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 2  Hi cholesterol and family history Soreness in upper lift arm, as if a bruise or recent vaccination (which it is not), numbness in left side of face, itchy eyes, some blurriness of vision? Have just started 40mg of lovastatin, 3 days. Read the side effects from the pharmacy and was alarmed. Then the shoulder pain started and I began researching side effects on line. Found this site. Am very concerned, and will not continue. I will discuss this with my doctor further. Also am concerned that my 87 year old mother's dementia symptoms may be related. Have read that some experience memory loss and cognition difficulties taking statins. Too many drugs!! M 57 3 days
 1  high cholesterol Took only 5 lovastatin tablets and had muscle pain, was weak, trembly, low blood sugar, ulcers in mouth and on tongue, terrible acid reflux. Took me several days to feel a bit better. It was very frightening. Took tablet every other day for 10 days for a total of 5 doses. F 61 10 days
 1  blocked stent Sporadic but frequent joint and muscle pain, especially in right shoulder and arm, but also left side, also hips and knees. Considerable and constant foot swelling also being experienced but possible lisinopril effect. Was reluctant to take it because 4 months after double bypass 9 years ago I was put on simvastatin which made me weaker and weaker but without pain. Told VA docs over and over but had to find out for myself that weakness was a simvastatin side effect; stopping it stopped the progression of the weakness. Just so, if lovastatin is the cause of my current problems - and the muscle pain is certainly not the result of trauma - the docs just haven't managed to come up with that possibility in three consults. M 70 5 months
 1  High Cholesterol I've experienced headaches, neck pain, pain in mostly all my upper body joints, having a hard time falling a sleep at night, and tired through out the day. I've only been taking this medication for two weeks. After the research I've done, I'll be stopping the medication today, and try an alternative solution. F 50 15 days
 5  high cholesterol none Taking lovastatin for almost 1 yr. Dr. started at lower dosage and checked blood every 3 months increasing dose each time until I reached 80 mg a day. My cholesterol is now where it should be and I have no problems taking the drug. F 68 11 months
 1  high cholesterol ANy one on statin drugs should read the Businessweek article from Jan. 28, 2008. Research done by scientist, not pharm. companies. I quit taking it after reading this article. Useless, harmful drug! F 53
 1  high cholesterol I am only 43 years old but after two weeks on this medication I developed serious memory problems such as forgetting the birth dates of my children. I've always had a sharp mind and was not taking any other medication so I knew it was the mevacor. I've since read that all statins have this side effect and that drug companies hid the side effect data when the FDA approved statins for human use. I was forgetting critical information at work and was scared that I was developing early dementia. The symptoms stopped within a week of stopping the mevacor. But my doctor still wants to try me on another statin. They say memory problems are rare-tell that to the executive who kept taking a statin for 2 years while his memory got so bad that he lost his job. The problem didn't reverse like mine after stopping the drug. The problem is that side effects like mine happen gradually so that it may take a long time (maybe never) before realizing that it is the medicine that is making you sick. When do F 43 14 days
 1  elevated cholesterol Nausea, fatigue, low energy, depression, and muscle pain numbness in legs, feet, shuffling when walking, memory loss, falling, tripping, loss of balance, inability to drive, dry eye, inability to function blurred and double vision. This med makes it hard to raise 13 mo.granddaugher.And try to keep on getting around. M 65 2 years
 1  High Cholesterol Fatigue; hand and finger pain (can't open jars or cut uncooked veggies); hair loss at crown; short term memory loss/forgetfullness; difficulty getting in & out of car; sitting to standing; back and shoulder pain, pulling sensation in legs, at night...Feel like a sickly old lady! When taking 10mg, I did not notice any symptoms. Dr. increased dosage to 20mg (he did not see enough progress on lower dose). Yes, my numbers have improved, however, I do not wish to live in agony...Quitting meds tonight! F 59 3 months
 1  high cholesterol Was on lovastatin for 3 years. Cholesterol stayed around 200. Dr. suggested increasing dose from 20 to 40. Took the increased dose for two months. For the past week, I have barely been able to walk. Pain in my legs and hips was the worst pain I have ever experienced. I have been off the drug for one week. Pain is still pretty bad. I have been taking Darvocet and Motrin. I have a few hours of tolerable discomfort. I am wondering how long this will take to get out of my system. I am used to going to the gym for yoga, aerobics and swimming at least 5 days a week. Right now I would be happy to just be able to walk without pain. I was on the increased dose for 2 months. Did not have problems on the lower dose. If anyone has had similar experience...HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO GET DRUG OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM AND FEEL NORMAL? F 63 2 months
 2  elevated cholesterol/family history Severe moscle and joint pain in hips and upper arms. Stiffness and difficulty sleeping -waking early in AM with arm pain. Tool lovostatin without difficulty but started having symptoms after about 18 months while on 60 mgs per/day. Getting better off lovostatin for two weeks but still difficult to raise one arm above horizontal and persistent hip pain. M 69 400 days
 2  High Cholesterol I have only been on it for a week but coincidentally have no energy and general malaise. I have a history of depression and wonder if this medication is right for me. I was denied by my insurance for a more effective yet more expensive medication. I am wondering if this medication is worth the cost savings. F 37 7 days
