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 1  To cure malaria I have had a headache for 19 years now. Cured the malaria, kept the headache. Numerous clients on safari in Africa had horrible side effects. NEVER TAKE THIS DRUG. M 50 5 days
3X D
 3  Malaria Prevention [Warning to anyone who does not like the thought of death, heart problems or feelings of helplessness] Serious bouts of psychosis, that I didn't realise until 6 months after taking medicine. Only after looking back, I remembered just how much my mental state was negatively affected. The state it caused became a new normal. Was supposed to take them every Friday, and did so. One week after stopping, on a Friday, a whole 24 hours of heart palpitations, incredibly painful and draining but I was still out of my mind enough to walk around town to feel alive. Months that followed included non stop fear of the inevitability of death. Similar to when you realise you are breathing, become conscious of it, then find it difficult to breath or manually do so. But just every. single. waking. moment. I never understood why anyone would want to commit suicide but this ... medication made it a relatable concept, despite being scared of even trying to. The panic attacks were driven by fears similar to [All comments are personal, not trying to defame anyone or spread false info. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR LOCAL DOCTORS AND HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS FOR PROFESSIONAL ADVICE] If you and family relatives have no mental health conditions (diagnosed or suspected!!), feel free to go ham. Make sure! that you have reliable health care providers you are comfortable with, so you can be honest about how you feel with taking the medication and if complications arise. If you have some (even small) traits of psychosis, or other mental health disorders, I beg for you to not take it, your already existing symptoms may be exponentially exacerbated. It just gives a sense of being separate to reality, very unnerving. (P.S do not search up "unnerving" and look for pictures, they are very creepy) F 13 3 weeks
25 1X W
 1  Nigeria and Ghana PLEASE THIS IS A STRICIT WARNING . I AM TELLING YOU DO NOT TAKE LARIAM PAY more money and use MALARONE M 24 2 months
 1  malaria prevention -constant mild visual snow ever since -blank surfaces are always shimmering -mood changes constant switch between depression and nervousness -sleep disturbances, the first dream wakes me up. -loss of appetite -sweaty hands its been 2 months since the last pill.I just want to see normal again. I took mephaquin which is the same just by a different company called Acino. I am determined to recover, but reading the comments is giving me a hard time. The biggest mistake of my life so far to get this neurotoxin in a Rwandese pharmacy. I am already able to go to uni but its hard with this visual snow and mood changes inside of me. i dont know whether i can make through the semester. I had a lot of drinks the day before i took my third pill. that was a misake. In hindsight, the vivid dreams that came before the major reaction should have made me stop this horror pill. Vivid dreams can be prodromal for more severe actions to come. This and that you should avoid alcohol during treatment was not mentioned in the package insert. M 22 3 weeks
250mg 1X W
 1  Anti-Malaria - anxiety - vivid dreams (woke up believing a giant spider was on my bug net, woke roommate up ranting about children in danger) - couldn't sleep/scared to sleep - paranoia (I thought everyone was talking about me and out to get me) - depression - mood swings - when I came home I was diagnosed with mental illness and have been on medication for 13 years - just over a year ago my psychiatrist properly diagnosed me with no mental illness but mefloquine toxicity that caused an Aquired Brain Injury (ABI) F 21 3 months
 1  Profalactic anti-malarial Very bad vertigo and physical lack of balance/coordination and changed depth-perception. Had to use a lot of concentration to navigate stairs, especially. For me, it was dangerous. Also had a bout of schizoid paranoia on one occasion that lasted hours. Maybe 6. Very uncomfortable. F 26 8 weeks
 1  malaria Thought of dying no appetite sweating tiredness felt like crying hallucinations don't get close to this drug rather have malaria next time 35 3 days
 1  to prevent malaria horrifying dread, depersonalization, psychosis for two weeks, then two years of psychosis that began 8 years afterwards I came out of two years of psychosis seven years ago thanks to taking armodafinil, that my doctor had prescribed to treat what she thought was narcolepsy. I still take Nuvigil and haven't had any other psychotic episodes or deep depression for seven years now. I hope other doctors will prescribe this drug to veterans suffering from Lariam-related psychosis. F 75 4 months
