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 2  Opiate withdrawal I plan to write an article on when you start it and how to stop it. It should be used temporary along with online coaching/ other wellness exams to get you off of it. It caused muscle/ bone issues. Almost like tennis elbow. As soon as I tapered down. The pain went away. It caused mild reflux/ gut issues and it can be pretty harsh on the enamel of your teeth. The pros is that it will subside withdrawals immediately. It has a half life and that means the coming off can be a little different. You can stop the meds and it is worth the stopping when you see how grateful life can be without this medicine. I wish everyone the best on their journey. As it's a hard one, but you got this and I'm proud of you for trying to stop and live a healthier life! F 30 6 months
4mg 1X D
 4  Get off heroin At first I loved it. But this past year I have gained over 100 pounds, lost my sex drive and wake up during the nightseveral times(no matter what I take for sleepiness, nothing has seemed to work yet to help me stay asleep!). I did have to go cold turkey for 30 days, I had to go to jail for 30 days for an old charge and in them 30 days I didn't go through horrible withdrawal like I thought I would. I just couldn't sleep and some body restlessness but I had heard for so many years that I would have horrible withdrawals especially being on 28mg a day and I have been on it for 2 years! But I didn't have bad withdrawals and most of all I lost 20 pounds in 30 days! I'm starting to think my HUGE 100pound weight gain has to do with Suboxone!. I wasn't smart and as soon as I got out of jail I went right back on my 28mg dose daily. I've been out for 40 days now and beginning to think I need to just stop F 35 2 years
28mgs 2X D
 5  To come off heroin, pain pills Constipation, hesitated if don't drink water M 42 8 years
3mg 2X D
 2  Opiate abuse At first was great, gave me energy just like percocet used to then after 6 mths I cannot stay awake during day no matter how much sleep i get. Constantly exhausted cannot get basic household functions done i start falling asleep 1 hr after i wake up have to take caffeine pills to stay awake!! Plus lethargy-constant feel like life is sucked out of me! Starting tomorrow taking half my dose to start getting completely off this crap!!! F 58 9 months
16mg 1X D
 3  Addiction For most of the 2 years I've been on Suboxone it worked fine. The worst side effects were headaches and constipation. Then I experienced what I can only call a panic attack. Sudden feeling of something not right to full blown heart racing which causes panic. Then it didn't happen again for a while. 2 months later and almost every time I take it now I feel like I'm about to die, heart racing, feeling like I'm going to lose control of my body. Something very wrong happens when taking this long term. M 44 2 years
12 mg 1X D
 3  Heroin withdrawal Makes me SO TIRED! I was prescribed to take 3 strips a day but had to end up cutting one in half to take during the day and the rest at night. I gained a lot of weight also. I don't know if it's a side effect of the suboxone or it's a side effect of not doing heroin anymore and that was keeping my weight down. And it also has lowered my sex drive. But that might be because of how gross and ugly I feel being so over weight and not wanting my boyfriend to see me like this. Suboxone did help me get through withdrawing. I was almost a week into coming off of heroin and I was still experiencing HORRIBLE withdrawals. So suboxone did help me feel normal again and helped a lot with the cravings. But being on it over 8 months just doesn't seem like its working that well anymore. I'm weaning myself off and have been taking 1 1/2 to 2 a day for almost 3 weeks and I feel just the same. So for the people who really need it for opiate addiction and opiate withdrawal I recommend trying it as a last resort. But if you're trying to quit any drug, weaning yourself down then off had always worked for me in the past. Dont ever go cold turkey. I know sometimes you dont have a choice. But if you do, just try getting off whatever drug on your on. Dont use suboxone unless you have no choice. F 36 8 months
8mg/2mg 3X D
 1  CPS! Said I have a norko problem! Iv about dieded several times passing out driving. Went from making love every other day for 1.5 to 3 hours to once a week for an hour! Destroying my relationship. Horrible moods, aditud, sleep patterns, headaches, u name it! Rather do street drugs! Atleast I had everything! I was forced to by cps! My kids suffer now more then ever! I would rather just be a spirit then what this bs has done for me! M 42 0 weeks
12 1X D
 3  Opiate withdwawal This opiate will rob one of ambition, and if constant procrastination, is your life goal, go for it. The greedy doctors overprescribe it, which causes many more, to become hampered through the street dealer, and prison systems. One week, should be the duration of prescribing. Any longer, and you just accepted a nastier addiction. 60 2 years
8mg daily 1X D
 3  Drug addiction Has always helped me get off opioids. After that it's awful. Always tired, weight gain, arm and let jerks, masked my real personality, zero sex drive. Don't stay on for more them a month. Getting off of it is miserable. Good luck with any addiction you might have but be smarter then I was about it. Don't stay on it! F 38 2 years