 1  elevated cholesterol Nausea, fatigue, low energy, depression, and eventually muscle pain and dyspepsia. All gone within a few weeks of stopping the medication. One symptom remains: atypical neuropathy, although even this is a bit better. Of note that in over 20 visits with three different physicians I was repeatedly asked about my symptoms and the medications I take regularly. On NOT ONE SINGLE OCCASION did any physician ever wonder whether my symptoms derived from taking this drug. But yes, they wanted to prescribe other drugs for some of the symptoms. I basically had to figure this out myself. M 61 8 years
 1  High Cholestorel numbness in legs, feet, shuffling when walking, memory loss, appeared to have symptoms of parkinsons or ALS, falling, tripping, loss of balance, inability to drive, dry eye, inability to function Posting this for others to see. My father, athletic, healthy male who worked out daily at the gym, went to the doctor for first time just for a physical when he turned 64 years of age. Doctor placed him on lovastatin. Within weeks he had weakness in legs, problems with back, would run into walls, lose balance. After 6 months developed dry eye. When he visited doctor, and explained doctor said it was from 'aging'. My father must have aged 30 years in 6 months. He is now (after three years, 2 of those years on lovastatin) unable to leave the house on his own and can not drive. I had to move back with him to watch him. In the last two weeks I witnessed him take two very bad falls, and he couldnt get up without my help. He has been taking coq10 in high doses due to what i've read on the internet. It seems to have seriously improved him but still he has the above symptoms. This drug changed our lives for good. Its poison! M 67 2 years
 1  high cholestrol Blurred and double vision, severe dizziness, migrane headaches, memory problems,fatigue Thanks to everyone for their postings. I was beginning to think that I had a brain tumor and actually had an MRI. My doc prescribed 40 mg of this poison...twice the normal dosage. It is reassuring to know that once this drug is stopped, the senses return to normal. Again, why is this drug on the market? Can anyone tolerate it? F 53 21 days
 4  high cholesterol some bloating after taking, usually last a couple of hours taking generic, lovastatin 20 mg. lowered bad cholesterol from 212 to 167 in 3 months Dr. just increased amt. to 40 mg. so I'll check back in after my 3 month trial with the increase. F 67 3 months
 1  slightly elevated cholesterol Memory loss increasing to severe, stumbling on flat surface , worsening to weakness in all muscles incl bladder, swallowing, pain in legs, shoulders, old injury sites "flaring up", abdominal pain, bloating,night sweats, misery. it seems to be automatic to give new diagnosed type 2 diabetes pts blood pressure and cholesterol meds. Started Lovasatin March 2003.By Sept memory loss became noticeable,vague pains, abdominal bloating, December told Dr. going to cut 40mg dose in half. Dr havd not heard of any other patient with mem=ory loss or pains. Blood tests normal. Apparently I didn't see less rapid decline till muscle pain crept in, very very slowly, then old injuries became terribly painful especially at night and feet so I had to put folded towel in shower in AM. Memory loss became much worse, Called Dr. Aug 07 and said I would die of high cholesterol, rather than live like this. Quit statin over three days, one day later took 200mg Coenzyme Q 10 and woke up next day without pain in feet. Never had again. I take fish oil and CoQ10 100mg daily since then,Memory all but back to normal- did 1st Crossword puzzle three months ago, But was so bad I realize I had unsteady walk, could not climb up onto one step with F 66 2 years
 5  Elevated Cholesterol From my previous posts, I have reduced the side effects to my back maybe cracks a little more than usual - during the day I'll twist this way ot that or flex my sholder back and get a crack out of my back. It's really a very minor side effect. I reported twice before on this post (I used the same description found in the left most column). For clarification, Mevacor, Lovastatin, Monocolins and Red Yeast Rice are [pretty much] the same drug. - Anyways, my numbers now are: Total 194, HDL 53, LDL 129, triglycerides very good, glucose a little elevated but still well within normal. - here is what I did and what I have changed since these numbers were derived. 1/2 pill of Red Yeast Rice (5.2g monocolins), 1500 mg niacin (actually 1200 niacin and 300 inositol in the form of inositol hexanicotinate), 5 1g fish oil pills (molecularly distilled to remove any toxins), b-complex with and also extra folic acid and b12, 200mg CoQ10 (minimum) - Going forward I will increase niacin to 2000mg to increase my HDL. I must be careful and watch my liver function number because niacin as well as the red yeast rice puts a strain on the liver. CoQ10 is absolutely essential for the elimination of many of my earlier symptoms. M 49 18 months
 1  High cholesterol Memory loss, numbness and tingling in extremities, muscle pain and wasting, atrial fibrillation, bone pain, joint pain, insomnia, poor vision etc... According to doctor blood tests seem normal to him. Started having heart fibrillations 6 years into this drug therapy. Stopped taking drug and symptoms went away. Start drug symptoms return. Doctor believes drug not responsible. Common senes tells me to stop but don't want to piss doctor off. Hard to find doctors here in Hawaii. Predisposing factor to having negative symptoms may be stress from police job etc. Being on this drug is like a death sentence. Cannot even work out to get back in shape...ironic..been on drug 7 years. M 47 7 days
 1  high cholesterol Nausea, insomnia, nervousness, loud ringing in ears, forgetfulness, confusion on low doses I've taken several statins with similar intolerable side effects. The cure is worse than the disease in this case of many of us. M 64 2 months