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 3  A.Fib tiredness, sleepiness F 73 0 months
80 mgx2 da 2X D
 3  Atrial Fibrillation Dull chest pain, Ectopics, Exhaustion and muscle weakness. Low blood pressure l. Changed from flecainide to betapace 4 weeks ago. Seem to be in arrithmia for past two weeks. M 69 4 weeks
40 2X D
 4  Af Tiredness weight gain - reduced dosage due to painful hands and ear problems - works for af - going to try carvedilol to see if weight comes down Have pacemaker as drugs slow heart F 55 2 years
 2  Afib Extreme sleepiness, occasional dizziness, daily headaches and this is after my dose was reduced from 80 mg x 2 to 40 mg x 2 on day 2 after my QT interval started to lengthen on first EKG. So far I have not had any new episodes of Afib but my already low blood pressure and low heart rate have gotten even lower and my life is coming to a standstill due to the side effects. Prior to starting on this med I had not had an episode in 9 mos then three in 3 mos. My only two risk factors are my age and being a woman. I'm just not sure yet if this is a medication I want to continue. F 68 22 days
40 mg 2X D
 5  Afib Low heart rate (mid 50's) Sotalol keeps my high blood pressure in check and does a great job with my afib. I have had two small afib episodes in the past year, both of which were less than 4 hours. The heart rate comes up with increased fitness. My heart rate started out in the mid 40's, and now that I am in some semblance of shape it is up to 58. Fantastic drug that has given me my life back and kept me away from the dreaded pacemaker. M 41 1 years
80 2X D
 4  afib Reduced blood pressure: my normal without drug is 118/78 and with the sotalol can be as low as 90/60. Some tiredness, but not debilitating, for example I did replaced my garage roof, but it seemed to take longer than I expected although the temperature in the 90s could have been as much a factor. Have been afib free (4 months) since on the 120 mg 2x day. Sotalol might be affecting my sleep some. Was taking sotalol at 80 mg 2x per day, prescribed by cardiologist, but was having some PVCs and electrophysiologist upped it to 120 mg 2x per day for greater efficacy. It is quite effective. I did have a very successful ablation (4 years afib free) but re-entered lone to persistant a fib right after a sleep study during which i didnt breath for over 2 minutes because of excess BPAP pressure. I still think I would be afib free if not for that. M 54 4 months
120 mg 2X D
 4  Stop PVC's w/ cardiomyopathy 80 mg BID. When taken on empty stomach, get a 'spacey' feeling. Was reduced when started taking with food. Heart rate slowed down and I experienced more 'escape beats' and out of breath periods during bigeminy due to my true problem, not the drug. Helped to stop PVCs generated from two sites in ventrical and showed my true problem to be sick sinus. Just got out of surgery to replace ICD to one with atrial lead so I am on full pacing. Sotalol will be part of routine medicine and was important step in my diagnosis even though I felt worse and had more abnormal beats until pacemaker implantation. M 51 1 months
 4  A-fib and Arrhythmia Maybe occasional loose stools. My BP is now 135/68 and pulse 44-48. I always had a fairly low pulse (mid 50's) before I developed this unpleasant condition a few years ago. I have a good motor and a lousy distributor and do better with a low pulse which 120 BETAPACE twice a day gives me. Ask your doctor about adding over the counter Magnesium 500 mg twice a day. M 61 13 months
 2  Supraventricular Tachycardia Leg Pain, more tachycardia, shortness of breath, vision problems was on this med for only 13 days. Too many side effects for me. Seemed to make my problems worse F 47 13 days
 5  af & low heart rate some tiredness and worst of all no more sex!!!!! started out on 60mg twice daily had to increas to 120mg twice daily now doing and had a pacemaker installed M 69 3 years
 5  Ectopic Atrial Tachycardia The only possible side effect was when it kicked in and reset my heart rate. The heart raced past 220 BPM then crashed down to 70 and the high 60s. It was a weird experience. Other then that I don't notice any other side effects. Just after my second catheter ablation failure, I received news that I would have to take this medicine to bring my heart rate down to normal from 160 BPM. I experienced a major increase in my heart rate and felt my heart racing, the nurses came in, I thought I was going to need some emergency aid. But, the heart rate crashed down to the 70s and this medicine has been keeping there ever since. I have energy again and I can exercise. Amazing. M 37 80 days
 4  A-fib Some trouble sleeping. Since I am also on Warfarin not sure which might be causing it. Otherwise OK. Have been on Betapace or Sotalol for approx. 7 years, finally had to get a pacer to help with the a-fib but still on 160mg twice a day. Still wake up in the morning so it is doing it's job. M 75 7 years
 5  AFIB Mild fatigue, dizzyness, blurred vision, cold hands Tried flecinade, rythmol and could not tolorate side effects. BetapaceAF has worked well with minor side effects. Started on 120 twice a day, still had short spells of AF, went to 160 twicw a day and things have improved. A good drug with minor side effects, most of the time I feel great. Suffured with AF for 8 years on and off, you have to work through all drug options up the ladder. M 42 3 months
 5  atrial tachycardia Initially I was tired and had diarrhea and felt funny. After a few weeks I was fine. The only side effect I have now is occassional diarrhea. I feel great. I sleep better. My pulse is close to that of an olympic ahtlete, usually between 55 and 65. Very steady heart rate. I'm not tired at all. I'm very happy. M 51 1 years
 5  atrial fibrillation tired, erectile dysfunction M 59 7 months
 1  NO
 4  A Fib very tired and sleepy in the afternoon. also seemed to exacerbate nervous or anxious feelings, even some I would describe as depressed. M 57 45 days
 5  a fib & rapid heart beat so far only mild tiredness during the day. really mild. other than that i feel really good. they took me off toporol and other heart regulators while i am on betapace. that is a good choice. heart beat is steady at 80b/m. no sign of a fib or rapid heart beat. i think any side effects are worth this medicine. it's great. M 66 1 months
 1  AF I was on 80 mg twice per day. Extra beats went from 3,400 to 10,000. Could not sleep,would come home from work and crash. Tired all the time. Doctor has changed to Rythmol today. Keep fingers crossed. This stuff was not the one for me. I felt awful F 51 30 days
 4  SVT (non-sustained) Tiredness, slow heart rate (60 Bpm-resting), vision blurring and focus problems, mild-moderate depressing after 2-3 hours. Also causes higher Triglyceride levels in blood. 80 mg twice daily. Completely fixed the PSVT problem- immediately, but RF ablation may be a better way to go, because of side effects, seem to worse now than when I started on it, 10 years ago. M 54 10 years

BETAPACE  (SOTALOL HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is used to treat a serious (possibly life-threatening) type of fast heartbeat called sustained ventricular tachycardia. It is also used to treat certain fast/irregular heartbeats (atrial fibrillation/flutter) in patients with severe symptoms such as weakness and shortness of breath. Sotalol helps to lessen these symptoms. It slows the heart rate and helps the heart to beat more normally and regularly. This medication is both a beta blocker and an anti-arrhythmic.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)