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 1  Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Bad Thought Throwing up, diarrhea, moodswings, thoughts of suicide and memory loss, it also gave me hearing problems. It made my brain burn there are damaged nerves in my brain i can't listen to music like I used to my brain gets sore now because of the depakote I took it three years ago F 23 23 days
 5  For schizophrenia and bad thoughts The depakote I took made me throw up and diarrhea and it gave me moodswings the moods are gone but I have this feeling in my head after taking them something sticky and itchy and it burns too. the depakote made me itch all over. Depakote is not a very good pill to take it will mess up your hearing and give you no pleasure of doing things it also does stuff to your sex drive it makes you stop watching TV and listening to music. F 23 19 days
 1  Mood disorder Extreme nausea extreme vomiting diahrrea ringing in ears stomuch cramps weight gain Had a colonoscopy done because my stomach is so messed up extreme vomiting nothing it's the depokte I am weaning of now M 31 1 years
 1  Suspect Bipolar/Anxiety/mood swings I have always been diagnosed as ADHD even as a child, but due to heart issues cannot take stimulant ADHD meds. The doctor prescribed Depakote ER thinking it could be bipolar and would stabilize moods. Extreme hair loss, itchy, peeling skin, constant need to urinate with very little output, constant abdominal pain and bloating, constipation, inability to concentrate and memory trouble, constant fatigue, no joy in anything or motivation, nightmares, acne, gained 15 lbs in 5 weeks and very little appetite as it made the abdominal pains worse. I contacted the psychiatrist who prescribed it in Mid Cities Texas after my primary care provider suggested I get off of it and take a safer alternative for anxiety control. The bigger reason to stop using this was it was decided to schedule a full hysterectomy for endometriosis and PCOS which are the likely causes of the mood swings and not bipolar. Depakote can thin the blood and cause surgery complications such as blood not clotting. The staff said they would get back to me after talking to the psychiatrist. They never did. I am quitting cold turkey since this psychiatry group doesn't seemed to concerned about assisting in my medical concerns. Since I haven't been on it very long I'm hoping not to have any major withdrawal complications. After just one day off it, I already feel tons better and more alert! F 37 5 weeks
500 mg
 5  Ptsd bi polar Nothing except little fatiigue after taking full morning dose , i make extra time in my morning schedule for it. Uset stomach if taken on empty stomach otherwise it works wonders for me M 42 12 years
2000 1X D
 2  bipolar Nightmares,dry mouth, increased hunger,in a fog, stomach cramps. F 40 10 days
 2  Bipolar Memory loss, angry outburst, headaches, hair loss, mood swings, tingling in arms, jumbled thoughts, side pains Depakote isn't for me. Although it appeared to work in the first 3 months taking it in higher dosages is harmful. F 30 7 months
 5  Are migraines To help my migraine headaches F 52 3 years
 5  Bipolar Disorder 1 It took care of my mania but I, too, was a little slowed downed & unmotivated. But over time my body got used to it & I was able to function better. Did cause some weight gain. (I'm also taking 2 other drugs that cause weight gain, so I got a triple whammy!). I found out that working out has, at least, kept my weight the same. Because of the potential side effects of the liver, I make sure that I get periodical testing to monitor my liver function. I will continue taking this drug the rest of my life however, because of my age, in the future I will have the dosage re-evaluated so I'm not over medicated. F 59 18 years
1000 1X D
 4  Seizure Disorder Severe Memory Loss F 28 25 years
500mg 3X D
 1  Bipolar Loss of physical and emotional connection to anyone. Very foggy mind. Couldn't think through anything clearly. Difficulty expressing feelings. Gained 30lbs in 2 and a half years. Slept 10-12 hours every night and had to take a nap during the day. Showered only once a week and had no desire to look pretty or be hygienic. It took my life away and since stopping it I've noticed a remarkable difference for the better. I hated Depakote and will NEVER take it again. I'm now going to have liposuction to get rid of all the traces of having taken this miserable drug. F 38 3 years
 5  Bipolar 1 with psychosis Can of course put a bit of weight on, but I think that this side effect is grossly exaggerated. Drowsiness, so take before bed. It's the best mood-stabilizer that there is, in my estimation. I've taken it for 12 years now without incident. F 51 10 years
 5  Manic/Intermittent Explosive Disord Insomnia/Constant Headache Only problems so far are I don't sleep (great for anger control lol), and seem to constantly have a low grade headache. I really think that the headache is from the lack of sleep. If I can find something that will help me sleep without knocking me completely out... I think I'll be great. The Depakote ER has GREATLY improved my anger outbursts and frustration. I had previously begun a low carb diet so I feel this will help with any weight gain issues that may arise. M 39 2 weeks
 5  Epilepsy Mild weight gain. Occasional headaches. This drug has been very helpful for me. As a man with epilepsy who has suffered from a few partial-complex seizures, this drug has allowed me to be seizure free for 3+ years. The downside is no alcohol consumption, but other than that I definitely recommend it for someone who suffers from epilepsy. M 21 5 years
1500 MG 1X D
 5  Bi-Polar / Sleep Disorder Slight weight gain / dry mouth Depakote has been a great drug to keep me stable and prevent the ups and downs of Bi-Polar. I also take Seroquel with the Depakote at bedtime because I have a sleep disorder as well and this has worked great for the last 8 years. I take 2 - 500mg at night with 400mg Seroquel. Depakote does have a few side effects such as weight gain but for me the benefits are worth it. M 48 8 years
1000mg 1X D
 3  epilepsy Headaches F 31 5 years
 1  Bipolar type 2 Extreme fatigue, breast pain, nausea/diarrhea, headaches and a slow speech. F 21 7 days
 1  Bipolar 1 As soon as I took this, I felt searing pain in my liver area. Basically, the right side of my belly, underneath my ribcage and all the way around to the back. I know this medication can cause liver failure, so I quit it immediately. I felt the GABA in my brain increase, and I'll admit, if I didn't have liver issues, I would love to take Depakote. Talk about calm. Dang. I already had fatty liver when I took the Depakote. The extra GABA in my brain felt amazing. It's what I know I'm missing out on, but unfortunately, I'm not willing to risk death in order to feel better. Nobody knows about this drug for bipolar, but Keppra. Look into it! If you suffer from ultra-rapid cycling on a daily basis like I do, this drug could be your savior. The side effects are practically nothing compared to Lithium and Depkoate. People who are manic depressive probably already have issues with their bodies and organs. I know I do, from all the drinking and drugs done in the past. I needed something that wouldn't drive my liver enzymes up and cause me chest pain, like both Lithium and Depakote did. In comes Keppra, a novel anticonvulsant. It can work for rapid cycling, you guys. Look into it. Request it. You can take it with a bad liver too. M 28 1 days
500 mg 1X D
 3  Bipolar/ mixed episode Started during a mixed episode. Every attempt to bump up to 750 mg resulted in bad side effects... Ringing in ear, insomnia and when I slept it was more of a sleep paralysis with EXTREME nightmares. Headaches, nausea and depression. Am currently on 500 mg and feel ok F 38 2 months
500 mg
 3  Bipolar I like it because it gives me time to filter and process my thoughts. It makes me really freaking tired though. I got put on bupropion and it has helped a lot but I'm still so damn tired. F 23 6 months

DEPAKOTE ER  (DIVALPROEX SODIUM):  This medication is used to treat seizure disorders, mental/mood conditions (such as manic phase of bipolar disorder), and to prevent migraine headaches. It works by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)