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 1  Stents Shortness of breath akin to a cardiac event. Suffocating and gasping for air. Brilinta is the most heavily promoted drug to Cardiologist. It is the 3rd top money maker for AZ with $ 1.5 billion in sales. AZ downplays the Dispnea as mild and self-limiting. BS !!! There are alternative? M 78 14 days
90 2X D
 1  Stents Anxiety, Rapid heart rate, hair loss Feel worse than before the stents. Was high anxiety that caused me to get stents. Now I'm even more anxious. The heart palpitations are the worst! I almost went to ER several times. Dr told me to take a beta blocker when that happens to slow the heart! F 60 4 months
90mg 2X D
 1  heart attack and stents I was so short of breath I thought I had heart failure. I went to the ER. This is a very expensive drug with common side effects that are alarming to patients. The being out of breath caused me great anxiety as I tried to find out the cause of my problem. F 71 60 days
90 2X D
 1  Stent placement in leg Extreme dizziness, off balanced low back pain anxiety like symtoms Too expensive. Initially $400 then will be $200 per month as it is a tier 3 drug F 65 7 days
90mg 2X D
 1  Placement of 2 stents Shortness of breath, back and breast pain , anxiety and blurred vision. This is an expensive drug and I feel worse being in it than I felt prior to getting the stents. F 63 13 days
90 MG 2X D
 1  post stent 2 days ago now Windedness but I took my first walk 2 hours, 27 hours after I was stented - the walk was OK but I felt winded I wonder about this - will this go away? what is your experience? Does anyone know the mechanism from why the windedness or shortness of breath occurs?? M 74 2 days
90 mg 2x/d 2X D
 1  Stent Anxiety leading to panic attacks. M 66 7 days
60MG 2X D
 5  2 stents, aortic valve replacement When I first started I was a little short of breath doing outside activities. Don't notice it now. Probably just used to it. Easy bruising. Cuts,scratches,razor nicks keep oozing for awhile. Had a heart cath a couple weeks ago in preparation for the valve replacement and the doc said the stents and other vessels were very clean. He attributed that to the nearly 4 years of Brilinta. Soon after I had my stents and Brilinta therapy we did some intense mountain hiking and climbing and I was much impressed with how well I handled it. I had some ankle/leg surgery awhile ago and had to go off Brilinta for 3 days with no ill effects. Same with a tooth extraction. M 77 4 years
60mg 2X D
 2  Heart attack and two stents I have already written here mostly about the horrible early side effects of Brilanta Ticagrelor. I did not think i could stay on them because of the bleeding, migrains, breathing problems, anxiety, joint pain, chest pain etc. There are many and when you read the pamphlet or go to their site it says call your doctor if you have many of them but three trips to the ER and numerous calls to the doctor and Cardiologist and they know but just want you to stay on them and prescribe more pills to ease the effects. I thought the anxiety i was getting was a reaction from having a heart attack but now i see at 9 months the anxiety became constant, aches and pains like statins, trouble sleeping and harsh mood swings from tired to full blown anger in minutes. Also sore breasts and the numbing of legs and arms. I know of people that had bare metal stents and were on brilanta or plavix for a short time (3months?). Most of us get the new! drug eluding stents plus put on the anti platelets for 1yr to life. What is wrong with this picture! I go off Brilanta in a few days but it has been hell. F 67 9 months
90 mg x2 d 2X D
 1  Stent Muscle pain and rapid heartbeat F 65 0 weeks
90 2X D
 1  Heart attack and two stents Side effects in first few months were horrendous and until the other drugs were stopped it was hard to pinpoint ticagrelor. Horrible shortness of breath, pain in joints, bleading gums, nose bleeds, migrains at night, stomach pain, diarhea, extreme anxiousness, numbing and tingling in face, arms and legs. I still have side effects although they have lessened in intensity it is still rough. I haven't taken meds before this but now i truly wonder how these meds pass safety testing. I did not want another heart because i went through hell with my first one. I do feel like many and that is i am poisoning myself daily with ticagrelor and have aged 10 yrs in 8 months. F 67 8 months
90 mg x2 d 2X D
 3  Double Bypass Shortness of breath, hoarseness with throat clearing, anxiety and bruising. M 77 90 days
90 2X D
 2  CABG - Double Bypass SOB, hoarseness accompanied by throat clearing. M 77 3 months
90 2X D
 5  ACS Didn't feel this bad ever with all my heart problems What else is there besides this med? F 67 0 days
90mg 2/dai 2X D
 1  3 stents in heart blue skin rash subcutaneous tender nodules very costly in india F 64 90 days
45 2X D
 1  Widow maker heart attack 2 Stents Feel weak, tired, anxiety and extreme short of breath all the time, can’t sleep, dizzy, anxious, depressed. Yeah these are all symptoms after major heart attack CAUSE of all these pharmaceuticals. Was told before even getting off Cath table that I’d need Brilinta for the rest of my life, told several times again while in hospital. THIS DRUG IS A TOP KICK BACK DRUG! All about the $ There’s no $ in healthy people. Wish the freakin attack would’ve killed me. Than feel like crap from all the drugs M 40 7 weeks
90 2X D
 1  After 3 stents Dysapnia , Anxiety, Insomnia The worst medications to give to sombody with GAD and Social Anxiety. Unf cardiologist don't care about mental health. The worst three month of my entire life. Couldn't fall asleep, stay asleep or would wake up at 2 Am feeling like it's a morning. Constant anxiety day and night. After doctor put me on Plavix all symptoms stoped within a day. F 60 90 days
90 mg 2X D
 1  Had stents put in Very shortness of breath. No sleep passed out in my living room. Put me on plavix. Feel fine now M 72 2 months
90 2X D
 5  Heart attack with stent placement No adverse side effects Started on 90mg for 18months then after continued with 60mg M 60 3 years
90/60 2X D
 1  Angioplasty Severe anxiety Shortness of breath Claustrophobic Thought I was going crazy.. so anxious and unable to walk up flight of stairs or do any activity without gasping for air. Felt so nervous in small second bathroom.. symptoms began immediately after starting this drug F 66 11 days
30 mg 2X D

BRILINTA  (TICAGRELOR):  Ticagrelor is used along with low-dose aspirin to help prevent heart attack and stroke in people with heart problems (such as unstable angina, previous heart attack). It may also be used to prevent heart attack or stroke after certain heart surgeries (such as stent placement, coronary artery bypass graft-CABG, or angioplasty). Ticagrelor works by blocking platelets from sticking together and prevents them from forming harmful clots. It is an antiplatelet drug. It keeps blood flowing smoothly in your body.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)