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 1  Ulcer indigestion reflux Exteme pain in all muscles joints Bones and weight game depression I would never take this again F 65 0 years
 1  Supposed silent gerd No appetite, felt off emotionally, queasy stomach NEVER take this drug. If there is concern about gastritis see a gastro specialist. Going off it is hell and now 7 months later they think have h pylori problem since it reduces the acid which allows all the bad bacteria to thrive.Worse nightmare of my life.Makes my multiple sclerosis seem minor... F 70 9 months
20 1X D
 1  gastritis from NSAIDs EXTREME DEPRESSION - to the point of suicide ideation!!! Despite its effective control of stomach acid, Prilosec seems to have the potential to produce a dangerous psychological state in some of us (possibly worse for older ones like me). I actually ended up calling a friend in desperation to talk me out of suicide - the emotional pain was THAT BAD!!! (NEVER been like this before!) She pointed out that my mental state had drastically changed in just the short time I'd been taking Prilosec - I stopped taking it immediately, drank gallons of water, took a long very hot bath, and the horrible dark depression lifted by the next day. M 68 4 days
20 mg 2X D
 1  Frequent heartburn Bloating, Constipation. Dr. prescribed when I was in my 20s and kept refilling prescription with no diagnosis. Started taking OTC. Went to Dr. regarding bloating/constipation - no answers and never told to stop the Prilosec. Tried going off multiple times, but experienced horrible heart burn. Finally researched myself and took a couple months to wean off of it due to the rebound effects. Bloating and constipation gone. Still get occasional heartburn and treat with tums. F 39 15 years
30 MG 1X D
 2  Gerd/Acid reflux I have taken this before maybe once a year or every couple years for a while. Never had any side effects. Found it helped me a lot to be honest with no side effects. But this time my dr had me taking it for 3 months to clear a ulcer I did not have. Even tho it helped with heartburn it had the wildest side effects like dizziness, loss of words for brief moments while talking to people, anxiety and the biggest was severe leg cramps and muscle weakness. Did some research into it and sounded like there was a lot of people experiencing the same things. Been a week off it now and most side effects are gone. I do not know if I could recommend this product again due to all the new warnings that have recently came out about this drug. M 35 1 months
 1  One night acid indigestion Severe heart palpitations for 45 days straight, day and night. Spiking blood pressure (200/105), where I am usually 110/70. Severe neck stiffness, and very sick burning feeling in the muscles, where you can not turn head. Insomnia. High anxiety. This drug has side effects that are dangerous. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG. The problem with the drug is, it is 95% protein bound to plasma proteins and proton pump proteins. When Prilosec OTC enters the acid environment in the stomach, it turns into a different compound which irreversibly binds to proteins. It no longer gets excreted at the same rate as the initial drug. This is why it takes so long for the effects to go away. There is absolutely no literature saying how long until it is completely metabolized out of the body. At about 45 days, I had tiny relief and saw there might be hope to feel better. I did take a BP medication to temporarily lower the BP and am planning to go off it soon. The theory behind the raise in BP is: proton pump inhibitors block an enzyme that lowers another enzyme that effects nitric oxide to be produced which dilates blood vessels. So, basically the nitric oxide one needs to dilate vessels and keep BP down, is not getting to your arteries. Because Prilosec OTC (and all other PPI's) take so long to leave the body, the side effects last endlessly. I think one has to take care of the side effects while they are present until that second deadly compound leaves your body (when the proteins are degraded) which takes long. One person on this site, wrote that at 60 days post Prilosec, she started to feel better. I have been about 8 weeks post Prilosec, and see some hope. This has been the worst thing I have ever experienced due to the irreversibility of th F 54 3 weeks
 2  Acid reflux Anxiety, constant crying, depression, tiredness F 21 1 days
20 mg
 5  painful side acid bad for weeks None 2 days latter great no prob. M 55 2 days
 1  GERD after HG pregnancy I bought this because I was having some issues after my pregnancy. I couldn't see my GI for a couple months, so I tried this medicine. It gave me awful chest pains, pain in between my shoulder blades, and pain on my left ribs. Turned into an ER trip. Only take this with a doctor's permission. Bad mistake for me. F 23 7 days
