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 1  Hypertension Upper body fluid retention, depression,migraines, facial inflammation,aches & pains. Gastroparesis...very little urination no matter how much fluid intake I had...got fluid up my back and chest. I went to neurologists, gastroenterologists, had endoscopy, MRI, CAT scans all without finding anything...went to ER at least once every 3 months...couldn't find the problem.also saw 3 ophthalmologists and an eye specialists. F 66 365 days
150 mg 1X D
 1  HBP (Pre-hypertension) Extreme fatigue, cough, excessive phlegm, dizziness, leg cramps, gastritis, rhinitis, chest pain, weakness, hair loss, rapid pulse, depression, feeling like I can't breathe,blurred vision, agitation. F 58
150 1X D

 1  High Blood Pressure Headache that never goes away, anxiety, emotional, moody and joint pain in legs when getting up in the morning. M 42 1 days
 3  High blood pressure Lethargy, tiredness, joint and muscle pains, and these last few weeks, cramps. Lack of sexual interest. Muscles that you never knew could cramp, did so on me. I could sleep for 10 hours a day, and still wake up feeling tired. M 39 9 months
150 1X D
 3  HBP Feeling tired all the time and depress. I was losing my hair before taking Avapro, but since starting Avapro last January my hair loss has increased dramatically... like 50 x more. My doctor doesn't think it is Avapro, but I really think it did increase my hair loss. I am thinking of stopping it. It has lower my blood pressure; but the negative side effects is terrible for me. F 59 8 months
75mg 1X D
 2  Hypertension Headache, extreme irritability, vertigo to the point I was bumping into walls and afraid to leave the house. Fatigue and lethargy. Tried taking it at night, had insomnia, urination urgency, coughing, and panic. Chest pain sent me to the ER. F 57 7 days
75 mg 1X D
 3  High blood pressure Feels like I have an ulcer with gnawing stomach pain when I am eating. I take in the morning and have to run to the bathroom shortly after taking it. I also urinate more. Makes me somewhat anxious, try to fend off by cleaning or gardening. Take two hbp medicines. I went to see a new doctor and had a toothache at the time and needed hbp refill so didn't want to cancel the appt. Of course being in pain, my bp was up! Doctor ignored that. Also gave me EKG! A few hours later, I was getting a root canal. Calling tomorrow as my stomach is really bad since I have been on Avapro. F 54 24 days
150 1X D
 3  hypertension extreme fatigue. Tiredness during the day. Waking up after 12 hours of sleep and still feeling tired. F 40 10 years
75mg 1X D
 2  high blood pressure My doctor took me off diovane 160 and when i started avapro 150 2 days ago i started a headache that doesnt go away. Feeling light headed F 61 2 days
 2  htn Depression that became very apparent after a week of taking. Didn't realize until serving week of taking it that if may be causing me to feel sad, hopeless, like I want to hide in bed all day. Also had knee pain within days of starting, but that subsided, mostly. I have also noticed numbness in my feet and fingers. Also, want to sleep all the time. F 44 2 weeks
 4  High Blood Pressure I've been on 150 mg. of Avapro for quite a long time with no side effects and it kept my pressure around 120/70. Blood pressure has gone up in the last few month, up to 143/85, so my doctor switched me to 300 mg about 5 days ago. Feeling fatigued and tired on 300 mg. but things seem to be getting better everyday. I was also feeling miserable with my high blood pressure and anxious, couldn't sleep very well, but now I feel relaxed and it has dramatically lowered my pressure to 113/64. I'm pleased so far and I have no trouble now sleeping at night which is a relief. F 48 10 years
1 x a day
 3  High blood Pressure My BP is under control but I have terrible aches in my left knee. This seems to happen after exercise. F 50 5 years
 1  High BP This was the generic (irbesartan). Did not do anything to lower BP. Very rapid heart beat and anxiety, back pain, feeling lethargic during the day. I would not recommend this drug. My doctor put me on Benicar hct and within 2 days my BP was normal. F 63 10 days
150 1X D
 1  High Blood pressure It was OK in the beginning but gradually, particularly the last 2 years I have noticed crippling joint pain, leg pains, skin rashes, stiff neck, can't sleep at night yet fall asleep if I sit down during the day. Lately when I wash or brush my hair I am left with a good handful that has fallen out. I went to the Dr last week and told him all this and said I want to try a different medication as I felt Avapro was the cause of all my problems .When I left I noticed the script was again for Avapro. I am seeing a different Dr tomorrow. I also have cold feet and numbness in my feet. Another thing is that when I brush my teeth my gums bleed. A while back I looked up the side effects of Irbesarten, the main ingredient of Avapro and was surprised to see many of my symptoms listed. My Dr told me I could take Panadol Osteo, 2 three times a day. I don't think so !!! I will not be taking Avapro or Ibesarten ever again. F 69 7 years
300mg 1X D
 1  Hyper tension Had all the symptoms like others , cramps no energy etc docs have given me every test know ie ct scans MRI emt you name it they can't figure out my neurophy type symtoms . Also cold feet heart pain vertigo so stopped taking I'm 47 and felt like giving up so now have stopped taking it for the last 3 days starting to feel better but curious how long it takes to be out of my system and restore my health If on this drug think twice before the docs put you through unneeded tests so 7 cat scans 2 MRI I emt test all for nothing also it screwed up my sinus I went from 240 lbs 6ft to 187 I was fine on it until I lost the weight the affected me huge M 8 years
300 1X D
 3  HBP Abdominal pain 34 1 days
150MG 1X D
 1  Hypertension As time went on the extreme fatigue and weakness were absolutely debilitating. I would lie down due to weakness, and be on the verge of unconsciousness. Unable to drive at times would have to pull over and sleep. I thought I was having weird food reaction, then my doctor halved my dose as my blood pressure had started to drop. I noticed an immediate feeling of wellbeing I hadn't felt for years. My blood pressure continued to improve and he took me off the medication all together and voila I feel fantastic. If I ever have hypertension again I will not take Avapro! F 56 12 years
150 1X D
 3  high blood pressure & Kidney diseas Usually get a dry cough, sometimes a stiff neck, almost had several auto accidents as my vision or brain wasn't noticing traffic properly. feel withdrawn most of the time.Sometimes get vertigo and faster than normal heartbeat most times (80 bpm). Just developed super painful gout in my left heel. Also had E.D. problems very shortly after starting this med.and still do. M 48 10 years
150mg 1X D
 1  Hypertension TERRIBLE leg and joint pain! If you take this drug, be aware that cramps, leg pain, etc. are a possibility. No way I'll take it ever again! M 40 10 days
150 MG 1X D
 1  High blood pressure depression, fatigue, joint ache, blocked sinuses, reflux, low energy levels, anxiety. do not recommend anyone take this drug. M 67 4 years
300mg 1X D