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 1  High Blood Pressure Caused rapid pulse after 1st 150mg dose. My blood pressure went to 210/102 and stayed there. I didn't realize it was the avapro causing this and kept taking it. Went to E.R. where doctor did nothing but tell me to call my doctor for an appt. after weekend. Have since seen the heart doctor...he changed my pill and has now detected a heart murmur (didn't have one before) and now I have to have a nuclear stress test. I've only been off the avapro for 5 days now (after only taking it for 10 days) and my pulse is still very fast, I'm still breathless and quite scared about what this has done to my heart. Now I shake all the time too and I never did that before either. I wish I had read this site before taking this pill. I feel so bad that I worry if I'm going to make it. All this because I went to the doctor with stomach pain which turned out to be a cyst. That's when he said my pressure was a little high and gave me the avapro. I wish I hadn't complained about the stomach pain. F 52 10 days
 1  high blood pressure joint aches extreme stiffness when rising from sitting,pain in feet when walking, fatigue tiredness. thought i had arthritis,couldnt walk without foot pain,walked like an old woman,stopped drug and am now pretty well back to normal.cannot believe it was this drug. F 56 7 years
 1  high blood pressure Severe muscle and joint pain everywhere, headaches, extreme fatigue, mild lightedness. I feel like I have the flu everyday! Slightly reduced my blood pressure but not enough to continue taking it. I take 300 mg and cut down to 150 mg and still no relief. My doc actually agreed with me and took me off it. It's only a day without it so I hope to feel well again soon. Obviously, I would not recommend this drug. F 54 5 weeks
 3  hi blood pressure light headed/dizzy - 'heavy' head feeling. fatigue,tingling in hands and feet - muscle cramps in lower legs - lack of appetite, also some tightness or swelling in the lower legs, but this seems to have gone away. Generaly not feeling like myself. Seems fine at first - and at that time I was so paniced that I noticed nothing anyway - doctor said 140/95 was very high?! - so started me on 150 mg about 8 months ago. Still on it although my readings are now around 112/60. mentioned all the above side effects and was told - its not the medication. Well then - what the heck is it? I dont think I even need to be on this medication anymore - Ive lost some weight and changed my diet and excersice routine. Going for a 'thyroid' blood test to rule that out. Have talked dr. into letting me take a half pill instead of a full one - but its been three days and really no change in symptoms. Tired of feeling this way! F 41 8 months
 5  high blood pressure none F 60 10 years
 4  Moderately High BP Dry mouth and eyes and a noticeable disturbance in concentration, especially in speaking, and more energy, which was unexpected, considering I gave up caffeine when diagnosed. When my husband was on this drug, he was tired all of the time. In terms of lack of concentration - well, he doesn't have much to begin with, so it was hard to tell! My doctor's follow up is this week. We'll see what he says about the side effects. F 48 1 months
 3  high blood pressure Avapro has slightly helped but I too have had terrible pains in my legs and also lots of tingling in both hands. Doctor says the pain in legs is probably bursitus. Doctor has now tried me on Bystolic which is fairly new I think. Wow that stuff really effects me. Insomnia, headache, ringing or pulsating in both ears. Not sure about any bp meds. F 57 10 years
 3  hypertension after 2 years of taking avapro i developed an allergy to it. also persistent heartburn after 1 month of taking it, but i thought the heartburn was related to acid reflux. worked good for blood pressure control until this point. M 33 2 years
 1  High Blood Pressure Light Headedness, Unable to concentrate, heart palpatations, chest pain, General lethargy, upset stomach Couldn't figure out what was happening to me until I read this site. M 52 3 months
 5  hypertension
 1  high BP bloating, lack of urine with increased water, muscle pain, tingling in legs, edema and mental issues ... Don't like tis drug at all! I was told it didn't have any side effects! F 63 60 days
 5  Lower my blood pressure The medicine worked like a pro. NO SIDE EFFECTS My pressure was alway 110/72 until about 8 months ago, when I realized I was getting headaches. Went to the DR, my pressure was 190/150. After taking Avapro for almost 60 days it is back down to 123/83. I am so releaved!! F 54 60 days
 4  HBP Took avapro for 6 years 150 mg my skin seemed to thin, a small wound would bleed and bruise excessively. maintained BP fairly well less than 140/90, took with HCTZ changed to $4 walmart med and skin is well 60 6 years
 1  high blood pressure dry caugh, lung pan, EXTREME mucle pain, insomnia and depressed F 42 30 days
 1  High Blood Pressure I was unable to function properly; I was going to sleep at 9pm instead of my usual 11pm and after 10 hours of sleep I was still tired. My whole body hurt and it made me EXTREMELY paranoid and depressed. My doctor did not know it could have this kind of reaction. I would NEVER consider taking this medicine again, it also DID NOT lower my blood pressure. F 51 13 days
 2  High blood pressure Asthma symptoms increased dramatically. Sinuses clogged up. I was on Avapro for 2 years 75 mg. BP 140/90 prior. On Avapro down to 124/80 ish. About 3-6 months ago started having severe congestion and breathing difficulties, needed my inhaler daily vs. a few times per year. Thought it was allergies, then decided to see if it was the Avapro. Stopped Avapro a week before my physical. Symptoms disappeared. Doc wouldn't belive me, "It's not a known side effect". Well, it actually is. Went back on for 2 days symptoms returned. Now I'm off for good. Using 2 inhalers now until my lungs recover. Will probably change docs. Why don't they believe the patient?? F 45 2 years
 2  Hypertension salty taste in mouth, joint pains and recentlt started having swelling in my hands, feet, face and also feel numbness and tingling in different parts of my body.. It seems hard to use my hands for normal work.. can't do my exercise..always feel tired.. when i rest, my heart starts racing.. told my doctor but he says that these are not the side effects of this drug.. I don't think so that this medicine is for me..side effects are more than the expected good result.. BP still remains at 140/90 with 150mg per day F 35 1 years
 1  hypertension First I had terrible fatique whihc didn't improove, then racing heart beat (tachycardia) very dry mouth. Then in seven days made my arthritis pain much worse and muscle pain. I had terrible foot pain. I would wake with this feeling of anxiety with my heart racing. I stopped it and am just taking a diuretic, and I will have to try other means of blood pressure control. These drugs for hypertension have been terrible . My symptoms all disappeared in about five days after stopping it. F 46 3 weeks
 2  Diabetes, High Blood Pressure Even if I take it before bedtime, I suffer from extreme,debilitating fatigue and depression. And has anyone else had a problem with extremely vivid dreams? I used to take Lisisnopril until I developed an allergy. Since then every blood pressure medication I've tried has caused me to experience extreme, sometimes almost psychedelic dreams! And no, I don't drink or use narcotics. F 53 30 days
 5  hypertension and PKD none F 59 3 years