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 5  Stop seizures after brain surgery It is working with keeping seizures at bay. I had an EEG. They found seizure activity and I have to take it for another year. Than another EEG. I just wipes me out. I have 0 energy and Sleepy all the time. I get a good nights rest. Just no energy at all. I had two hematomas removed after a fall. And developed another after the surgery. That one absorbed. I can use any energy supplements due to concerns about the leading to another hematoma. M 64 1 years
1000mg 2X D
 1  Seizures Anxiety Russian shaking Pains Dizziness Don't take it it's bad for your mind F 46 6 days
1000 1X D
 1  Seizures Anxiety shaking Pains Dizziness Don't take it it's bad for your mind F 46 6 days
1000 1X D
 1  epilepsy always tired ( over sleeping), headaches feels like theres water in my head , i get so depressed that i dont feel like myself and looking in the mirror doesnt even feel right i was supposed to up it to 3 pills twice a day but the side effects are just so bad at only 1 pill twice day that i havnt been able to do it yet 20 1 weeks
500 2X D
 1  Secondary generalized seizure. Epilepsy Before my dose became toxic . 5 times the. Maxum high dose. D on NAME BRAND!!!! FIRST 2.5 Here. I was on 1,£00 a day.Hasd nausia no vomit. Tired all the time. Lost body mass muscle mass due to not having any interest in doing anything. Starting to miss days at work. Just could no have any motivation. Plenty of other side effects. But we're better than 2-5 tonic seizure Adweek. Several small seizure a day. After the generic hit the market. Within 2 weeks I was rushed to the hospital 3 times for status epileptic. Got a dose of 3000 mg day. Seizure went down somewhat. The side effects listed above. Increases over the course of a month. I was increased to 3400 mg day. Little but better. Then one month I. To pick up my poison aka keppra. The pharmacy said this is the same meds. Found out that it came from Puerto Rico. Imedatly had increased seizure activity. The side effects were hell to live through. I halft to admit that I was using drugs [street drugs].. It definitely made everything much . After a few months my wife look3d at me and started crying. It broke my y hart to see her in pain due to myself. She said take your clothes off and take a good LOOK in the mirror. I was shocked. I had yellow skin. A sunkin face. I had a healthy spinal cord before this poison. I was a walking skellatin. 120 lbs was my weight. I'm a male 6' and us3d 4o have quite bit muscle mass. I could not eat at all. If so did. I would throw it up.the aide effects got so bad that I demand a keppra level check. It was so far off the chart for toxicity. BTW. The only level check insurance would approve. I lost my mind lost my job. Became homeless. What's worse 8 a ls my wif became homeless so she could be with me. I was so awful full rds. Me. It's a miracle she stayed with me. It was by far the worst time of my life as far as mental health goes. I would get ragefull if I could not open a bag of chips. O destr M 37 5 years
1500mg w 2 1X D
 1  Focal seizures Horrible rage and moodiness. Could not function at all, absolutely psychotic. Be very careful when starting this drug. F 29 4 days
250 1X D
 1  Seizure prevention while detoxing Severe lower leg cramping and burning. Walking was uncomfortable Weaning myself off of this starting today. F 65 2 weeks
500mg 2X D
 1  Epilepsy Depression, rage, anger, anxiety.. Don't bother F 25 8 years
 1  Drug withdrawal seizure Daytime fatigue, sleeplessness at night, irritability, crying spells, depression and weight gain. My doctor took me off Depakote and now I'm beginning the taper off Keppra. Terrible drug. I can't imagine how anyone could stay on this. F 62 6 months
1000 mg
 1  Stroke induced seizure Rage. I screamed at my wife and our toddler. I called them names I would never have said before. I snapped at my boss, my sons teacher, and flipped out on my mom. For stupid things. I asked my wife for pen and paper, she handed them to me “wrong” and I threw them at her. I couldn’t figure out my phone so I threw it across the room. My son was singing and I swore at him. I would never recommended this medication to anyone. I’d rather suffer through seizures then tear my family apart the way I did. M 36 3 days
 1  Sudden onset seizures at 36 years o The only thing good about keppra is that at stop my seizures. But the side effects are far worse then the seizures in my opinion. I'm depressed all the time very emotional severe anger problems for no reason,don't want to be around anybody don't want to do anything but sleep. I used to make time to play with my kids everyday, now I barely play with them at all all I want to do is sit on the couch like a zombie... I hate being honest medicine I don't feel like the same personI don't even know who I am anymore let alone my family and friends I don't recommend anybody taken keppra. I hope to be off at soon and get my life back to where I was and feel happy again M 37 9 months
1500mg a d
