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 5  severe cough from silent reflux With doctor's permission, I only take this medicine on an as needed basis at bedtime. I take less than the 5 ml dosage. For me it is the only med that lets me sleep without the non-stop coughing. (Look up "silent reflux") M 84 2 years
5 ml 1X AN
 3  Bronchitis, Sinus Infection Horrible migraines Worked like a charm with the cough, however when I was coming down off the drug I would get horrible migraines. If you are sensitive to hydrocodone I would not recommend this for you. F 26 3 days
 3  Whooping Cough Disorientation, extreme drowsiness, vomiting. Despite the vomiting, this drug worked wonders for me. I went from coughing for ten hours straight with shortness of breath to actually getting a good night's sleep. Would use again. F 30 1 days
5mg 1X D
 5  Upper respiratory & onset pneumonia Sleepiness , euphoria, itchiness I had a horrible infection in my lungs , the coughing fits would leave me lightheaded or throwing up. This is the only medication that helped. Would not recommend taking more then prescribed dosage. Can make side effects worse . Works good on short term basis. F 25 4 days
 2  Whooping Cough Extreme confusion, nausea, headache, throbbing pain in stomach, dizziness. This medicine was very dangerous to me, I had to wait 48 hrs for it to be completely leave my system but it wasnt for 72 hrs that the side effects went away. It felt like I was drunk and with an extreme hangover. F 40 2 days
 5  Uncontrollable cough No side effects-stopped my cough immediately I have had an uncontrollable cough for over a month. Had every test done to determine the cause, but found nothing. I was driving anyone around me crazy with this cough. This is the only cough syrup that stopped it. First night of sleep in a long time F 62 6 days
 2  Bronchitis Chest tightness, anxiety, hard to breathe, chills/shivering teeth chattering for several minutes, nausea. I have take other hydro cough syrups before and had no issues. This one made me feel horrible, I took a dose, felt fine, better, then 4 hours later as directed took another does. A couple hours later I woke up in middle of night in panic feeling terrible. I wondered if it was just a panic attack which I have had a couple in my lifetime. But after reading what I have here and talking to my doc I think it was a reaction to the Hycodan. It worked great for cough but it was horrible was afraid I was having heart attack or something. F 47 2 days
10ml 1X AN
 1  Awful cough Nausea, dysphoria, panic attack, inability to sleep, rapid heart rate, headache. I have taken codeine cough syrup my entire life. However, I will never take another drop of this. I believe the homatropine (that is now added to discourage abuse) made me very, very ill. I took one teaspoon in the afternoon and vomited twice and had a terrible headache, felt very anxious. At bedtime I took less than half a teaspoon to be conservative. Could not sleep at all, mind very wired. Drifted off lightly, then woke at two a.m. with pounding heart. Had the worst emotional feelings in a long time. Extreme dread and detachment. In my opinion, they have ruined a really great medicine for me in order to prevent misuse and abuse. It's sad because it stops a cough dead in its tracks. F 38 1 days
1 teaspoon
 5  Bronchitis Drowsiness, a little hallucinogenic but not bad more like I'm not sure if im sleeping or awake nothing crazy and all while in bed so no danger It's the best cough syrup I've been ever given. Works quickly. F 40 5 days
5 mg 3X D
 5  Upper respiratory/sinus infection Itchiness, drowsiness, euphoria M 23 5 days
2 tsp
 5  Cough Works great, It stopped my cough quickly. BE CAREFUL NOT TO TAKE TO MUCH AT ONCE. I took 20 ml and I had really hard time urinating for about a day. M 43 5 days
5 ml 1X D
 3  sore throat shortness of breath, asthma, very itchy M 26 4 days
 4  sinus infection, bronchitis This syrup really helped my cough right away and let me get much needed rest. Although I had to cut my dosage in half due to nausea and dizzyness. Works like a charm, I recommend. F 39 6 days
4X/ 2tsp.
 1  sinus infection/itchy cough Terribly nauseated and dizzy with extreme itching and pounding headache. F 35 1 days
 3  dry intense cough severe headache and some nausea after first dose of one teaspoonful. If you are allergic or sensitive to drugs this may affect you adversely. I am highly sensitive to drugs and many chemicals. I will try a cough syrup otc. F 60 4 days
1X D
 5  flu i hadnt had a good nights rest in 2 nights and literally 15 minutes after taking this medication i was sleeping like a baby. it does wonders when you are miserable. me and my bottle were best friends for 6 days. and theres still half a bottle left! F 23 6 days
1 to 2 teaspoons eve
 5  Acute bronchitis and laryngitis Instantly helped with the severe coughing at bedtime so I could rest, but I do have itching all over my body from head to toe. The itching is tolerable considering it suppresses my coughing attacks. Love this stuff. F 36 3 days
2 tsp q4h
 5  Cough None. Amazing drug. My cough stopped in about 5 minutes. No side effects. Like magic. M 48 5 days
3X D
 1  Cough Immediate nausea, loss of orientation, paleness, sinking feeling, had to make an effort not to fall asleep, i felt as if I was going to die Would not recommend to my enemy. Stay away from it. F 45 1 days
5 mg 1X D
 5  chest cold / virus I was given hycodan many years ago and have loved it ever since for my coughs due to colds / influenza. I cannot take OTC meds as they have decongestants in them which make me very agitated and anxious and the effect lasts for days. I can handle the dopey effects of hycodan. My big complaint - ITCHING! I don't itch with reg codein. So although I am not coughing I am up all night scratching! Take benadril to counter this effect - but only at night as you will get very drowsy. If you are in Canada you can get 'Tylenol #1' (aceteminaphin with 8mg codein) OTC (ask the pharmacist) and this also works GREAT for coughs. Codien is a resperatory suppressant - that is why it calms your cough. F 43 2 days
5mg/5ml 2X D