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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 5  Bv Bad taste in my mouth stomach pain sharp pain during sex extremely sore breast dark urine yeast infection From antibiotics Cleared up my bacterial affection don't regret it just next time I'll use the cream way better no side effects but I can't complain helped me a lot it always does I usually get bv after my periods even though my hygiene is great so been using it for years I just mostly use the cream Another side effects as we know antibiotics can give you a yeast infection just something to think about F 28 7 days
2X D
 1  BV Ice Pick Migraine, discombobulated, lack of motor function, irritability, worsening of tinnitus(at times complete black out of hearing in left ear), dizziness, fatigue, confusion, inability to concentrate, sensitivity to light and sound, disgusting taste in mouth similar to aura for severe migraines or possible temporal lobe epilepsy. Main problems with this medicine are with the head and the taste is so unbearable. Had to take because apparently using baby wipes can cause BV, I have IBS-D so I have chronic diarrhea and needed the baby wipes. I will be using female friendly wipes from now on out and will take the medication to help the unpleasant symptoms of BV. But I feel like I'm dying. I am so unhappy and uncomfortable so this better be the help I need, I have used other medication for BV which had no side effects but did not get rid of the problem. I am taking with probiotics, and also take bentyl for my ibs-d. This is the worst experience I've had with any medicine ever. I had to leave work early and couldn't function.the irritability is worse than when I quit smoking cigarettes after 4 years of daily smoking. F 22 7 days
500MG 2X D
 4  Bv I experienced headaches, not hungry and sick to stomach and nipple soreness. I also had to pee a lot It helped with my bv and all the symptoms after the first day of taking the pills. F 18 7 days
500 2X D
 5  BV Breast pain and nipple sensitivity. Frequently urinating. Ovarian cramping. Metallic taste when taking the medication. Worth all of the above symptoms to take care of the problem. F 43 7 days
30 2X D
 5  Bv Tender breast,fatigue,pain in obdomen,feel sick,as if I'm pregnant,got three red spots under my feet,nauseous It does work quickly,most effective really a good medication.but jess the side effects nearly kills me. F 45 10 days
500 3X O
 1  Infection Breast tenderness, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, stomach pain, depression, dry cough, nose stopped up, just over all feeling of something being wrong with me I need the medicine to get rid of the infection which it is helping alot. But the side effects are awful. I have 3 days left but I will not take this again. F 46 7 days
500mg 2X D
 5  BV Personally, I didn't have any issues with this pill, I made sure I ate before and after I took the pill. The time that I didn't eat after taking the pill I experienced blurred vision, felt nauseous, and my breast started to hurt. I really didn't feel like myself. Make sure you eat when taking these pills. F 20 7 days
500 2X D
 3  UTI, BV I have experienced very bad stomach pains and very nauseous. I feel like I’m pregnant but I hope not to be and it's just the side effects. My nipples are sore and they hurt and feel sensitive when I touch them. My stomach gets really bloated and it’s annoying. I keep wanted to use the restroom and it’s just been weird. I think this medicine is pretty strong and you should be careful with it. I'm curious as to know if thus could cause a miscarriage ? I would actually be interested in talking to someone about this. Anyways thank you F 17 1 weeks
500mg 1X D
 1  BV This made me feel pregnant!! Literally triggered my anxiety worse ( I smoke marijuana & it triggered paranoia as well ) , sore boobs, nausea didn't start until day 5 of taking it, crazy cramps all over my abdomen, slight headaches, BLURRY VISION, it made me pee A LOT the first 5 days of taking it, then that slowly tapered away back to normal. I finished the treatment 4 days ago & still feel a little bit of each of those symptoms. This sh*t is horrible . Consider the vaginal gel before the pill for sure ! F 20 7 days
500MG 2X D
 1  BV Nausea, abdominal pains, SOB, fast heart rate, severe headache, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, swollen tongue, dry mouth and throat 2 days after taking medication my tongue was still swollen had trouble swallowing and breathing. F 22 7 days
 3  BV Horrible burning/itching sensation in my anus & vagina. F 31 1 days
4 pills
 1  BV This is the WORST medicine I have ever taken in my life. I do not recommend anyone taking this. I have migraines, sharp pains in my vaginal area and legs, very sore/tender nipples, night sweats, dizziness, feelings of stress, late menstrual cycle and tired frequently. This medicine was not worth the side effects I am experiencing now. I want to cry because I didn't know that I would have to go through all of this. I don't know how long I'm going to last with all these symptoms. Get a second recommendation or something other than this death pill. F 35 7 days