20 MG?
 5  GERD None I had such severe acid reflux that my throat was scarred. Prilosec controlled it to the point I would forget I even had GERD. If I missed a dose, I knew it, because my reflux was right back again. No side effects--just relief. I switched to Nexium due to a peptic ulcer and had no issues getting off this. M 29 2 years
N/A 1X D
 1  Gastritis Terrible anxiety and depression, loss of appetite, very tired, cannot sleep well and sleep fewer hours; no more than 5 and that is will sleeping pill. These symptoms developed gradually. Anxiety and mood changes appeared after 5 days. Loss of appetite was more significant in the second week. I have stopped taking it and will handle the gastritis symptoms some other way M 44 2 weeks
40mg 1X D
 1  Acid reflux I took Prilosec for 4 days and stopped because of side effects. I developed a terrible lump in my throat, it felt like I was being choked. Also horrible diarrhea and stomach cramps.i decided the acid reflux was minor compared to the side effects. F 49 4 days
20.6 1X D
 1  Reflux Ruined my digestive system - a year later, never had digestive issues before. Two trips to hospital from shakes tremors, panick, never had before, Had months of sleep apnea from digestion problems. Stopped driving for a few months. Now a year later, still have sensitive abdomen, major problems if I don't eat lots of small meals with proteing in the morning. Doctors found after 2 months low B and magnesium. Currently driving, sleeping, eating ok, but have major problems on an empty stomach, get gastritis so severe it causes the feeling of a head cold.. goes away with food and rest.. a nightmare. Warnings not nearly clear enough. People are getting hurt from this pill and don't realize how potent it is. F 47 2 months
20 1X D
 1  Possible GERD Extreme anxiety while taking it and two weeks after. Terrible acidity, nausea, burning soon after taking it. The GI Dr said it's rare, but not uncommon. Wish they warned me ahead of time. F 41 14 days
1X D
 2  Gerd Severe bloating, hair falling out, severe heartburn, nausea, muscle pain & cramps, dizzy,wheezing, exhausted, missing vision (happened several times&lasted for 20 min), anxiety, weight gain, freq.urination, take w/tums&prevacid-does not work that well.I've been on since 1996-also had polyp removed from it-not happy.The warnings are so bad.Wonder what else it's side effects are. F 42 10 years
 1  GERD Swelling of feet and hands (could not put shoes on); hives/rash; major fatigue; overall muscular and joint pain; feverish. M 64 3 days
2X D
 1  gastritis Foggy thinking, fatigue, blurry vision. This med. did help the reflux, but I felt like I was losing my mind. Very scary side effects. After reading this site, I stopped. It took a couple of weeks before I started feeling normal, and using ultra strength tums seems to work. Prilosec is not worth the relief. F 40 3 months
 1  Bleeding ulcer, inflamed esophogus Began to have upper right abdominal pain, after taking a dosage, nothing would ease it. It was my gallbladder, Prilosec OTC caused me to have gallbladder attacks. As soon as I stopped taking it those symptoms completely disappeared. It also seemed to make my heartburn worse after a while, stomach more acidic. I have since learned quite by accident that I have a large gallstone and some enlargement of the bile duct. But have never had any symptoms of gallbladder trouble except mildly increased liver enzymes on bloodwork. I have read some posts on this site that indicated they had found that Prilosec could cause issues that can further develop into stomach cancer and several posters said they had gallbladder issues arise because of it!! Just another drug they all want to push as a "wonder" drug! Meanwhile we guinea pigs out here are having horrific side effects that can sometimes cause long term effects that actually damage our health! Watch out for cholesterol reductio F 53 3 months
20mg 1X D
 1  Acid reflux/heartburn/gastritis I was on this stuff for years and just in the last few years switched to Protonix. I thought it was helping well for keeping my acid reflux at bay, but in reality it was causing me to have more stomach pain & bloating and I just found out I have several (30) gastric polyps now and they were most likey caused from long term use of PPI's. I'm mad because not one doctor, in all these years, ever warned me that long term use could cause polyps, not to mention weak bones and teeth, and also cause a rebound effect trying to get off of them. I have slowly weened myself off, but now have to deal with heartburn/reflux every day. My advice is to stay off this drug at all costs, do natural stuff instead, like aloe vera juice/gel, apple cider vinegar, or whatever else you can find instead. F 50
20 MG 1X D
 3  Acid reflux/gastritis After going off the antibiotic Cipro, I was told to take Prilosec OTC once a day. The first day, I had extreme thirst, the second day, my heart beat like it was going out of my body, the third day there was some unrealistic extreme anxiety and headache, the third day - just felt very very very very fatigued. The fourth day was very fatigue and had intense pain in my upper left abdomen. Have not been able to sleep correctly - go to bed fine but waking up way too early. Extreme dry mouth and metallic taste in mouth and funny smell (metallic) in urine. Fifth day, extreme anxiety. Woke up the 6th day (today) and decided not to take it. Has effected my work and thinking. I know these ratings are always questionable, because you don't know if this is the medicine or the disease, and being that I had a UTI, I just can't 100 percent say, but all I know is that before this and before taking medicine, I was sleeping (even with my fluttering and all that was going on which caused all to think it was GAS and reflux) better. It appears to have cleared up most of the issue. Prevacid did this to me too(took it two days) and Zantac didn't work either. Maybe it was too much a dose for me, don't know. F 41 5 days
20 1X D

PRILOSEC OTC  (OMEPRAZOLE MAGNESIUM):  Omeprazole is used to treat certain stomach and esophagus problems (such as acid reflux, ulcers). It works by decreasing the amount of acid your stomach makes. It relieves symptoms such as heartburn, difficulty swallowing, and persistent cough. This medication helps heal acid damage to the stomach and esophagus, helps prevent ulcers, and may help prevent cancer of the esophagus. Omeprazole belongs to a class of drugs known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)