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 4  Gout in my foot Its my first day on Naproxen, only taken two x 250mg with food as recomended. The second one I took after a few beers (not recommended)! PS I have duodenal ulcers and been taking lansoprazole for years to reduce stomach acid. The gout pain has almost gone completely even after only two doses. But driving today I was experiencing double vision, and now I'm farting a lot and have loose stools! Just read all the bad comments so not sure if should carry on taking them. Great for the pain though. M 65 1 days
250 mg
 3  Back pain Feel unwell as if I've got a cold,aching limbs,nauseous. Works for the chronic back pain but side effects are hard to cope with F 10 days
 1  Injury to trapezius Took 3 tablets on day one and two on the second day. A few hours after the final dose the nausea started along with stomach cramps. Felt generally sick and dizzy. I will not take these again. F 37 2 days
 1  Chest pain Suicidal thoughts, depression, palpitations, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, headaches, lack of concentration, blurred vision until now. 3 weeks after stopping the drug. Can anyone recommend me what to do please? ??? It is a poison! F 45 4 days
 1  Chronic Back Pain After being told I could crush these by a locum (i cant swallow tablets) i thought great my pain will be gone ....How wrong was i !! Within half an hour i was doubled up in severe chest pain i could not breathe violent fever and sweating .shakes feeling sick skin all pale ......nightmare headache ....thought i was dying !! have stopped taking these now but few days after left feeling sick and very tired .....not knowing that i have fallen to sleep .......stay away from these evil tablets .....for me now i would rather have my back pain then have these awful side effects . F 38 2 days
500mg 2X D
 1  arthritus Extremely bad stomach pains. Could not sleep at night they were so bad. Felt like contractions. I couldnt move, sit down or lie down. Found it difficult to do dialy tasks. I went to ER as the pains were so bad it really scaree me. I had nausea also and upset stomach. Horrible drug and will never take again. Advise anyone told to take it not to. F 27 3 days
 1  Fibromyalgia chronic neck pain Dizzy,nausia sometimes vomiting. They did nothing for my pain. F 53 6 months
 1  Kidney stone pains Extreme nausea, vomiting frequently While it helped with the kidney pains, it caused much more trouble with frequent vomiting. F 15 1 days
 5  Arthritis Absolutely none.Even when I need to up my once daily dose I always take my dosage on a full stomach and take Omeprasole as well. F 3 years
500mg 1X D
 3  Slipped disc Back and leg still hurts sleepy feeling sick and tummy ake F 39 3 months
 3  Knee bursitis Heart palpitations and constipation... Stopping taking it. F 21 9 days
500 2X D
 1  Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery Diarrhea, stomach boating, nausea every morning Horrible! F 57 6 days
500x2 day
 1  Endometriosis Nausea, stomach cramps, feeling of constipation, indigestion, dizziness, loss of appetite, abdominal cramps My symptoms brought me to the ER twice in one week, at first we thought it was appendicitis then we thought maybe it was a parasite. After a week of me continuing to take these I realized it was the naproxen that was doing this to me. 10/10 would never recommend to a friend. F 15 3 months
500 mh
 1  Lower back pain Chest pain, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, nausea, stomach pain and burning sensation in stomach. Took one tablet 3 days ago and have been suffering with these side effects ever since. The logo of Aleve should be a skull and bones! It's poison... F 65 1 days
 1  Leg knee shoulder pain 1 st day was fine-2x 250mg 2nd day felt dizzy and nauseous after morning dose, Not taking it again F 66 1 days
 1  Whiplash and headaches Feeling of painful trapped wind, numb tingling feet, light headed, really really painful stomach cramps, feeling of constant constipation, cold and feverish, indigestion These made me close to tears, woke me up in the middle of the night with cramps and feeling like I needed the toilet but didn't. F 24 2 days
500 MG 2X D
 1  Chronic sciatica Started with bad diarrhoea which continued despite medication. Stopped taking Naproxen thinking it would clear up after a few days. 3months later and I still have it and have lost over a stone in weight I blame the Naproxen, my GP is thinking the same as me. He's now trying to find out how much damage has been done and how to stop the side effects. F 63 1 months
 1  Fractured foot Heartburn, bruising, severe nausea, stomach cramps, limb tingling The heartburn started not long after the first tablet and lasted about an hour. From then on I had severe nausea and cramps which lasted for about 8 hours, or more specifically, until I cried myself to sleep. My left eyelid turned purple and my limbs became tingly. The effects of that first pill have freaked me out so much that I haven't taken another (I'm supposed to take 3 a day). The side effects did distract me from the pain but in a sick joke kind of way! I'd rather have the pain of my injury than to take that evil drug ever again. F 32 1 days
500mg tabs
 5  migraine a little stomach problems and some tinnitus, but not much I have been very happy to use this drug F 42 7 years
500 mg 2X D
 5  Severe upper back pain Tightening of chest pain so severe I was so sick with it I will never take this drug again I thought I was dying I felt so bad with it it woke me up early hours with this awfull sensation in my left lung side and was so violently sick never ever use this again still feel ill with it now severe headache also F 66 2 days