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 4  Multiple lung pulmonary embolisms I was recently put on this medication while admitted into the ER following a surgery. I would say I haven't been on it long to know all side effects, but I have intense anxiety, burning shoulders during anxiety, daily headache and it stings for a few minutes just after injecting the medication. I am on this twice a day. Some areas upper of the stomach hurt worse. I also feel my appetite has been suppressed some but I'm in no way complaining about weight loss. I have Gastroparesis and my stomach doesn't work to properly absorb or metabolize medication therefore this shot is what I'm taking instead of an oral medication. F 39 0 months
80 mg 2X D
 1  History of pulmonary embolism Pain pain pain. I'm tired, depressed. Headaches. Throwing up. I hate it. My eliquis was better F 30 3 weeks
40 2X D
 2  Factor V Liden & history of DVTs when I first started taking it I had tachycardia and high BP and was in the hospital for a week, they said it was because of the fillers and switched me to brand name (Lovenox) I have been on it 7 yrs now, and this has ruined my quality of life! I have severe dizziness and balance issues. I often get faint. I have terrible sweats and heat intolerances. it effects my vision. I get week long headaches. swelling and fluid retention in my feet, legs & hands along with heaviness. weakness and terrible fatigue. TERRIBLE brain fog. anxiety. stuffed nose. low urine output, hyperlypedima. huge hematomas on my stomach. tingling all over worse at higher doses. blood in urine. taste of blood in my mouth. hair loss, dose related. because of all the side effects I have lowered my dose, so far no clots. I'm going to start taking it once a day at night instead of twice to hopefully sleep through the worst of the side effects since I can be more active during the day. if not I'll lower it again! I have 2 brain aneurysms and even being on it makes me nervous. over time symptoms have gotten worse so I guess my body is just not tolerating it anymore. we weren't meant to be on this that long no information for life long use. F 62 8 days
80 MG 2X D
 2  Hip replacement The shot burned bad, left bruises and knots under my skin. F 66 42 days
1X D
 1  Broken Leg It sting and had lumps in my stomach.Now im suffering from extreme anxiety, depression , mild headaches, dizziness, nasuea ...everything and the only med tht could have done this was lovenox the shots ..My stomach burns and is jittery and i have been off them now for about 11 days 40 20 days
 3  DVT and IVC 90% occlusion Iím having fevers , anxiety, enormous bruising on leg that has only gotten bigger, big bump on my belly. I can take some bruising, but all this other stuff is ridiculous. I panic sometimes thinking this will really hurt me Make it in pill form, Iím sure it works, but something has got to give seeing all the people like myself having such terrible experiences. Iíve never encountered any drug that would cause all this. M 44 10 days
 3  History if pulmonary embolism & dvt The injections burn like a bee sting. I can not stand longer than 20 min without feeling faint or queasy and I need to sit or lay down. I had zero side effects on oral coumadin. So far on Lovenox, I feel horrible. Migraines, dizzy, and the injections are horrible. It burns like crazy for up to five minutes after the injection. F 33 40 days
30x 1d
 3  Multiple DVT/PE reaccurance Bruising on stomach. Knots and build up of medicine that eventually went away. Nausea after taking the shot. I am taking lovenox the rest of my life. It may not be ideal but when I was taking warfarin I lost my memory, hair, and I had a hard time forming sentences. I'd rather take lovenox than be on rat poison. F 21 5 weeks
 1  lupus and pregnancy Frequent migraines exhausted all the time nausea upset stomach weak badly brushing & huge knots just felt very badly all the time😢 F 30 2 days
80 mg
 1  Large Pulmonary Saddle Embolism Massive hematoma on belly, covering left to right side and 6" wide. Extreme nausea, headaches, dizziness, stomach aches. After 4 months I am still, daily, effected by this medication with severe stomach upsets. Nobody in the hospital asked me how I react to medicines, was never given any options. Nobody noticed how sick Lovenox was making me. The pharmaceutical company should have a law suit filed against them. F 8 days
? 1X D
 1  blood clots Had compartment syndrome in left leg. More surgery. Went off Lovenox then was told to go back on, hematoma in right leg size of entire top and sises of thigh. Anemic. Am not on Lovenox anymore. This is a dangerous drug and should be studied further Also banned in Europe due to severe side effects. F 65 15 days
100mg 2X D
 3  Multiple Pulmonary Embolisms Stinging after the med is injected for a full minute; huge, fist sized purple/black/red bruises; severe nausea at first, but got better after about a month. F 34 6 months
100 MG 2X D
 4  blood clot in right atrium on port I am new to this drug but not to giving myself shots. I have been on methotrexate injections for several years 1 time a week.I also have been on several self injectable biological drugs for my ra. But NEVER and I do mean NEVER have i had knots with pain & bruises like this! Tgey are to the point I literally cry because they hurt so bad. F 39 10 days
 5  Pregnancy - History Of DVT Lightheaded, fatigue and nausea . I took lovenox throughout my first pregnant for almost a year. F 23 1 years
30mg 2x
 3  factor v/ pregnant and on bedrest! very bad bruising, got a very very bad rash on the sides i put the injection on... the medicine is the bad part, the shot itself is ok but when it goes in it stings!!!!! like a bee!!! i developed a very bad rash not only around my stomach where i give myself the shot but around my breasts too...and i know its the shots cause i had no problem before!!! im currently 21 weeks pregnant and hoping for a happy ending since i come from a history of 6 miscarriages and lovenox is supposed to stop that..i had never gotten so far!!! i also think im loosing weight but thats good!!! F 26 4 weeks
40 mg
 1  Dvt in leg Football sized hematoma, anemia knots all over stomach painful had to be hospitalized, cellulitis symptoms but don't think I have it, now my skin is turning purplish black after bruising went away and scared my skin is dying F 53 3 weeks
16o mg 2X D
 3  Extensive blood clots through leg No side effects so far but the burning after the injection is terrible. F 16 2 days
80 MG
 4  DVT AND PE AND FACTOR V Bruising and nodulers under skin where injections were given ... F 55 10 months
 5  Pregnancy/Antiphosolipid syndrome mild pain with injections, bruising at site, recently oozing from site First pregnancy ended at 29 weeks with myself almost dying due to HELLP and PRE-E, son was born extremely small and spent 3 mths in hospital. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and don't believe that would have happened without Lovenox F 32 9 months
40mg 1X D
 4  PE Massive hematomas, damage to liver and grossly enlarged pancreas, price is outrageous!! I have hereditary elevated factor VIII, Coumadin resistant. Had to go off lovenox due to abn numbers from kidney functions. I feel like a walking time bomb!! F 34 4 months
120 2X D

LOVENOX (PRESERVATIVE FREE)  (ENOXAPARIN SODIUM):  Enoxaparin is used to prevent and treat harmful blood clots. This helps to reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack. This medication helps keep your blood flowing smoothly by lowering the activity of clotting proteins in the blood. Enoxaparin is an anticoagulant, also known as a "blood thinner." It is a type of heparin. Conditions which increase your risk of developing blood clots include certain types of surgeries (such as knee/hip replacement, abdominal), long periods of being immobile, certain types of heart attack, and a specific type of chest pain called unstable angina. For some medical conditions, enoxaparin may be used in combination with other "blood thinners."   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)