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 1  Labor I was given stadol to rest around hour 23 of my labor. The nurse told me it would make me feel drunk--it was much more intense than that. I was so confused, and I felt like I was going to forget how to breathe. I kept telling my husband I couldn't go to sleep or else I was going to die because I wouldn't be breathing. He went to the car to get a pillow, and it felt like he was gone for hours. I was so confused that I kept forgetting where he went and kept whispering to the empty room,"Hello?"Ě I kept thinking I was calling him an ex boyfriends name even though I wasn't talking, and I had to keep telling myself not to talk so I wouldn't say the wrong name, even though I knew it was the wrong name. Totally bizarre. It was completely terrifying and I made the nurses note in my chart to NOT give me stadol again. Horrible experience. F 31 0 days
1X D
 5  Migraines F 39 0 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Labor pains Burning as soon as they put it in my iv. I immediately became very disoriented. It felt like I left my body and had some kind of bad hallucinogenic trip. I was so scared I went into a full blown panic attack. I continued to panic and be very high for around two hours. F 23 1 days
1X D
 1  Childbirth As soon as I was given stadol thru iv ai immediately felt overwhelmingly heavy, and felt hard to catch my breath. To the point I was in a full panic attack. When I asked the nurse about these feelings she told me to rest and went to lunch. I was tripping for 2hrs on this med scared to death that I was surely dying. Never will take this again. F 36 1 days
unknown 1X D
 1  Labor -given unknown to me Evil, vomited 2 heaves filled emesis basin light burgundy 10 secs after admin. Blurred vision, dot pupils, dizziness, no swallow reflex, fainted x 3 that can recall, couldn't breathe , panic told them could not breathe. Did nothing hence fainting x3. No oxygen given, syncope, soon couldn't move or talk or respond despite my name called by incompetent RN several times to answer a question. Only question she ever asked me, ever. I could only moan one word out. Oh yes membranes then ruptured 24+ hrs then. No proph antibiotics given. Result endometritis left untreated... result secondary infertility despite GIFT multiple early miscarriages. Son only child. Divorced as result. Lives ruined. All because too many csections so wouldn't do despite contractions 2-3 mins apart 60 secs long for 3 hrs still dilated at one cm. So just given stadol multiple times. Cure right? For them. Pelvis will give eventually w strong contractions like I had entire labor. Violating, thought all was part of normal labor for yrs. nightmares, panic attacks and dx of PTSD. Never left me. Didn't help given pudendal w knowledge also did not need. Ripped off baby sons ear pinna in 3 places...promised would not tear thru episiotomy- resulted in 3rd degree tear. Oh and avulsion apparent visually on left OB never informed of. Left buttock tore off sacrum and coccyx. ( cannot be repaired) Back labor left worse progressed to only left side and then left front in addition exacerbated w contractions. Resulted in left SI joint dysfunction. Then right SI joint now vacuumed. Lower lumbar now impaired. Get cortisone injections for life now I guess. Nerves ablated. They can sedate you really well to point of hallucinations, which I did. They received end result, live baby and mother alive. Lots of extra things to bill for. It's a business, remember that. Anything else, they could care less. Again it's a business. Have child at home. F 27 1 days
2mg 3X D
 1  Delivery The worst medication I've ever taken! The nurse put this in my IV to prolong my epidural until I dilated more cm's. Soon as this poison hit my vein, I turned into the exorcist! I sit straight up in a panic, my heart was racing, I was burning up hot, and my fiancee had to keep reminding me to BREATHE. I literally was forgetting to inhale and exhale. The delivery staff was so calm about it all and kept asking me to "relax"Ě, meanwhile I was scared for my life and my child's life. There was no urgency to calm me down at all. Finally, at my fiancee's request I was given some ice packs that were placed on my chest and neck, which finally calmed me down. I will never ever take that again and I tell all of my friends to decline it at birth if offered also. I actually thought it was the end for me. Very intense and terrifying to be screaming for help but everyone is looking at you like you're playing games. Please stop giving this poison to pregnant women! F 32 0 days
1X D
 5  Migraines A bit loopy. No, actually quite high the first dose out of each bottle or when I hadn't taken it in awhile. Sometimes I get a a little nauseous as with many narcotics. This being a nasal spray, you get a very nasty bitter taste when it starts to go down the back if your throat. A little drowsiness. This drug has saved me! I have suffered 19-23 migraines a month for 26 years!!! Tried every drug they have for them. This is prescribed to me in nasal spray form and I take one spray in the nostril the same side as my migraine is on. Works in 10 minutes or so. Sometimes less. I take a dissolvable Zofran for nausea with it. It has been a total game changer for me, so it outweighs any side effects I have experienced. F 49 3 years
1mg nasal 2X D
 5  Migraine Tired and sleepy Only thing that helps my migraines is a shot at the er F 32 1 days
 5  Rare brain disease IIH Tolerance. Addiction. Currently the last and only narcotic left on my list. It is the safest of all the ones I've endured. Use sparingly to prevent narcotic rebound. F 46 20 years
2 bot/mont 1X D
