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 4  To stay off heroin & dcrs.SVRE PAIN Starting to get VERY TIRED in the evenings! I think that I need to get my dose increased. F 41 3 months
70mg 1X D
 3  Heroin Very sleepy,nodding out.weight gain wanting sweets madly. I'm off, it was a nightmare to get off and I wouldn't go back. if u get in an accident or need surgery,your f*ed being on methadone bc nothing will work. Think before I do it. 42 12 months
80mg 1X D
 5  Opioid addiction Increased sweating, daytime sleepiness. This drug saved my life. MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) is the gold-standard and only effective treatment for OUD (Opioid Use Disorder). My cravings are literally gone. Side effects are mild. I don't intend to ever go off of it. The side effects are a VERY small price to pay for relief from active opioid addiction/use. Just wonderful. I highly recommend it if you are struggling with opioid addiction. Don't be scared by the bad stories, it's almost all people bitter because they could not/would not comply with treatment and thus had to detox off of it. If you follow the rules, you will be fine. M 37 14 days
60 MG 1X D
 5  opiate addiction constipation. kills anxiety, all! of it. was absolute cure, for absolutely everything!- for me. will be very addictive, just like all opiates. wish i could be on this stuff for my whole life.., but, alas that just isn't possible. cures heroin addiction, and all known worries in life. M 48 1 years
50 1X D
 5  Opiate Addiction Constipation / Weight Loss There is just to much negative shot said about this drug. I've been on maintenance 2 other times and I had people fill my head with all the negatives we have all heard regarding methadone and each time I detoxed off I was back abusing and running the streets. I am now back on working full time paying bills spending time with my children and staying out of jail. I will be on this for the rest of my life. For me it's a godsend. If you are a diabetic and to survive you need to take a shot a day. You will do it no questions asked. Well in order for me to stay clean with no urges to get high with in return allows me to live a normal life I take my daily methadone dose. It's a no brainer. And it also takes aasy back pain I don't even have to think about pain medication on top of my maintenance dose. Kills 2 birds with one stone as they say… M 37 1 years
 4  Opiate dependency I started on 80 mg, which was way too high..stayed on 50 for 10 years and detoxed VERY VERY SLOWLY over a 5 year span. I went to 25, then down a milligram a week until I was off. I was off for 4 years. IF YOU DETOX OFF: get regular exercise to help your muscle aches, it really helped me. Unfortunately, all it took was a back sprain and 3 Oxycodones, and I was right back in it. You will always be addicted, don't fool yourself ! I've been back on for 2 years and I am at a very low does on 19mg. For me, that is just right - keeps me from wanting opiates, and I can work all day, full time, without falling asleep. This medication builds up in your system, so what you feel on week 1, will not be what you feel after month 1. You need to be READY TO STOP TAKING OTHER MEDICATIONS !! you cannot and should not be taking this medication with other opiates, that is if you are taking it because of opiate dependency. If you are nodding out at the drop of a hat, you need to DECREASE your dose ! That is also NOT what it is for. This medication is to stop your cravings for more opiates. (unless you are taking it for pain of course) take it seriously, and whatever you do, don't give it to anyone. 30 mg. is enough to KILL someone who has not built up tolerance. If you want ANY ADVICE on this medication, I've been on it for 2 DECADES, and I know a lot about it. feel free to ask. If you are taking this for opiate/heroin dependency, take it seriously, and be on for THE RIGHT REASONS. this is powerful stuff and can be just as hard to kick than the other stuff. F 51 20 years
19 mg 1X D
 3  Opiate Addiction Hot flashes that come from no where. Just start sweating. Sugar cravings. Falling asleep at work, standing up etc. Others. I wish I'd just quit using cold turkey. I'm so scared of detoxing off this stuff. I'm bout to start going down slowly and take as long as I need to to get off completely. Pls before you start on this stuff talk to others already using it, get info from local methadone clinic. Thank you and I hope everyone gets through their own path safely. F 36 3 years
120 mg
 5  Methadone Being off has been a nightmare. Don't think people understand the out come off this drug.they left me on this drug for 16 years with out other ways. Find out about N/A from N/a went detox been off this fucking devil drug for 7 months now and finding out about my body drs don't even no what's wrong they just think I'm trying to get pain killers. Once they methadone. In so much pain still I wish I never got on it. They r so quick to hand those drugs out. Pls get strong and find other ways I wished I did!!!!!!!!!! F 37 10 years
30 mg 60 m
 1  loracet addiction Extreme tiredness,sweet cravings, weight gain, constipation, tooth decay Came off 18 mnths ago wish I never started taking it M 39 10 years
 3  addicted to oxy EXTREME HOT FLASHES!!! Naususa puking no ambition dry mouth weight gain constipation I was fine for da 1st 6 months then started getting really sick on my period then at least once a week I get extreme hot flashes so bad thAt I puke I'm sick evry morning not from withdrawal but nauseous just feeling not myself run down n bbllaahhh I was so against goin to a methadone clinic it's liquid handcuffs so sick cuming off it I used oxys bout 300-400mgs a day I had a high habit n I was neva sick lik dis yes withdrawals wen I didn't hav ny but not sick lik I am now wish I neva got on it now saved me bout 1000.00$ a day dats it I'm starting to taper right off can't stand it anymore just sick all da time F 27 10 months
