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 3  Ear infection Numbness in my legs at first. Then it turned into an aching pain in both legs. I almost scheduled an appointment to see my doctor until I read the reviews here. F 41 10 days
2X D
 3  Ear and chest infection It felt like was on dexi-amphetamines , and had a shocking flare up of gout.... got rid of the ear infection just can't walk now .... M 42 5 days
125mg 2X D
 1  Got three teeth pulled, bone infection Diarrhea Can I stop taking them F 56 2 days
8.,75 2X D
 2  Sinus infection Horrible abdominal and back pain F 49 3 days
2X D
 1  Sinus infection Severe stomach pain and back pain, pain on back left side rib area, constant pain, sleeplessness, diarrhea, constipation, swollen back, induced menstrual cycle a week early, loss of appetite, weightloss, pain after eating. I just have to say, please don’t take this! It is not worth it. Take something else! Research before taking these medications our drs give us. Started it and by day 2 sinus pain was gone. By day 3, I started having major stomach/back pain. I had diarrhea and was constipated. Stopped medication on Day 3. Symptoms got worse. So much pain in upper stomach and left side rib area in my back, that radiated upward. Constant pain. Couldn’t sleep, eat, sit or lay down against anything. It’s been 7 days and I am still dealing with this. Headache, restlessness, weightloss and not in the good way. The pain has been constant. F 33 10 days
125 2X D
 1  Severe sinus infection Severe stomach and Back pain. Disoriented, fever. F 52 5 days
 2  Post-dental surgery Entire body aching Confusion Nausea Stomach pain Headache Anxiety Diarrhea Kidney pain Sleepiness F 25 5 days
875 2x d
 5  Bacterial sinus / bronchial infection Knee pain, lower back pain (kidneys - see below), sleeplessness (keep waking up, restless sleep), feeling weak / not myself. On the other hand - it is only for a few days so i endure as i do not want to risk pneumonia. It is effective, as most of the sinus / bronchial issues disappeared within 48hrs. Have taken it before, was much more ill back then. I realise now that part of symptoms were actually caused by the medicine. Remedy for lower back pain: lots of water (i conclude that pain most likely comes from kidneys, as water takes the edge off the pain within 20 mins) 48 7 days
1000mg eve
 3  Cat Bite Nausea from day 1 and extreme heartburn. The infection and redness around bite are looking much better and swelling has completely went down at day 3. Day 3 has also brought all over body aches esp in my legs. I am grateful it got the infection but I didn't feel bad overall even with the severe bite and now the bites better but I feel almost flu like. F 31 10 days
 1  Dog bite Tingling and cramps in both legs. Anxiety and general confusion. Insomnia, nausea and mild diarrhea Never again. It worsen my anxiety. I also get bruises around my wound which were not there when i was bitten. F 28 5 days
875 mg
 1  Chronic Ear Infection Moderate sharp back pain and tension with sitting and walking. I feel better but the pain is intense. F 35 1 days
750 mg 2X D
 1  Earache I am in terrible knee joint pain! Happened suddenly. F 61 5 days
85 mg
 1  Uti I feel ill all over , depressed after taking it . Very dizzy ! Don't use this drug F 40 10 days
 1  Sinus Feel like I can't control my body or mind. Way to dizzy. Pressure. Body feels numb and tingly. Similar symptoms to multiple sclerosis..... will be going back to hospital. Anybody else? Don't take this. F 21 3 days
875 x2
 2  Sinus infection Very loss stool My pharmacy a large chain near the the state capital could not fill all the prescription. Stating manufactur does not make it anymore. M 43 10 days
1000 62.5
 3  Sinus infection Nausea, gas, loose bowels, lower back pain. I did feel better after taking it within 24 hours. Day 3 lower back started hurting, fourth day now and back feels worse. Not clear whether the gas and back pain go hand in hand. F 43 3 days
875 MG 2X D
 1  Sinus infection Gas, severe anxiety and panic attacks, burning sensation in body. I took this antibiotic several years ago and don't remember having this type of reaction to it. I will never take this again. F 38 6 days
 4  Strep throat Diarrhea, nausea, vaginal yeast infection, tiredness, headache, all over achiness This medication worked great to kick the streps butt, unfortunately, around day 4 it started kicking mine as well. The only other antibiotic i have ever had any trouble with was e-mycin, with that one i had uncotrolled vomitting immediately, so this one is a bit sneakier. I would definitely try something milder like Keflex 1st, but if you cant, take lots of probiotics and be ready to become a whiney baby for a while because you may feel like crap. F 42 10 days
 1  Chest infection Stomach cramps, heartburn, anxiety, loss of appetite Finished course 1 week ago & still have heartburn, chest tightness & chest pain, feel very anxious now, where before I did not have these symptoms. Will never take this again, but I must admit it did help with the chest infection, but now I have additional side affects. F 41 7 days
 1  Sinus infection Horrific gout like symptoms in both feet and legs. I could not stand or walk plus exreme sleep disruption. Felt like I was loosing my mental balance. I rarely take antibiotics and trust generally my bodies own internal processes. Consequently when I had this horrific reaction I stopped taking the medicine. After approximately 6 weeks my poor feet are not back to normal but are slowly getting better. Stay away from leviquin, another bad one. M 71 4 days
2X D