1X W
 5  Trip to Africa Erotic dreams the night of taking tablet Lots of men seemed to have nightmares but most women had very good dreams - based on personal survey of fellow backpackers over the months. The men often stopped taking it. F 25 8 months
 1  Military deployment Kyrgystan Panic attacks, severe insomnia, hallucinations, ground and objects moving, tunnel vision, terrible paranoia. Was sent home early from the deployment, I have taken many different medications and immunizations while in the military such as yellow fever, anthrax, smallpox, typhoid they all had some minor side effect for me. Nothing has come close to the absolute nightmare that I am still trying to live with. I now take Depakote, Paxil, buspirone and prazosin to keep from panic attacks and nightmares and am struggling to keep my career. Do not risk taking this horrible drug, I do appreciate that drug companies make product but when the FDA says you can have permanent CNS damage, just take doxy. M 40 4 weeks
250 mg
 1  Went to indo Fever,nightmares,nausea,severe anxiety, sore throat, body aches. Worst drug ever. Stay away M 24 2 weeks
250mg per
 1  trip to asia severe anxiety, panic, depression, depersonalisation, derealization, delusional ideas, paranoia, insomnia after only 2 tablets taken 2.5 months ago, i dont feel the same. it triggered something in me like depersonalisation, derealisation, i feel like im on drugs or a psychotic prodrome state. i feel so uncomfortable & on the verge of panic all the time. i cant describe it, i feel like something is horribly wrong. i wish i'd never taken this, my doctor didnt warn me of the risk! ive had mental health problems before e.g anxiety but NEVER to this extent. ive always been able to comfort myself when im panicking, but ive lost all self-help skills. i cant trust anyone including myself. my holiday was a disaster, i could barely leave my room. now im home & crippled by terror. im always trembling. i distrust everything now; i cant even have panadol or valium because im so scared of medication. antidepressants might help me, but i just CANNOT put any drug in my body again. i wonder if this feeling will ever go away! i feel completely unreal & wrong inside. F 25 2 weeks
250 1X W
 1  Trip to Phillipines Severe hallucinations, crying, shakes, voices in head, telling people I was suicidal..... had to cut my trip short and return home.... Doctor did not give me any warnings..... DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG.... it is dangerous and should be not available. F 19 3 weeks
30mg 1X W
 1  trip to Chang mai No appetite, feel nausea and terrible headache. From normal becoming to be more paranoid. Do not take it F 18 1 weeks
 1  Malaria Prevention South East Asia Dizziness, fainting, inability to concentrate, severe headache, light sensitivity, nightmares, anxiety and panic attacks. These side effects continue to persist (it's currently been 7 weeks since my last pill) and I only took this medication for 1 month. This medication is horrible. F 30 4 weeks
250MG 1X W
 1  Holiday in India Insomnia, Vivid Dreams, Anxiety & Panic, Loss of Appetite, Vertigo, Light Headedness, Fever & Sweating, Dry Cough, Rash, Skin Peeling I've never had a reaction to Malarone or any other drug in the past. I really wish I'd researched this one before taking it. F 44 2 weeks
250 MG 1X W
 2  Bali,Indonesia trip. Heart Palpitations. Most Vivid somewhat Horrifying dreams I've ever experienced. Somewhat like i was dropped in the movie "Inception." Increased anxiety. Skin rash on palm of hands that gradually went up arm. Some minor visual distortions on the day of the week id take it. I was also a raging "b****." I did not contract Malaria though =) My Uneducated doctor prescribed it to me without reading that my chart that says I suffer from anxiety and depression. Later realized it was a side effect when I came back from my trip. I thought was going crazy until i realized "its just the drugs man" M 21 8 weeks
250 1X W
 1  To prevent Malaria while in CAR F 44 10 months
30 mg 1X W

 1  Trip to India Paranoia, anxiety, panic attacks, black outs, constant fear of death, racing heart, chest pains, migraines, insomnia, stabbing pains throughout body, tremors, dry mouth at night, fatigue, depression, unable to concentrate, crying spells, spots in vision that have never gone away, blurry vision, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus. All of which continue even 14 months after discontinuing the use of lariam. NONE OF WHICH I HAD EVER EXPERIENCED BEFORE Even hitler didn't deserve lariam. It's a travesty that this poison is legal. F 28 3 weeks
 1  Went to India for 2 months in 1990 M 47
30MG 1X D