 3  Addiction to Suboxone Constipation, Extreme weight gain, sugar cravings, the worst SWEATS ugggh , No sex drive, lethargic, no interest in doing more than I have too.., the list is endless to me. Hair loss, etc..... SUCKS hate IT! I was fine on Suboxone until a relative of mine told some of my other relatives, whom are my parents, needless to say they insisted I go get off of the Suboxone as they felt I was not the person they remember from the prior years without it. And of course the hospital, put me on this F____ shit, which has no good side effects at all. Suboxone was an uptick for me, it kept me happy, thin, never depressed like this!!! Sucks, sucks, sucks. Women especially menopausal women take my advice and go with Suboxone or Subtexone if you need something for dependency of this nature!!! F 48 3 years
73 mg
 1  Addiction Constipation, sweating, tooth decay, lazynes, loss of motivation, brain fog, consentration problems, headaches, restless legs, weight gain, nightmarres, skin problems, hair loss, anxiety,loss of hope, soul broken, felt trapped. This is the devil's drug! It s*** being on it and it is HELL coming off. Been off for more than six months and still struggle with headaches m.m. If I could turn the time back,I would never have gotten on methadone. F 36 10 years
 3  I have lyme disease neuropathy arthrit Falling asleep while drivibg dozing off and talking to my self. Arms legs and even head falling asleep. Charlie horses I know it works wonders for addicts F 51 4 months
 3  I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 Dry mouth, constipation, really tired to the point that if I sit down for a moment I fall asleep. I get so tired my whole body aches alot, my body jerks, my joints hurt and I feel real stiff. I've woke myself up doing things with my hands in the air. My daughter told me once that I feel asleep with my hand in the air and just held it there for a long time. I start to fall asleep while driving, so now some one else drives me or if I feel a little bit tired I pull over and rest. It really scares me because I have 3 young children. I'm on 20 mg of Ritalin twice a day to keep me awake so I can care for my kids and function during the day. My memory is real bad and many times I feel like I'm in a fog. I forget things. They kept me on the methadone after the cancer because the radiation therapy gave me neuropathy. But at least I'm alive to raise my beautiful children. It can be hard when you feel like you're fighting with your body every day just to function to do what you need to do and do right by your kids. Also on gabapentin and oxycodone for the neuropathy. On meds for thyroid, acid reflux, and Lisinopril for my kidneys. F 53 5 years
70 mg/day
 5  Chronic Back Pain Only side effect I have is constipation. But my pain doctor prescribed Movantik, a narcotic constipation medicine. This medicine is the best medicine for chronic pain. This medicine gets a bad reputation, but if you take as prescribed works better then anything else. The biggest downfall is if you have to stop taking it, withdrawal is very difficult and painful. M 47 8 months
5MG 3X D
 5  Back Surgery & Fibronyalgia pain dry mouth This is the miracle pain killer with least amount of side effects that has kept me as a productive working citizen. Hard to believe the doses given on here and the side effects are caused by those high doses. You should not take this medication to the point of total pain relief. I have been on my dose of 5mg 2 x day for 15 years with occasional raise to 10 mg to see if helps more, but side effects outway the gain. This drug is tarnished by drug addiction stereotyping, when it could be used o improve so many more lives. At this time my pain doctor tries to get me off this medication on a yearly basis & I do try. This past Fall, she told me that if I continued with methadaone, that I would eventually not be able to have sexual relations with my wife. I agreed to try to get off methadone and went onto Suboxen (used to help get off methadone & as pain killer). The only problem was that when I would take only half of dissolving pill under my tongue, I would lose pain, but I would also lose consciousness. *The worst side effect to Suboxen is that I could no longer feel my Genitals to be able to start urinating & could not ejaculate. Ah, exactly what she said Methadone would cause. So, after staying on for 2 months to see if side effects would go away, I asked to get off Suboxen and my Doctor argued with me that my symptoms were impossible. I would not back down & told her that since my body should no longer be dependent on Methadone, that I would try one of the we M 49 15 years
5 2X D
 4  Chronic pain Sweating all of the time, noxious F 6 months
 4  reflexe sympathetic dystrophy also Extreme lethargy..sweating hot flashes An addict with severe chronic pain all drs woudnt treat me so the only option for pain relief was methadone clinic but also keeps me from using.. M 31 4 months
 1  Opiate addiction Burning skin, muscle aches headaches knee pain rest less legs anxiety nausea haven't eaten in three days can't sleep and feel like I'm going insane Just quit cold turkey. It's a living hell coming off this stuff. F 38 1 months
60 mg
 5  oxys dope habit pain in my joints blurry vision sometimes stories of getting off it scares me to why i even got on it i think if i had to do it over start fresh i would choose suboxsone or stay on oxys meth has scary with draw effects M 41 1 months
75mg day