhoea I took this drug to help with pain in my shoulder. About two hours later whilst trying to sleep I suddenly suffered severe stomach pain which radiated through to my back. This carried on all night and I did not/could not sleep. I'm not kidding you, I honestly thought I was going to die! At first I thought I had food poisoning but I am two weeks on from taking just two tablets and I am still suffering from stomach pain and vomiting!! If you do take these, milk does help to relieve a bit of the pain. Also had horrible diarrhoea. You also get hunger pangs when you're not even hungry. I do believe it has caused some sort of ulceration in my stomach and will be visiting my doctor this week to get some sort of medication to heal it. DONT take this drug!!! I cannot believe it has been allowed onto the medical market!!! F 43 1 times
 1  Ruptured calf muscle Excruciating stomach pain, constipation then diarrhea. Chills, bloating. I'd rather have my leg pain thanks. This drug is awful, it's been 15 hours since I took it and I'm still experiencing a lot of stomach pain, diarrhea and chills F 27 1 days
 1  Trapped nerve in neck Extreme pains in abdomen just under my chest ,nausea ,I had the shakes and could not get warm complete loss of appetite, headaches, dizziness and just a general feeling of tiredness and not being bothered with people around me. Do not take this it is the worst experience if my life ,the original pain was not half as bad as the aftereffects of this drug. F 39 4 days
 1  Stomach pain Bad BAD BAAAAAAAAAD stomach pain !! The medicine did NOT help !!! It made my stomach feel WORSE !!! & hard to use restroom !!! F 18 1 days
 1  back & shoulder pain stomach ache, vomiting, trouble breathing, headaches dry mouth, burping I only took HALF. a pill and felt like this. never taking them again im still in pain F 21 1 days
 1  Shoulder Pain Ears ringing! Driving me crazy. Cannot sleep. Heart racing. Bad dreams. Do not take! F 49 1 days
 1  Muscle Spasms in neck Dry mouth, extreme thirst, no appetite, bloated stomach, trouble breathing, panic attacks, fatigue Terrible effects, really frightening. I Stop taking them a week ago but I'm still not right. F 37 2 days
4 a day
 1  Shoulder pain I started getting blurred vision,bloated and dry mouth I stopped taking this medication 2 days ago but now getting palpitations and feeling nauseous all the time. Feeling really bloated too. I hope this goes away soon. F 61 10 days
 1  Siatica My dad taken this had his tea when he's gone to bed he got up ran to the toilet and was sick loads and shivering when it wasn't cold he's not taking anymore! M 52 1 days
 1  PAIN I was taking naproxen before but now i see that i have palpitations! It takes about 10 hours to get back to normal again! M 29 7 days
 1  Dry socket (after tooth extraction) Nausea, terrible diarrhoea, tiredness and generally unwell. Took this medication as directed after food. Initially I was absultly fine however woke up the next morning and I felt so rotten couldn't eat or drink. I honestly would have just preferred to put up with the pain had I known it was going to do this to me. Be very cautious when taking this medication it is a beast. F 24 1 days
 1  trapped nerve in back Dizzyness,chest tightness,bloating and indigestion. Took for one day.Dr advised to take first thing in the morn and then at lunch.Pharmacist said dosage was way to high.Stopped after one day and three days later still suffering from strange bloating sensations and indigestion.Now taking Omneprazole to combat side effects M 41 1 days
 1  Back pain Headache, dizzyness, dry mouth, upset stomach, body chills, constipation M 41 1 days
 1  Hip pain Intense stomached pain, dizziness, nausea, felt like I'd did not know what to do with myself, panicky. Horrible!! Did not notice any relief from the pain, neededtwo days off from work due to the side effects so far and still feel awful F 43 1.5 days
500mg 2X D
 1  Syatica Severe stomach pain and constant diarrhoea much worse than original condition. Took lanzrapole at same time to protect stomach did nothing! Only took 3 tablets over 24 hours later and still really ill from it. F 37 1 days
500 x 2d