 1  BV Increased stress, heart palpitations, increased HR, extreme dizziness, leg & arm weakness. Went to the ER bc the side effects were so bad. Will NEVER take this again. Feel blindsided bc I was not warned of any of these serious symptoms. Will be doing more research from here on out.. F 27 3 days
500 2X W
 1  Giardia Vision loss, weight loss, peripheral neuropathy, Flagyl wrecked me. I was a very healthy woman with a very healthy lifestyle. I started having some odd symptoms was sent to a GI doctor and prescribed this poison. Now, 4 months later weighing only 110 pounds, several trips to ERs all over the USA (pain started in Las Vegas, I thought I had a stress fracture in my foot) for peripheral neuropathy with pain so bad I actually cry out. Honestly, I previously thought the only time you cry out in pain is when you are in labor or just got shot. Wrong, just take Flagyl and wait. My foot started tingling while I was taking it. Now, its to the point of constant shooting/burning pain from my right foot up to my back. My ortho doctor had me out of work with a walking boot on and knee scooter for mobility because he too thought it was a stress fracture. This whole time its been peripheral neuropathy. I cannot believe nerve pain hurts this much. I feel I am going insane. Nothing shows on xrays and no doctors believe how much pain I am in and how drastically my life has changed. In addition to the nerve pain I also had terrible blurred vision while taking it and I have gone from 20/20 vision to bifocals in 4 months. I am living my own worst nightmare. F 43 10 days
500 2X D
 1  BV Metallic taste in mouth, painful breasts, swollen lymph node in groin. F 48 7 days
 1  BV Well just about all side effects listed. Nausea, headache, head pain when I cough, dry cough, dry throat, dehydrayed, back pain, joint pain in every joint, body aches, red eyes, very sick feeling, insomnia, increased dreaming, woke up morning of 5th day with racing heart over 100 BPM, (norm for me 52 BPM) temp 101.1. I stopped the drug that day. I developed petachia( red dots) on my legs. I don't know if I'm allergic to this or if something else is wrong with me. Been off for 1 day now and feel much better but have discharge still, weird head pain like around my brain. I will never take this again. My other doc told me to take s. boulardii, a probiotic yeast to fight any potential resulting yeast. Also I'm taking probiotic. Thus should help fight the bad bacteria. BEWARE! M 63 4 days
 1  Bacterial vaginosis Started experiencing numbness in my left buttock, left side off my vagina, my leg, my mid back and my foot. After 3-4 days it started to tingle and burn. I started having pain in my left eye and the whole left side of my face and neck got stiff. My throat would go numb. I also noticed a weird taste in my mouth & my tongue was numb on the left side. It gave me a very bad yeast infection and by day 6 I started losing the ability to speak, and focus. My whole entire body started burning my face.I also loss 10 lbs in a few days because I loss all desire to eat. I ended up hospitalized for 4 days and still trying to recover. I told my doctor about my symptoms that started after taking flagyl and she thought I was crazy and told me it wasn't from flagyl. NEVER LET A PROVIDER TELL YOU THAT YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR BODY. because I almost died. F 30 5 days
 1  Appendicite Stomach pain, treating with omeprazol doesnt work, vivid nightmares and sweating, chills, metallic taste Have been taking 400mg 3times day. Worst feeling, still on day3, waiting to get over it asap M 34 7 days
 3  BV Headaches, extreme breast tenderness, nasal congestion, hot flashes, bad anxiety, insomnia, vivid nightmares, and some chest discomfort !! I fought through the side effects, and it cleared the BV, I will never take this again !!! F 27 7 days
 2  Parasite - Dientamoeba fragilis I experienced many of the side effects listed here - headache, dizziness, nausea, pins and needles, dark urine, extreme fatigue, light headed, sweats, anorexia. Increased day by day. What helped - frequent small meals of heavy food such as bread, burger, fries, foods I typically don't eat. Eat this when you take the pills, it helps a lot. Also, Lots of water and probiotic - pill form. Fruits, dairy and acidic foods increased nausea. 1 day to go - if it kills the parasite and if symptoms go away, it will be worth it. F 60 7 days
250 mg 3X D

FLAGYL ER  (METRONIDAZOLE):  This medication is used to treat certain types of bacterial infections in the vagina. Metronidazole is an antibiotic that works by stopping the growth of bacteria.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)