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 5  High Cholesterol I have been taking it (actually the generic Lovastatin) for 2 months. So far, no side effects and it has significantly lowered my Cholesterol and LDLs. Both numbers are nearly in the normal range. I get it from Target at a cost of $12 for 90 days. M 44 2 months
 1  lower cholester extreme fatigue, muscle ache in thighs, can hardly get out of bed, dizzy F 40 3 weeks
 2  to lower LDL below 100 from 125 After about 2 years on 20 mg Lovastatin I woke up to lower leg and ankle pain, both legs. This continued for days even though my extensive exercise routine had not changed. Walking was painful, but improved during the day. I stopped taking the statin on my own [Dr. was out of town] and had significant lessening of the pain after 2 days. The pain was completely gone after 10 days. I kept a daily log. I often woke up with arm numbness that went away after a minute or so being awake. I attributed it to sleeping on my arm. The numbness has not happened since I stopped Lovastatin. The caution sheets given to patients call side effects very rare. I doubt that, as a friend's Dr told him leg pains occur in 25% of patients. I lost some weight and saw a dietician since stopping Lovastatin. I'd rather lower LDL this way. No more statins for me! M 72 2 years
 1  high blood pressure muscle pain in arms and sholders and also legs I have not stopped taking it yet , but plan to in the near future F 46 2 years
 1  lower cholesterol, triglyceride My husband was on lovastatin for 2 months. Here are the symptoms he experienced. insomnia - even after stopping the medication, it persists short sight/astigmatism - His eye doctor says his right eye already had astigmatism, but since the eye muscles were strong, the astigmatism got cancelled somehow. After stopping lovastatin, vision became normal Would not recommend anyone to take it. Right now, we are on lots of blueberries, garlic, chlorella, brewers yeast F 32 2 months
 1  High Cholesterol SEVERE MEMORY LOSS. PLEASE, would like to have postings about anyone else who had this problem and IF it improved after stopping this stupid, dangerous drug. My Mother-in-law is on it and we have advised her to stop. Her short term memory is gone and she has amnesia like episodes. Thank you!!! Why is this crap still on the market? Oh yeah, it's about $$$$ not patient health. F 1 years
 3   F 48 0 days
 1  High cholesterol Sore muscles in both arms; weak muscles in arms, legs, and back. My father has taken lovastatin for several years and is now experiencing severe weakness of muscles in his legs with symptoms of nerve damage I stopped taking Lovastatin approx 3 months ago. Left arm is now ok but soreness in right arm continues. Muscle strength in back and legs has returned (I can now lift heavy items again without injuring muscles). M 52 1 years
 2  to lower cholesterol Pain in groin, legs, back, fingers, heels, especially when getting up after sitting, getting out of the car, getting out of bed. I used to be really active and enjoyed walking for exercise. I now avoid regular exercise and take pain medication every day. F 64 9 months
 2  Elevated LDL and total cholesterol Posterior leg, knee and calf pain/muscle cramping unresolved by stretching, postional change and/or rest. Some dizziness; nausea x2; mild fatigue. After one month at 20 mg per day, there was no change in my LDL or total cholesterol. I drink 4 to 5 glasses of red wine per week. I also take 5 mg of Zyrtec about 4 x/week and daily Rhinocort nasal spray. My liver enzymes were normal after one month (previously had elevated liver enzymes with Lipitor) I took generic lovastatin not tradename Mevacor. My physician said to stop the lovastatin, take Coenzyme Q10, and after muscle pain resolves (predicted to be about 3 weeks), we will try another cholesterol lowering drug. F 57 30 days
 4  High Cholesteral None Have taken 1 yr. Is helping but too early to tell end result. I have pain in shoulders & knees but it is due to arthritus F 70 365 days
 3  Type 2 diabetes According to my doctor, the beneficial side effects of this statin are increased blood flow to the kidneys which is a good thing for diabetics. He also subscribes to the theory that diabetics, even with "normal" cholesterol numbers, have lower quality cholesterol - hence the statin helps reduce the amount of bad cholesterol (which is worse in us than non-diabetics) and increase good cholesterol (which is not as of good a quality as in non-diabetics). I didn't particularly need this for cholesterol problems - my doctor prescribed it mostly for beneficial side effects. In any case my total cholesterol was 151 before starting (LDL & HDL both in the low normal ranges too). After 6 months my total dropped to 124. Triglycerides took a nose dive from mid-range normal to low normal. The ratio of LDL to HDL also improved. M 47 6 months
 4  High Cholesterol NONE Been taking Lovastatin for 10 months - Lowered cholesterol M 46 10 months
 1  Cholesterol Extreme pain in my right sholder first, for 2 mo. I thought it was arthritis. Pain is now in both arms and legs. Cannot lift my arms over my head to comb my hair. Dr. today took me off the lovastatin. Said, 3 weeks off the medicine before I see results. I would suggest if you feel any muscle pain, call your Dr. ASAP. F 66 3 days
 1  High Cholestoral, Lipids It did lower my triglycerides, cholesterol. However I have experienced acute memory loss, ache joints of the hands, knees, hips,and foot. I have been contributing these symptoms to arthritis, aging, weight gain, and sinis and allergies over the last year but now I have doubts. The dosage prescribed is 40mg of Lovastatin at bed time and I have faithfully taken it for about 1 1/2 years. After reading the symptoms of others I am experiencing common ailments the most disturbing is memory loss. My physician found no indication of dementia. I did not take my medication last night and will stay off Lovastatin for a few days in order to evaluate my symptoms to see if they go away or subside. M 63 1 years
 1  high cholesterol severe memory loss started out losing items such as keys. began to be unable to carry on complete conversations...would forget what i was talking about in mid-sentence. Unable to comprehend things at work that i should have had no problem with. unable to remember at least 2 whole days. been off med. for 2 weeks with some improvement. doctor refuses to believe problems are due to lovastatin (mevacor) F 34 26 days
 1  High Cholesterol My significant other was taking this. He got weaker - He swims and couldn't pull himself out of the pool any more. Trouble opening jars. He often talked about what he would leave different people when he died. He complained of muscle pains and his finger joints frequently ached. He had trouble maintaining erections. One liver enzyme was five TIMES normal after 1 year on lovastatin. We didn't realize what was going on until he stopped taking it. All of the symptoms, I'm happy to report, went away after being off the medication for one month. M 70 1 years
 3  cholesterol After about one year on Mevacor, experienced symmetrical pain in fingers and toes (each finger and each toe simultaneously), as well as elbows, knees. Wake up tired and sore; ready to go back to bed. Upon awakening, difficult to walk. After a few hours, easier to walk, move hands, but low level of joint pain persists 24/7. Some My doctor stopped the Rx just 3.5 days ago, thinking it may be the cause of the athralgia and myalgia - fancy names for sore bones and joints! (smile) Waiting for improvement in aches and pains. Will keep you posted. F 51 1 years
 1  high cholesterol pain in hands and fingers, sometimes up arms and into shoulders; often found hands were asleep when I woke; headache that seems to travel down sides of my head and into my face; lots of stomach upset--I also have reflux disease, but this pain was much worse; cramping, bloating. Pain in sides and chest. I am going to try policosanol instead; has anyone had success with that? also, I've heard that sugar cane-derived is superior, but I wonder if anyone else knows much about that distinction. (also, I don't even know my numbers with Mevacor, but it doesn't really matter to me---I can't tolerate these side effects anymore) F 47 4 months
 1  Cholesterol Erectile Disfunction Was effecting libido and ability to achieve erections. Went off medication and everything got better. M 39 3 months