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 2  severe cough, asthma, COPD I was prescribed a bottle containing 120 doses. I took my 1st does as directed which was last night. At first I felt euphoric and was able to breathe better. However... 30 mins. later I felt very dizzy so I went on to bed. Although I slept well, when I woke in the middle of the night; I felt so "intoxicated" that I didn't want to get out of the bed. Upon waking this morning, I had a horrible migraine, VERY nauseated (I did vomit later) and so sluggish that I actually had to reschedule another doctor's appointment. It is now 11:17 AM and all I want to do is to go back to bed. I spent the past hour in the shower trying to get ride of a headache and to become more alert. To drive a vehicle is still not a good idea yet. If you are Opiate sensitive: DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION. F 44 1 days
1-2 Tsp 1X D
 5  URI's & allergy induced asthma No noticeable side effects except RELIEF! I wish this stuff came by the gallon it works that great. When you can't sleep because all at once you are coughing so hard you pee your pants, spitting up green goo & your chest tickles so bad you can't talk, this magic elixir makes the world right again. This stuff is worth more than gold to me. I feel bad for those who have bad experiences with it because for me it brings much relief. F 40 3 years
1 tsp 4X D
 4  Chest Cold, Bronchitis I felt completely Scrumptious, Who ever invented this medicine should get the Nobel Prize. I have had asthma my whole life wnd this stuff completely relieved all of my symptoms. I think it could have a little more Hydrocodone in it, but you just have to double up the dose. I wish I had a Barrel of it in my closet. also goes great with Ginger ale, if you find it hard to take Hycodan by the spoonful try putting it in a glass of Ginger ale with some ice, 7-up and club soda work just as well, but the Ginger Ale works better cuz it soothes the stomach, also try it with a twist of Lemon,or lime M 45 5 days
3tbp 6X D
 4  Cough w/heavy mucus Calmness Prescribed the Tussigon pills. Helped my coughing immediately after coughing for over one year! It works. F 50 30 days
5MG 4X D
 3  bronchitis nausea, vomiting, slight euphoria F 32 1 days
 4  bronchitis couldn't sleep very well, although codeine keeps me awake. I highly recommend this cough syrup, its the only med I take that takes the pain from coughing away. F 32 3 days
 2  Cough Mild sedation with 2 tsp. AKA "Hydromet". Has a nasty cherry taste which I didn't care for (your opinion may differ). The amount of hydrocodone didn't seem to be sufficient to squelch my sore throat. M 44 10 days
 1  cough I immediately got very dizzy and severely nauseated with vomiting. This was after only taking one teaspoonful after eating. Please think twice before using this drug if you think you may be sensitive to its side effects. F 56 1 days
 4  Bronchitis Nausea, dizziness. The side effects weren't bad enough to make me stop taking it, because it really did get rid of my cough. For anyone who is sensitive to codeine, I am too, and my sensitivity wasn't really inflamed (just a bit). F 27 5 days
 1  yes Nausea, headache, dizziness, drowsy. This stuff is absolutely awful: I wouldn’t recommended it not even to my enemies. F 50 2 times
 5  Severe chest cold Very slight euphoria, light itching I have had a very bad chest cold for 2 weeks and this medicine worked so fast. I had not been sleeping well due to violent coughing until now. Very good stuff. M 26 5 days
 5  UNCONTROLLABLE COUGH constipated Was given Tessla (?) pearls for cough and started coughing 30 minutes after taking the Tessla. HYCODAN stopped the coughing and I could finally get some sleep. M 55 5 days
 4  horrible cough and cold itchy, euphoria The only cough syrup to help stop my cold IMMEDIATELY!!! F 29 5 days
 2  coughing, bronchitis severe nausea, dizzyness. This stuff is AWFUL! Be careful. I took 1 teaspoon the first time and felt awful for about 18 hours. The second time I took 1/2 a teaspoon (dr recommended 1-2 tsp every 6 hours) and it was slightly better. It calmed my cough a little but my chest was still very tight and I had to suppress my cough with sheer willpower. M 37 2 days
 5  constant coughing, worse at night none -- only good ones Hycodan, after trying several RX and OTC meds, was the only cough syrup my doctor tried that DID help my consistent cough the few times of year as the weather changes, etc (plus I'm asthmatic, gotta watch syrups as they can worsen symptoms) I can only say good things about Hycodan as a cough medicine. Works excellent for night time coughing too. F 17 3 days
 5  chest cold,painful prolonged cough Slight headache (aleviated w/advil), and nausea Hycodan was very effective in quieting my cough and allowing me to sleep. F 42 5 days
 4  bad cough and chest pain Itchy, loss of appetite, nausea, always tired and noticeably weaker. I can see how it can become addictive. M 50 10 days
 5  coughing none Second best cough medicine a Dr. can prescribe. Has pleasant taste. Others don't because they contain guaifsen whick gives them a nasty after taste. Very effective for cough. Comes in generic. Shop around. Walgreens has highest price.. Walmart and target had lowest price..Also try kmart pharmacy for good price. 8 ounces of generic should cost around 16-17-18 dollars. Anything price above that try one of pharmacys I have listed above.. M 41 10 days
 5  Illness Itchiness, euphoria, somalince, giddyness. Tastes better than any liquid form of Hydrocodone, downright pleasnt. I love this stuff. M 26 2 years