12 2X D
 3  Opioid addiction Extremely tired all the time, can sleep for 12 to 20 hours and still wake up tired. Jerks at night, vivid dreams, headaches, knee and hip pain, sweating. Some depression and cam also be very alert and not sleep someday. Increased hunger. First started taking subs off the street was taking very little and it helped curb any withdrawal symptoms from percs. Went to a doctor and they started me on 12mg I've been on it 2 years and now I want nothing more than to get off it. It has the worst side effects the longer you take it. And it's extremely hard to lower your dosage without feeling like crap or being overly exhausted.. if you start try to get off it as soon as possible, but definitely make sure you are mentally ready to stay Clean continue any therapy you may be attending. F 38 2 years
12mg 1X D
 1  Heinrich pain Waking to jerking and twitching. No balance in sleep department, either way too much or too very little. Extremely tired, tooth pain, HORRIBLE constipation, zero pain relief! Wouldn't recommend it EVER. Shits for the bird's F 40 45 days
8mg 1X D
 1  Drug Addiction Worst medicine ever . Don't do it !! It's actually worse than street drugs ! I've experienced horrible fatigue to where I can hardly walk, abnormal vaginal bleeding, swollen throat, agoraphobia, complete loss of appetite, stomach issues . This drug is the devil . I've had 2 surgeries . Don't do it !! Get clean another way !!!! Run !!!! F 36 100 days
6mg 2X D
 3  Opiod addiction Anxiety. Moody. Too much sleep or insomnia. Terrible sweating. I feel a little crazy most days. Terrible anxiety, depression, irritable, a drenching sweat and either too sleepy or I cant sleep. but I just can't be sure it's the suboxone as Dr says any side effects should have passed by now. But he will only see me for suboxone so I am awaiting an appt with primary. That's why I am here looking at what others have been going through. I feel a little like I am still going through withdrawal sometimes. I don't WANT any opiates but do find myself wondering if I'd feel normal on them. F 56 4 days
8mg x2day 2X D
 5  OUD Constipation Terrific medicine has taken away opioid cravings M 60 0 months
16 mg 2X D
 1  30's Tired ALL the time, muscle pain everywhere, heart palpitations, constipation, depression. I hate Suboxone, it's bittersweet because on one hand I'm glad that I was able to get my life back being able to take care of my children, work, maintain a home and car but suboxone makes me miserable. I'm tired all the time, I dream about what life would be like without it I feel numb and frustrated a lot of times for no reason except I want off but I'm scared of the wd I did it once and it was the harder than Percocet to come off. My advice would be to just withdraw off of whatever it is you're coming off of and be serious about your recovery or if you really feel you need to be on it ask for a very low dose and ween off while getting your mind right and your life together then get off! F 36 4 days
8 1X D
 3  Opiates Severe nausea F 53 2 days
8mg 1X D
 3  Opiates Severe nausea F 53 2 days
8mg 1X D
 1  I was given it against my will and This is most evil thing you could take. It is known as the junkie killer. This is designed to addict quickly, and has a 30 day detox, the longest of any med. Thevdr had the audacity to tell me I will be on this for life. I told to go f herself, that people CAN CHANGE. EVIL BITCH DR M 55 1 days
 3  Oxycontin replacement None Never take this drug for more than a week or two. It's VERY difficult to kick. I thought I would be a "lifer" but didn't like the stigma associated with it every time I sought medical help so I slowly tapered all the way down to 1/2 mg. per day. You'd think that was cool, but jumping off that last 1/2 has been horrible and after 6 weeks am still experiencing primary withdrawal symptoms. Better to kick whatever else you're on and use a support group. Unless you're just willing to deal with it. I realize it probably helped me at first but be warned about long-term use. M 65 14 years
8 mg 2X D
 5  Anxiety withdrawal Jerking and grabbing motions and yelling when I wake up. F 57 6 weeks

SUBOXONE  (BUPRENORPHINE HYDROCHLORIDE; NALOXONE HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication contains 2 medicines: buprenorphine and naloxone. It is used to treat opioid (narcotic) dependence/addiction. Buprenorphine belongs to a class of drugs called mixed opioid agonist-antagonists. Buprenorphine helps prevent withdrawal symptoms caused by stopping other opioids. Naloxone is a narcotic antagonist that blocks the effect of opioids and can cause severe opioid withdrawal when injected. Withdrawal is less likely when naloxone is taken by mouth, dissolved under the tongue, or dissolved on the inside of the cheek. It is combined with buprenorphine to prevent abuse and misuse (injection) of this medication. This combination medication is used as part of a complete treatment program for drug abuse (such as compliance monitoring, counseling, behavioral contract, lifestyle changes).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)