 1  Labor contractions Loss of consciousness, lack of oxygen, extreme disorientation, fear, sadness, regret, no pain relief I was given stadol during contractions, right after I told the nurse it felt like I was ready to start pushing. She assured me because it was my first labor that I couldn't possibly be ready to push after only 9 hours of contractions, and kept refusing to check my dilation. The contractions were intense and very frequent. I requested a half dose to start, but they gave me a full dose. As they injected the stadol into my arm, I immediately passed out. I woke up to nurses rushing around me in a panic, giving me oxygen. I no longer knew what was happening or why I was in the hospital. The extremely painful contractions were the only reminders that I was in labor. I was so out of it and high that it was actually terrifying. I kept trying to ask for things, like more pillows, but I felt like no one was listening to me and they were looking at me like I was crazy, my requests ignored. They had told me that the effects would last 3 hours, and I anxiously watched the clock. I started to feel the effects fading right around the 3 hour mark and I was feeling cognizant enough to start pushing, I knew that it was time. Again, the nurse assured me it was not time. I demanded she check my dilation. It was time. I was still disoriented, trying to push, but I kept forgetting what I was there to do. Awful experience. 0/5, would never recommend to anyone. F 26 1 days
1X D
 1  Labor This was the worse medication I've ever taken in my life the nurse gave it to me during my contractions and immediately after it was given I started to get anxiety, have panic attacks, hallucinate, my mind was racing, I was crying and out of control and she kept telling me to go to sleep but I couldn't because I was such in a panic. My heart was racing and my breathing felt heavy. It took a few hours to wear off and I was so scared I didn't know what was happening to me. I don't think they should give this medicine to women during labor the side effects aren't healthy F 32 1 days
 1  labor and delivery i went into labor with plans to avoid an epidural, but I was fine with being given painkillers. I had never had stadol, but when offered, I asked what it was and the nurse said it was similar to being on valium.....that was a lie. I was no stranger to drugs, prior to my pregnancy, and had previously taken many types of pain meds, muscle relaxers, illegal drugs, etc ( with no bad reactions) so I figured I could handle anything they would give a delivering mom....I was wrong. not only did stadol not reduce my pain, it made me so out of my mind disoriented that I was hallucinating that the doctors were trying to disembowel me, and forgot I was even pregnant. it was like trying to deal with severe pain while on ecstasy and whippits. I have not had a similar reaction to any drug before or since....luckily, it wore off quickly. F 25 1 times
not sure
 5  Childbirth My water Broke and.contractions.We're hitting.hard. They gave me Stadol I was able to breathe through contractions. I felt like I wasn't there for an hour or two but everyone said I wasn't asleep. I think just flew by is all. It made me where I didn't panic over the pain I just imagined the contractions going up the mountain and knew they would come back down. It made the pain manageable. I was 9cm when I had an epidural. I could of gone without it. My labor went so fast no one thought I would have enough time to get it. But I could still move my legs so I'm not sure if I got the epidural really. I also felt her come out I loved it F 1 days
 1  Migraines Please do not take this drug!! I felt as I was dying. I couldn't hardly talk nor even stand up. Felt like my body was somewhere else. F 34 1 days
 5  Labor; migraines During labor, this drug produced a deadining feeling, no pain relief, and myself and the baby were in respiratory distress. However, years later, Stadol was prescribed for migraines, which I have suffered with since I was 10 years old. It has worked wonders for the headaches. Yeah, you feel tired, and sometimes irritable and it tastes terrible, but, it has helped the pain like nothing else. Thereís no withdrawal issues for me, no side effects besides the tiredness and occasional irritability. I donít ever feel like Iím dependent on the drug, and go weeks without having to use it. The experience that I had the first time during labor is drastically different from my experience using Stadol for migraines. F 34 2 years
Not sure
 1  Labor Did not ease pain. Caused a terrifying high, similar to being roofied. Felt all the pain, but was so high I literally thought I was being disemboweled. Terrible experience. F 25 1 days
 5  Migraines Other than the taste in your mouth it is a miracle drug just donít overuse it F 47 1 days
 2  C section Pain still there F 42 1 days
1-2 mg
 5  Migraines Only medication that will immediately stop a migraine. MUST be knowledgeable though and ONLY USE when necessary- highly addictive!!!! Stadol does work and sincebit is a nasal spray you don't have to worry about neasuea- best medication for migraines. Watch out WILL cause rebound migraines 5xs worse than original migraine if Mis-used. F 40 5 years
10 mg
 1  Headache I was already in the hospital when I developed a migraine and Stadol was administered. After one IM injection I became stuporous. I've been told my speech was very slow and slurred plus I was talking gibberish. My gait was stumbling and uncoordinated. The weirdest thing is I was not even aware of it. I thought everything was normal until my boyfriend came to visit and asked me what was wrong. I barely remember the 1st 24 hours following the injection at all. I do recall being asked to sign something and not remembering how to hold a pen, let alone write my name. The next day I still couldn't maintain my balance and walk correctly so I was sent to physical therapy. My doctor advised me the adverse side effects could be permanent. Thank heavens, they only continued for three or four days. Stadol is the first drug I mention when asked if I have any drug allergies or have ever had an adverse side effect to medication. A different time in the ER the doctor wanted to give me butorphanol for a migraine. I got suspicious and declined it when I asked what the brand name for butorphanol was and he said 'It doesn't matter'. This was after I had already explained I had a bad reaction to Stadol. I am absolutely terrified of this drug. F 40 1 days

STADOL  (BUTORPHANOL TARTRATE):  This medication is used to treat moderate to severe pain, including pain from surgery, muscle pain, and migraine headaches. Butorphanol is an opioid (narcotic) pain reliever similar to morphine. It acts on certain centers in the brain to give you pain relief. Butorphanol can also block the effects of opioids and can cause withdrawal symptoms in people dependent on opioids. If possible, people who have recently used opioids in high doses or for a long time should not use butorphanol. (See also Side Effects section.)   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)