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 1  Migraine As many have mentioned, I used to take this years ago. I thought it would help today. Headache gone, but my stomach pain is SEVERE! It brought on an anxiety attack. I have been nauseous for hours. I will never take this again! F 37 1 days
1 1X D
 2  Migraine INTENSE stomach ache and heartburn. This is my first time taking this medicine as I have only recently developed migraines. This medicine upset my stomach so much and gave me intense heartburn to the point I will not ever take this again. I took it with a full glass of water and not on an empty stomach and took two pills as listed on the bottle. I would say if you have a sensitive stomach do not take this F 23 1 days
2 pills 1X D
 1  migraine nausea, almost instant vomiting, painful bowel F 25 1 days
1pill 1X D
 1  Migraine HORRIBLE! I have been having a migraine for a couple days now. I decided to take one pill and man o man dizzy, nauseous, shakey, nervous, blurry vision, and panic attack is horrible. F 29 1 days
1X D
 1  Headache upset stomach, anxiety, sweating, chills, weakness I took this for the first time to help a Sunday morning headache I woke up with. I drank a whole glass of water with the full dosage but didn't eat breakfast yet. Maybe ~2 hours after I started to get an upset stomach but didn't think anything of it because I already have a sensitive stomach. Throughout the day I was on and off warm even though in my house with AC. By 6pm that day I started to feel really cold and got the chills all night. The next morning it never clicked it was the excedrin causing it so I took 2 more to act as fever reducers since there's acetametaphin and the side effects persisted but now adding in anxiety, sweating, and general weakness. I had to leave work early I felt extremely ill and needed to rest. I don't think I took an afternoon dose and went to sleep feeling better. The next morning I took 2 more at 8AM to have a good work day (STILL not realizing it was the excedrin causing the issues) and I profusely sweat from approx 9am-1:30pm to the point I had to sit on a beach towel. I felt way better in the afternoon and wanted a good sleep and prevent oncoming period cramps, I take 2 more before bed at 10pm and the sweating started again. That's when it finally clicked and I haven't taken any since. It's currently 7pm (21 hours since last dosage) and I felt back to normal all day until 4pm ish and my stomach ache came back F 23 3 days
2 2X D
 1  Migraine Worst belly ache ever I used to take this always for my headaches/migraines without a problem. Not now F 56 1 times
2 tablets 2X W
 1  Headache SEVERE anxiety, numbness in arms, legs and face, confusion, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, dizzy, trouble speaking, loss of coordination NEVER take this medication. This was the worst experience Ive ever had with a medicine. I probably should have gone to the hospital but didnt. Its been around 12 hours since I took it and I still havent gotten out of bed. Literally worst experience Ive ever had, terrifying feeling! Stay away!!! M 29 1 days
65mg 1X O
 1  Hangover I woke up with a killer hangover and decided to take something to cure it. I had never taken this before and made the mistake of taking 3. A few hours later, oh god. Worst anxiety of my life, I was panicking and felt like I was gonna pass out. The scariest part is I didn't know what was wrong with, I didn't realize til later that it was the medicine. Stomach was churning a lot bit and I was nauseous but it the anxiety was by far the worst part. M 21 0 days
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 5  Migraine I have been taking excederin migraine for years. It was always my go to. But today I have been in bed for hours with such severe nausea and belly pains and diarrhea. There is no other explanation. I'm so sad because this headache medicine is the best. I don't know what I'm going to do. I know I'll be fearful of taking this again anytime soon in the future. I just don't understand why after all these years this would happen? F 45 0 days
2 pills 1X D
 3  Headache/migraine For over a year I've had terrible unrelenting chills; nausea especially at night. I never correlated the chills with Excedrin as I have auto immune issues. Was off Excedrin for a couple of weeks and the chills subsided. Took one a couple of hours ago and just woke up with shaking chills. I'm so disappointed because the Excedrin really knocks out my migraines. I gave it a 3 because it works on my headaches but the side effects are forcing me to look for something else to take. F 66 2 years
1 capsule 1X AN