 1  One spasm episode Almost every bad horrible thing mentioned. My son is gone. Depressed all the time, angry, no energy, socially mute (even with brother which is his side kick), won't eat, won't do school work, cusses constantly, won't listen at all, hums (his answers are even hums, if he answers)! He is a zombie!! He knows something's wrong cause he started hiding the Keppra 2 days after we got home from hospital so now I have to make him take it cause one thing that can happen if u miss a dose is a real seizure. I'm terrified! I want my child back! Doctor says seizure disorder & the fact is he was extremely sick when the spas happened that I truly believe it was febrile no matter him being 12 or not. He told me after the fact his throat was clogged & his nose too when this happened in his sleep cause a severe sinus infection in the van. CT scan & MRI normal, my son is very emotional & I guess u can say my weak link with coping. I passed down to him a sleeping disorder that many people grow out of when they grow up called night terrors which stems from family stress & tragedies which my own family has been through. I have researched til my eyes bleed to see why they say seizure disorder after one episode. EEG they say had epileptic charges which can easily be mistaken for psychogenic or very well spinal cord infections. They didn't even do a spinal tap to rule out any thing from that.Now being treated for sinus infection I'll never know causethe antibiotic could have gotten Do not take Keppra. Get off slowly but GET OFF! Severe side effects are also possible: mental disability, heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, learning disability, etc!! Also good chance of seizure if u miss a single dose!!! M 12 3 weeks
750 mg 2 x
 5   The side effects are very bad at first weakness depression headache But if you keep taking this a lot of the side effects go away this medication has kept me out of the hospitals Has my seizures under control is a good medacation just give it some time. F 55 3 years
 1  I have peti mal I went into psychosis. Was very dizzy and confused. Went into hypnotic trans state. Started developing spasms which has turned into a movement disorder. I have been off Keppra for 2 months and it has damaged my brain. I still have a movement disorder (distonia) caused from Keppra. I now have to try find treatment. Causing depression. Painful and uncomfortable. My neck and head constantly spasm and I have involuntary movements Keppra should be banned. It destroys lives F 39 2 weeks
500 mg
 2  Had a grand mal in October 2017 Sick, anxious feeling, depression all the time. Memory loss and decision making is horrible. This is not the way I want to live. If I don't take this I have auras and end up in the er. That's how bad it gets sometimes. Seeing a new Dr soon and I'm hoping he can advise a different med to take because I would love to be me again. F 61 10 months
 1  one grand mal seizure angry,sleepy, very weak,depession,tired,personality change,thoughts of killing myself early on to escape the torture. after 6 weeks I was able to get it reduced to 250 mg 2 times a day.this was no help so after 8 weeks I reduced it on my own to 125 mg 1 time a day and after 24 weeks I am getting better. This poison should not be given to anyone. M 70 6 months
500 2X D
 1  Epilepsy Shakey,irabilty easyier.cant sleep Dont know i thinks because i was on Brand name tegretol and now im on generic keppra F 59 35 days
2000mg 2x
 1  Epilepsy Explosive rage, spontaneous sobbing, emotionally unstable state, difficulty thinking and the social stigmas that result from an emotionally unstable state I hated it. I had no idea what I was about to go through when I started it. It was when I started cussing at my boyfriend in a fit of rage that I realized I had lost control of something. I used the f* word 10 times in 5 seconds! Within 30 minutes I was at the doctors office and when she walked in the door, I burst out into tears for no reason. F 35 90 days
1X D
 1  Grand mal seizures Severe tiredness, weakness, lack of sociability, not laughing anymore, crying spells for no reason at any time and even occurs waking from sleep in middle of the night, weak balance and mobility, vomiting once a month, nausea, irritability. Terrible drug, found that I wasted all these years taking it because during stressful situations whether able to feel that stress is tolerable or not, I still had grand mal seizures. Wasted years and money on a drug that has only caused more problems and never really helped. This drug should be banned especially for children and teenagers. It affects social life and if you have seizures because of stress, DO NOT keep taking a medicine like this that only adds more unnatural stress. Make your neurologists listen if you complain about depression and don't take neglect for an answer. The longer you stay on keppra, the worse the side effects get. It is ruining my relationship and social atmosphere. The first solution the neurologists or doctors always think is to increase the keppra any time I have a grand mal. Don't do it! Ask about a special diet and to be referred to a dietitian. Do anything to stay away from this drug. If your neurologist tells you that your epilepsy isn't bad enough to be on the Atkins or ketogenic diet, stand your ground. They don't know how it feels. Neurologists keep prescribing this drug and increasing it, knowing they will get money out of it. If your neurologist won't listen, switch doctors ASAP! I've done my research. I knew I needed to be off of this the 2nd year of taking it but was forced to be on it longer. Now it's been 4 years and many neurologists are crooks. I'm angry about this medicine and I'm angry about how I've been treated. I don't want a temporary solution, I want a treatment and keppra is far from that. Taking Lamictal now, and realize how bad keppra has affected me, transitioning off of keppra (8 more weeks!), and considering a special diet. If you feel depressed and crazy, it's not you. It's the keppra! F 19 4 years
 4  Grand mal seizures More talkative, but that could be reaction from stopping 45 years of dilantin Only taken it 2 weeks so far. No problems F 75 0 days

KEPPRA  (LEVETIRACETAM):  Levetiracetam is used with other medications to treat seizures (epilepsy). It belongs to a class of drugs known as anticonvulsants. Levetiracetam may decrease the number of seizures you have.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)