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 1  Genital and anal warts Burns, skin shedding I used it twice a day for 2 days (1st cycle). By the 3rd day, I could hardly stand the pain. Probably worst pain of my life tbh so I chose not to continue with the treatment. The burns were intense although I did apply as directed I think. I came across advice on this website which helped me tremendously! So thank you guys!! So here is my advice incase itโ€™s useful to someone else: I washed the wounds with warm salt water 3 times a day. There is a lot of skin that sheds so also used a dove bar soap ( unperfumed) over the course of 4 days. Afterwards, applied loads of Vaseline. It's day 5 and I finally feel like I am getting back to myself. I can somewhat sit properly and also sleep better. The warts are gone but I will not be doing this treatment again. I will look into other methods. Be kind to yourself during this time;) all the best! F 27 2 days
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 5  Genital warts Thought I would add my experience as it was a bit different to others here. Warts around base and slightly up the penis shaft. Had them for ages, couple years at least. Warts quite thick at that point. At first I was too keen and painted as much of the stuff on the main area as I could with a small brush which burnt the skin around the warts. There was no pain as such like others mentioned, more just felt raw/skin was peeling off. After one 3 day cycle the smaller warts came off (with a bit of help, gave them a scratch). The bigger ones took a second 3 day treatment and got killed off entirely. The skin which i had burnt previously healed as normal within a couple weeks so don't stress about that. I then learnt to just apply the liquid to the wart only, i found that easy using a tiny brush. Results were better that way, completely unobtrusive and hardly felt anything. The warts initially go a little bigger, then change colour, then the skin shows tiny dead spots and just dies off. You can exfoliate to push it along a bit. I found that the newer warts with thinner skin die off in the single 3 day treatment. If you need to just keep repeating the 3 days every monday. Make sure you dont exceed 3 days at a time, the rest days are essential for the process to kick in. All in all i highly recommend this stuff, it's so easy and effective. The best option other than getting surgery. M 30 3 days
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 5  Genital and anal warts First time taking it the warts fell off after the 2nd/3rd day, with minimal pain. But this time they are in a different place (labia) and the pain is bad! Lots of swollen skin and sore skin. The warts have gone hard and white but no sign of them going yet. Glad to see I'm not the only one! F 29 3 days
0.5 3X D
 5  Genital wart - small This stuff works - basically you put it On in morning and night - seriously a drop on each wart - not much and leave it - it will look like nothing is happening for this first day or two but bam it starts to die and quickly for me - cleared out in under one week like it was never there - I had no pain but so amazed at how quickly it worked M 50 5 days
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 5  Genital warts This stuff works great, on my third day off after my first round and everything has cleared up beautifully, it doesn't really burn the on the days on but oh my god is it agony for the days off, skin is peeling and red burn marks on the areas I used it, trust me and the bottle when it says to use a small amount and only use it on the warts (I was a bit too liberal while applying but lucky I seem to healing up perfectly). Cannot stress how well this has worked all of the small warts under the skin are completely gone as well as the larger ones have all turned to scabs and fallen off, good luck and please use sparingly. M 25 3 days
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 3  Genital warts Honestly I feel like I messed up and did not listen correctly but I felt like I was playing it safe by putting it around my shaft etcetera turns out not a good idea clearly it is just on the warts like people say I was hard headed just wanted them gone did not wanna leave one behind but also my shaft and head looks wrinkled and so does my scrotum it is like dry and red I think I broke out is there anyway anybody can help? Cream anything? It does work though I am still in my process going on to my 4 days on not using it - it burns but it feels like its working. M 19 3 days
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 3  Genital warts I just finished my tx yesterday. I had a cauliflower wart near my labia. I applied very little and tried to let it dry but it still got on the surrounding area of skin! It's my 4th day and there's a patch of white skin and raw where the wart fell off. Is this normal? I applied neosporin but has this happened to anyone else? And how long did it last for! definitely some pain and burning F 25 3 days
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 3  Warts on shaft Very little , some redness I been using it and im on my second treatment. After the first cycle during the rest period of 4 days they dried out and fell , but not completley i would say half the thickness is gone . They were not thick to begin with but just to give an idea of progress . Now on my second cycle week , tomorrow starts the off day hope the rest goes away . Many people said they came back i hope not . I had anal warts before 18 years ago i used imiqumod they never came back , i think another name is aldara . I will try that next if this stuff dont work . M 42 6 days
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 5  Genital Warts on penis shaft Slight burning feeling on the warts but that's how it's suppose to feel. It is acid you're applying down there. I used the topical solution not the gel just like the bottle instructed - twice a day for 3 days then 4 days off and after two cycles they're pretty much gone. Read the entire instructions!! You're putting this on your private areas for fuks sake!! I put the smallest amount I could to cover the warts and had no negative effects. You won't feel intense burning if you apply it ONLY on the warts. Also, I read some people paid hundreds to get the cream - that's pricy. Using GoodRx I got the topical solution for $34 - worked great. Read the instructions before use, use as little as possible to cover the warts and you'll be fine. The acid breaks the warts down over time - it won't be immediate so don't overapply! M 29 14 days
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 3  Anal warts Be really really really careful when using this!!!!. I used for three days, twice a day.! Yes it removed the warts and I'm happy, but it has scalded my skin and have had to call in sick for work as the pain is unbearable!!! I'm in so much agony and can't sleep properly!! Please use this sparingly and just on the warts and only a tiny amount!!!! Anyone know how to treat the burns?! M 20 3 days
