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 5  I had a foot surgery dr . ladyl doc None it just works.... Love this medicine Sayin no complants F 64 1 years
 3  Wisdom teeth removal I couldn't sleep even though I was sleepy. My body felt like jello and very itchy. Very dizzy and it numbs your arms and legs F 25 4 days
 5  Migraines Mild itchiness, mild euphoria Was given this med in the ER when toradol didn't work to get rid of my migraine. Vicoprofen got rid of it pretty quick F 37 1 days
7.5 MG
 5  Ovarian cysts Slight euphoria, makes me want to clean. Insomnia so severe that for the first night I slept for 1hr15mins and the 2nd night slept for 3 hrs Vicodin makes me sick to my stomach, this is the best thing for my cysts, takes the pain away completely and I can take half at work and still function at normal levels. If I take 5mgs of valium at night with my PM dose it helps me sleep but also causes a mental fog that im not fond of. Overall, its the best pain medication I've taken so far (besides IV dilaudid in the hospital) and every medicine has side effects. These are extremely manageable F 24 4 days
 5  Pain I think this pill is not for every one but it never gave me any side effects at all but if you have been taking narcotics for years then your body is use to it but if you are not use to it you can become very sick F 27 7 days
 1  Dental problems Nausea,vomiting,dizziness, stomach ache and depression. I think this is the worst prescribed pain killer ever. I am still so sick to my stomach after 2 days of not taking any. I would never let any doctor give this to me again. If i dont feel better soon i am going back to the doctors to get treated for these side effects. Not helpful at all! F 31 6 days
 5  Avascular Necrosis pain in hip I thought I was going to vomit shortly after taking my 2nd dose, but didn't. As long as i take it in the middle of a meal including milk or cheese it doesn't bother my stomach at all. Some itching. Some dizziness but it goes away. I've had some pretty horrible hip pain. Trouble finding a position tolerable for my leg, especially when trying to sleep, but this takes the pain away completely. Also have had depression most of my life. The first dose yesterday and I felt normal. Not euphoric, but functional. A result I never received form any of the antidepressants I was prescribed. F 48 2 days
7.5-200 mg
 4  Pregnancy Termination Pain Moderate itchiness on face, stomach, and back. Dry mouth, grinding teeth. Helped with cramping pain in lower abdomen. F 23 3 days
 5  Clicking Rib Syndrome & arthritis Only negative side effects were constipation and increased appetite. Due to many medication allergies, Vicoprofen is one of the few pain medications I can take. It reduced my pain from clicking rib syndrome and arthritis in my lower back, neck, and knee. It even reduced my pain after a D&C and then a total hysterectomy better than Demerol and even Morphine. F 49 10 years
7.5 3X D
 5  severe , chronic back pain Nausea and sleeping I like really helped my pain. I just dont want to get a habit F 55 1 weeks
7.5-200 ta
 5  oral surgery euphoria, drowsiness, pain relief, anti-inflammatory, nausea(on empty stomach) had an oral surgery years ago and took this short term until i healed. worked great to take as needed for pain. especially after waking up. even days after taking vicoprofen, it still took the pain away. it is euphoric and highly addictive so i would not recommend it to people with drug abuse or dependency issues. M 30 2 weeks
7.5 1X AN
 1  D and C I felt drunk and very dizzy! My husband would worry because I was always very pale. I had headaches as it wore off and decreased appetite. F 23 10 days
 3  for liposuction extreme depression dizziness . Out of head dreams with trails and frequent urination . Drug hangover feeling days after taking one . Emotional, crying, constipation . sleeplessness and to much sleep . extreme dizziness and out of sorts . took one day then off another then took another one one day its day two since i took it and am still having dizziness and side effects . i wish it would go away gives me a sick feeling and an imbalanced gait . i hate this and will never take it again. Unless im bleeding from allcorners of my body .The dr should tell you teh effects last forever. yuk F 42 2 days
7.6 1X D
 3  Hysterectomy Extreme constipation and abdominal cramps that put me on my knees nearly in tears, felt like i was developing paralytic ileus. Had to stop taking at this time. F 39 6 days
7.5 mg
 3  Endometriosis, extreme pain Hot flashes but bearable and itchy. I have been on Vicodin 7.5/7.5 for years and my Dr. Decided to change me b/c of my liver concerns. Vicoprofen is very disappointing, I thought after reading reviews it would be great. None of the same feelings from it. And very short pain relief. Like less than an hour. Worst cycle ever!!!! F 30 10 days
 2  Lower back muscle and nerve pain GREATLY intensified lower back muscular and nerve pain. EXTREME agitation. Very bizarre dreams. HUGE flare of the stinging and burning that I have had for some time. Burst of energy which equates to agitation for me. I felt like I had to constantly be moving. Sleep disturbance. I will never use this medication again. Some people can tolerate almost any type of pain medication. I cannot say that I recommend or that I do not recommend it. I only know that this medication can cause neuralgia, joint pain, muscular pain, anxiety, agitation. This information can be obtained by doing an Internet search for the side effects of Vicoprofen. F 61 45 days
7.5/200 2X D
 3  S/P Apical-Surgical removal of infe Itching, intense sleepiness, stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting. Could not lie down due to nausea which progressed to vomitiing until nothing left to throw up. Stomach ache finally stopped after throwing up. Pain relieved - but the stomach ache and vomiting was too mcuh for me. Will switch to advil or aleve per MD instructions. F 61 1 days
7.5-20 6X D
 2  Gallstones slight disorientation Did nothing whatsoever to relieve pain:'( M 21 4 days
7.5mg/200m 4X D
 5  Ankylosing Spondylitis Euphoria, increased appetite, decreased ability to orgasm. I've been taking for 6 mos. I'm worried about possibility of addiction since have to take several days in a row sometimes. It works great. It numbs the pain & gives me more movement. I try to space the usage out. M 36 6 months
 5  Multiple orthopedic issues. I have noticed the stimulant effect that some describe. I have not found it over whelming. A sedative such as valium helps following surgery to help sleep and also manage the stimulating effects. I am an orthopedists dream. 6 knee surgeries including two replacements. L & R rotator cuff surgeries. Spinal injections. My use of this varies by how active I am. When I go on vacation and am walking a lot I might take 3 or 4 per day. Many days none is required. M 56 7 years
7.5/200 1X D