 2  Strong headache progressing to migraine Nausea / unsettled stomach, fatigue / weakness, cramping 14+ hours so far, malaise all day My body is beat. I typically have not had this bad of side effects from this medication, typically used for hormonal triggered headaches. Woke up this morning with bad headache, couldn't sleep off, so took pills at 6:30am before going to get groceries. Took on empty stomach. Had to make bathroom stop in store, cramping throughout, felt out of it and like I had to really summon my inner strength to make it through getting groceries. The past couple times I have had slight upset stomach, but nothing like today. Wanted to always be in bathroom even when nothing left. No diarrhea but the cramping was terrible. Stomach growling but had to eat bland all day and stomach still moving tonight, 14+ hrs after first dose. By the time I started searching to figure out what could be causing my symptoms, I had taken a second dose since first didn't kill headache. I'm hoping in two hours I don't have to choose to sleep on the couch. Sounds like it has significant variation in how it affects people, so if you want to try, would suggest talking to your doctor that knows your health history and medications first, and start with lowest dose to see how your body reacts. I think mine has gotten progressively and intermittently worse...super bummed because it has historically completely resolved severe headaches / migraines. F 38 1 days
2X D
 3  Headache My stomach started burning a day after taking the pill. It helped the headache but with the stomach pain, I really don't think I'll be taking anymore. I thought it could have been ulcers until I read the other reviews. Really informative. One of the reviews mentioned taking the medication that excludes aspirin. That's the cause of stomach discomfort. F 66 2 days
1X D
 2  Migraine Excedrin normally helps take the edge off my migraines on the rare occasion that I get one (couple times a year), but doesn't entirely remove the pain. Came down with a migraine tonight and took 2 caplets with food and glass of water. As usual it helped somewhat with the head pain, but a couple of hours later I started getting severe gas/bloating and diarrhea. The pressure has been constantly building for 3-4 hours now, only being released by bouts of diarrhea. Took some GasX, hoping it'll help me get to sleep. Don't know if I'll ever risk taking Excedrin again. M 26 1 days
2 caplets 1X D
 4  Tension back ache headache I've used this EM for years when I get very bad tension headaches. Its the only thing that works but turns my stomach into a wreck. I learned to eat something like, bread, pancakes, muffin because I feel it absorbs the acid or whatever is happening and my stomach won't hurt. Most of the time it works but sometimes it doesn't and the upset stomach, diarrhea and overall lousy feeling isn't worth it. But pancakes help the most if you are desperate and have to take it. Works on headache, and wrecks the stomach. Pick one F 57 1 days
2 1X D
 1  Migraines I took 2 extra strength pills for my migraine and I cannot get off the toilet. I ate and drank water with it and I'm so fuzzy brained. My stomach won't stop turning and the diarrhea is awful. I won't be taking excedrin ever again, I'd rather nurse my migraine with a cold pack and heating pad on my feet. If you have a sensitive stomach I do not recommend taking these. The stomach pain is horrendous F 28 10 days
2 5X AN
 1  Migraine I took this for a migraine I was having. About 3 hours after taking I experienced severe stomach cramps and burning sensation in my stomach, body shakes, lightheadedness, nausea, and dehydration. Got rid of the headache, but got even worse symptoms. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! F 19 1 days
2 pills 1X O
 1  Migraine headache Body jitters, dehydration, nausea, and vomiting. I used to be able to take this med without any side effects. Used to clear up a migraine in 15-30 mins. I guess my body doesn't respond well anymore. Last two times I've taken it, I've had the reaction above. Never taking again. F 38 1 days
400 Mg 1X D
 1  Headache Got rid of my headache but caused my Stomach to hurt sooooo Bad! I canít eat anything without my stomach feeling like itís on fire F 21 0 days
1 tablet
 1  Migraine EXTREME anxiety attack, stomache problems and shakiness I was having a migraine today and i went to the pharmacy thinking that i just needed a pill, she said that these were THE BEST if i made myself clear THE BEST pills for migraine, oh boy the world that i got into. I took two pills like it said i should for adult after 30 min my headache poof disappeared but hell came upon me, my stomache never felt worse, my anxiety level were off the charts i felt like i was gonna die, and i used to experience that before but not like this, its 10x worse then my usual anxiety attacks. Now my stomache hurts like a bitch and i cant go do my errands, cus holy hell. It takes away the migraine but at what cost :( M 20 1 days
2 pills 1X D
 1  Back pain Got sick at work even after taking just after food!Had to go home. stomache pain is mild but unignorable F 42 1 days
2caps 1X D