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 3  Genital Warts If you're reading this and you haven't used it yet i can't even stress how much you need to use it sparingly and try your best to get it on just the warts, don't make the mistake i did of applying it all over the area It only stings a bit on first contact which makes you think you can use quite a bit and tolerate it but it will wear away at your skin over time, i'm currently in agony and haven't slept or been able to take a number 2 in days even though i finished using it 4 days ago because of how raw the skin is and it just won't heal, pleaseeee just put it on the warts and let it dry so it doesn't get on the surrounding healthy skin otherwise you will regret it M 19 3 days
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 4  GW Was on Aldara the first time and it did nothing apart from opening a massive sore on healthy skin which now is a cluster off warts. I believe I have had HPV for years without any issues until last year when the warts appeared. I stated my treatment of condylox and it is defo working. The warts have started to flake off and went white from day 2. Just hoping the pain eases. i am struggling to use to toilet and have found myself drinking less water to stop myself going (how sad) I have started having salty baths at night and they have eased the pain a bit during that time. If from UK use sudocrem on your days off. I defo think it is helping. I also bought some flushable wipes to use which is better than toilet roll. Just wondering if anyone has did one week on, one week off as I duno if I can cope with this pain especially since I'm due to go back to work and I'm waddling like a duck atm ๐Ÿ˜‚ F 26 4 days
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 2  GWs on penis Had about 10 gws on a dime-sized area on one side of penis. Used Condyline as prescribed (maybe 1-2 extra doses as I might have lost track). At the very end of the 3 days the dime-sized area went from a bit red to deep red and flaking. Now I'm 3 days into the "off" period and I have a dime-sized chemical burn that I'm really worried will stay like that. It seems to have taken care of (or seriously shrunk) the warts but the damage looks a lot worse. Never had pain, fortunately... It seems to go deep into the skin and works its way out. Use only on the warts themselves and don't let it get rubbed around by your underwear etc. I would say if you have several warts in a cluster try doing 1-2 at a time over several weeks. M 32 3 days
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 3  Anal warts Used it several times due to doctor that kept prescribing It and now it's like I have ibs. Not sure if the medicine messed up my colon but stool became thin when I was using it and then went back to normal. Used it again and same, but now it has stayed the same. Has anyone had this issue? F 30 0 days
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 4  Genital wart I did exactly as the instructions said except for the fact I got it on the surrounding skin and I believe I used more than intended. So the surrounding area all turned white and the skin blistered and is peeling. I don't see the wart anymore but I think I'm going to have some bad scarring. Hopefully it'll heal up quickly. Very painful burning sensation today, it's the 5th day (2nd day off) but I believe it's because the area is raw. I'm diabetic so my immune system isn't the best. Any helpful tips to help the healing process would be greatly appreciated! Glad I'm not alone! M 23 3 days
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 3  GW Massive pain, burn. I am on my 3 day of resting after 3 days of taking the medicine. It burns like hell, most likely because I applied in the surrounding areas. I don't know what to do to calm the pain..can someone write down how to calm the burn? Lotion? Water? I am desperate. Thank you . M 39 3 days
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 5  Genital warts Small warts between vagina and anus. Tried Aldara and nothing happened - felt very crap about it's. Used condylomata and after a round of 3 days on 3 days off they had nearly gone. Did it once more and all gone now. Sometimes stung but nothing bad. Has worked wonders. F 35 10 days
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 3  molluscum contagiosum Redness , skin peeling off, Sore I got diagnosed with molluscum contagiosum, they are small pink looking bumps and I have them on the bottom of my butt. I'm on my second cycle of the treatment 3 day on and 4 days off. After the first 3 day i didn't really notice a difference the skin around the bumps was red and irritated this time around I'm starting to see the size of them go down, but they are super sore and raw. my skin is peeling like crazy and I can tell I'm going to have scars. 25 7 days
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 5  GW Soreness, irritation, burning sensation and bleeding (just a little bit though) - none of these were too hardcore though. Here's my experience with Condylox: I had one genital wart that looked like quite a big skin tag on my outer labia. I noticed it around 6 months ago but I just thought it would go away on its own - it didn't, so I educated myself and found out what it was. I got Condylox solution 2 weeks ago. During the first three days of treatment I didn't really notice any changes - I swear I actually thought it was getting even bigger (which I think happened) - so I was starting to get discouraged. Everyone was saying how this solution works wonders and their warts had fallen off by the third day - but in the next 4 days off, my wart had dramatically reduced in size to the point where I could barely see it. A part of it peeled off, but it wasn't completely gone yet, so I continued the treatment. I am now on my first day off of the second cycle and the wart fell off! It turned completely white during the three days I applied Condylox and finally, it's not there anymore. I am still a bit sore but I am so glad it's gone. I swear it was consuming me, knowing that it was there. I am finally clean again! If anyone has GW, go for this product. It does work, and the pain and burning is not that bad as long as you respect the 3 days on - 4 days off rule and apply just a little bit of it. They do go away, but please remember to be patient. Trust the process and good luck! F 18 2 weeks
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 5  Anal Warts Severe burn. Get flushable wipes and make sure to clean thoroughly. Get Neosporin as well for the off days. Worked great. Left a minimal scar. Don't be worried about the skin around the wart that gets affected. It heals up normally, just very uncomfortable. M 32 4 weeks
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CONDYLOX  (PODOFILOX):  This medication is used on the skin to treat external genital warts.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)